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Top 10 Character Goods It’s OK for a Guy to Have


Japanese asked what popular girly character goods they think it permissible for a male to possess reveal a surprising degree of tolerance – for non-otaku goods at least…

The ranking:

1. Disney (9920)

2. All are NG! (4644)

3. Usavich (3824)

4. Snoopy (3487)

5. Ghibli (2427)

6. Rilakkuma (1649)

7. Cheburashka (324)

8. Sanrio [Hello Kitty] (250)

9. Suzy’s Zoo (179)

10. Miffy (136)

The goods included are those which are marketed to women and so are manifestly unmanly to possess, explaining the lack of creepy otaku goods.

It is not hard to guess where such goods would place were they included – likely somewhere below “Carebear,” dead last with 72 votes.

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