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Sea Shepherd: “Quake is Divine Retribution Against Japan”


Paul Watson, leader of the crazed eco-terrorists at Sea Shepherd, has written a poem implying the earthquake which recently killed thousands of Japanese was divine retribution for mistreating the oceans, whilst other crackpot greens have been rejoicing at the prospect of people from the same country as people who kill whales and dolphins dying.

Paul Watson’s contribution, by way of Facebook:


The underlying implication is rather obvious and is not lost on his followers.

His equally crazy coterie apparently see this as mother nature punishing the Japanese for their wickedness, or even as an opportunity to blackmail Japan into giving up whaling:

“It is a great tragedy and many innocent have been hurt by tremendous Tsunami,
but this Kama was not punishment or justice for an individual, it was a message to Japan as a Nation, not to overdo it with its poaching of the world’s oceans!!!!!”

“maybe it is karma… Japan haven’t been the only ones to be on the receiving end! The captain is right… This poem is true! We all need to wake up and realise that we are just tiny beings out staying our welcome!”

“It’s getting better every time you will always get the fullest from me full support for you if Japen is poor affter this disaster they are not going have to bother the whales if theres going to be a valcano ready to go off”

“Capt. Watson: Japan will require and request aid. With aid, come conditions and compromise. This is the opportunity for aid giving countries to demand the end of Japanese Whaling in return for help. When asked by your local aid organizations to give help and money, demand the end of Japanese Whaling.”

Other environmentalists pitch in on Twitter, which is currently playing host to a revitalised campaign of anti-Japanese sentiment:

“It wasnt an earthquake, it was the dolphin uprising….”

“Another earthquake in Japan – when will karma hit Taiji? The pens will crack open at Dolphin Base and the captives will return to the ocean”

“I hope the earthquake/tsunami in Japan swallows up every dolphin fishing boat!!! That would be an answered prayer = happy safe dolphins!”

“did the earthquake destroy all those japanese dolphin killers? HMPH.”

“Is it messed up that I think the earthquake is what Japan gets for bombing us at Pearl Harbor? #Karma #PayBack #WhatGoesAroundComesAround”

“you took something from the ocean Japan, and now the ocean wants something back … No more Whale and dolphin Killing ..”

“Japan, a Whale Killing Nation, suffers the wrath of Mother Nature: Earthquake and Tsunami. #Karma”

“Japan this is #Karma for Pearl Harbor!”

“Can’t help but thinking maybe the Japanese Earthquake is Karma for the dolphin and whale killings :/”

“I’ve heard that there are some SS members in Otsuchi Iwate. Are they OK after the earthquake? #seashepherd #taiji #thecove #cove”

“Serves Japan right that’s the sea getting its own back for all the dolphin killing and shark killings they do!!!”

“didnt japan kill over +1,000 American soldiers on Dec 7, 1942… #karma”

“I don’t wanna be a bitch or anything, but after the dolphin & whale slaughtering & everything else Japan does, I don’t feel bad. #karma”

“Poor Japanese. Maybe they shouldn’t have invaded Korea and China in the 50’s. #karma”

“loolz…japan get FUCK UP!!….thats for all the shark fins and whales ya’ll been fucking up in the past. #karma”

“after watching the movie, #TheCove, its kinda hard to feel sorry for #japan sorry dolphin slaughterers”

“Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, mother nature attacks them. #karma”

“Natural disasters are terrible… but I am willing to bet the Whale Wars cast is cracking brews and chuckling right about now #Karma”

“Hello World don’t send any troops or help to #japan….ask them to sign or give up killing the whales and dolphin!!!this is the time!!!”

“I’m feeling remorse for the kids and animal lovers in Japan 🙁 but do u think its karma 4 all those who eat dogs&cats and..”

“My mom is so cold. She said that she’s glad for Japan’s loss and said that it’s karma for all the things they’ve done to us Koreans, hahaha.”

“What did Japan expect? They kill dolphins. #karma”

Amongst the (presumed) minority of Americans willing to make such comments, the notion that the earthquake is karmic comeuppance for Pearl Harbor is an exceedingly common one.

China too has seen some hateful comments, although again the vast majority appear to express sympathy and admiration for Japan’s handling of the crisis, calling the negative remarks “shameful” and praising their orderly response as “moving” and “something China won’t be capable of even in 50 years.”

The most spiteful official response seen is undoubtedly that of North Korea, which coolly published news of the quake alongside an article condemning Japan as an imperialist oppressor and demanding compensation.

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  • Does anyone think before they say things like this that Americans killed over 200,000 in retaliation for Pearl Harbor? That’s just the bombing alone, nevermind the other 70,000+ that died from after effects of radiation

  • “I’m feeling remorse for the kids and animal lovers in Japan 🙁 but do u think its karma 4 all those who eat dogs&cats and..”

    Hey I think I know this chick, she’s probably the one I took Stupid Bitch 101 with…

  • Fucking pukes. People like him will use any damn excuse to pick on innocent dead people whom have nothing to do with killing whales. Disgusting fucking bastards. Too bad he couldn’t have the balls to get them to stop BEFORE the quake/tsunami.

  • i think of trying whale meat… maybe a whale bbq?…

    that guy is a fanatic and a sensless jerk (to be at my mildest)


    they can sing? so what, birds can, too. they<'re gentle? most domestic animals are too!

    at least whales spent a good life… most domestic animals do not.

    man, having a fetish is one thing, but insulting a nation on its knees is just low!

    and if this shows them whale saviours's true size, then it leaves me with no option but to order a King size whale burger!

  • Dear Captain Douchbag, Please go die in a fire. Thank you.

    Seriously, what a worthless person. Japan should employ the JMSDF to escort their vessels and protect them from these pirate.

