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US Military’s Quake Aid “Very Inappropriate”



The US military is being accused of cynically using Operation Tomodachi as justification for keeping its bases in Okinawa.

Okinawa had been promised agreements which would reduce the huge concentration of US bases there, but the combined incompetence of the DPJ government and the intransigence of the US military foiled these plans, stoking considerable anti-base sentiment.

An article in Okinawan rag Ryukyu Shimpo now presents a lengthy critique of the US military’s involvement in ongoing relief efforts in northern Japan, accusing them of using their humanitarian operations to generate positive PR for their presence in Japan, and more specifically their maintenance of the especially controversial Futenma air base in Okinawa:

Okinawa’s US Marine Corps said ‘the considerable importance of the 3rd Expeditionary Force’s Futenma base to relief efforts has been demonstrated,’ and ‘it is extremely important that there is a base like Futenma close to the mainland,’ explaining the importance of Futenma to humanitarian operations.

However, it is hardly logical to maintain that having a marine base in Okinawa is more helpful to relief operations on the mainland than having bases on the mainland itself.

They are plainly using aid activities to promote their plans to keep the bases in the prefecture [of Okinawa].

Professor Manabu Sato of the Okinawa International University criticises them for this, saying ‘even if they have a political motive, it is good that they are providing aid,’ but stressing the advantages of having a base situated in Okinawa ‘is highly inappropriate.’


The American armed forces have called their aid operation ‘Tomodati’ (‘friend’). They are running a large-scale public relations campaign based on their aid.

It is the polar opposite of the meagre amounts of information they have released in response to the various incidents and accidents caused by their soldiers.

This is too much even for 2ch:

“This is crazy!”

“What is inappropriate is the timing of this article…”

“Your article is just as politically motivated! For shame!”

“Go tell the refugees they are helping that stuff about it being inappropriate!”

“We might as well have the bases on the mainland. In return they can house 10 reactors.”

“What a disgraceful paper to be publishing something like this.”

“Having the US army do that is vastly more reassuring than PLA medical relief teams…”

“If you keep whining we’ll hand the lot of you over to China!”

“This is all just what China wants.”

“If the people of Okinawa don’t do something about this paper they really are in danger of being lumped in with them.”

“Okinawa is disgraceful… they are more interested in US base politics than they are the plight of Tohoku.”

“I was moved to tears by the kindness of US troops – why are they so kind to us? People who write these kinds of articles have no business calling themselves journalists.”

“It’s embarrassing to come from the same country as people like this.”

“Go to hell you leftist scum! If anyone’s using this disaster it’s our chon PM!”

“I could cry… they are risking radiation to help us.”

“The three biggest threats to Japan are chinks, chon and those islanders!”

“Tokyoites are just as crazy as the rest of them. They aren’t even affected by the disaster and they start buying up all the food like crazy hoarders.”

“All you people defending the US, did you forget they were the ones who dropped nukes on us!? It’s pitiable.”

“Over 5,000 of their countrymen are dead as of writing and they publish an article criticising the relief effort!”

“Stop swallowing this article. I’m from Okinawa, I could cry… it’s all lies!”

“I was amazed when this turned out to be a real article. Shameful.”

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  • You just can’t win with the anti-military people. If the bases didn’t do anything but sit around with their thumb up their butts they would have bashed them for doing nothing. Yet when we move heaven and Earth to help they bash us for helping.

    At least I take solace in the fact that Japanese sentiments for the US are at record highs.

  • BTW, this right here is what I was talking about in that other article about countries taking US aid and then flipping us the bird.

    I don’t judge all of Japan by this, but I can’t help think less of Okinawa for it. Thinking of themselves in times like this.

  • the bases have been there for a long while now. how can people criticize others who provide help…saying “this is just a big publicity stunt to justify military precence”. well maybe it might be preventing them [japs] from starting another conflict or am I assuming too much? see? sounds almost the same right?

    no matter where you are in the world there will always be good and bad people. casting suspicions in or out of countries, critics can suck it! unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is what it is… a helping hand extended to a friend.

  • Hey guys… Time to shut up and be ready to help each other out.. yes every country out there. Australia, New Zealand and now japan. It will definitely not be the last disaster to happen.

    The last thing we need is some petty war amongst each other. Be warned that governments would use this against us to fufill thier needs.

  • Leave it to 2ch or the Japanese in general(?)to hate on China and Korea in any random topic. Still as racist as ever I see. Let’s see how long all this American kiss assing will last before they go back to calling them barabaric pigs.

  • “Professor Manabu Sato of the Okinawa International University criticises them for this, saying ‘even if they have a political motive, it is good that they are providing aid,’ but stressing the advantages of having a base situated in Okinawa ‘is highly inappropriate.’”

    well the US expects something in return whenever they help someone. not surprising. still any help is what counts whatever motive they have you can deal with it later on

  • Surprise, surprise~!!!
    Americans having an extra agenda behind is “help” hahaha. Come on, seriously? So naive those younglings of 2ch, U.S.A. never does anything for free, NEVER. United States(AKA, the guys who nuked you twice)only have 2 friends: Money and his bitch POWER.
    For fucks sake… WAKE UP JAPAN~!!!
    U.S.A. is not the country you think. The rest of the world already know this.

  • this is very cynical opinion during an unimaginable disaster. not everything is a conspiracy. i know lots of american military that loves japan. american tv has endless coverage about japan. they are really worried about japan. they really want to help a lot. china would just love to be the hero. imagine what japan would owe if china were the powerhouse to help japan instead of usa?

  • This guy seems as off-base (so to speak) as various other idiots have been about calling the earthquake divine retribution for Pearl Harbor/pornography/social decay/etc.

    I get the feeling that the biggest protests about the US presence in Okinawa are astro-turfers that want to grab the current US bases for resort development. If a US presence in Okinawa is “provocative”, think how much more-so it would be in the Japanese homeland.

    And finally, if the US presence had been on the Japanese homeland, their rescue efforts would have been hampered by earthquake damage. With their base infrastructure in Okinawa, the logistics are longer-distance but don’t have to worry about damaged runways, debris clogging up harbors and so forth.

  • The Okinawa bases are stupid anyway. In time of war, it will be the first target for the PLA to turn into a sea of fire by concentrated missile volleys.

    Maintaining the Okinawa-base just puts the US soldiers in danger due to the proximity to China and their short range ballistic and cruise missiles, which are far harder to intercept due to their short flight time.

