Comment on To Love-Ru Tattoo “An Oath of Lifelong Virginity” by ColdCock:

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All things considered I think it looks pretty good compared to some of the shit people get plastered over their ass cracks.

Why would anyone outside of people who think anime is all for pedos think this would make you a virgin for life?

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Nipple-to-Nipple Ribbon BDSM Action:
    A Haruna chapter? Fuck that weak shit.

  • Lady Gaga “Now BBW Icon”:
    Holy shit she has gotten fat. I know that might not be noticed in a country like the usa where just about everyone is overweight, but that looks horrible and is no way for a entertainer to look.

  • At Last: Now You Can Date Miku:
    This is quite neat. Its beyond me why Illusion wasted their time with a penis controler isntead of somthing that could change the whole ero game market like this.

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    Why is this so shocking? Even in the usa you will have trouble finding any sort of real job if you have periceings or tats. I have even heard of mcdonalds turning people down for jobs when its known. I think some tats are just fine, but there are a large number of ulgy, meaningless, stupid ones that people get that deserve ridicule if they can be seen in public. Periceings on the other hand… you have to be a idiot to think people wont avoid you if you look like a tard with a bunch of holes in …

  • Sena Kashiwazaki Sexy Bikini Figure:
    The bikini isnt removeable? Passs!


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