  • ya “karma” the ocean is punishing the japanese for create jobs, boosting the fishing industry, and feeding thousands of homes

    in fact lets extend this “godsend karma” and get rid of all those moronic sea shepherd pirate idiots, cause we all know they are f**kin worthless, feeding of the well being of others, radical, dangerous threat the the “human race” and so on… cause like they say what goes around comes around.


  • Arrrr i’m a pirate…

    yeah STFU … there is no “divine justice” … as hard as some want it to be that … it isn’t.
    suck it up, go to work, pay your taxes and be a good slave as everyone else in the world!

    ONE thing about pearl harbor … US FUCKING NUKED JAPAN! TWICE! … you can’t compare stuff like this.

    THIS now is NATURE!
    THAT back then was WAR!

  • kenshinflyer says:

    Here’s my poem.

    Sea Shepherd

    Hades’ curse came rolling across the Northern Seas
    With a laugh he let Hell loose to harass
    From all whalers came out a moaning, sickened groan
    …and their hard jobs made more even miserable.

    A ship with a skull but tridents for crossbones
    You’d mistake for pirates but are not
    Terrorists of the sea that’s a pain in the ass–
    Throwing disgusting chemicals at working people

  • Ok I’m beginning to think that Ishihara quoted this guy or something. But Pall Watson you’re stupid.

    And any other person saying that this is retribution for Pearl Harbor needs to get their brain replaced. Don’t be an ass. No one deserves this. And Pear Harbor was over 60 years ago. No one cares about that anymore.

  • when Canada has some major environmental or man made catastrophe, I will sure make a comment how it’s Karma for this ass hole making idiotic comments as such.

    no offense to Wayne Gretzky, or any other Canadian. Just saying, it rivals on that stupidity

    • Most intelligent Canadians see Paul Watson as a crazy douchebag. If he tried to make a publicised visit to his home town in the Maritimes, the people there would literally tear him a new one. Sad, but true.

  • I told him what I thought of him last night. Never thought he would reply to me but he did. Don’t believe me? Go to his facebook and search it up. This is his reply.

    This was simply a poem about the power of nature. It was not anti-Japanese. People, I wrote this poem when five of my crew were lost. We did not know for over 40 hours if they were alive or dead. This poem was not written out of insensitivity to the people on shore. No it was written because I felt the need to understand and express my deep concern for my crew and all the people in the path of this tsunami. For those who say this is karma, all I can say is that you do not understand the concept of karma. Nature does not discriminate. My people on shore and the average citizen of Japan on shore were equals in the face of this tragedy. Japan did not deserve this disaster nor would I ever imply that they did. But we must acknowledge that we take the awesome power of nature for granted and thus we are shocked when that power is unleashed. Let’s remember that famous line, “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” I had friends on that forlorn shore and I was not insensitive with my poem – the words came in response to the tragedy and I have long accepted that poetry is an eruption from the heart and is not to be denied. Those words came to me in response to the threat to my friends. From the shore mankind’s cry was indeed heard. And before such power no human can stand. This is simply an acknowledgement of the truth and not anti-Japanese in any way. A good poem provokes thought and discussion and stimulates the reader emotionally and each person sees and feels what their heart leads them to see and feel and we all see and feel things in different ways. I make no apology for my two verses – they are words delivered without any intent to offend but with the intent to provoke an emotional response. The comments on this thread have shown me that my poem accomplished just that.

  • Sandalphon says:

    Captain Paul Watson, thank you for confirming you and your congeners are single minded fanatics following a cult with religious-like zeal.

    And btw, that poem was awful. My 13 year old students would give you a linguistic slapping.

  • If Japan has to give up whaling then Americans should give up deer because the Japanese admire the deer as much as Americans admire whales and dolphins. While we’re on the topic of defending national animal worship, everyone on earth should just give up beef because the people of India revere cows and eating beef is just insulting them.

    With this logic anything that is revered by anybody shouldn’t be eaten and the world will then be overpopulated with those creatures. Eventually those creatures will be eaten by something else.

    People will eat anything, and I’m not just talking about food.

  • Is it really necessary to relate these 2 topics?
    I don’t agree with people feeling revenge is served from these disasters, nor do I agree with SS, and this is affecting people with nothing to do with the whales for “science” or the dolphins. But do not forget japanese fishers and corps went after the marine life first, humans (always humans) started the terrorism. We all throw up ways to justify human acts but there is always a higher standard.

    Isn’t it more relevant the karmic possibility of fallout breezing to the same nation that nuked their cities, twice? In a conflict, yes Pearl Harbour, which after all was a legitimate military strike onto another military base. It certainly was not nuking 2 cities full of people full of civilians.

    Why does any of this matter now? Everyone quite bitching and taking what you have for granted and help them! help the humans and the animals.

  • Oh yeah, your god has risen to the challenge of punishing the poor fishers by killing your beloved dear dolphins and whales as well with his wrath. Hohoho. Chuckling about karma, I hope dear Captain Watson and his crew were also there when that happened. I would love to see the Sea Sheperd sink, hehehe.

  • Just because those American bastards live on fertile green land with food easily available all year round doesn’t mean that other countries have a choice as well. Before they even talk about karma, the should look at themselves, freaking assholes who kill so many in wars(yeah talk about weapons of mass destruction). You know what I think an eco-activist is, it is just a rich well-fed guy who goes around disturbing others who are trying to find a decent meal(note I said “it” becos I don’t regard them as humans).

  • The moral of this SS blog entry:

    #1. You should place the safety of dolphins above all else when an earthquake/tsunami hits (your family, friends and the elderly & disabled in your neighbourhood comes second!).

    #2. If you FAIL at saving someone’s life, blame it on the evil fishermen. Then save a fish to make up for your failure (don’t forget to take a photo of the noble act and upload it!).

