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“Family Guy” Producer: “Pearl Harbor > Dead Japanese”


Joining the ranks of fellow Americans keen to joke about the misfortunes of the yellow races or ascribe racial guilt to the Japanese for Pearl Harbor/whaling/non-whiteness, Family Guy producer and writer Alec Sulkin has been caught pointing out that Japanese deaths don’t matter as their ancestors once bombed a naval base at Pearl Harbor.

That the comment was made on Twitter hardly requires explanation:

“If you wanna feel better about this earthquake in Japan, google ‘Pearl Harbor death toll.'”

He soon deleted the joke and offered the usual trite apology for getting caught.

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  • does history only go back to WW2?

    in 1850 somthin we went to Japan and forced trade connections with them.Using the young emperor and effectivly killing the samurai.
    That samurai spirit returned and with a boom.
    Pearl harbor was the revenge america deserved for killing japans culture.
    That was our first encounter with japan as a nation.
    “oh heres a lil island chain, we must have their stuff.Open up trade or we invade.”

    Infact after ww2’s bombing japan got their revenge Agian this time in the markets america started. The car and tech industry.

    Japan is victorous agianst us americans.They got their culture back, and all these little media bits are nothing to the thousands of things thay are better then us at selling.Using that samurai spirit, head execs in japan practice kendo and read musashis legendary book as a guide to how to be successfull.

    And all you little kids can do to that is get your hit in when they have a natural disaster?
    How pathetic from the land of the free and home of the brave.

    Just wait when the fualt line near california finaly jumps.Half of the freaken state will be decimated and worse.And those of you who decided to mock them, will be asking for their help.

  • There is a big difference between pearl harbor and The Japan EQ. Pearl Harbor during that time was more of a military installation area. They were soldiers, people who were actually or more or less “prepared” to fie for their country. The JEQ, was on a “normal citizen” area. those who were “prepared” to feed their families, get their kids to school etc…

    I’m a Filipino, i hate what the Japanese did during WWII but what i even hate is the U.S. dropping nukes on people who did not partake on the war when instead they could have dropped it on the Military stronghold of Japan.

  • It sounds like he is trying to be witty but all he is doing is making a very insensitive comment.

    When I heard about the quake I have been listening to nothing but japanese music as my way of honoring all that were lost in the quake.

    I also commented to Hyde and Kaz and the members of VAMPS wishing them and their families safety and the people of tokyo my hopes of their safety as well.

  • wow, leave it to those douchebags to make jokes like that ~ guess this is why ppl keep thinking white americans are idoits who are full of ignorance all the freaking time…. sighs ……. and I bet they’re proud of it too =_+

  • lol i wonder if this were to happen to america and people making jokes about it.

    any disaster is a disaster, it’s not the amount of people that died is the even that occurred and the people that were affected.

    it’s kinda funny how people show their true colors in events like this.

    the world is full of hypocrites sadly

  • Pearl Harbor: “The overall death toll reached 2350, including 68 civilians, and 1178 injured.” So mostly military personnel. Okay. They knew what they signed up for.

    Hiroshima/Nagasaki: “Casualty estimates for immediate deaths range from 40,000 to 75,000. Total deaths by the end of 1945 may have reached 80,000.[1] At least eight known POWs died from the bombing and as many as 13 POWs may have died:” Um… that was already supposedly retribution for Pearl Harbor.

    “The death toll officially climbed above 5300 Thursday in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan almost a week ago” Soooo… the quake alone has doubled the numbers from Pearl Harbor. We won’t get started on the bombings.

  • Loool. The deaths of innocent civilians due to a tragic natural disaster is okay, because their ancestors in the military made a surprise attack on an unsuspecting army.

    Surprise attacks are apparently super bad. Sounds like America is butthurt.

    Also, thinking like that is why America is now the bitch of every black man ever. This is why the race card is allowed to be played, because white people think people deserve to be punished for decisions that were made far before they were born.

    “My dad was an asshole to your dad. Let me make it up to you, even though you were never personally affected by it.”

  • Comments like these just demonstrate the ignorance of the commenter, who knows nothing about our history with the Japanese, and the first thing that pops into their feeble head is Pearl Harbor when they hear “Japan.”

    Does 160,000 killed indiscriminately make you feel better too, dipshit?

  • You know they my have bombed Pearl Harbor but we did nuke them in return, which not only killed many of their people but it also caused years and years of problems in their babies. So we have no right whatsoever to say that they deserve it. >.>

  • This producter is a freemason and illuminati.

    no wonder he is talking about Pearl Harbor, they did everything so that there is war with Japan was a conspiracy by these people, these people who run the world behind our presidents and first minister, but strong Japan, this disaster shows that Japan would not bend it to the goodwill of these people, Japanese people are dead head up, I think very hard on them.

    Some of you will not understand what I’m talking about, but I have something to tell you, it’s time you were looking for the truths that the media you have hidden for more than 60 years.

    All wars are declared by a handful of unscrupulous men, they want to make money, kill millions of humans do not scare them.

  • good point, the japanese bombed a military installation with no warning over 50 years ago. Its not like we got ours for that. Well, we might have dropped two atomic bombs on civilian targets, but dammit, I need godly retribution.

  • If you want to feel better about ________ search up ________ I are smart I told that American/Japanese off durr hurr.

    And in more serious news,War is hell get used to it,boo hoo that mean ol side that won killed more people,uh stupid that’s why they won that is how war works you kill more of the enemy than they kill of you,possible exception Russian in WW2.

  • Why are there such ignorant and idiotic people in America? I mean come on, this guy was born way after pearl harbor why the fuck is he turning it into a joke or even probably taking it partially serious? It’s history, it has long since past and the Japanese people are actually nice people. This guy is an insensitive prick. It’s people like this that make me sick that I’m an American.

