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Quake Death Toll “Will Be Measured in Tens of Thousands”



Japanese police say deaths from the recent Sendai earthquake and tsunami, now upgraded to magnitude 9 and the 4th most intense in recorded history, will be measured “in the tens of thousands” amidst warnings of a likely magnitude 7 aftershock and an ongoing reactor crisis.

The police chief of tsunami-ravaged Miyagi prefecture says the final death toll “will undoubtedly be measured in the tens of thousands.”

Only 2,000 deaths have so far been officially confirmed, suggesting the final casualty figures will depend strongly on what proportion of the large numbers of unaccounted for persons turn out to be deceased as opposed to merely out of communication or dispersed amongst the 250,000 refugees currently displaced from their homes.


Of more immediate concern is the perilous state of Fukushima’s reactors, after the reactor officials reported as being at or near meltdown suffered a non-nuclear explosion shortly after it was brought under control.

Now Reactor 3 is undergoing a similar coolant system failure, and according to reports is also at or near meltdown status.

Officials say the possibility of an actual nuclear explosion is remote, but have confirmed radioactive leakage in the vicinity is at unsafe levels and have been steadily widening the exclusion zone around the plant to double its previous size.


After an “unprecedented” 180 magnitude 5+ aftershocks already, official seismologists also indicate that there is 70% chance of a magnitude 7 aftershock within the next 3 days, and a further 50% chance of one within the next 3 days after that – the only consolation being that there is not much left to destroy in the most vulnerable areas.

Tokyo has already largely returned to normal after suffering minimal casualties, although the capital region remains at risk of power cuts and is suffering lingering disruption to the distribution of goods.


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  • My condolences to those who lost a loved one. I will pray for those who are safe. Do not lose faith in yourselves and your loved ones. Stay strong and together and endure the hardship as best as you can.

  • Ive noticed the same in the past days.
    How ignorant can one be to blame people nowadays for things that happened generations ago?
    How can u call it karma,divine punishment or any other of such nonsense to the face of innocent people?
    The ignorance these days is staggering,if only to for all those ‘far from my bed’ people to sooth their own soul.Its so much easier to put a blame on people claiming they deserve it than to stop and empathise with them.So they just paint them black,make them unworthy of empathy in their eyes,if only so they can sleep soundly at night.

  • To think that some of the people worried about japan, sending help in any way, praying for Japan, etc. could be that ‘scum’, ‘filthy pirates’, or ‘criminals’ downloading anime who should ‘die from cancer’…

    The world is so complicated… bad things could cause good things to happen… I wonder how japanese racists wanting foreigners to go away would feel about receiving help from the people they depise… so complicated…

  • It makes me angry as an American that people are saying that this is Karma for pearl harbor or anything else. This is about thousands of people who have lost there life. Its not about Politics, Race, Religion, or anything else.

    I for one pray for Japan. It is absolutely horrible what has happened and is still happening.

    To all who are “happy” or say that this is a good thing are just sad. This is a tragedy, and a time where the world should come together to help each other. To all who joke about this I hope one day youll grow up and realize the true depth of what has happened.

  • Pearl Harbor was a military installation. Most of the people who died there were enlisted military personnel.

    Guess how many civilians actually perished during the invasion? I think there were less than a hundred. And how many civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    I don’t even know now what our lives would have been if Filipinos were never freed from our Japanese-Korean captors.

    I also can’t imagine if HAARP technology was actually used on Japan to fast-track bringing down their economy. And guess who will benefit?

  • Most of my Japanese friends were in Tokyo so were largely unaffected compared to the east. Theres nothing I can do right now other than donate to redcross. Pretty sure it wont let me drop a link but where ever you are get on Google and type japan redcross and donate anything you can.

  • Most of my Japanese friends were in Tokyo so were largely unaffected compared to the east. Theres nothing I can do right now other than donate to redcross. Pretty sure it wont let me drop a link but where ever you are get on Google and type japan redcross and donate anything you can.