  • Miriandandes says:

    “How dare they selflessly aid us in a time of dire need and want to keep a base close by so they don’t have to fly across the pacific to continue doing so! How dare they!”

    Politicians; The tar-like scum at the bottom of the gene barrel.

  • I think folks need to consider who is pulling the dildo who wrote this’ strings. Most likely some mainlander dickless bolshechinks who are promising Mr. Okinawa a nice cushy position in the “party”. That’s until they execute his kids for disagreeing with their “truth” so they can sell their miraculous long life Okinawa livers as 2000euro a gram “penis cure”

  • Amazing how all the people being helped are truly touched and moved by the gesture, while the selfish and bitter jerks elsewhere insult the US, whine and protest.
    All that while doing nothing to help their own countrymen, of course. They selfishly bitch that another country is helping…

    And Okinawa needs the base there. Unless they prefer to be raped by the Chinese and NK?? They won’t limit themselves to very rare incidents like the Americans!! (The soldiers in the base commit less crimes than the average of the local population, but we only hear about their crimes because people are biased…)

    Also, the base annoys them by being in a largely urban area in Okinawa?? Whose fault is that?? It used to be far from the urban areas until idiots built houses etc. right next to it…

  • Whoever wrote the article is committing a lapse in logic called “motive fallacy”; namely, questioning the motives of whoever in question, changing the discussion’s main subject and turning it into a personal attack.

    In this case, the article diverts/downplays the readers’ attention from the benefits Japan gained from US aids… which is not something that should be said at all while receiving their help. The entire article is based on speculating USA’s motives; no solid fact in it at all. Not to say there’s a sly politician imagining to use the aids as an advantage, but until it actually happens, it’s all just in the heads.

  • tis bastard thinks on using this crisis to gain some publicity??? OMG USA is doing this cuz JAPAN & USA are allies and friends if it wasnt for bastards like this japan wouldnt hav got NUKE in WWII to begin wit…

  • Only one jerk in all the 2ch quotes, very impressive. As for that one jerk…

    “All you people defending the US, did you forget they were the ones who dropped nukes on us!? It’s pitiable.”

    –Yeah, that was over 60 years ago. Now we’re trying to save as many lives as we can and risking our own in the process… we must truly be evil. Not to mention the fact that most people whom are still alive (and cognizant) from that era aren’t competent enough to stand trial. So I have no idea what this person’s problem is unless it’s hold-over issues from their racist parents.

    As for them trying to promote Okinawan military bases… Japan will have to figure that stuff out on their own. Right now isn’t the time for that bullshit though. People are in trouble, help them instead of whining.

  • What can one say…? Some Japanese want their country’s sovereignty as free & clear of foreign influence as possible, while others want Japan to apply for U.S. statehood. What do you think of Japan becoming the 51st state in the American union?

  • Wow, someone dropped the “they dropped a nuke on us” comment. What did they do immediately following that? Lets see
    1) REBUILT the cities (including those fire-bombed into nothingness)
    2) Invested in the economy (leading to Japans revival years later)

    Seriously if you always bitch about what an obvious friend did decades ago you’ll always end your conversations with a sour taste in your mouth. By the way the number of people killed by fire-bombing during WWII killed more by numbers than both Nuclear bombs, Tokyo for example was nearly burned off the map. However when Japan got hit by a triple disaster from hell, the US still in a crippling economic down, decided TO FUCKING HELP. So stop whining, at least until they’ve finished helping. Think rationally if you look a gift horse in the mouth, its bound to either kick you in the face, or bite you.

  • “If you keep whining we’ll hand the lot of you over to China!”

    “Okinawa is disgraceful… they are more interested in US base politics than they are the plight of Tohoku.”

    Okinawa was virtually wiped out by the Tsunami. They are as much of a victim as the Tohoku areas. I say they deserve converage as well. Mainland japs always abandon and bully Okinawans. Mother fuckers. When Okinawa is useful, Okinawans are treated as japs and when they are not they are left aside. Okinawans always get shit.

    “All you people defending the US, did you forget they were the ones who dropped nukes on us!? It’s pitiable.”
    Quit whining about the fucking nuke. The deaths and suffering caused by it is nothing compared to what your ancestors have done around Asia.

    “The three biggest threats to Japan are chinks, chon and those islanders!”
    It’d the conservatives and ultra conservatives. You mother fuckers stagnate the potential of Japan. All of you are just blind nationalists; not PATRIOTS.

    The people living on Okinawa ought to stop whining about the bases. Most of them are not native Okinawans. They gathered there for business, opportunities the bases gave. Get the fuck off if you have a problem.

  • Does it not make more sense for the US to keep using the base that they already have instead of creating another base on the mainland?

    …Imagine the bitching the Japanese would do if they then realized that the US was creating 3-4 bases on the mainland instead of just continuing to use just the one.

  • Sandalphon says:

    Somehow, I think if those same US troops had just stayed put and watch the relief efforts from afar, they’d still be criticized for taking up Japan’s land and not helping during its time of need.

  • To fix Japan now it will require a revamp like upgrade 3.2 V11.0. To do so first off we have Live Vocaloid Concerts and now its time for a new Leader for Japan. Since the Idolmaster dancers have went through the efforts of picking a Leader between themselves and to honor the late voice actor company owner, Japan has to put Amami, Haruka in as Leader. And as so she will always do a dance with music when giving a speech and orders to Japans sections. All nonsense will be done away with and all will worship IDOLmaster until the country is fixed both the land and the Leadership. That is all, time for the Vitural Leader to lead.

  • Just because there is significant humanitarian effort underway does not mean that the governments’ motivations should be ignored. The US Military needs the good PR and, while not primary, it is a significant part of their motivation. I can’t comment on the base, and by no means should the aid stop, but nothing is black-and-white.

  • About Pearl Harbour, about Hiroshima and Nagasaki… it happened a long time ago, hell I wasn’t alive when it happened and I coudln’t possibly imagine losses so large on both sides. I can also only see what is happening in Japan now through a screen, I’m speechless by entire towns and hordes of vehicles being swept away.

    It’s time for the world to help Japan… why?
    Do you really need a reason why?

  • The article obviously took an unfortunate slant and had poor timing, but its not entirely untrue.

    Will any current disaster be used an justification for keeping military bases in the same area? Yes.
    That is what military bases are for, to provide a strategic point where you’ve stockpiled your equipment so that you can launch a response. Its like trying to justify the location of a fire station or hospital.
    The military may not always be popular, but their purpose is to provide manpower in a pinch.