    #3. Human suffering comes a distant second when reporting one of the biggest natural disasters in history. Instead, you should take advantage of photo ops(like the ruined lair of the evil dolphin molestors and the beauty of keeping a little fishie from ending up in the clutches of hungry, savage survivors).

  • LOL Japan invaded China and Korea in the 50s!? Whatever they’re on, I want. Must be fucking fun. I’d be willing to bet most of these people didn’t even know what Pearl Harbor was beyond the name prior to their ignorant trolling. Has anyone bothered reminding them what their ancestors did to the Native American tribes in the name of greed? No? Hypocritical piles of refuse, every last one of them.

  • this makes no sense…so all countries must be punished by catastrophes because they kill trees, extinct animals and pollute the air with smoke??

    Also all people must not pay what a few fags do

  • Fuck you green peace, fuck you watson,

    you pretend to be a green peace but yet you so fat from all the meat that you eat.

    whats the difference of killing whale and killing cow or chicken? does living being has a different value just because you fat green peace judge it?

    fuck you and die

  • And yet again, ecoloonies protects every living thing under sun – except Homo Sapiens species for some unfathomable reason, of course.

    And whole “Divine Intervention” bussines is just sad. Another example of what mind disease called “religion” do to humanity.

  • Most of those comments that are associated coming from Americans are more than likely from tweens who feel safe behind their screens that no one knows who they really are. They get pleasure from insulting or disrespecting things of other people.

  • bullshit. people taking avantage of a tradgic event is sickining. I am all for being more eco friendly and preserving wildlife, but they should be ashamed of themselves for sugesting that all these innocent died because a few decided to hunt whales.

    I’m American so I can safely say that if this is Japan’s punishment for thier few crimes against the enviroment then the US is gonna go through pure hell.

  • Alright, so I’m American. Born and raised in America.

    If this is revenge for Pearl Harbor, I’d hate to see what nature has in store for us, because of:

    Touting Democracy as the only solution to corrupt governments, being a corrupt system itself.


    Giving guns and training to terrorists that have absolutely no good will towards us.

    Bombing Japan with nuclear weapons.

    etc. etc. etc.

    …not including ignorant trolls that would easily make fun of a severe tragedy affecting one of the few countries that (for some reason) actually still likes us, despite some cultural ethnocentrism.

    side note: Although dolphins and whales are cool, and biodiversity is important, imo it’ll never outweigh the value of any human life.

  • Omg this is the start of new era or evolution of man kind..

    Last time Einstein change the whole world but this time its japan.. they are going to build or create something really crazy in the future so things like this wont happened again..

    Maybe a shield or maybe a barrier..who knows..its japan we talking about..anything is possible…

  • The Earthquake wasn’t karmic of Pearl Harbor. They got two atomic bombs dropped on their asses, and THATS the karma they got from Pearl Harbor.

    No one deserves what happened here. At least, not as a result of whaling, especially since a large number of these people who died were against it in the first place.

  • Just goes to show you what a cowardly, disgusting sack of shit this guy really is. Tens of thousands dead and injured and he’s all, “HURR DURR! That’s what you get for picking on the fish!”

    Fuck you, buddy. I hope I tidal wave sinks your ship and no one ever finds your fat, ugly ass.

  • I saw that post.

    I think you’re taking it over the top. I just read it as shit happens, nature will take a dump on you, and there will be nothing you can do to stop it.

    I didn’t read it as nature being pissed at Japan for trying to control things. However, the comments by his followers ARE reprehensible, and those are indeed legitimate to be pissed at.

  • Sea Shepard is nothing but a bunch of self-righteous bigots and hypocrits. If they would really stick to some “moral” values they’d know better than to call a natural catastrophy “divine retribution”. They are just as bad and retarded as Ishihara.


  • they eat dolphin and whale.. so what?

    its not like the Australiant do not eat animal in their meal..

    if they want to say Japanese cruel toward animal by eating them, they are no different when they eat cows and chicken..

    and the species dolphin and whale that they consume, is not the endengered one

    Paul Watson, you really knows when to take advantages..
    you motherf@cker


  • Pearl Harbor, lol. Yeah, now we know haters/racists don’t even know history.
    Americans make it look like Pearl Harbor was far more devastating than what was going on in Europe and Russia. Following that logic, every tragedy and disaster that’s to happen in Germany is deserved “punishment”.

    This is precisely why I can’t entirely sympathize with americans even though they say “we’re victims of our government” .

  • ohh come on… i would gladly slaughter thousand and thousand of whales and dolphins than to see an innocent child die. Japan in its state is in calamity and many lives were lost and still this capt gives no shit about it. about karma this could happen to anybody young and old good or bad and still karma? come on millions of animals are slaughtered every single year cows pigs chickens etc… its ok if you want to save them thats no problem but to mock a nation that is in a state of calamity theres something wrong with you. then again i would go with the anonymous guy saying “if you love them too much go fornicate with them” i dont give a damn.

  • The comments by Sea Shepherd supporters and Watson’s poem should clearly illustrate the hate these people have for Japan. They do not care about the dolphins or whales, they only use them as an excuse to express their hate for the Japanese people. They are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. All civilized people should avoid them (besides they are invested with fleas and bed bugs).

    God bless Japan and the USA!

  • So what about whole world ?
    We breed pigs,cows,chickens in horrible enviroment and then painfully kill them and he is fat cunt so im sure hes eating hamburgers etc fucking hypocrite .
    Oh btw this is punishment for PH?
    That doesnt make even sense .

  • Is this really the right time to discuss the blame during crisis? Fix the problem, not the blame!

    Just read the news, I can’t believe even the governor of Tokyo agrees with divine retribution…

  • You want to know what? To all those posters who are saying this is retribution for Pearl Harbor, I was born in and live in Hawaii and I know the majority of us here say that this was a disaster we never ever wanted to happen. So fuck off.