  • U guys the past is the past, like everyone says the atrocities that occured in the past cannot be brought on the current generation, what we can do is to avoid it, why all the hate? Hate can be cancelled out with love, no I’m not a hippie, it’s just common sense, every country has their ignorant people, it’s just that America is looked down at so much because we have everything and we are involved in everything it’s a superpowers riled but I’m not saying that we don’t do anything bad for it, we do horrible things to keep our freedom, every country does though, it’s just that people exploit our atrocities even more i am proud to be a Mexican American, but I hate the politicians who run this country, this isn’t democracy anymore. But still in my opinion this is the best country out there, but because of our crappy political system it’s making me want yo move out, ultimately though I hope people help out in the japan crisis, as well as only other future crisis regarding any other country. U guys who cares about the past, it’s the past, I know it’s a bitch, I know, but let’s learn from it, ignore the ignorant comments their just there to get attention from people who truly care about peace- take it easy, let’s all hope japan pulls through quickly- F.L.

  • Is this the wrath of Kami coming on Japan for Ishihara’s incompetence?

    Sorry, but I had to put this out there, one of my friends on another board suggested this jokingly.

    That said, this is an extremely bad thing to happen to any country, especially the damage to the nuclear plants. I wouldn’t wish something like this happening on someone who was trying to kill me at that very moment.

  • My sympathy goes out to the whole of the nation of Japan, and hopefully soon- some money to help fund food, shelter, water, and fuel to harder hit areas.

    Also, maximum props to the workers at the nuclear power plants for not scampering off despite all that has happened that are helping to prevent another much more wide-spread and destructive radiative event.
    Remember children, any amount of radiation is dangerous.

  • My only rage is all those hippie protesters bitching about nuke plants. And all those religious fanatics who “pray” for peoples safety. What a vague and non monetary way to hope for someone.

    For the love of ‘god’ just put $10 the red cross or save our children foundation or some other place that would actually help these people. Even if 40% or less goes to the people, its more than what some prayer vigil will ever do.

  • sorry for the english but many of you are getting mad over comments made on facebook and grouping all americans in the same boat. youre all doing the same by posting ignorant comments about WW2, americans and japaneses involvement general. learn youre history first!! i attend Tohoku University and iam glad the americans are here they were the first to provide aid after the earthquake no matter what their reasons or motives are. the food iam eating the water iam drinking and the blanket thats keeping me warm is provided by the JSDF who refueled and resupplied their aircraft on a US navy ship. a mobile hospital is going to be set up by US Navy perssonal pretty soon i have nothing but love for americans right now.

  • It’d be hilarious if a nuke went off or something. You know North Korea would immediately take that opportunity to launch all their shit across the globe and use Japan as the excuse.

  • it’s worse than the great kanto earthquake which was only a 7.9 and the death toll was around 100,000-140,000 people it also literally leveled tokyo so we’ll see how bad the damage is lets hope that reactor stays stable.

  • Anyone got updates on Kishimoto and hiro mashima, katsura hoshini, akira amano, oh!great toaru majutsu creator and ryohgo narita?

    Not clear if kishimoto is safe some sayin he missing others saying he isnt but all the others seem to be missing or havnt seen any comments about them missing just hope they alright

  • They want to talk about Pearl Harbor.. than what about atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That had to cause more damage to the land and other casualties than Pearl Harbor.. the hypocrites make me sick.

    Throw that one in their damn faces!

  • I know what I said in another article, but this… There’s a time where even using comedy to understand the situation better isn’t exactly respectful. And O so hope the otaku aren’t pissed that their anime time is being cut due to this disaster anymore.

  • Fuck this!

    I don’t care what anyone says but this was induced artificially and I personally think the US is involved and someday the truth is going to get out and these sadistic bastards are going to have to answer for this. Theres a nasty pattern of changes occurring around the world if you haven’t noticed everyone and its NO conspiracy theory. Pay close attention to our DISGUSTING world politicians….then you’ll see.

    Haarp….the technology exist.

  • it is a terrible tragedy and bring racism into it is horrible, but I just miffed at the media just decides to stop covering Libya and the middle east unrest. Dont see how they cant balance it between the two which are both decade defining events

  • As of current news, confirmed death toll is 1353, still climbing. Japan (especially in the Tohoku region) have been through hell for the past few days. Here in Tokyo, we can only watch the carnage through our TV screen and hearing children’s cries and people’s last attempts at scrambling away from the tsunami is a sad, sad image.