  • What’s here to take note is that US military men rapes Japanese school girls. For fun. Now that their ticket to free sex gets threaten they will hide their face with this TOMODACHI farce and act like they haven’t done anything wrong. I’m amazed at the hypocrisy of the American and their Japanese supporters.

    I wished this tragedy happened in America instead.

    If America is really interested with a base in Asia they should have built one in Korea instead. Furthermore it looks as if Japan is paying their safety with the innocence of their children!

    The world is better without America, North Korea and China…

    • Another hipster sheep who have very little understanding of the world. But chose to hate USA for no reason beside the fact it seems to be the trendy thing to do.

      True, America isn’t very popular these days, and you’re free to hate whoever you want. But do your own research, make up your own mind. And MOST importantly, form a rational and logical arguement on why America is responsible for every problem in the world.

      Hate Americans all you want. But for god sakes, you have to come to that conclusion on your own, not just because hurhurhur, a lot of people on the internet whom you know nothing about seems to say so.

      • No proof? I ask you, whose fault is 9-11? The war in Israel? Saddam’s rise to power? I tell you I don’t hate just because it’s trendy, I hate because there is a reason for it.
        We Filipinos have always received the short end of the bargain: You get the bases in Pacific you needed, our women gets raped, just like last time. And your criminals gets sent home. JUST. LIKE. LAST. TIME. Who says that the same doesn’t happened in Japan too? And we still have to do everything your freaking government say. We can’t go to your place without visa, while you criminals gets to enter our country whenever you want just because we were “saved” during the war… ASIA. DOES. NOT. NEED. AMERICA.

  • We all should know by now how shady the US government works, So who knows this article could be right. remember 9/11 speculations?

    Who knows really, we are all confused on the true intentions of the government.

    And its a pain in the ass

    • Yeah, the US only helps when its convenient to them, like when they helped their important economic ally Haiti…oh wait, Haiti is a relatively unimportant country, but the US helped anyway. Couldn’t be because they wanted to help, could it?

      • The US is providing aid to countries it’s receiving no benefit from AND to countries that are giving it issues. Why? Because there are innocent people who need it. Period. People who have a passion for helping others, protecting others, or for humanitarian aid WANT to help regardless. Do your research before you start bad-mouthing people with good intentions. Keep your bitterness, jealousy, or whatever other issues you have to yourself and let people help without being judged for it.

  • Well, I’m pretty sure the American military leaders did pull this exact argument up when they decided to lend helping hand… not that it was the decisive factor, but they knew exactly that this’ll work as a political driver too.

    The Corps said:‘the considerable importance of the 3rd Expeditionary Force’s Futenma base to relief efforts has been demonstrated’, which basically means that they’re using this operation as a justification for the base and are selling it to the Japanese public (unless sancom, as usual, has taken it completely out of context).

    And “Operation Tomodachi” does sound a bit propagandish.. well, anyways, the aid is still nice, regardless of motives.

    But if someone really believes that there isn’t ANY other motives behind this… well, that is a very commendable view of the world :-).

    (disclaimer: not American, not Japanese, I do have a bit bias since I don’t like the USA much)

  • Cool to see 2ch siding with the US troops..; it’s like watching an epic movie where a group of foreign support troops were surrounded by the local army force then the rebellious residents stood up against them with open arms and cried “If you dare to touch them, over our dead body first!”

    Disappointed to see the huge number of commenter here who failed to see the number of Japanese who are still grateful with the aids vs that idiot journalist who wrote that article (+ another idiot who brings up the nuke thing in 2ch)..; it’s like watching a sanitarium..

  • Oh, so they should just fuck off and let Japan sink then? Especially after Japan’s aid after Katrina?
    Fuck that… When something like this happens, we need to put aside our difference and petty politics and get things fixed. THEN we can squabble about base placement, nuclear plant safety, and so on.

  • Cool to see 2ch siding with the US troops..; it’s like watching an epic movie where a group of foreign support troops were surrounded by the local army force then the rebellious residents stood up against them with open arms and cried “If you dare to touch them, over our dead body first!”

    Disappointed to see the huge number of commenter here who failed to see the number of Japanese who grateful with the aids vs that one idiot journalist who wrote that article..; it’s like watching a sanitarium..

  • I dont really know why, but every time i read things like this:

    “Dont help us! We know your Peace-Making, Disaster-Relief, or Whatever-Else operation is just a part of your agenda to dominate the world!
    Even tought there is not really anything worth it to achieve by helping us (other than to help us), we wont fall to the tricks of the likes of you conspirators!”

    And try to picture the person who wrote the stuff, the first two that come to mind always are:
    1-Troll Face (
    2-Some speacialy retarded retard (AKA “a super-retard”)(

    I wonder why….

  • Maybe not now but eventually China will use their military to invade some one some where.
    I don’t think they like the Japanese much.
    I highly doubt they would last long in a Chinese assault.
    China spreading anywhere is bad news so the US is there to keep an eye on them.
    Its best for Japan and the US to have a US base there.

    If China decided to take over the world right now, and the US wasn’t around is there anyone else who would have a chance at stopping them?

  • WTF? USA Troops should LEAVE and forget about helping them right this instant.

    We’re the ones HELPING THEM and this is the thanks we receive?

    Xenophobic bastards. The Japanese will never change.

    The USA, despite Pearl Harbor lent its hand in your time of need, and yet you Japanese people are still dwelling in the mistakes of the past.


    Some things should just be taken at face value.
    Our countries have a history soaked in bloodshed and tears, but isn’t it time we reconciled? There are shitloads of PS3’s and Honda civics in the US, just as there are McDonald’s and KFC’s in Japan.

    What’s happening NOW is what matters. It’s a small piece of land…what happens when all of Japan becomes destroyed. The USA just wants to help. That tiny base/piece of land is not a big deal to America.

    I was actually touched by the article earlier…I thought that maybe the Japanese appreciated the efforts of the American Government/Troops in helping , despite the crime which the United States had to enact in retaliation to Pearl Harbor. We KNOW the USA killed TONS of Japanese people when Japan was Nuked…But that’s all in the past. Remember that Japan struck first.

    • Samefag…OP.

      Yeah lol I kinda lost my train of thought once my boyfriend came around. I ranted nonsense.
      That whole comment is illogical and is obviously haphazardly written.

      Penis eradicates my intelligence. I was too excited since I haven’t seen him since he moved for his job.