    And if you bothered to think a bit you would realize that there was already due retribution for Pearl Harbor going by the names of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [sarcasm]Two cities for one port and the surrounding area with a handful of battleships, sounds equal yes?[/sarcasm]

    About all those other remarks hailing this as some form of natures retribution on Japan I really don’t know what to say to that… Instead of acting against the Japanese with such actions and hoping for their deaths why not argue the economic (or lack there of) of endorsing whaling as well as make the health arguments pertaining to mercury poisoning? That seems to be the most logical thing to do instead of massive property damage attempts and assault.

    As for me, I hope Japan is able to recover from this. I won’t say my heart goes out to them as I feel saying this seems fairly shallow and more self gratifying than anything else but I do give my condolences for their losses and hope to see Japan back in action.

  • Just when you think you cant hate those pathetic wackjobs any more…

    Talk about poor taste. I really hope when the day comes when this guy ends up getting killed in his crusade it all gets captured on film. I would never wish harm on another human, but this guy really shows how subhuman he is constantly.

  • I far prefer white racists to those whites who are constantly apologizing for saying something that could even remotely be taken as racist. At least they speak their mind. The pearl harbor thing is pretty fucking stupid though.

  • Some of the negative commentary made by the people supporting sea shepherds activities are some of the most ignorant hateful bullshit I’ve seen. What about the people, women and children, who never even tried whale or would support whaling?

    I guess the fact that any tsunami capable of breaking or destroying any kind of dolphin habitat would kill them is lost on them.

  • Idiots like this are the one are the reason the ecologist movement is not taken seriously, and why we are facing it’s devastating effects.
    amidst all this destruction around the world i still se people who think global warming is just a lie.

  • He must have been talking to his brother the leader of North Korea. I wonder how much radioactive water is pouring into the ocean there and where is it going as well? Do you suppose the captain of the sea shepherd will now sabatage nuke reactors now to make the countries pay?

  • Those comments were horrible! Just because someone does something to you doesn’t give you the right to do/wish harm on them in return. People died or lost everything; friends, family, pets, homes, jobs, etc. I can’t believe people are happy about this. To say things along the lines of “Hooray” and “Karma” is just plain wrong. What if it was you, your friends, family, pets, home, job, etc.? Please think before you say something.

  • Ha! Such idiocy… Do these maggots even know what they’re talking about. Karma? Balance? Wow, it seems that there’s more mentally deficient people than I ever possibly imagined. No, you know what? These people are not retarded. To say and believe such a thing would be a insult to people who truly has mental disabilities.

    How pathetic this is. Wait… Does this mean that according to their logic that karma should strike them back for what they said and that they should suffer a earthquake, a tsunami, a repeat of pearl harbor directly on themselves and such things?

    I do not wish such things for these fools but truly, according to their logic, this is what awaits them. Kind of nuts isn’t it?

    Oh… One last thing… The loss of human lives is better than the loss of animal losses? Yeah, I do admit that its pretty damn bad to hunt animals out of your territory and attacking some species of animals that are not considered legal to hunt. However, as far as I know, unless its a poacher, these hunters does not do it for pleasure. They do it because its a way to gain money and some of these people might have very few options in employment. The difference here is that the people are taking pleasure at the loss of life. Truly, these people needs to have a harsh lesson in life and one that they survive so they get to have a deeper understanding of things before making themselves look like complete disgrace to mankind.

    (Wall of text completed <3)

  • “you took something from the ocean Japan, and now the ocean wants something back … No more Whale and dolphin Killing ..”
    Japan whaling/dolphin killing ( Ocean 0 – Japan 1 )
    Ocean creates Tsunami ( Ocean 1 – Japan 1)
    Japan suffers Nuclear meltdowns Sending nuclear radiation into the ocean ( Ocean 1 – Japan 2 )
    I think we all know who the winner is.

    On anther note talking about karma ? what a bunch of hippies

  • He says it as if all the affected people by this tragedy were whale/dolphin fishers, heck maybe even there were people againts it! And who he thing he is to say that the dead of thousands of people is a good thing?

    He and all the people in favor of him are nothing but a bunch of racist and don’t even deserve to be called humans. They need to realise that they are wrongly putting everyone in the same sack.

  • pearl harbor comments – retarded Americans, did they realy forget we nuked them… twice… in retaliation?

    fucking nature organizations – what more can i say here.

    i honestly wish i wasn’t american, or human, due to all these retarded fucking people. and its not just with this tragedy, its every time this kind of shit happens, some one of something gives these retards a voice.

  • fuck everyone who says bad things about japan no one should have to go throu what japan has i live in the u.s.a and i wish it hit here than thare so let me say this one more time fuck anyone that says bad things about japan i love japan. japan forever

  • Blackbeard(Teach) abuse his new stolen powers and use it against Japan. Which country would triger the giant sink hole that would swallow a whole country… hint… somewhere in Middle East.

    • No,No,No,No,No,No- Whitebeard rose from the dead by resurrecting himself with his awesomeness and then proceeded to not only take back his power but rape BB with a tremor up his ass! Which was so powerful it unfortunately affected Eastern Japan.

  • Dear Capt. Paul Watson and ALL of Sea Shepherd.

    I respect the fact that you have goals and wish to save the wildlife of the sea, but it is downright FUCKING ABSURD to call such travesties as this earthquake “divine retribution” for their cultural practices of whaling and hunting other endangered animals of the sea. It’s also bad form to say bile such as this when several times last year you have attacked multiple Japanese whaling ships and injuring the crew members of these ships.

    Again while I believe you have a benevolent goal, it is not right to verbally and physically attack the Japanese for cultural practices that are not necessary these days, but if you respect the life of the sea, you must also respect the lives of those who make a living off of it as well as those who live on the land. To me, it doesn’t make sense to only do one and not the other. And I say you should respect ALL LIFE on this blue-green ball that we live in.