    I went to Miyagi & Iwate prefectures last month for winter break trip and they are truly beautiful regions with what must be the friendliest locals I’ve met in Japan. It’s very heartbreaking to see them in this condition. Tomorrow they’re starting the orderly power blackouts in Tokyo, Shibuya was particularly quiet today with its TV screens and half of its lights turned off.

    Japan wins my support as it tries to stand back up again which I believe it will. So how about we lose the fucked up-ignorant comments?

  • Fuck ass retards saying something about the crisis in Japan is something deserving, deserves to experience a similar fate…

    I know why you people can easily say cruel stuff like it’s a joke. It’s because you people have been living a life of luxury. You people haven’t experienced how traumatic it is to get hit by and survive natural calamity and how much harder it is to even try to recover your old way of living.

    And don’t you people compare the effects of war from the effects of a natural calamity. War could have been prevented from the first place if people weren’t greedy. Calamities just happen without any signs of warning. So WW2 retards, fuck off!

    Two words for you assholes who think you’re deserving what you have right now. Go die!

  • I may be an anon buy really show some respect damn this isn’t a joke even don’t ass troll’s have SOME left in them. Laughing at shit like this now but if something like this or wost happen to you would you be laughing then…pretty sure you wouldn’t be there mam.

  • This is a tragedy of epic proportions and my heart and prayers go out to all those who have been affected one way or another by the earthquake and the tsunami.

    To those who think that this is karma or are just sitting back laughing at the situation, you are entitled to your opinions but you can’t deny that the human cost of this natural disaster is tremendous and i ask you if you would feel the same way if the country affected was yours instead of japan. Frankly speaking I grew up hating the japanese for what they did to my country in WW2, but we have to accept that this was OVER 60 years ago. the people who committed those atrocities have been duly punished for their actions and you bringing this up again and again is not helping the CURRENT situation.

    As for those who have expressed sympathy for japan in their darkest hour, i stand beside each and every one of you. However, we shouldn’t be quarreling with those who have a different stand from us. they are entitled to their own opinions and we have no right to force ours on them or vice versa. we should instead be helping japan to get back on her feet in the wake of this disaster instead of quarreling here.

    Support and aid is desperately needed there so i beseech the support of the people here to do whatever you can for japan, be it donating to the red cross or writing words of encouragement or even praying for them.

    God Bless Japan..

  • My sympathy, condolences, and support to all Japanese as they struggle with the consequences of this natural disaster.

    This is one of the stupidest comment threads ever on Sancom, and God knows there have been some really stupid ones.

    I hope the anime episode release schedule is not affected by this tragedy. Also, has anybody checked on Akihabara recently? Is it doing OK?

  • Enough with the hate over the past. You can choose to help now, or sit by with a snide comment.

    Be it volunteering and going down yourself, or donating to drives that will aid the victims (hopefully not fake), even a simple prayer would suffice.

    Its not like there ain’t no old wounds. 2 members of my family died in Japanese hands during WW2, and there are probably worse cases out there.

    It is the ability to forgive (you don’t have to forget), and to sympathize with victims regardless of who they are which is important. That, and helping them, of course.

    • Actually, there’s only one anon who’s making all the tasteless and disgusting remarks… and no, I’m not the one who’s doing it. Pearl Harbor is totally NOT an excuse for expressing such remarks.

      My condolences goes to Japan and I wish the country a speedy recovery from this major crisis. Thank you numerous countries for helping Japan.

      • The pearl harbor comments seem to stem for ignorant Americans. At this current point and time I feel ashamed to even call myself an American. If we weren’t public enemy number one, we are now thanks to all the ignorant fucks that say karma is involved in this. They seem to justify this catastrophe by bring up something that happened 70+ years ago. It’s fucking disgusting to say the least.

      • And why has this earthquake to do with what’s happened in the WWII in the first place?

        The Japanese Nation needs help and more countries should send help to Japan to help the victims and thousands of civilians who have lost their homes and perhaps also friends or family members. Even China has sent a specialized unit to help Japan (and Japan has sent people to help China when China had earthquakes years earlier). In this kind of time, please don’t talk about the past, and look forward, work together for a better future.