  • Let’s use logic.
    If we assume, that the earthquake and tsunami is a “divine retribution” agains Japan for Pearl Harbor, and look at the statistics, then what must happen to America for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    I have 3 assumptions:
    1)Complete destruction by Russia
    2)Complete destruction by a far more powerful natural disaster
    3)Complete destruction by EVERYTHING.

  • Fuck. While we’re on the topic of WWII, I think looking back on the death toll of 20 million Chinese would make more of an impact.
    How about the two nukes we dropped on their two highly populated cities? Yeah bro. Pearl Harbor.

  • Pay no attention. He’s just… SULKIN’. XD

    I know. Bad joke and probably done to death by this point.

    By the way, who was the one that mentioned if someone else brings up karma he/she would drop kick them into a star (I’m paraphrasing)? Have a happy beatdown =D

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    Pearl Harbor Death toll: Around 3,000; 2,600 of which were military

    Tokyo Firebombing death toll: Around 200,000; almost all civilians

    Hiroshima/Nagasaki death toll: Around 300,000; almost all civilians

    Tsunami death toll: 2,000 and rising (possibly as many as 10,000); almost all civilians.

    Is this guy a fucking idiot or what?

  • This is like the Sharon Stone comments on the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, about how China deserved to be hit by the disaster for government policies on Tibet (despite a good portion of deaths being children and, that’s right, Tibetans).

    This isn’t quite as ironic, but to think that Americans still hold a grudge against Japan because of Pearl Harbor – let alone thinking that they have the right to hold a grudge to begin with – is just fucking pathetic. You don’t even hear Chinese or Korean celebrities saying such garbage despite the obvious rivalry between the nations.

  • Really do we have to do this again? It’s always the same. One random guy makes horrible comments. The vast majority of Americans disagree with him. Then a bunch of non-American haters come in and accuse Americans of this being typical behavior. The Americans try to reason with them but they persist until they can dig out the handful of trolls to “prove” their point. Do non-Americans just like being bitter on forums? Is it a top hobby or something?

  • Yes Americans do bitch about it… High school was a pain as people put down my hopes of being a mangaka in Japan because of something I wasn’t alive to care about. I’m African-American and slavery isn’t happening now so I don’t care! I don’t scream “death to da crakas!”
    Fuck Pearl Harbor! Our so called retaliation devestated more than we could count! And some think that’s funny and apparently this now this isn’t enough?

  • People keep on joking on other countries while their countries too have problems. It’s ironic. After joking, delete. One after another. Joke again, apologize. All of them want to gain publicity. Review the past, during Indonesia hit by tsunami. Everyone eager to send help. Now, Japan, they laugh. These people don’t simply understand that they are actually bullying the recently weak people. It’s like a cliche anime that the MC had been weaken after a fight, then the real boss bringing in more thousand of minions and the MC can’t even fight back and need other heroes to come and backup.

  • It seemed to all start with that moronic Democrat state senator from New Hampshire when he said on his Facebook page that anime was a reason why two nukes weren’t enough. What’s surprising to me is that these so-called liberal/progressives are outnumbering right-wingers in making the most hostile remarks to the Japanese community, and I’ve read plenty of Japanese bashing by so-called conservatives.

    What do you expect from manatees anyway? After all, everyone knows that manatees are the ones that write for “Family Guy”.

  • family guy just uses random jokes that i can also make one complete series for them.

    whats wrong with these people comparing with the number of deaths? Does it really matter now? It’s 2011.
    We might as well invite the jewish to compare their death toll during the holocaust.

  • I like how the ignorant non-Americans, who don’t know anything about what America does and doesn’t learn in regards to the war, are trying to tell Americans they are ignorant for what they did or didn’t supposedly learn.

  • You guys are kinda falling into a trap here. The point is that there is no divine retribution being carried out and the vast majority of us agree on this. But you guys are arguing over who deserves what because of what happened in the past even though we KNOW this was a natural act. Take a break and have a cookie. This guy just trolled you hard.

      • ……………………………………..________

        Need I explain more?

  • The people bashing on America for the comments of a few people are hypocrites for acting as though there aren’t people like this in their own countries, AND they are just as bad as the producer for thinking that everyone should be labeled, blamed, and punished for the poor actions of a very small minority of people.

  • I think people are just tired of Japan displaying itself as some selfless and innocent nation that is always being victimized by foreigners, nature, and whatever else comes their way. Japanese bitch about nukes and call foreigners barbarians, but don’t acknowledge anything about Nanking or WW2. The Japanese crime rate is actually pretty high, but they blame it on foreigners and don’t acknowledge that most crimes from Japanese are improperly reported and their conviction process is shitty. Japanese portray themselves as innocent and without violent tendencies, but “strongly urge” the US military to step in and blow the shit out of people who bother them. They condemn those who don’t like their culture but are racist as hell in their media and in institutions where it SHOULD be, but isn’t, illegal. TL;DR: I think people are just tired of Japan’s hypocrisy and are using this opportunity to (inappropriately) point it out.

  • I wonder why they keep bringing up Pearl Harbor. A majority of them weren’t even alive during that time when Pearl Harbor was attacked in that era. Seriously, they should shut the fuck up about Pearl Harbor since they had nothing to do with it. A large portion of Japanese of today also had nothing to do with the past, I should also include ones who were alive at that time weren’t even involved with the war and their leaders at that time, those citizens were innocent. So quit blaming and condemning them.

    Makes me feel ashamed to be an American sometimes, so many idiots placing themselves where they don’t belong.

    Fuck you nationalism.

  • That’s hilarious, especially that american government knew about pearl harbor beforehand, just wasn’t so nice to warn americans about it. Now that’s funny.

    Anyways he should fucking die…

  • yeah, let’s totally hate Japan for Pearl Harbor!

    Even though that government is out of power, and the people of Japan today are nothing like that generation.

    Let’s compare this to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 1. the government that did those attacks is still in power, and 2. there are still a lot of dick weasels here that think nuking is the best answer.

    I can tell you now; I’m more afraid of our dumb racist teabaggers being led by the rich and social elite, than Japan’s currently drowning civilians.