    For the sake of the sea and those you attack, as well as your own organization, please disband. I can not believe a group that bases itself on saving oceanic wildlife would put harm towards human lives (in your previous attacks and the recent slander I’ve seen on Paul’s Facebook Page).

    P.S. – I know it is hypocritical of me to say, but I must be honest. I kinda wished that you guys would’ve washed up dead in the Tsunami. I mean really, not one of you could have died? Oh well.

    P.P.S. – I’d like to see you guys say those kinds of things to the faces of refugees who lost much in this disaster, who weren’t even related to your stupid attacks.

    Good Night and a big FUCK YOU to Sea Shepard. I’d like your Facebook page Paul, but I’d feel dirty about doing so just for the ability to say this shit to you.

    • Dear Sir
      I tip my hat for you, as you speak my heart into words.
      May something bless Japanese people and their families. And you and your family too.
      I don’t give that God thing half of a fuck! May it sink with the Sea Sheperd

      • Thank you, and I’m also sure that Poseidon would be more worried about all the critters that lost their lives in the tsunami more than just getting revenge for it. I’m sure he was taken by surprise himself in this disaster.

  • I’ve seen some shameless comments recently, but this has to take the cake. Aside from the whale thing, which is problematic, Japan’s one of the most environmentally conscious industrialized nations out there. There are plenty of other countries that are much more wasteful, and yes the US is on top of that list. Rather than try to blame the victims, maybe they should focus on helping them instead? God forbid the internet have human compassion on display though.

      • Copypasted -> “Captain Paul Watson This was simply a poem about the power of nature. It was not anti-Japanese. People, I wrote this poem when five of my crew were lost. We did not know for over 40 hours if they were alive or dead. This poem was not written out of insensitivity to the people on shore. No it was written because I felt the need to understand and express my deep concern for my crew and all the people in the path of this tsunami. For those who say this is karma, all I can say is that you do not understand the concept of karma. Nature does not discriminate. My people on shore and the average citizen of Japan on shore were equals in the face of this tragedy. Japan did not deserve this disaster nor would I ever imply that they did. But we must acknowledge that we take the awesome power of nature for granted and thus we are shocked when that power is unleashed. Let’s remember that famous line, “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” I had friends on that forlorn shore and I was not insensitive with my poem – the words came in response to the tragedy and I have long accepted that poetry is an eruption from the heart and is not to be denied. Those words came to me in response to the threat to my friends. From the shore mankind’s cry was indeed heard. And before such power no human can stand. This is simply an acknowledgement of the truth and not anti-Japanese in any way. A good poem provokes thought and discussion and stimulates the reader emotionally and each person sees and feels what their heart leads them to see and feel and we all see and feel things in different ways. I make no apology for my two verses – they are words delivered without any intent to offend but with the intent to provoke an emotional response. The comments on this thread have shown me that my poem accomplished just that”.

        Makes some sense, I mean the poem can be read the other way (I think…). On the other hand, plenty of people have read it as karma against the Japanese, so it’s not that hard to think that that was the intended meaning. In any case the ones who definitely warrant a raid imo are the xenophobic insensitive pricks that made those karma comments

  • I’m calling this bunk.

    What a nice way to alienate a people that actually aren’t all for whale an-s sushi and massacring every edible species in the oceans sooner than later. What a nice “Psycho-Op” that the fashionable “Right Wingers” will eat up like starving sharks encountering tons of poodles dumped in the oceans…

    Even a layman’s/Athiest’s basic knowledge is that the Increate sends both rain and sun on saint and sinner alike. Either a consequence of “Free Will” or “Proof religion is a lie so you’ll keep praying while the priest picks your pocket and takes aside your son to shove his herpetic d-ck in his tiny rear!” And if you think that’s bad, well he IS a Sailor and technicality of religion or not, the Sea is dominated by Posiden who’s usually begnin but when he gets angry…

    BTW- from their website:

    The agents investigating the dolphin slaughter who were missing/no contact: They went around helping people as best they could, and overall both were treated good and they treated other people good. I’m quoting two paragraphs:

    I cannot begin to describe the amount of kindness and generosity shown to us this day. It confirms my beliefs that Japanese people are warm and kind. The activities of the dolphin molesters in Taiji and the porpoise molesters of Iwate are aberrations and absolutely not the rule. There is so much hope that we will see the end of the slaughters and that Japan will become the leader it should be in marine conservation.

    Speaking of Taiji, we learned today that the tsunami came there too. The fishing boats and molesters’ boats took to sea to ride out the wave. No thought was given though to the dolphins trapped in the pens in the harbor. Six times the water receded and returned, but did not flood the town. Six times, the captive dolphins were smashed against rocks and screamed in agony. At least 24 of the dolphins perished. Any farmer would release livestock when confronted with a fire. The souls of the dolphin molesters are without light.


  • Wow… all these comments about it being karma for pearl harbor get over yourself you retarded americans. Karma for them attacking you in a War? Hell I can’t wait for the Karma to come around a bite your american asses for using the Atom Bomb. Ignorant fucks.

  • This sick terrorist needs to be stopped.
    Please spread the word to stop watching Animal Planet until this guy’s show (aka source of income) is removed. Go to @AnimalPlanet on Twitter if you have it and ask them to cancel his hateful show. If enough people say something maybe we can punish this douchebag.

  • Do they have any idea how many animals were killed in the tsunami, the pollution resulting from all those houses washed away, and possibly from nuclear radiation in the near future?
    Basically, why are animal rights groups always retarded?

  • So I guess the New Zealand quake was “Divine Retribution” from the sheep god, and the Chilean quake was “Divine Retribution” from the llama god, and the Indonesian tsunami was “Divine Retribution” from what — the fish god?

    And what about the country that dude is from — Australia? Were the recent floods there “Divine Retribution” from the kangaroo god?