      • And besides, didn’t they already get “paid back” for pearl harbor with atomic bombs? The death toll there was far greater.
        People can be so silly, the past is the past and has nothing to do with natural disasters.

        • Payback? It feels more like some “Einstein” in the US needed to test out their new atomic bomb before the war was over when you consider the Japanese already had virtually lost the war already and at where the atomic bombs were thrown, two big cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to see how powerful the atomic bomb would be and to see the effect of these A-bombs. The effects were and are still very devastating to the Japanese people after this many generations!

      • I know right. It’s all based on their retardation. They never had anything to do with pearl harbor nor did the event do something to affect their lives forever. War is War. My country , Philippines, has been conquered by Spanish then Americans then Japanese. 330+ years from Spain , 50+ years America , and 5+ years Japanese during world war 2. YET WE NEVER HOLD A GRUDGE. It takes to be a victim of such tragedy to know how to deal with it later on. My grandparents who were able to survive World War 2 already forgave those Japanese who killed some of my relatives that I didn’t get to meet. They’re 80 to 90 now and still remember how horrible it was. Time just goes on.

        The current Japanese don’t have anything to do with what happened on WWII. Nor can they do anything about it either.

        He must live a very SHELTERED life filled with cowardice.

    • LMAO! Considering all the anti-Chinese, Korean and American sentiments splashed all over this site by commenters since the site was created. Japanese bashing is minor when compared to the bashing those 3 got over the years.

  • The past 24 hours have been hell for me, trying to contact all my friends in Japan because a few of them are in the danger zone. I still haven’t heard from one online friend in Miyagi…
    People playing internet tough guy by showing how much they don’t care can go eat a bag of dicks and get fucked by a telegraph pole.

  • Guys, Americans are just retarded fucktards.
    Pearl Harbor happened about 70 years ago. Its unbelievable how stupid people nowadays are…
    Japan got bombed by 2 ! Nuclear Bombs and so yeah, americans are just plain retarded pieces of shit. I mean, those guys still believe Germany is a Country ruled by nazis.

    Whats more unbelievable: Facebook doesn’t do shit about Comments like that. Hope those guys burn in Hell..

    • Nice job of generalizing the rest of America…. idiot.

      Yes, there are a lot of callous dumb fucks on FacePalm…. yes, they’re pretty vocal in their outdated, outmoded, & outlandish views….. but that doesn’t mean everyone shares them.

      never underestimate the dumbfuckery of stupid people in large numbers… online or off.

    • And you’re just as idiotic to assume everybody in America thought that way.

      PROTIP: USA is a big ass country. While there’s all but a handful of them making bullshit on facebook. Do you even know how to do the math, I thought you’re suppose to be smarter than the ‘dumb Americans’.

      • Yeah its true man i’ve known about it for ages like at least 5 years plus. Pretty much all the recent disater’s are caused by the HAARP. Although only known in small knowledge the truth will be out there pretty soon. Things r totally gonna get worse much worse the finacial world pretty much collapsing to a zero. But for things to get better things always need to hit rock bottom first, its like a sling shot. So everyone just hold on till this world will once again be peacefull again. For non beleivers do as you wish if you want to remain ignorant to the truth, honestly its the easier way to live life for now anyway.

        • I feel sorry for you, cause this year you r gonna be shocked. And hell no I don’t exactly beleive in the 2012 thing, thats just a scare tactic atm, all of this is part of it. Let say 2012 WAS meant to happen but things change from the what old ‘prophecies’ that may only date back to more recent times. Screw the bible as well this whole crap hole we are currently living was set up like this back when the bible was written.and the illuminati crap? well everyone just likes to blame it on that one, they might have ‘stared’ things but atm the world is in the hands of a few mere induviuals who like to play god. Dw there r ppl protecting us so nothing to worry about them nuking the world. But nvm me apparently i smoke weed and am a conspiracy nuthead… But seriously i don’t smoke i know things not from the random ‘crazy’ guy of youtube but from other more reliant scientifically proven world scientist’s who do not wish to be named simply becase of risk of trouble.
          But to be honest even if all this crap is bullshit I won’t care cause i live my life day by day knowning things but not caring because under all this knowledge that I don’t even care about I live a totally normal life besides the fact that I’m an anime fan.
          To everyone I wish you a pleasant 2011 full of tradgedy and wonderfull suprises.
          Lot of love

        • @ anon 1:43

          actually, i am already shocked this year due to the amount of disasters that are happening almost simultaneously.

          but honestly mate, by putting blame on the HAARP and who used it is just like slapping the survivors in the face.

