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Yamakan: “Stop Cancelling Our Anime!”


Noted anime director (most recently for Fractale) Yamakan has lived up to his reputation for outspokenness with a condemnation of the wave of vaguely earthquake -induced anime cancellations.

The missive was of course delivered by Twitter:

There’s no need for “self-restraint” with anime. There is no need to cancel Madoka. Now of all times, anime must keep crying out the truth of humanity.

This, coupled with an earlier remark condemning Ishihara’s “divine retribution” comment in no uncertain terms, has sent his stock soaring amongst fickle otaku who were not too long ago ridiculing him for Fractale.

His earlier comment:

Divine retribution isn’t something which indiscriminately strikes the innocent down. If Ishihara can’t even use Japanese properly he has no business talking of “identity.”

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