    I can’t wait until Paul Watson gets “Divine Retribution” from the swordfish god — right up the ass.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I just laugh at the notion either way. Whether it’s against America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Germany, whatever.

      Even let’s say… the 50+ year of Japanese atrocities and East Asia takeover.. The rough estimate is about 20 million casualties and countless more affected in the nations Japan has occupied. Unfortunately, the amount of human toll the Japanese Empire had dealt was purely unforgivable. That is something ‘retribution’ won’t just magically fix. What then? 20 million Japanese has to die violent deaths? It is absurd.

      In WW2, a staggering 95%+ of soldiers in the Japanese Empire died in combat (or suicide). That and the hundreds of thousands Japanese injured or perished by bombings. Total toll of deaths being about 3 million.

      No ‘retribution’ at all if you look at the numbers. Unfortunately, Japan controlling Korea and parts of China for like 50 years seems to not be noticed by some people.

      Going number by number just is ridiculous either way. In the end, with these kinds of events, it’s not those in politics or military heads that suffer. It’s almost always the civilians who takes the brunt of it. And they’re the furthest thing from any ‘divine retribution’. They’re always an unfortunate and unjust casualty. All. Not some. All.

      • they also saved lives though, 25,000 Jews imported to save them from Germany. They wanted more but started losing. small number in comparison but I’m sure it was a big deal for them

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Yeah. There were just unexpected moments of kindness and humanity here and there. Even from the depths of the Third Reich, not all soldiers were brainwashed enough to follow orders blindly.

          Just saying though…. I don’t think one can properly equate soldiers shooting at your countryman to the nation’s fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. Killing off an immediate enemy threat is one thing. To equate civilian deaths to those of military’s… It boggles the mind how that is supposed to equate.

  • The truth is we new this was coming. every nation has their idiots, but really what do you care? let them have their little opinions. They will still be dumbasses later. All you need to do is donate some money to help them. If you can’t then say a prayer and hope for the best. Their nationality doesn’t matter, they’re still human beings. I hate living in a place where some of the people can’t open a book and read that we got payback, and we let sleeping dogs lie. Then again if the U.S. or any other country would suffer the same fate, I bet there would be a plethora of comment like those coming from foreign places. Just remember that not everyone thinks that way and try to be a decent person and not a prick in times of suffering for natural disaster survivors.

  • And they are completely ignorant on how this tsunami and earthquake has affected the wildlife in both land and the sea. Sure many people died, but if you’ve seen the water activites across the ocean alot more sealife wouldve been affected. Do those animals deserve this?

  • I am utterly disgusted at the actions of these people. It’s as if they value the lives of dolphins and whale more than the life of their fellow human beings.

    What has whales got to do with a natural calamity? Are these people freakin NUTS!?

    What is karma’s role in this? Didn’t Japan already paid their share of karma already or do these people think Japan deserves misfortune of a thousand years before these people can even stop and think for a while to even realize that they’re laughing at thousands of people dying!?

    What’s Pearl Harbor got to do with the tsunami? Wasn’t that war? Wasn’t it a normal course of action that people will die from both sides of opposing parties when they engage in war?

    sheesh… Just knowing that people like these really exist, it’s seriously depressing…

  • Oh lol, what the hell are you people? Go back to the sea to your beloved whales and dolphins you inhuman freak! Karma this and karma that, talking like you people believe that kind of force existing. And all those comments, I am amazed at how ignorant people can be. And rejoicing when our own kind suffers while thinking they are a better humans because they are trying to save some whales and dolphins but not saving humans because they think ‘oh they deserve it’ for some other people they have grudge against. Heartless bastards.

    “Saving endangered species is one more arrogant attempt by humans to control nature. It’s arrogant, meddling.”

    Good old George Carlin. He already knew these kind of people are hypocritical arrogant idiots. People should really watch his video on saving the planet. Highly recommended.

  • I’m sorry but doin your fucking echo fight with the japanese is one thing because it is illegal but claiming they are recieving karma punishment is outrageous if someone said that to me and I was right next to them, I am gonna punch them in the fucking face.

    I really want to punch this guy in his god damn face, POEM IS SHIT AS WELL! They dude could of just wrote 2-3 paragraphs of shit and shite in various order and these wack jobs still worship him.

    And then bringing up Pearl Harbour ? WTF sorry but I would of thought using two nukes on one country if there was any bullshit dickhead karma lord out there after pearl harbour (sorry but loads of massacres happened before pearl harbour americans just didnt give a shit) would be an end point no?

    Seriously america just a bunch of racists they showed that in how they responded to Obama, the fact is a minority for them is like a majority because they so big. 60 million of them believe the sun rotates around the earth still.

  • why does everyone say “karma” and “Pearl Harbor” when the japanese have been eating fish/dolphin/whales for many generations.. so are we going to get “bad Karma” for when we nuked them? and the sea shepherds are all stupid they all think they are special all because they are helping the whales/dolphins i beat if u gave them whale or dolphin with out telling em i beat they would think it would be good food..

  • I think I might have to write an official letter to the Dutch government later stating that banning the organisation is desirable. Nobody needs a bunch of loonies who celebrate a major natural disaster.

    Whatever respect I had for this man has just evaporated. May Sea Shepard crash, burn and then sink.

    Also, I love how some these goddamned racist, moronic idiots seem to think that every damned single Japanese person hunts and eats whales.

    I also wonder how for instance the Americans/Koreans/Chinese with their rediculous “karma for the war” idea would react if THEY were hit, and other people said “it’s karma for Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam/Nuclear Bombs/etc.” I wonder if they’d realise that they’d be exactly the same as the people whom would offend them then.

    Fortunately, most people (including most Americans, Koreans and Chinese) are not like them.

    • There is no sense of cosmic retribution for those countries you mentioned because they have done A SINGLE BAD THING SINCE THEIR FOUNDING. That’s probably the response you would get from most dumbass, nationalists.