          “but from other more reliant scientifically proven world scientist’s who do not wish to be named simply becase of risk of trouble.”

          OH PLEASE, enough of this bullcrap.
          you cant even spell ‘scientists’ properly, and you expect me to believe you like that.

          it is because of these that i duly believe that you smoke weed and are, like many other crackheads, a conspiracy nuthead who thinks himself/herself are elightened prodigies.

          please, do the world a favour and PISS OFF.

        • HAI GAIS!



          so basically every earthquake that has happened in the history of mankind ever since the US came to power, has been the result of the HAARP.


          …and ofc, your evidence comes from a guy on youtube (irony right there) that has posted videos about humans having been on mars. lets just ignore about the fact that japan is situated in a locale that is highly prone to earthquakes (kobe for example), and turn the US into a scapegoat because ofc, everyone on this planet hates the US right?


          …soooooo did you like…smoke weed or something while watching the news about the quake? or shall i just assume that you are a conspiracy nuthead that uses anything from the bible to weather devices to justify that we’re all gonna fall victim to some illuminati plot or something?

    • Human failure has managed to give you a score of +1.0, cadaria. Far more likely (though truly unlikely)for Japanese frac’ing (not fracking) to cause this. You have internet access so do your own research.

      Look up hydraulic fracturing.

      • I agree I think he flunked science class specifically geology that or comes from one of those schools where they teach intelligent design.

        If the US government did have the ability to cause earthquakes it would not cause one in Japan as doing so would be completely counter productive to it’s interests.

  • You’re gonna see a lot of nuisance from all these idiotic lifeforms who can’t even stop for a second and think that human beings, their own kind despite races are seriously hurt or killed. They are both mentally and physically affected by this disaster, it leaves us with thoughts of a disaster affecting us if it comes around at our cities, towns, our whole entire countries.

    I never was down with if one is bad, then we’re all bad mentality, that piece of s**t concept is partly the reason my case why we can’t even get along at times. Stupidity also has a factor in the mess that’s been made around the world. Honestly some people just don’t know when realize how messed up we really are in this world, it’s really sad. People are dying and/or missing and some people just flicks off a middle finger, furthermore, some of those pathetic PEOPLE ACTUALLY USED VIDEO STREAMING WEBSITES SUCH AS YOUTUBE, EXPLOITING THE TSUNAMI DISASTER JUST TO GETS SOME MONEY OFF IT. You know you can get some money from Youtube if you become partners with them and make good videos. I just heared it from a fav youtuber I watch, The Archfiend. These are the actions of a money grabbing mongrel who just pretty much drove his or her integrity and respect to the ground doing that s**t.

    When all is said and done, the tsunami disaster caused thousands or millions dollar of damages and the people will need some help, it’s already underway. But like I said, this disaster will cost Japan….A LOT!!

  • “secret US wave weapon”

    HAARP is not a secret.

    There’s just no way to say for sure if it’s a natural event or the result of weather warfare.

    The ruling class have the means, intent and will to cause stuff like this, so it’s definitely possible.

    Just think, “who benefits?”

    Who would benefit from the ruining of the economy of a 1st world country?

    Same people who brought down the US dollar and are doing the same to every other currency, to weaken the nations and finally usher in a one-world global currency (UN global bank / SDR monetary system, based on a carbon tax).

    In order to understand how the elite gains from disasters (whether they are natural or induced) you have to understand their concept “Ordo ab Chao” or “order out of chaos”, otherwise nothing makes sense.

    The basics are very simple, yet the way it’s carried out can be very sophisticated to say the least.

    Ordo ab Chao means they create the chaos, then from that chaos they offer their “solutions”.