  • Well if Mr. Sulkin and or his loved ones were to die we should all laugh about it because of all the insensitive jokes that the writers put into the Family Guy show. After all he makes a living joking about disabled people and rape victims so following his thinking he deserves what ever tragedy comes his way.

  • Do the people saying, “It’s revenge,” not realize that it’s mostly the fault of our side that Pearl Harbor was so devastating. The subs moving around that were more or less ignored, the letter that said we were about to be attacked that didn’t make it in time because it wasn’t marked urgent, the guy who saw the planes on a radar and thought they were something else… Japan’s only guilty of acting off of our idiocy…

    Though really no one should say anything like this has to do with things in the past…

  • not surprising coming from a faggot, redneck, racist but it would be funny that someone told him that ok this is becaus of Pearl Harbor, now you wait yout turn for Hiroshima, Vietnam, Corea, etc. etc. etc.

  • A lot of faggots make jokes about this happening. I’m American, and I want to cry so bad for Japan right now.. Truman (president who ordered the bomb to be dropped) wrote in his diaries in after the bomb was dropped that he regretted it so much that he had nightmares his whole life over it and deeply regretted it. Be that as it may, Japan has suffered enough.

    1) atom bomb
    2) radiation from the bomb
    3) earthquakes
    4) tsunami
    5) This..

    I feel so bad.. The fact that people can joke bout this or the fact that it just doesn’t phase them is sick. The producer of Family Guy.. I’m not a fan of him at all. His crude marks about gay people, Jewish people (It’s a freakin religion! That’s like making fun of Christians. Just because it’s not your religion doesn’t mean it’s not hurtful), black people, racist remarks over just about anything. But this… This is too far. I apologize to every Japanese person who has suffered, on his behalf since he clearly doesn’t know how to..

  • sorry but american is pretty openly right wing now even if you say 99% thinks its a tragedy and get annoyed if someone mouths off I dont believe yer, plus a minority of america is a majority because they so huge.

    What a c**t.

    • lol it’s pretty hard to comprehend what you’re trying to say due to your horrid grammar, but FYI Family Guy is one of the most far left programs on American TV. If you think Family Guy is conservative then there must be something wrong with your brain.

  • Always with the nukes. Doesn’t anybody know about the firebombing of Japan? Fatman and Little Boy were the olives on the shit sandwich the US had already dropped all over the Japanese. At least fascist psychopaths have the decency to commit their war crimes face to face sometimes, or at least gun to back of head.

  • I’m willing to give the guy a pass for an emotional response IF a member of his family died at Pearl Harbor and an apology follows. Same goes for Hiroshima, Dresden, Warsaw, etc., etc. War sucks.

  • Tolls of Pearl Harbor and D-day are too small to compare it with siedge of Leningrad, Battle of Kursk, Battle of Stalingrad. Every russian family has suffered in this war. And all people i know study history of there years. And no one of them blame now the current generation of Germans, even much of those, who was young these days and fought for the Motherland. So, Alec Sulkin – just a stupid pussy.

  • Oh noes ppl joke about serious events what is the world coming tooooo!!!! wake up ppl this has been happening forever comedians joke about this stuff 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, countless wars, death, starving kids, racisim, and everything under the sun, it nothing new.

  • Ignorant f*cks are ignorant. Who Knew?

    I’d be mortified if Seth MacFarlane made this comment. As it is, I’ve never heard of this Alec Sulkin guy before so it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of Family Guy. If Gilbert Gottfried got fired from his Aflac commercials for his “too soon” jokes however, one would hope that Seth would fire this assclown for just plain being a racist douche.

  • Are you really suprised that you hear something like that from a guy like that? Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, South park – all these series are utterly politically incorect and thats why they are so famous. Some jokes are over the top, some are just not funny but none are meant seriously. Thats difference between this retard and Eatshithara.

  • What a twit..!

    A wise person once told me that words are more dangerous than knives, because unlike knives words cannot be sheathed again. meaning once something is said it cannot easily be forgotten or taken back.
    A death on any human being is tragic no matter the race, religion etc..

  • Please people, stop to talk about him. He’s just a pathetic provocator, cause it’s his buisness, like the other brainless gottiried or garbage ishihara.

    And most important, all of you know any animal or organic life, is better than these assholes.

  • Typical of USA if it does not happen to our self just joke about like it never happen but when it happen to US we all must feel sorry for them. I don´t hate Americans I have lots of friends over there but still stop being assholes and get some dignity.

  • Yeah, I’m totally sure the Pearl Harbor death toll was 60,000 or so. And I’m also sure we didn’t get revenge at the time by sinking ships, shooting down planes, invading islands, firebombing, dropping atomic bombs, etc.

  • I take back what I said about the American masses not going “OLOLOLOL PEARL HARBOR,” apparently they actually are this fucking stupid. This actually kinda really pisses me off. Maybe these people with their luxurious jobs that give them the arrogance to think it’s funny to say this shit haven’t realized that most of the shit they work with that’s given them their jobs are, oh, I don’t know, made in fucking Japan? And really, Gilbert Gottfried? I thought he died already.

  • Was this guy trying to be funny of something?

    I google’d exactly that to humor him. I see … about 2k deaths with less than 100 civilians. I wonder if he knows that hundreds of thousand of civilians were killed by US in that same war and that all the people dying because of the earthquake/tsunami are just random people living by the coast as well.

  • Each sickle will hit own stone eventually.
    Just wait and see if him or anyone else that feels like being a jest, will remain with such cheerful attitude once something nasty will happen o them or their families.

  • I don’t want to sound like a weeaboo or a japanophile, but this comparison just makes this Dick-bag sound even more retarded.