      I am a Japanese-American as well and it shames me to hear some of the ignorance spouted by my countrymen.

  • What the heck Sea Shepard Not that I support Unnecessary Whaling but I sure as heck do not think this should be considered divine retribution for whaling dang eco-terrorist making me rage

    DAMMIT TWO NUCLEAR MISSILES Is more than enough KARMA payback for Pearl harbor

  • No he does it for the views and the comments, he knows how you people tick and how to press all your buttons to act the way he wants you to, I do to.

    Manipulating human behavior and getting emotional rises out of people is orgasmic.

  • This poem is a disgusting piece of propaganda which not only serves only to divide our species down superficial lines, but even foster the seemingly irrational thought that natural processes serve to deliver justice for part of mankind.
    How arrogant, and how pitiful this man and people who applaud him are.

  • These ppl with these comments are fucken idiots. Shouldn’t human life be of more value then animals for starters? Ok I’m not saying the whaling is good at all, no thats the one thing I hate about japan. But Humans feel things different live and understand death in the different way, I’m not saying we feel it more than animals especially whales and dolphins but I think animals have a different concept of death and do not fear it and understand the meaning behind it better then we can currently. All we do if fear it, what will happen to our families and our lives. So if you think about it like this to us, humans should have more value to life becase we can imagine what other people feel but we have zero idea how animals feel. So to those idiots out there the seem like they r saying poor whales and doliphins when hundereds of thousands of people will feel and be affected by this diasater is just plain selfish.

  • Capt. Watson: Japan will require and request aid. With aid, come conditions and compromise. This is the opportunity for aid giving countries to demand the end of Japanese Whaling in return for help. When asked by your local aid organizations to give help and money, demand the end of Japanese Whaling.”

    So you’ll just sit there and do nothing eh?

    Congratz, you just achieved a new low.
    And I thought Sea Shepard couldn’t sink any lower.
    Proved wrong again.


    Kicking a man… err… country while its down is no better than blaming it on a “divine intervention” and not doing anything productive (like helping the people who were hit by this disaster). If these terro- I mean activists want to do something noteworthy, helping the affected people would be a good start.

  • Thousands of people died. You have to be a total morally depraved moron, plain stupid, or a complete heartless tyrant to laugh or scorn such a thing, no matter what ethnics have to do with it.

    • Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that a man who rams, damages, and tries to sink Foreign vessels for not following US fishing laws and restrictions would be more retarded then if Sarah Palin and George Bush had children, and those children inbred for over 10 generations.

    • One Random Otaku says:

      What I really hate is the fact that the retards going on about Pearl Harbour and shit aren’t even old enough to have been there. Hell I saw one guy saying it and he wasn’t only too young to have been at Pearl Hearbour, he wasn’t even from fucking America!
      Those idiots should hurry up and drop dead. We really don’t need people like them on this planet.

    • Stupidity is something entirely different from moral.

      “This quake was god’s punishment for Pearl Harbor!”
      Exactly how far on your way to insanity/idiocy you have to be to spout out this kind of bullshit? The saddest part is that it’s just not one person shouting this, there are thousands of Americans who actually think like this.

      I guess you could call this the downside of the internet and especially social networks: even the most retarded people can get their thoughts heard.

      It’s people like these who cause racial tensions. And for what? For something that happened long long time ago in history way before any of these idiots were even born.

      Yayifications for humanity! We are all going to hell.

      • Yea I definitely agree it’s fucking disgusting. That’s from the mouth of a born and raised American. Ooh well if we weren’t public enemy number one earlier, we are now.

        I wonder just how many ignorant fucks live in this country? I’m guessing thousands upon thousands.

        • They’re breeding like flies on a cow patty, my friend. -_- And the hot air from the mouths of so many of them would knock the buzzards off a shit wagon at a hundred yards.

          If there was any divine retribution to be had, these inbred nouveau-hippies would be fatally gang-raped by the dolphins they love so fucking much.

          Sadly, they’ll all continue to live…. befouling the air we breath with their vitriolic hate-mongering crap that they speak so well.

          As for me, I’m gonna be out in my backyard setting up that antenna. That fucking mothership is late. I want off this retarded goddamn rock!

      • holy crap, I’ve never seen these videos.

        I was a Sea Shepherd supporter, but not anymore. In just the last few days I’ve come to despise them. I’m vegan, so naturally I’m against any animal slaughter, but I’d like to know how many of Sea Shepherd’s crew and supporters are also vegan. I’m guessing not all are, probably not even most. My guess is that the vast majority are meat-eating hypocrites who can find all sorts of ways to justify why it’s OK for them to eat animal A but not OK for people on the island nation of Japan to eat animal B. I’d like to organize a really obnoxious group of vegans, maybe some Buddhists from Japan, to go over to Australia or America or Canada or wherever, and harass all the meat-eating Sea Shepherd members in their country, in a foreign language, mock them and accuse them of beating their wives while sticking cameras in their faces and telling them to speak Japanese. That would be “fun”.

        • What a stinking freak to say that ‘karma’ was the reason thousands died in Japan. He has no respect for anyone, he would have been celebrating when he heard the news. What a vile old racist. The hypocrite claims hes not a racist but he is. He hates the Japanese with a passion. He should be in jail for many reasons known to a few insiders. Time will tell.