    The chaos can be either entirely manufactured to begin with (and sometimes not even real, like the 2009 swine flu for example), or it can be natural to begin with and then later taken advantage of and manipulated.

    For a microcosmic example of a manufactured Ordo ab Chao situation, take the various school shootings in America, for example Columbine and Virginia Tech; They send some mind control programmed kids drugged up on SSRI psych meds to go shoot their class mates, lock down the school so no-one can get out, tell the police to wait (and cover in fear behind trees) for several hours to make sure many people die, then when it’s over offer the Solution to the created Chaos; massive calls for gun control, to disarm the population.

    As for HAARP again, keep in mind that HAARP in Alaska is not the only such installation on Earth. China has one. Sweden has a similar. Other european countries as well. Russia possibly also. You can search google images for maps.

  • I sad read this.

    Looks like the Gods tested the Apocalipse Beta version on one of the proud nations of the World: Japan.

    Where will hit the next Gods release, Apocalipse Release Candidate?

    Of course, in another great country: USA.

  • Well sry but America nation is simply stupid. That is fact what everybody on world knows.Yes, not everybody, but majority of regular ppl compared to ppl in other countries. What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Pearl Harbor was army navy. There was soldiers who knows what they can expect from war. Here dies civilians, innocence ppl, children… I wanna slap that bitch who say something about karma or etc… That is proof of mental degeneration

      and other countries. everybody should respect each other we are living in the same planet if earth suffers we all also suffer we dont know what other calamities will Befall on us.

      Condolences to the families/friends who have lost someone dear to them.

    • The mind boggles. The majority of the people saying

      REMEMBUUUR PURL HAAAARBUUUUR! are all kids. like 22 tops. most of them if not all of them wont of known someone who was alive who was around then let alone stationed there. If you want to look at it this way Japan did the world a favor by bombing PH becuase they managed to kick America up the arse in to getting involved in the war. Us in the UK would of been speaking German right about now thats for sure. It was a long time ago it was a very difrent world.

      But they are entitled to there opinion on the situation. I will leave them to play there PS3 and nintendo wii while askin MOM if they can borrow the keys to the Honda.

      USA! USA! USA! ect

      pssscht! they are a teeny minority. I think the vast majority of the world are all feeling sympathy for the Japanese people right now.

  • Posting from Christchurch so I certainly feel their pain. The earth should just stay the f*k still.

    At least here no tsunami. Ironic how we use a Japanese word for it.

    You can use building codes to avoid being crushed but there is no defense against a tsunami.

  • What a terrible tragedy. My feelings goes to all the people who lost a dear one or suffered great losses. I admit that it makes me SICK of just feeling bad for these people and being unable to do anything at all. Of course, donations are always a solution but still, in the end, I find it most distressing that people that were having a normal day ended up facing such a terrible catastrophe. I truly hope things doesn’t get even worst for these people.

    I am… NOT amused by the wastes of life on sites such as some YouTube partners that take profit from such horrible events by making videos related them and stuffing them with adds, getting revenue, thus ultimately taking advantage of this scenario. Also, for all the animals who rejoices for whatever reason about such a thing, you are a disgrace to humanity and deserve to suffer the same fate than these people or worst… This way maybe that worthless emptiness where your brain is supposed to be will face reality itself.

    • @ Jeremie, i almost fully agree. i do only not wish that those dumb, idiotic people will suffer the same pain. firstly your just fucking their family who might be very sane, but i just wish it on none. i really despise those ‘animals’ but next the anger i find it that we should try to enlighten them but not punish.

      • While it is true that I mentioned that they should perhaps suffer the same fate, what I meant is that they deserve it. However, I do not wish this to happen to them.

        I fully agree about such people being in need of enlightment. However, as much as I like to picture myself as a idealistic individual, some of these people will never learn.

      • I really have nothing against the desire to earn and gain money. My disgust limits itself to those who clearly takes advantage of the suffering of others whether it is through disasters such as these or via theft and such.

        • Well sadly the quake was not big enough to instigate the japanese to start moving. Look at the reactor issue… who the fuck was stupid enough to put it close to the sea anyhow. The entire thing should wake up the people from their extremely typical lives and get some sense. Japan is dying and this is its wake up call!