    The attack on Pearl Harbor was a legitimate military operation through the use of surprise and deception. Catching a military base off guard (even though a military base should ALWAYS be on alert) just ensures more successful kill-to-death ratio for the attackers, and it did just that. The Americans were just butt-hurt and used the “we weren’t ready yet” card to save face. It’s not as if the US weren’t aware of the Japanese conquest that’s been going on for decades. Sure American civilians died from collateral damage from both sides. That’s what happens when a military base is located near residential areas.

    Let’s just skip the two atomic bombings that ended Japan’s capacity to carry on WWII. We all know that it was a war crime (mass killing of CIVILIANS). This natural catastrophe was simply unavoidable and struck the CIVILIAN population and cities/towns. I don’t know how anyone can compare civilian deaths to military deaths.

    TL;DR: Civilian does NOT equal Military Personnel, and LRN2HSTRY, douche.

    • There are no and will never be any legitimate military operations. Since there are no and will never be legitimate reasons to kill human beings.

      As far as history is concerned, japan was already on the verge of surrendering when the 2 atomic bombs were dropped, about a week or two of talks would have done the trick too. And well … a bombing is a bombing, the atomic bomb was just a bit bigger than a normal one … no need to throw a few dozens where one does the same.

      Another little refresher, never mind the 2 atomic bombs, the death toll wasnt even that high, the real despicible part came after the japanese surrender. Try your luck with “Re-Education Camp”, the americans did the same with the japanese, what the germans did with the jews, short of systematic genocide, but just one step.

      Sadly about that part, you wont anything in the american history books, while its the first thing you read in german history books about[Of course not about what the americans did, but about what the germans did]. Curious, isnt it?

  • Family Guy, despite its issues, still does well by pushing the envelope. However, there’s some stuff that’s just incredibly tasteless, and mocking the deaths of tens of thousands is it. What’s worse is calling it karma, considering precisely none of the people who died in this had anything to do with pearl harbor since that was so long ago. If there was a payment to be had, they got it in spades with the whole a-bomb thing. We could spend years discussing the justifications for either action (in fact I wrote a thesis about just that) but the fact is it’s in the past and people need to get over it.

  • Keep in mind this guy also made several jokes about Hurricane Katrina which managed to end up in the show.

    Really I never thought the episodes he wrote were that funny.
    The Starwars special was average and Stewie be Good part 2 was kinda crappy.

  • I honestly don’t get all these “remember pearl harbor” comments. Seriously, during Pearh Harbor only ~2500 people died, about 70 of them were civilians. No offense, but that’s quite a good job when it comes to war, which is mainly about destroying the opposing force w/o getting in civilians way.

    Also, did the Americans simply forget about the two atomic bombs? I’m just getting tired of all these “remember [whatever]”… -.-

  • Guy’s a retard. Family guy sucks dick anyway. And why would he say something so retarded, especially since Japan got nuked during the war..

    Someone should tell him to check the death toll of the two bombs dropped on Japan. I think if there was a need for revenge, it has been gotten already years ago.

  • Many people doesnt realy care about others.

    The Malaysian, Newspaper even made a Joke, with a picture of Ultraman running from Tsunami.

    Wive of Malaysian Prime Minister also said, something Dumb regard of the tsunami.

    The are public figure, not just random Tweet from not so well known people I mean

    What more Sucks than that, Isihara is one of them
    an to think he is fellow jappanese, can humanity get more lower than that

  • Some people here seems to be really imaginative.
    Or, I guess lacking decent brain.
    Why would they have that much killing ability?
    Were there some kind of “super samurai” or of that kind?

    And yeah about pearl harbor.
    Did you really think Japan in that time thought they
    would win against US? NO. It was obvious if anyone
    with decent thinking ability looked at the statistic of industrial output of US compared to rest of the entire world.

    Then why they’d went to war?
    Cause they were trade sanctioned
    (Why sanctioned? US/Europe didn’t like Japan to gain too much power in Asia) and they lost
    oil supply. If Japan couldn’t trade, that means
    same thing as losing. So people in that time had
    some guts.

    It is also known that ships in pearl harbor was
    old second rated war ships. US obviously knew the

    (LoL. To start with, Japanese admiral was educated in England. You can imagine what happened.)

    All that counted bringing out Pearl Harbor now is out of question. This is natural disaster.

  • Some jokes have taken a little to far and I heard worse jokes when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and a radio host I can’t remember his name said bad comments about it saying “Louisina should of been wipe from the face of the map a long time ago.”

    I wonder if he got into trouble for saying that when he that comment?

  • Wow, the same guy who constantly rips off other cartoon’s jokes is now ripping off a joke from the trolls online. WHAT A AMAZING SUPRISE!

    Am I the only one that is suprised that a tragic event that has nothing to do with the states is becoming about the states because of the above normal level of stupidity on their part lately?

    Frankly americans this is getting pathetic. Get your shit together and grow the fuck up.

  • Pearl harbor happened 70 years ago. A lot of those who died were soldiers. They and their families knew THE RISKS OF THEIR JOBS AS SOLDIERS.America’s being a bitch just because they lost that battle IN A WAR. They died in the line of duty and I respect them.However, the people who died in the Earthquake and Tsunami are regular people just like us. What is it that makes the lives of the dead more valuable than the living anyway?!
    None of them deserved the fate they had , NONE.

  • such heartless a**holes.

    pearl harbor was soooooooo history.
    it’s not like the current Japanese people are the ones at fault for bombing the pearl harbor.
    I can’t believe that some Americans are still full of grudges against Japan.
    I bet they’re not even part of the World War.

  • Other people who mocked death and calamity, comparing Sendai Earthquake to Pearl harbor.