      Anyway, regardless of what the article claims, the US should help as they always do when other countries are in need. Japan…stop being butt holes and just accept the help that is being given to you. Also, it’s a small base/piece of land….it’s not like that would hurt America if it were lost.

    • That’s like me punching you and then a year later you trip, then I help you get back up and you punch me and say “That’s for hitting me a year ago, I appreciate the help, but you hit me first”

    • You say it’s all in the past but you were the one who came up with this Pearl Harbor thing at the beginning of your post. And lol “Japan struck first”, great argument for a children fight, not countries.

    • Okinawans have no sense of reality. No one is going to remove all bases from Okinawa, it’s too strategic a location. Do they want to be invaded?

      If the US leaves, JSDF would probably just take its place. And IIRC, the Okinawans hate the Japanese as much as the US.

  • The US is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t, so in the end Japan conspiracy fanatics might as well just shut up and the navy help. They are going to label us either way, so why not just take the food, water, and medicine to help people? No matter how much you want to bring politics in it, eventually you have to be practical and do the right thing for the benefit of those suffering. The US knows it isn’t well liked by everyone, and yet is still doing the right thing for the people. THAT is what matters.

  • There will always be a few idiots who question the intentions of those helping them instead of acknowledging that there are people all over the world who want to help, and that the most efficient way just happens to be through the US navy. I’m glad most Japanese people aren’t this ignorant.

  • Fapping Time says:

    fuck it man…

    pissed off ’cause they’re getting help and would be pissed if there was no help being given…

    here’s a question. what the fuck is their goverment doing to help the people in all this?

    nothing that I can tell, I mean it only took the emperor six fucking days to even comment about all the shit that’s going down over there.

    guess that shit really won’t matter when half the country is a nuclear dead zone, huh?

  • Seriously at this point who cares if thats really what they are doing.

    America has given the most help to Japan since the quake by raising money and sending over elite teams of rescuers and stuff.

    I mean come on why would you write something like this and not think people are gonna hate you for it.

    Hey Ryukyu Shimpo help is help dumbass

  • I think the writer of the article from Okinawan rag, Ryukyu Shimpo, should lay off the OPIUM DENS there in Japan for the rest of his life until he can see through all the numbness from the drugs.

  • I knew the U.S. was up to no good, using the operation as a ploy to commence their real reasoning for being in Japan in the first. Of course I could be wrong but it’s typical for the U.S. to do something like this. I would know since I live in this hell-hole you call a country.

  • “All you people defending the US, did you forget they were the ones who dropped nukes on us!? It’s pitiable.”

    God. People like this.

    WE didn’t drop a nuke. The US of the present didn’t drop a nuke. The US of the past did, just as Japan of the past attacked Pearl Harbor, not Japan of the present!

    Also, for a paper to write this about people who are doing what they can to help! Man, when 2hc is defending the US, you know something’s up.

  • If the US *doesn’t* help: “Foreign pigs put their bases on our island and don’t even care about the plight of our suffering countrymen!”

    If the US *does* help: “Foreign pigs use humanitarian aid to bolster sentiment for their bases on our island!”

    Reminds me of Fox News.

  • [B]“The three biggest threats to Japan are chinks, chon and those islanders!” [/B]

    chinks = Chinese
    chon = Korean
    islanders = Ryukyuan and Ainu

    Ironically these 4 ethnic historically made “Japan” in the past.
    Without them, Japan now probably just a Russia’s state or China’s state.

    • It’s 2ch….they’re nothing but retarded inbreds that take every oppurtunity to bash those 3. Make that 4, once all this good will has ran out, 2ch will return to bashing Americans.

  • between 2ch and sancon, i think everyone is united against that magazine article and those responsible for it’s publication. they say bad men will think bad thoughts.
    a representative from the u.s. military says that it could be beneficial to keep some bases there to have a quick response in case of an emergency such as this one, or even an invasion from china in the future. a genuine offer for help. then the bad men try to twist it around and make the american military look like the bad folks.
    i know the concept of a single bad apple spoiling the barrel. okinawa residents, i know that you guys are greatful for the help your country is receiving from all the countries, not just the united states. i hold no grudge against you because of the cries of one insane man.
    all the japanese based sancon users, i’m glad you guys are all right. you are my forum buddies, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. on that note, i haven’t heard from darkrockslizer in a while, i hope he’s all right.

  • Oh, for crying out loud, the US gets blamed no matter what it choses to do or not do in any situation!

    If the US _does_ do something, the US gets called ‘imperialist’, ‘exploiters’, ‘occupiers’, name your choice of insults, etc. One would hope the perjoratives start only after the US has finished the job, but apparently not.

    If the US does _not_ do something, the US gets called ‘selfish’, ‘cold-hearted’, ‘inhuman’, name your choice of insults, etc. This will happen even if the nation in question told the Americans not to do anything.

    No matter what decision the US makes, the US will ALWAYS get blasted, one way or another. That is the right of every and any nation or person, but those people should not be surprised if the next time something happens where they need US help, that the average American will ask ‘Why bother? You’re going to blame us no matter what we do, so why should we spend money and sweat helping you?’

    • The person behind this article might want to consider the removal those Pachinko parlors (and the North Koreans that run them) before laying down the hate against a friendly base. It is also unfair to judge all of Okinawa for this article.

      In the end this is what they will lose by removing the USA from Okinawa.

      i) A friendly base.

      ii) An A&W joint (included with base).

      iii) Handsome Americans (included with base).

      iv) Christmas Tree Shaped Space Elevator (Asobi ni Iku yo!).

    • besides, has Japan formally asked the United States for help? I recall the they have asked for a bit of help but thats it. American Red Cross will only go there if they ask, which they haven’t.

      “The American Red Cross is ____ offering _____
      assistance to the Japanese Red Cross following Friday’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami that left towns and villages in Japan devastated.” –

      • Shippoyasha says:

        Also, most Japanese citizens and the government itself knows that without America there, it seems inevitable that the much superior and threatening Chinese or North Korean (or BOTH) militaries rush in.

        The worst part about Okinawan US base is that like some weird streotype made true, a lot of soldiers ran amok and really put a hurting on the lives of the Okinawan people (lots of crimes, rapes, theft, car crashing through reckless driving, etc etc).

        It’d be more sensible, I would think, if they make a firm pact to minimalize civilian contact these soldiers would otherwise have. Other than that, it seems like a good trade off for both countries.

        • In agreement with all but minimizing contact with civilians. Having been stationed there myself even throughout a lockdown, I don’t believe I could have been happy and maintained a positive attitude if I hadn’t regularly been with the locals.

