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Madoka Cancelled


What a legion of detractors could not accomplish, an earthquake and a flooded reactor have in a stroke – most upcoming broadcasts of Madoka have been cancelled.

No particular reason has been offered other than “self-restraint,” and it is not clear whether it will take the form of a simple postponement (this seems to be the prevailing notion) or the skipping of at least the 11th episode (one broadcaster apparently plans to do just this).

The manga and possibly the disc releases have also been subject to various postponements.

The decision to cancel the broadcasts has come in for more than a little criticism, particularly from fans who were counting on the series to lift their spirits after the incessant deluge of earthquake and reactor related news, and even more so from those in areas of the country completely unaffected by the quake or the power shortage.

The prevailing notion amongst publishers now appears to be that anything popular or fun must be cancelled, whether or not it has anything to do with the quake…

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