    Robert Lopez
    Tommy Corliss
    Ray Gumbs III
    Deshaun Morris
    Bobby Nelson
    Jerry Kopp
    Manny Deleo
    Vic Baldridge
    Joe Cansdale
    Logan Witt-Agnew
    George Wulf
    Michael Miller
    James Rowell
    Mike Sellitto
    Patrick James Dunlevy
    Trevor Kremenliff
    Delvin Cook
    Marty Mann
    Aidan Bach
    Dean Dial
    Jacob Kriebel
    Taylor Daniel
    Jose’ Perez
    Nazlican Bieber
    Sandra Doriane Bright
    Sebastian M. Velmont
    Deborah Lawson
    Connor Howard
    Oscar Brosey
    Otis Fisher
    John Higgins
    Niko Niemi
    John Lambert
    Luke Nicholson
    Doug Morrissey
    Robert Pitard
    Ashley Maine
    Leslie Phillips
    Robby Napoli
    Diane Lee
    Erick Dotson
    Shawn Rodriguez
    Chris Trask
    Jason Crowell
    Andre Ramirez
    Richard Madrid
    Jonathan Brimer
    Martyn Dela Cruz
    Joe Tapia
    Arron SoTennessee Whitfield
    Cole Barrier
    Wally Godfrey
    Mikey Pedersen
    Ryan Hahn
    Jim Bard
    Marc Otero
    Kenneth Pierce
    Mario Muniz
    Larry Blaine
    Mike Odle
    Matt Recco
    Billy Briley
    Greg Ikerd

  • This is the ugly face of racists who think they can justify their own hatred with ludicrous comparisons.
    Of course these guys never mention the Native-American concentration camps, the exploitation of Afro-American and Hispanic minorities and the world-wide conquest for oil reserves. Fucking bigots.

    • See that’s one of the problems here though. Many of the people being called names here are American, but not white. So you’re defending the oppressed minorities, but insulting all of the Americans… so you’re insulting them anyway. American =/= white people.

  • If everyone keep looking in to the past.
    There will be war and hate everywhere around the world.

    In some of my neighbor country got to suffer like this as well …
    Their leader used to brainwash their citizen and call my country as “Invader” and when there is conflict around border, eventhough we are not the one who started, we are alway call “Invader” anyway.
    They go so far as to announce “Day of Hate” while we didn’t give a damn thing about them and focus on fight each other in politic.

  • God I hate people like this. I know some Japanese that made fun of our 9\11. I know some Americans that did too. So what? Let’s see… why doesn’t this moron say something like… ‘Google Pearl Harbor death toll’ THEN ‘Google atomic bombs and the firebombing of Tokyo death tolls’ Stupid people like this make me sad to be American. We dropped two bombs and firebombed an entire city in response to Pearl Harbor. Count the deaths then and see which was worse.

  • I feel pretty ashamed and embarrassed to be an American right now, while all these assholes run around mocking the thousands of lives that have perished from a natural disaster.

    No one deserves to lose their lives and then have their grave spit on.

  • Three things: 1) yeah, that Sulkin asshole needs to google “Hiroshima and Nagasaki death toll.”

    2) most of Family Guy’s fans are humanists and liberals (I number myself among them.) Seth MacFarland needs to pubicly dissociate himself from that racist fuck ASAP, or he will lose a huge chunk of his audience.

    3) most Americans are NOT that ignorant. I hope to God…

  • I just ignore the trolls completly and donate money for the reconstruction/helping of japan and its people. Its way better to handle the trolls like this.

    Thank you trolls for making me donate more!

  • I guess I will just post my RT to tweets like his

    All those fucktards saying “remember Pearl Harbor” can go fuck themselves. Truly, from the bottom of my heart … go kill yourselves please!

  • One bad thing does not make another bad thing good. Frankly, Pearl Harbor was a long time ago. It’s time to get the fuck over it! The Japanese have been good allies to the United States, by and large, for the past 75 years almost.

    Just let the damned World War II stuff die. It’s part of HISTORY… i.e. just like the killings of the Jews, it really doesn’t have any effect on our life today except as a means to compare people to the people who did those things to find out whether they are good people or not.

  • Any reference to the past war is shameful. The Japanese and Americans are truely past that and there is always a minority who say outragous things to get attention and the best this to do is to ignore the bigots. For me the only thing to do is pray for the Japanese people.

  • i don’t understand why Americans seem to want to downplay the quake in japan with bringing up pearl harbor.

    don’t those guys remember that they gave them payback already? FUCKING 2 ATOMIC BOMBS.

    but because this is America after all, anything bad that happens in the world is because god is punishing them as divine retribution, so it’s alright, right?

    • Where are you people getting this shit? A few people from the US seem ignorant about the war then everyone wants to act like the other millions of Americans are ignorant about the war. You guys sound just as stupid generalizing people like that. Also, several other countries are claiming divine retribution because there are racists in all countries. Stop being so bitter and look at the bigger picture. Stop spreading the hate just because you can’t get over something.

    • No, the payback came after the 2 atomic bombs, that was just a test.

      The real fun part was, when the americans did to the japanese, what they did to the native americans before, lock them up in camps, rape their women, tortue them under the guise of “reeducation” and test new strands of virus of them.

  • Please don’t judge all Americans by this asshole and rest who keep bringing up a past they werent even around to experience. Pearl Harbor was 70 years ago and most of the people on both sides are dead or very near it.
    This moron is just another of Hollywoods “finest”
    who feels he has to say something, anything to be noticed. He would better serve himself by pulling his head out of his ass.

    • No its called, you fuck with the wrong country during a world war, you become a test subject.

      Nobody knew those bombs was that devastating with massive after effects.

      We learned from it… but we also learned one thing on both sides.

      Japan “Don’t fuck with the people with the big stick and is quiet”

      USA “Who’s next….? That’s what I thought now can we start talking peace treaties and bank standards?”

    • We havent, in fact in 2009 Hyde’s band VAMPS performed at Pearl Harbor with a splendid outcome. Pearl Harbor is long over and we have made peace with japan.

      I have watched Family Guy and I only liked it when they were doing entertainment spoofs, I lately been hating some of the episodes, like the episode Peter can’t stop playing this really crappy 1960’s song that spun into a episode of blasphemy, and then the episode that the dog legalized pot with a song, really stupid, I was mostly disgusted with how Peter killed Quagmire’s cat just because they didn’t like to see him happy with the cat, I wanted to take that razor blade and slit his throat with it.