          I think separation only ensues rumors, speculations, and never allows the two nations to cultivate a relationship, eventually giving military and civilians alike, a reason to hate, or even commit crimes in spite of.

          Crime gets blown out of proportion when committed by a member in the military and everyone wearing the same uniform is blamed for not noticing a bad apple sooner. I’m sure we’ve all read an article or two about old Japanese teachers raping harems of schoolgirls on this site, but its disappointing that articles of that magnitude hold no sway over “airman arrested for DUI”, in newspapers and even on the base. Classic case of “hates gonna hate.”

          Using an old, stale view like ethics won’t do any well without a mutual effort on both sides to find the best in each other. Like this tsunami tragedy, it takes both sides to accomplish their goal.

          Clearly this journalist never heard the Okinawan phrase “icharibachoude.”

  • “All you people defending the US, did you forget they were the ones who dropped nukes on us!? It’s pitiable.”

    This seems like the one and only time it would be even close to appropriate to use the “Pearl Harbor” argument…

  • The articles is off the point, alot of the runs are made by choppers from USS Ronald Reagen doing it offshore. Okinawa is way too far for effective/efficient rescue effort unless you are using fixed wing planes

    Article is prolly written by China bootlickers similar to those covering up the recent ramming incident

    • That’s not the point. The point it that the US Military is using its humanitarian aid to generate positive PR regarding Futenma base. The fact that it’s the Ronald Reagan from offshore just highlights the main point of the article, which is the humanitarian aid is being subverted in the name of politics.

      What I find surprising is the vehemently negative feedback towards the critique. When it comes to national politics, motivations are never straightforward – examining them should be matter-of-course, even if the taste is bitter.

  • >Go tell the refugees they are helping that stuff about it being inappropriate


    Ulterior motives or not, it’s a rescue effort.

    If I rescue a rich, dying person (choking, drowning, etc) it doesn’t matter if I’m trying to get in their will, I was gonna help anyway because THAT PERSON IS DYING.

      • You are dumb-er than a box of rocks, on toast even.
        Hate towards a country helping to dig Japan out of its rotting stink hole it’s recently found itself in. Grow up. People are going to complain no matter what you do in this world. Help=complain Not help= don’t care about other countries. You guys suck. Your dumb parents suck for teaching you this crap. Your stupid children are going to suck because you will shove this crap down their throats. Close your eyes and grunt and try to produce an IQ higher than a gerbils for once in your pathetic lives.

        • Actually, you’re dumber than a rock/toast. You make one statement about how everyone in the world complains about everything and the rest of your paragraph was basically insulting everyone who reads it even thought you’re making a generalization. And that guy is right. The Japanese are grateful for USA’s help but they still have the right to question the motive behind their action. Especially in this case where the odds are higher for a misleading motive

        • Or maybe YOU are an idiot, the people of Japan should be grateful for the aid provided by the US sure but it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to say something about the US military bases and if they think there’s something more behind the aid than simple altruism.

  • That’s just sad they have to go back to the Futenma situation during this tragedy.

    Futenma is an Airbase so the planes from Okinawa are leaving from either Kadena Air Base or Futenma because those are the two flightlines the U.S. has down there.

  • I suppose this may be a benefit, but they don’t think the US, iunno, wants to help their closest ally and friend in Asia? Obama grew up in Hawaii, after all, so he’s likely got more love for Japanese than the average American too. Besides this, considering the scale of this disaster, they really shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Another note, if the Chinese ever try to invade, Okinawa’s the closest to mainland China, so keeping the base there is probably a good thing for them. From Okinawans I’ve talked to, they seem to want total independence from Japan at least, and personally I don’t think this devolution crap works out for anyone in the long run. Especially with the trend towards regional power blocs, it pays to be part of a large strong country and, iunno, compromise a little than be “pure” and weak ethnic fiefdoms.

    Rant aside, I suppose I’m not surprised people are already questioning the US’ motives, everyone always does. It’s justified for the most part, but I don’t think it’s appropriate here.

    • “Obama grew up in Hawaii, after all, so he’s likely got more love for Japanese than the average American too.”

      I really doubt Hawaii cares about Japs more then the average American, most americans are Japanese / Chinese fans and don’t actually know anything about the two nations.

      I guess you must not understand Politics because the united states owes China almost 15 trillion USD, which is still less then it costs to make all the AID being givin to Japan, mind you donated by the American people amongst other nations.

      You can troll what you don’t understand, or be like Sankaku and always blame everything on USA rather then places that actually have a majority of Jap haters. I don’t know a single person that hates Japanese.

      • I meant everyone as a generalization for US motives in any situation, not “everyone in Okinawa/Japan”. I think this journalist is probably just a wackjob and most Japanese are grateful for any help they can get, especially considering how distrustful they are (understandably) of both TEPCO and their government.

        • Grateful of any help they can get? I’m going to disagree with you there. If they were grateful of any help they would, I don’t know…stop being racist towards China and Korea when they are trying to offer aid. Though I’ll take this with a pinch of salt since this is 2ch. I am curious as to whether the Japanese are really that grateful for help from China and Korea. I can’t see it happening.

  • “I was moved to tears by the kindness of US troops – why are they so kind to us?”

    I’m American and everyone I know looks to Japan as a friend. It’s only natural for us to want to help you during these insane times.

  • I bet this comment will be rated down, but let’s get down to some logic here. What are the Americans protecting the Japanese from? Are they protecting them from Korea? Are they protecting them from China? Are they protecting them from Russia? Are they protecting them from an alien invasion? Or are they protecting the world from Japan?

    Regardless of how you look at it, all of the scenarios mentioned above are plain dumb and impossible.
    What’s the whole “Japan isn’t allowed to build a military of its own” rule about? Ever wondered? No? Well, I beg of you, at least try.

    The Okinawa military base provides 99.0% of political benefit towards U.S. itself, and 1-0.1% (if we’d count the M9.0 quake) of actual benefit towards the Japanese people.

    Now, what would you think a country would do to secure its political interests in a scenario that of the Japanese quake? Of course they’d use every event to provide a convincing excuse for the public that they indeed were there since world war 2 to protect Japan from earthquake and tsunami invasions.

    • Are they protecting them from Korea? – North Korea, yes.

      Are they protecting them from China? – Yes.

      Are they protecting them from Russia? – As the former USSR, yes. As the current Russia, “TBA”

      Are they protecting them from an alien invasion? – Possibly. The US Government have REAL safeguards on this.