        • The fat fake captain is not a vegetarian or a vegan.There is documented proof that Watson loves meat pies, filet mingon, hamburgers from Tasmania, he loves French cheeses and French butter, he loves sea food, he eats smoked salmon , all salmon, he loves food but then thats no surprise is it. This old liar takes donations from the manipulated fools he calls trolls. He hates people by his own admission he is misanthropic. He hates the world but he loves conning people for money. This media tart is a multi millionaire on other peoples money. He is a ciminal wih one charge against him for attempted murder. All this can be found doing a Google search from honest sources and people. There is so much more about this con man compulsive liar if you look. He is wanted in many countries around the world, the odd thing about this twisted up old bastard is that Australia keep letting him in. I for one would like to know why!!! He only cares about money and publicity…that and having his freezer on board his rust bucket stocked with tasty meat dishes. Do NOT donate to this mongrol, he stashes the donations in his off shore bank accounts. He has covered his criminal trail well so day his empire will come crashing down. There is no fool like an old fool who believes he is jesus christ come to save the planet. Pity the old jerk as he embarks on his fourth marriage to a twenty year old dumb single mother gold digger. Karma will get him of this we can be certain.

    • I love what he does, but not what he says. What the japs do to whales and dolphines is nothing short of genocide. Lately also sharks, and big scores of fish-species. But the again. It’s not Japan, it’s the perpertrators and the people that buy their products that gets his rage on. I totally understand him. they’ve treated him like shit so… What to expect…

  • What a bunch of loathsome idiots, who are so dumb as to associate the christian God and Karma, and who are moronic enough to think that Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t retribution enough for the comparatively minuscule massacre at Pearl Harbor.

    The Japanese are often portrayed as Xenophobic by Western media, but even if they are every bit as bad as our propaganda-machines make them out to be, I prefer their attitude to our repulsive Vitriol.

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so mad it makes me want to punch an innocent whale in the face.

  • You know… Compare to idiots like him who actually believe their crap, the occasional things we say are completely harmless. If there was a sensible God, I wish they’d do something about the certified idiots who think a natural disaster where thousands of people dying and call it “karma”.

  • Too scared to go to them so you can only say it in text…ha ha ha you haters have no remorse whatsoever so just die. Hope the radiation reaches to where they are…my question and is really illogical in this case is whether someone, organization or country caused the earthquake.

  • Oh my fucking god, just no no no… i mean how fucking stupid can they be, this kinda stuff seriously pisses me off, i’m 100% sure that none of the countries helping japan will have any demands whatsoever but if they are, i’m gonna cut my own dick off.

  • Vigilante environmentalists and their families needs to die. Horribly.

    I still don’t like the idea of whaling but when someone or some group decides to put human lives below that of animals, that’s when I draw the line.

    These fuckers will screw up one day and their little boat will sink and when that day comes I’m going to be laughing at the families of the vigilantes who thinks they’re above the law.

    • Human lives are above animals? Typical ignorant human thought. If youre angry at Sea Shepard for wishing death on others for having different ideals than why are all of you doing the same? You wish death on them for laughing at dead japs. They wish death on japs for permitting hunting of whales. Anyone who said the Sea Shepards should die for what they said are just fucking Hypocrites. If youre alright with being hypocrites then thats fine.

  • Miyazaki really had me going in Ponyo with this romanticized view of Tsunamis/StormSurges. (entire island underwater but everyone’s having fun!)
    It’s interesting that Ponyo also had a crazed lunatic captain who thought that the humans would soon have their upcommance for ravaging the sea.
    No happy ending here though.

  • I guess my comment got removed, but I had linked to a pic of about 30-40 other people saying the same thing as the Sea Shepherd guy on FaceBook.

    Just when I thought my faith in humanity couldn’t get any lower…

  • To the racist fucktards claiming the that earthquake/tsunami is the Christians deity’s punishment for Pearl Harbor. Be aware that part of the USA sits on one of worlds largest and active super volcanoes. It’s way overdue for an eruption anytime.

    • Well, the earthquake moved the axis of Earth a wee bit, I’d wager it had to affect the volcanoes.

      Anyway, what’s the point of being an eco-terror- activist, if the earth will destroy itself either way? Compared to what the earthquake has done to Japan AND the world, their whaling barely has any influence on the environment.

    • i’m not even american, but you do know that if that happens, the whole world would be affected? try to get your facts straight next time you rant on the destruction off a nation currently helping them.

        • The super volcano will absolutely devastate the US and Canada, but it will greatly affect the entire world for decades on top of that. Just the amount of Carbon Dioxide that will be released by its eruption will be many times that which humans have produced in their entire existence.

      • well, if that’s the case I better get the fuck outta here. Being a minority changes the way you think here in jesus land. I was born and raised here But, a couple of years ago I decided that in the future i,am getting outta here because honestly not that i,ve been a big victim of racism or anything it’s just well… America is turning to shit real fast and i,am not gonna stick around and wait to see what it looks like after all the rotting is done.

        • Japanese People, take your leaders by their ass skin Emperor included, and bring them clean their shit, bring back your 100 and some firefighters who have nothing to do and have no reason to lose their lives atrociously.

          Peuple Japonais, prenez vos responsables par la peau du cul Empereur de mes couilles compris, et emmenez les nettoyer leur merde, faites revenir vos 100 et quelques pompiers qui n’y sont pour rien et qui n’ont aucune raison d’y laisser leur vie atrocement.

          Nippon genshiryoku
          Nipponjin wa, ten’nō wa kirei ni shi, sono tawagoto o, furai no 100 toru to, fukuma rete watashi no bōru no o shiri no hifu de anata no shidō-sha o toru ka to nokoshite riyū ga nai nani o motte iru ikutsu ka no shōbō-shi-tachi Hidoku sunde iru.

  • That makes no fucking sense…

    I know I dislike the Japanese are doing something wrong by extinguishing species, but to call a natural disaster a divine retribution is kinda stupid. This only makes me wish for Sea Sheperd to experience being swallowed up by the sea… they contribute little to this world besides saving a few endangered mammals anyways.

  • Then, what’s about Katrina hurricane, do you remember it?

    Whatever bulls*it you said, I still do not mind it because I love many good things in Japan that you cannot see them.

    You are not a god who can judge everything.