    • Why exactly are the Americans getting all the negative attention,i’m sure they aren’t the only ones joking so why are we focusing on what they say?I’m pretty sure many people from many countries are saying things like this too…

    • It’s part of tying current US militarism to WWII, the “good war.” (Also the last war the US can claim to have won that wasn’t fucking “Bambi Meets Godzilla.”) See the constant rah-rah flag-waving WWII fetishization on the History and Military channels. Go to virtually any internet forum with a large conservative American presence and you’ll see the result. Everything is compared to WWII.

      No one complains about comparing a conflict to WWII, but the moment you say “Vietnam,” the bleating protests begin. “This is nothing like Vietnam!” (Well, apart from being a long-running insurgency that we keep making worse…basically apart from the behavior of the United States and the results of that behavior, they’re more or less right, but the end result is the same.)

      I guess my point is that “Saving Private Ryan” was the most harmful movie in the history of mankind.

      • US won korea. Check out the size of NK and SK and it’s plain to see the US won. The success of SK vs the shitpile that is NK further shows who won. They also won vietnam….1 million dead vs 60K is a win plus they achieved the goal in both cases of stopping the spread of communism.

        BTW everything is compared to WW2 because it’s the most recent war the whole world can relate to. In my grandparents time, all wars were compared to ‘the great war’ (ww1). To make comparisons you need to compare to something people know. You’d just confuse a lot of people if you said ‘this war is just like the 100 year war’ or ‘this war is more righteous than the boer war’.

    • I don’t get why Americans get so upset at that. It was a prime military target. Any opposing military with half a brain and decent strategy wouldn’t go up knocking and say, oh btw is Dec 7 , 1941 convenient for us to bomb your harbor kudasai?

      Is there any particular unwritten rule war must be declared first before an attack is made?

      • Also, people have the right to be upset over the loss of life, regardless of the situation. No one is ever like “Well damn they hit a good target! That’s awesome!” It’s pretty heartless to say that people shouldn’t be upset over many deaths just because everyone around them started fighting first.

      • Yes actually. There are a lot of rules of war. I know it sounds silly, but there are certain rules you adhere to, not just to be honorable, but also because it can ruin your alliances if you don’t follow these rules. For example, it would make things easier if you killed the ruler of a country without a fair trial if they were hassling you, but it’s against the rules.

    • SEE!! SEE!! the Hypocracy I’ve been screaming about from DAY 1 with the Hollywood LEFT!! No Shame!!!!

      Because Japan is an ALLY of the USA and despite all it’s ‘social welfare’ programs is largely Capitalist & NON-Socialist (3rd largest Economy on the Globe)…They’re Jealous!

      Japan isn’t a 3rd World ‘Dirt Mound’ that worships Celebrities or is Enslaved the U.N.’s desire for “One World Gov” – it’s OK to make fun of them?? How Many other countries could rebound so fast after 2 Atomic Bombs?? Japan toke responsibility for it’s part in WW2 LONG AGO!! – I have ZERO problems them.

      FUCK YOU Alec Sulkin! – You bring DISGRACE upon your family, race, & country.

    • This is those usual cases where only a very few extremists will actually hold those kind of discriminatory/racist views, but they cause such a stir that their opinions are heard more than the majority.

      Unfortunately people outside the aforementioned country will usually assume the rest of the population (in this case, Americans) has the same retarded opinion.

      • well to be fair, china is like the reason that the west coast mostly consists of smog. and we owe china a lot of money, which is a better reason to hate someone than whose great-grandfather killed whom.

      • I’ve found that 90% of the time’s it’s people who think like “Gawhd is on our side and this is them slanty-eyes gettin’ their what-for!”

        Most of my friends (and myself) are very worried about the whole thing and want to do everything we can to help.

      • If you are gona bring up the past, how about what them white boys did to China, burning down half of Beijing and all that? What about the millions of African slaves, who up till recently were still discriminated against?

        • @13:31 anon: Apparently you don’t know history, or you only listen to what your racist teacher says. Don’t you know that the incendiary bombings were planned? Even taking out the bridges to prevent the people from escaping the fire? And the Nukes wich were timed to when the children were going to school to maximize the death toll?

          Japan was already trying to surrender, but the USA refused to acknoledge and used the nukes only as a demonstration to scary the russians. I wonder if Pearl Harbor were worse then Auschwitz.

          Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only chosen because theree were no other city left, everything were razed down.

        • >I like how people complain about Black Slavery when it was blacks themselves who sold the slaves to White merchants.
          When a African sold an African slave (Usually, prisoners of WAR) to another African, that slave was an African still.
          When the Africans made the mistake of selling African slaves to the White man, those African slaves became, under the White man’s hand, 3/5ths of a taxable property. A non-person stripped of his name, culture, language and history. Advertised around the world by White people as less than animal, incapable of feeling pain, incapable of (and forbidden from, under penalty of death) reading.

          Yes, nearly every culture on Earth has had some form of slavery amongst it’s people. However, it was the White man’s slave practices during the 1600’s that took the worst aspect of human culture and turned it into one of the greatest generational violations of basic human rights in our collective world history.

        • @Sandalphon I think you and Anonymous 13:31 are talking about two different bombing missions. I am fairly certain he is referring to the Doolittle raid that was highly ineffective and was done with b-24 bombers to attack japan, not a lot of planes made it to Tokyo to drop their bombs and the journey was so far that each bomb had a very light bomb load. The Doolittle raid is generally considered a psychological warfare raid to show Japan that its cities were not out of reach.

          The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Horrific but at the end of a long drawn out Bloody war the morality of using a weapon to deter a people who were willing to proudly fight to the death (whole country not just military) doesn’t seem that immoral. on a positive note modern nuclear weapons are tuned for more boom less fallout (the fissionable material is consumed instead of spread.) Pearl harbor was a surprise attack on a neutral country.