      Or are they protecting the world from Japan? – No. The SDF can actually curbstomp the militaries of some of the other Asian countries like us (the Philippines) for example. It’s not really “protecting the world from Japan” but more of “discarding the fanatical devotion to war that they would rather do anything possible to at least do some hurt against the enemy with complete disregard about the actual future of the country.”

      What’s the whole “Japan isn’t allowed to build a military of its own” rule about? – As I have said, it’s for their own good. Imperial Japan was quite willing to let their own civilians die if it meant inflicting a lot of casualties on the Allies during the planned Allied invasion (Operations Olympic and Coronet). And there was essentially NO CHANCE of stopping it, just inflicting maximum casualties. That’s what they were trying to prevent.

      “The Okinawa military base provides 99.0% of political benefit towards U.S. itself, and 1-0.1% (if we’d count the M9.0 quake) of actual benefit towards the Japanese people.” – No, it’s 99% benefit for Japan, 1% for the US. Maintaining an overseas base is expensive. And the fact that that base have capabilities to store nuclear warheads indirectly makes it a nuclear deterrent benefiting Japan. It also benefits the other Asian countries too, except obviously China and North Korea.

      “they indeed were there since world war 2 to protect Japan from earthquake and tsunami invasions.” – That was just stupid.

      • Coming from a fellow Filipino I guess you want a US base here too? Want that our girls get raped too? Want us to be “worms of the US 4EVER” too? Because that’s what US does to it’s beneficiaries: It sucks that countries resources dry, demoralize and eventually “absorb” them as territories of the US. Granted US is a power, but are you willing to sell your freedom for that, traitor? Sell your soul to the devil then brother, but count me out. My family has once been a powerful clan in Visayas before the Americans came. Maybe you live your life free from trouble brother, but because of what happened I have to crawl in the mud now. GO TO HELL FIRST, I’LL FOLLOW AFTER I DRAIN US’ RESOURCES AND GET ALL THE GLORY AND POWER WE DESERVE BACK!!

    • You pull those numbers out of your ass, or did you actually do some research? Don’t come back with “oh, its common knowledge.” Make more vague statements based off loose logic.

    • So whats your point? You’d rather the US did nothing and even more people suffer and die? Governments are never altruistic in their reasoning because they are made up of people.
      The motive is measured in degree.

      The US instituted the Marshall Plan after WWII to feed a devastated Western Europe and jump start the rebuilding of ruined economies. Reason being a strong Western Europe was an effective buffer against the Soviet Union. By 1955 even a conquered W.Germany was pretty much standing on its own.
      Compare that to the treatment of Eastern Europe
      by the Soviets. Much of East Germany and Eastern Europe still showed the scars of WWII into the 1970s and later. Oh, and don’t forget the Berlin wall, superior Soviet architecture.

      So if later on Western Europe tells us to go fuck ourselves, fine, at least they have viable free governments and thriving economies.
      Tell the Soviets that and you get tanks down Main Street. 1956 Hungary, 1968 Czechoslovakia etc. Till they bankrupted their economy.

      If the Pacific War had lasted longer than it did Japan would almost certainly lost Hokkaido to the Russians and would still be trying to get it back.
      Japan ceded Okinawa to the US when it surrendered which the US gave back minus the bases.

      Article 9 of the Japanese constitution may or may not of been created by MacArthur but it has benefitted Japan because they haven’t had to spend a fortune on armaments. They at least have the luxury of using it for social programs. The Japanese are free to amend the constitution if they wish.

      Ulterior motives? Maybe, but even the best of friends have those.

      Sorry for the wall of text.

    • Great point. Regardless of anything, though, the simple act of saving people, no matter what the intentions behind it are, is something worth having. The ends sometimes justify the means.

    • >Now, what would you think a country would do to secure its political interests in a scenario that of the Japanese quake? Of course they’d use every event to provide a convincing excuse for the public that they indeed were there since world war 2 to protect Japan from earthquake and tsunami invasions.

      Putting the aid aside, it seems logical then for the US to pull out and offer Japan some arms for purchase. It’s been a long time since World War 2, so they should be able to defend themselves should something happen. We’ve got a financial situation anyway, and the exports that it might provide could help out.

    • wow, your stupidity is amazing. no, retard, the base is needed there for strategic reasons that would persist even without japan. theyre protecting themselves first and their interests second

      how the fuck do you manage to post 10+ times to one news article? good god

  • Article makes sense. We’re helping them yes. But why help them for free? Cause we’re so kind and loving? Fuck no. We have a country to run. Have to think of the good of the country. We save a few thousand of you. You let us keep our bases. Simple. We give. You give. Downvote if you want but its obvious fact. Unless you HONESTLY believe we’d do all this cuz we’re just so fucking nice.

    • And what was the US benefit for helping Haiti, and economically poor country that wouldn’t really affect the US if it vanished? Oh, that’s right, the whole caring about other people nonsense.

    • Yes, I honestly believe we do all this because we’re all nice. You know why? Because we’re all brothers in humanity. Besides, its the 90s cynicism that makes people like you think we aren’t doing this from the bottom of our hearts: Someone does something bad, you worry; someone does something good, you’re suspicious. Like I said before, we’re doing this not for the good of OUR country (the US), we’re doing this for the good of THEIR country (Japan), and “Nothing Else Matters.”

  • Who gives a shit if their using good PR to advance their means anyways? It’s not like they would stop the rescue efforts when they don’t get what they want. All that matters is that the US military and all the goodwill and humanitarian organizations are there risking injury and radiation to help recovery efforts. Someone just has to stir up some shit.

  • To Ryukyu Shimpo: The US & the rest of the world is helping to aid Japan not because of political gain, or because we Have to help, we’re lending aid because WE WANT TO HELP! The safety & welfare of the people and the rebuilding of Japan’s present and future is our Top Priority, “..And Nothing Else Matters.”

    Relay that to 2ch.

  • Lol at 2ch. But truth is saddening. Who is to be put at blame however, is the Japanese media. They gave coverage of USA aid, yet little to none coverage of hundreds of rescuers from other countries, who, by the way, are also “risking radiation” to help Japan.
    Now THAT is indeed shameful.

    • Stop bitching about America and get the sand out of your vagina. It’s annoying seeing you all over the place spreading negative bullshit no matter how positive people are trying to be. I think you have some deeper problems that are causing your hatred. Sounds like a personal problem. Let everyone be proud and optimistic and go be a whiny bitch somewhere else.

      • Well, the Emergencies Ministry of Russia has prepared the necessary forces, including six planes, an airborne hospital. 200 rescuers, psychologists and doctors are ready to fly to Japan. Russia is ready to supply up to 150,000 tonnes of liquefied natural gas to Japan and to increase the supply of coal. Also, an underwater cable may be used to provide Japan with electricity, if necessary. Even China was willing to help, when China suffered an earthquake in rural Sichuan province that killed nearly 90,000 people three years ago. Due to Japanese search and rescue crew was sent there. When there are among 45 nations ready to help, why deny more help when it’s need it? The more the merry…

      • Oh and on a side-note, it’s Japan who regulates the amount of help sent from abroad. The Japanese gov must give a greenlight for every foreign plane to enter their airspace. Something which they’ve been lingering to do for quite a few countries from day one of the disaster.

        • Correct. The US of A are in Japan now simply because they were asked to help.

          In fact, Canada has been at-the-ready since the disaster to offer any humanitarian relief required. As of yet, we have not been contacted to offer our services. But at a moments’ notice, we’ll be there.

          To the naysayers out there, this is /not/ for a political agenda – It’s simply the right thing to do.

        • How nice that you say they are wrong yet my sources say you are how about you contact the military like I contacted my uncle (US Navy) and get some real numbers.

          The Reagan didn’t chicken out, there was no choice since they would have been anchored in the radiation zone for longer than was safe for the health of the crew. If you haven’t looked the wind was going their direction. It didn’t stop them from sending helicopters with soldiers and supplies, something sorta necessary when roads are completely gone in areas don’t you think.

          Quit being a conspiracy theorist troll.

          @HouseLife, I know Korea sent search units and 5 dogs to help find people as for some other countries they are waiting for the go ahead before they head over. Canada and India both offered help and are already prepared.

        • “America WILL USE THIS AS AN ARGUMENT to stay on Okinawa.”

          OMG, you just kept making up bullshits don’t you? So far NOBODY’s is using this as an argument that the base should stay. ONLY the one who wrote this article here is claiming that people is using the relief as an argument for the base. Are you claiming to be a god damn psychic or something?

          I’m no fan of America, but I see things for what they are. You’re so biased against American, it’s to the point of irrational paranoia.

        • Just be glad that the people who lost nearly everything are getting help. With the way the Japanese government has been running, I would not necessarily count on them to do the right thing at the right time.

          The focus now should be to arrange steady support so that the victims can make it through to the summer. The weather will progress from snowing to raining shortly. Therefore, it is important to keep morale and faith high to endure and contain fear before it spreads and causes more unnecessary damage.

        • Presence is not very meaningful at this point. Those who lost nearly everything will continue to suffer for months since the weather will progress from snowing to raining shortly.

          The key is that the support has to be arranged in steady shifts so these people can make it through to the summer and begin rebuilding immediately when the weather is optimal.

          Otherwise, morale will vanish soon and everyone working on the relief will feel miserable. That may cause more unnecessary grief for us all.

        • “@100,000 troops
          Yeah indeed, and yet the Regan carrier chickened several tens of kilometres further away into the sea the moment they heard about radiation.

          Those bastards, it’s almost as if they don’t want to end up dying of radiation poisoning.

        • @美しい音

          American carrier moves further out to avoid radiation. But continues to fly in relief helicopters. While most of the other relief teams are flat out considering LEAVING JAPAN all together.

          Aircraft carrier is like their base of operation, people sleep there during their downtime. Of course they’re gonna try to avoid bathing them in radiation as they rest. As long as the choppers continues to fly and deliver their food, what the fuck does it matter if the carrier is a few miles further than before?

          Seriously, take off your fucked up political goggles off for just a minute. Don’t go full retard.

        • you can go count them and no one will give a shit about which country has more people there, the point is they’re giving a hand and the first thing the journalist do is criticize them

          Sure the guy cares about the situation of the base, but he screwed up on the timing and the approach of the article

        • So, nearly half of our military isn’t enough? 100,000 troops were sent on the 13th. Maybe you need to check your facts.

          And by the way you should watch more NHK and Aljazeera, they are talking about New Zeland, Korea and China as well for their support.

        • @04:26
          I’d ask of you to take off your naive goggles. All there’s to this whole situation is that an American military base HAPPENED to be close by. That the Japanese government is in charge of letting foreign support inside. And that America WILL USE THIS AS AN ARGUMENT to stay on Okinawa.

          I have nothing against the american officers, “Good job and keep it up” is all I could tell them in person. But you do indeed fail to understand that I’m referring to the American government in this precise scenario, and NOT THE ONES HELPING ON LAND. Period.

        • “Now, why U.S. didn’t care at all? And why did the U.S. finally decide to request an intervention the moment the events engulfed Libya? I’ll tell you why – oil.”

          Check your facts. Only today did the US finally decide to endorse a no-fly zone over Libya, 3 weeks after the beginning of the rebellion. Some say it my be too little, too late.

        • @美しい音

          You know, the United States gets like 1% of it’s total oil from Libya. The only reason to intervene there is purely humanitarian. Japan is also a country pretty devoid of natural resources. They are, however, one of our closest allies. We help them because we know they would help us in return if we needed it. I don’t know why you have to be such a bitchwhore about it.

        • 04:52

          Keep your argument relative, that’s all people want. If you wanna talk about middle east, say it in articles related to middle east. If you wanna talk about American greed, do so in articles related to American greed.

          Don’t try to twist the whole thing into a mrely a PR stunt. When in reality, you just wanna lead back to talking about middle east and greed again.

        • 美しい音

          Then keep the bullshit relative then. If you wanna preach America is the evil empire and responsible for everything that’s wrong in the world. Go right ahead. But it has to be relative.

          What’s next? “A car accident happend in San Francisco, this is the prove how corrputed America is!” Give me a fucking break. There has to be a limit to your apophenia.

        • 美しい音

          Ahh so it’s about middle east now. This is what this whole bullshit all about isn’t it?

          If you wanna bitch about middle east, go right ahead. They fucked up big time there. But don’t pretend as if you’re talking some bullshit complex politics about why Americans are helping Japan out in time of crisis. When in reality you’re just looking for another excuse to knock on American some more on what they fucked up in middle east.

          Cause that’s just pathetic. Keep shit relative, please.