        • where to start….. ok lets start with the easy one, hiroshima and nagasaki had it coming they were military targets in a country that was at war. The very idea of war crimes is childish, war is a brutal ugly thing and frankly the Japanese picked that fight, and none of that has anything to do with the tsunami. I am not sure who thought bringing up misdeeds by Americans (ie slavery etc) would mitigate anything done by anyone else. If you murder someone and go into court with the excuse someone else commited another murder so you thought it was ok, you will end up right in jail with them.
          vietnam…. we didn’t so much get our assess kicked as kicked our own assess. In 1970 the vietnam war was all but won the streets of saigon were as safe and calm as any western city. the idea that the nva beat america is akin to the idea that the taliban has tied up america in afganistan these last 10 years. An honest inspection would say we did it to ourselves by not doing what we did to japan and dropping the hammer on them. does this mean a nuke? not necessarily but it does mean at the least using conventional bombs to flatten every tent, rock and camel hump in the way.
          I don’t hate the japanese or anyone else but when you are at war you fight to win, and you don’t stop until you make the enemy beg you for mercy.

        • Wow you have the same line of thought as talibans, they think that your civilization needs to end too for similar reasons…

          And how is Vietnam a grey area? Fearing communism, wanting to impose their will on other people, and trying to gain influennce in Europe (by helping the french) the USA took an offensive stance towards the Viet minh and got their asses kicked, even though they dropped more bombs in Vietnam, than all bombs dropped throughout WWII. There’s not much to it.

        • Sandalphon says:

          @13:31 Anon
          “The American reprisal bombings hardly got any civillians at all. They only attacked a few factories…”

          What sillines you say:

          “the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day…” “In both cities, most of the dead were civilians.”

          Are you going to say those deaths don’t count because they were from radiation and not the actual blast?

          And the blast itself flattened half of the city[ies]. Quite far from ‘a few factories’.

        • Black Slavery was different than white slavery and whites also took slaves themselves, and manipulated Africans against each other. Black “Slavery” is not deserving of that term.

        • You sound really ignorant right now Anon 8:34. Black people had black slaves in Africa, and then yes, they were sold to Portugal. But it was Europeans who justified RACE-BASED slavery by judging people with darker skin as less worthy human beings. This issue with race affected race relations in developed nations for centuries after the original African Diaspora. Slavery has existed as long as human beings, but large scale commercial slavery based on race has many different issues attached to it. And to say people shouldn’t complain about or acknowledge that terrible time because of its distant roots is absolutely ridiculous of you.

        • The dead in Pearl Harbour were almost exclusively military dead. Few civilians were killed, which kinda makes the American reprisal bombings a bit iffy morally.

          In addition I like how people complain about Black Slavery when it was blacks themselves who sold the slaves to White merchants. Also people seem to forget the millions of WHITE slaves captured by Berber Pirates in the Mediterranean for centuries

        • The American reprisal bombings hardly got any civillians at all. They only attacked a few factories. It was mainly done to to scare them and to show them that mainland Japan was not impervious to attack. Personally I think it was just a waste of a few perfectly good planes.

        • DarkChaplain

          what civilized country did we destroy?

          and dont name a country where if a woman gets raped, she gets killed or a longer prison sentence than the man who raped her. because that “civilization” needs to end, and new order NEEDS to be established in those regions.

          also dont bring up anything that has to deal with ww2 or earlier, as that crap is so old it may as well be forgotten, culture wise.

          and lastly, dont bother with the bigger dick contest that was Vietnam, thats a whole world of grey area in and of itself.

    • What a stupid remark. The modern Japanese aren’t responsible for Pearl Harbor or any aspect of WW2. More importantly, even if we were at war with Japan, it would be the Japanese government that is at fault, not the random non-combatants that just want to live out their daily lives. Ignorant people should be lined up along the edge of the grand canyon and executed. Though, we would soon run out of room in the canyon, I fear.

      • Exactly! Do you know how much I’ve been bullied in school by bunch of Koreans that keep whining and bitching about WWII? I mean, it wasn’t our generation that was involved in those sorts, why do I have to deal with them?

        • Sandalphon says:

          Well, their nation [Korea] was subject to the Chinese and Mongolian empires, and were also bullied by the Japanese empire twice between 1592 and 1598, and later occupied between 1910-1945.

          I would imagine that has something to do with their inclination.

        • This is racist on my part but the Korean people seem to be inclined towards holding grudges. It must have something to do with the way they’re brought up or their own social or nationalistic values (the american born koreans I know are very prideful about their country). As for the denial of shit like Nanking, most of the Japanese people know about how terrible it is (although in varying amounts of intensity I’ll bet with a lot of hard details left out conveniently) and it’s already been apologized for, the only people that deny it publicly are a faction of the LDP made of about 100 people.

      • Normal, average people aren’t at all responsible for the tactics made during wartime. (With the rare exception, like the Nazi party.) Americans didn’t even know what a nuclear weapon was when it was dropped. HOWEVER, in the US they still learn about it in detail. The problem is that Japan ignores its own war crimes, which is why people feel the need to throw it in their faces.

        • I think his point is that Japan likes to play innocent and ignore their previous crimes, while insulting others for lesser crimes that those other countries DO take the time to acknowledge.

        • i think its funny how white americans are made into war machine monsters.\

          black americans are made in to ignorant rap artist that kill each other (with super abortions)

          Hispanic americans are to busy working on lawns to be political

          every other race/nation is innocent

          japan tried to kill innocent american citizens with plague bombs, cited from

          people say innocent this innocent that look wars happen people die. Grow up.

          If you would stop slandering people who do not see the same situation you do but rather educate them you would stop the weapons of mass ignorance

    • anon @ 22:11

      “normal” americans don’t whine about pearl harbor. the american ancestors got even with the japanese ancestors and all is well between their children. i have no grudge against the japanese people and only see them in a good light with the exception of ishihara.

      i don’t always agree with their decisions, but that’s because there is a culture difference. no one should go into another country and tell them how to live their lives if every one is generally satisfied.

      i’m keeping a watch on the news to see any new developements. with all the support of japan’s freinds and rivals alike, i’m sure she(japan) will be up and running in no time. it’s a shame that so many are missing, injured, and dead.