        • Oh please, we have done the same in other countries. Are you going to look at all of them and pick the ones we have bases on? A lot of countries, even ones they have spats with are helping.

          How about you talk to the Japanese that were thankful we were already there and ready to help as soon as we had a head count. That is why we have bases everywhere, not to pick a war with Japan and they know it.

        • And what would that be? Nowhere in the US relief coverage had they said that “See? This why it’s good for American to have bases here!”.

          But I suppose you can see political bullshits everywhere if you’re always wearing poltical shaded idiot goggles.

          “Quite a biased opinion there. Vehicles? Yes. Man power, nope. Check your facts.”

          BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! Do you even know how many crew members does each one of those aircraft carrier have onboard? Medical staffs, logistics, mission coordinator, etc. And that’s not even counting the none military American volunteer. Like it or not, America holds the largest foreign relief presence in Japan right now.

          It was never a competition, people were just there to help. But idiots like you who won’t take off their shit politic goggles even for one single minute continues to insist as if it’s a contest and that American are somehow cheating.

          美しい音, certified retard. You may now file for your handicap parking permit.

        • @NakkiNyan
          If you’d require another example, look at middle east. How many protests and killing took place in a number of countries since the arabic uprise?
          Now, why U.S. didn’t care at all? And why did the U.S. finally decide to request an intervention the moment the events engulfed Libya? I’ll tell you why – oil.
          Stop being naive, the world doesn’t work simply out of pure pity and gratitude/

        • It’s not irrelevant if you’re Okinawan…

          This would be troubling if it was from someone all the way in Tokyo or somewhere else, but Okinawa is the one place who knows exactly what it’s like there.

  • Trying to pass off the Ameicans as “good people” is like trying to pretend tofu is real meat…

    Besides, that quake is very suspicious… HAARP, nukes… There are a myriad of ways to trigger an earthquake.

    I just hope that this won’t be marked down given it’s anti-American. I want the Americans to justify how they treat the world as pets. Us Filipinos have been disillusioned for quite sometime.

    Yes, by all means America, help…
    But after that, get out….

    • Your argument is inrelevent. Simply because of the fact you actually believes in HAARP bullcrap.

      Yeah, sure. American used HAARP to fuck up Japan. And destroys the world economy (including their own) in the process. That benefits USA… How?

      So many retarded comments online it’s unbelievable.

      • I don’t believe, fully yet. I know the capabilities of HAARP. But we can fuck any country using nukes, the net and other nasty things too… Especially America with all it’s weapon’s research. Maybe your the one who should look around and not shut yourself inside that smelly room of yours… You deny Bush attacked Iraq without proper proof and with only a hunch he has WOMD? WOMD that didn’t exist? LOOK AROUND WHITE BOY! YOUR UTOPIA DESTROYS OTHER COUNTRIES FOR IT’S OWN PURPOSES! American security MY ASS!

  • If it weren’t for those bases there, the aid that has came in time, might have been too late.
    You should be thankful for the American Soldiers, Volunteers and the hearts here at SanCom that CARE. Damned ingrate backstabbing NEETS!

  • This writer has seen through our ruse!
    Now how are we to justify keeping military bases in Japan just in case they need us without actually building new ones?

    Seriously, are the troops or our government even asking for anything in return?

  • Inappropriate? Okay, then if we pull all these soldiers in this operation and allow your people to die, then you had better fucking well not say that “America didn’t do enough!” later!

    I swear, I am getting sick and tired of this bashing on America for no good reason.

    You want to bash on us for supporting dictators around the world? Fine, we should get bashed for that!
    However, when we are helping people who are in danger of dying from freezing to death, starving to death, etc.


  • P.S. I agree with the dude who wrote the article. He, sadly, isn’t a part of a rescue organization himself, thus, being worried about the now won’t benefit the Japanese society any bit. While the Japanese are dealing with the present disaster, he’s expressing concerns for probable Japanese future.
    Were he to publish this article few months later, the information would receive little attention despite its relevance to the situation at hand regarding Okinawa.

    • The people helping there have good intentions? yes, they’re doing the best they can
      Those in the office signing papers? i don’t think so

      The japanese have to watch out for that, when politics come in the game you know there’s some shit backdoors

      The article recognize the good intention and we know the people too, but they have to watch out for what happens in the future because of that “help”

      The guy is just worried in term of politics

    • Yeah, I had the same thought. The people who are on the ground now are not part of this, they are just people who were ordered over to help, and as such, they are helping like mad-people.

      But yeah, worrying about their future is a reasonable thing. But like most of the stupid things said these days, it’s all timing. This should have been behind closed doors. It’s not the people running the operation that they have to worry about, it’s the people behind those people who can sign a sheet of paper and get the benefit of being the ones responsible for the aid for being the one who gave the order.

      In less extreme cases, it’s basically them going “we’re grateful, but please don’t pretend this means your base is a non-negotiable necessity to our furthered existence as a people.”

      We know they’re grateful, let’s just go with that.

    • You’re free to agree to whatever twisted shit you want. Of course there are more on the line beside good well. (economical, national image, etc) But that’s the same for every other country who are helping right now. But talking political bullshit as if it would be better off for the American relief team to not be there at all is just down right idiotic.

      • I never said that lol, brainless anon.
        Are you going to blame me for involving politics in a tragedy? Well, sorry, it would be relevant to push politics aside were this to happen in the middle ages. But it didn’t. We’re in an age when wars are fought firstly through media and public opinion.

        • To be honest, most people can care less what happens down at the end of the road when all the roads they can walk on now are not even straight.

          These victims need as much help they can get and these news show that they are indeed getting some consolation.

  • I donated through charity 50 lindens to those filthy japs in need. Because of this, I am going to shit in a bag, step on it, and leave it in the elevator at the hotel my company pays me to stay at while I am on business travel next time I go to that shitstain of a nation.

    • to be fair here, Okinawans are ethnically not Japanese. Okinawa or the Ryuku Kingdom was a independent country prior to the 1900s with its own culture and language. After Japan invade and took over, the Japanese almost completely eradicate the original Ryuku culture, language and history. After WWII, Okinawa was not granted independence because the US wanted a US military base in the area and it was easier to get it form the Japanese government then a independent Okinawa Government. The Japanese government wanted the US military base in Okinawa because they didn’t want a US base next to real Japanese.

      • They really don’t. I was in Okinawa for four years and the locals told me that all the protesting they have going on down there are either companies/government officials flying people in from mainland Japan or people in certain companies with contracts that state they have to go down and protest every once and a while.