    • Sadly , I can’t stand when I hear it but its actually more of an older generation who does.

      Not all Americans agree with this man though. 99% of people I know find this to be a tragedy. We’re all pretty angry with any one who shoots there mouth off.

    • We don’t. Stupid Americans whine about Pearl Harbor. This doesn’t strike me as complaining as much as he’s trying to get people to have perspective.

      At least in that regard I agree, just not about Pearl Harbor. I’m sick of every natural disaster or tragedy disrupting peoples’ ignorant lives and suddenly everyone lives in fear walking on eggshells for a while, until they don’t again like it never happened, never learning from anything. It’s stupid. Help the victims, but don’t sit around pretending that every little thing may make them feel bad or get offended.

      This was just an unnecessary comment the guy made, a mistake. So he took it down.

          rough count of 3741 total deaths and injuries, most of them are largely military

          estimated total death toll is at LEAST 150,000
          in these largely urban areas, destroying roughly 69% of hiroshima’s buildings alone. and before you give me shit about how the us warned Japan to begin with, this is from a time period where the largest explosive could at most demolish a building or two in high amounts, a bomb that could level and entire city would definitely be taken as a bluff. detonating off the coast where everyone could see it would be plenty proof but no it had to be on two of the most populated cities right?

          Also you’re being rather presumptuous anon713, japan’s prime minister and even emperor has issued apologies on behalf of the Japanese people for atrocities committed in the asian countries years ago and the japanese population at large does not hold any grudges against the american people and have instead decided to learn from their mistakes and move on. In other news, after the bombings, Truman said “I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb… It is an awful responsibility which has come to us… We thank God that it has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes.” which is basically the same thing as saying “These bombs kick ass, good thing we’re the only ones that have them amirite?”

        • @07:13

          First off, as a Eurofag, lemme just say you’re just another European hater. The guy you commented on is Brazilian (on his profile lol dumbfuck) and he never said anything about you inbred bastards being undereducated, just pointing out that just like how you can’t name the exact number of casualties on Pearl Harbor, you don’t know the number of innocent non-war people killed in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          Get a clue, ass-hat.

        • No recognition for nuclear attacks in the US? Are you stupid? Americans are fully aware of the nukes are are well educated on the subject in schools from an early age, UNLIKE the Japanese who don’t acknowledge details of their war crimes (like the Rape of Nanking, invasions of other countries, or the fact that civilians were killed during Pearl Harbor or that a full scale US invasion would have killed millions more Japanese… which the nukes prevented.) Americans are provided outlets to easily get information about war history, as well as footage of it, and are encouraged to learn about it in Jr. High and High school history classes.

        • The complete lack of recognition for the nuclear attacks against a civilian population is what surprises me most. Could Americans really be that uneducated?

          Also… its no surprise to me that a writer for family guy posted something wholly unoriginal and stolen from someone else. That is how they usually write their show.

        • @ 08:18

          Who cares how many died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki you dumb fuck, it was a war Japan started and we ended the way that would cost the least amount of AMERICAN lives.

          Don’t like it? Go back in time and tell Japan which allied itself with a dumbfuck Hitler to not provoke us into a war. Making them sound innocent is just bullshit propaganda. You simply can’t bitch about death toll when you start a war with another country. You can argue that we went overboard but given the situation of being in 2 wars I would have done anything to end one of them quickly myself. Personally I would have let Europe fall who would notice anyway talk about irrelevant!

          None of this has to do with the tragedy in Japan, but to make Japan sound innocent and victem like is bullshit. Again all this bullshit about Pearl Harbor is simply trolling for shock value.

        • Obviously you are another American hater. I’d guess you are a Euro-fuck with nothing better to do than display your America envy.

          America is not undereducated. It is a matter of perspective from both sides. In Europe war means raise the white flag and let Germany take over your country until the USA comes and saves you douche bags again and again. You see in a real war people lose their lives on both sides. This breeds hatred for the opposing country. People in the USA lost their lives or the lives of loved ones and they will probably never forgive Japan for starting the war with the USA. There are Japanese who will never forgive the USA for dropping nukes on their country.

          This does not mean ALL American’s hate Japan or that we feel this is some retribution to Pearl Harbor. I feel horrible for the Japanese people, and I’m proud that our country helping them. I’m to young to harbor hate towards Japan and I’d even consider them somewhat of an Ally. I think in the age of the Internet its entirely too easy to troll for shock value which is exactly what is happening here. I think most of this crap about Pearl Harbor is trolling.

  • Why do people kept talking as if America has the monoply in the world’s idiot population? Plus, the guy made the joke when the death toll was still low. When shit got worse he realized it was very inappropriate and apologized. I think that should be enough to let him off the hook.

    For god sakes, like many other countries, American are doing tons to help Japan right now. People are starting money drives everywhere.

    Now is not a good time to point fingers to who said what. Hell, even China’s doing their part to help, and you know the idiots over there are also talking shit online.

  • You know what is really retarded is that the majority of the idiots saying this don’t have a single damn tie to what happened in pearl harbor, they’re just racist douche bags.

    My family had two people in the navy stationed at pearl harbor during the bombing, both were severely injured, and quite frankly not a single family member holds any grudge against Japan today (the opposite actually, absolute nicest country we’ve visited). The past is the past, and quite frankly war is war. These people have no human decency whatsoever, and are truly pathetic to still be holding such pointless grudges.

    Japan is our closest ally, and is one of if not the most peaceful of modern advanced societies, as such these morons judgment to all this is nothing short of disgusting. Not to mention, that kind of attitude to ANY life is unacceptable. These people are nothing but stains, plain and simple.