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Speaking of Youtube, the ads are kind of understandable in that every video above a certain view threshold has ads. So it’s not like they did that manually. Plus, they linked to Aljezeera and news links very early. So that’s commendable.

      What’s not commendable is the rampant culture of idiocy and hate in the ‘community’ which resembles 4chan’s /b/ more and more.

      Especially the disgusting meme where they go ‘FAKE’ at all the video of first hand accounts and even going into a rant on how it’s not Japan where the movies are filmed or some crazy racists rejoicing.

      Those kinds of docuvids should have their comments turned FOF.

      • no, 4chan isn’t even the worst of it. i mean we expect that kind of crap form 4chan, and currently they are trying to make the tsunami moe.

        the worst of it comes from “normal” people. the fucking morons who are saying karma and siteing pearl harbor…

        nothing makes me hate being american more than listening to other americans.

  • This is too much… I can’t describe this feeling of shock and sadness… I mean, we just had flood in Australia, massive quake in Christchurch and now in Japan??

    My condolences to the families/friends who have lost someone.

    On the good side, in here Australia, they already started donation for quake and I’ll be donating sure for aiding Japan as much as I can.

  • 2000 deaths….im not sure what to say about this

    as soon as i heard that there was an earthquake in japan i thought “oh ok….most likly a small one”
    but one this large and this many deaths is giving me a sick feeling in my gut.
    i wonder whats gonna happen next?

    • Shippoyasha says:

      To be fair… this is kinda a ‘big one’. Just too scary to think what would’ve happened if this one was underneath a city. 6.0s were enough to destroy entire cities in Japan in decades past like Kobe.

      And really sad that the Sendai region and other parts of rural Japan is so filled with older/elderly people.

      I can’t even visit Youtube without getting furious since it’s filled with racist and outright insensitive crap right now. I can’t even shoulder any type of comedy at this point, coming from snarky internet. Usually I can, but not with this.

      • How is it sad that Sendai is filled with old people? At least the victims are people who had live most of there lives. You don’t want anyone do die but i think is better than having young people as the victims.
        Japan has little youth anyway, they certainly can’t afford losing more of them.

        Youtube was always filled with stupid comments anyway. I know is annoying reading the stupidities of every idiot but the fact that even idiots can speak, shows the freedom of the internet and why it’s so great. If you try to make the idiots shut-up you will make the sane people shut-up too and leave only evil controllers ruling everything, trolls are the necessary evil of freedom.

    • Yup, the quakes are just going to get worse from here on out:

      Not to mention the radiation threat to the Western U.S. and Canada as the jet stream brings these radioactive elements in the air:

      prepare now. order some potassium iodide tablets, buy bottled water, have some food stored.

        • I’m not saying that I’m a heartless organism like the one I’m talking to right now but the situation in Japan and Middle East are two different things right now; Japan got hit by a disaster coming all of sudden out of nowhere while the latter one are obviously caused by the foolishness of (certain) human beings’ themselves; busybody foreign armies, idiot terrorists who use God’s name to “legally” shed blood, brainless suicide bombers who think blowing up themselves along with the innocent civilians will ensure them a ticket straight to heaven and parents who encourage their children to carry a riffle and shoot any white guy they see walking on street.

        • Thanks for letting us know that you’re a cold-blooded, heartless bastard, obro. So what if you’re not from Japan or don’t have anyone in Japan that you should care about? What if someone that you care about happens to be one of those victims? No wonder everyone here hates you. You must that anon who is in love with his God and keeps making distasteful comments here.

        • doesn’t really affect me at all.I am not from Japan.I don’t have anyone in Japan that I should care about.I have no connections to Japan.

          Why don’t you pray for people dieing in middle east every single day? Because it’s not cool to pray for them right now let’s focus on Japan and pretend to care and then forget a week later.

  • Funny how few users and anons suddenly are feeling bad for other countries disasters after the previous related article had comments pointing out hardly anyone here cares unless it’s Japan lol. Also what’s with the sudden surge of “America is shit! Japan suffered more!” comments? A bit hypocritical is it not bringing up the A-Bombs as a arguement against things like Pearl Harbour. What’s with all the stuff about WWII? How is that related to this at all? Yes both sides are foolish.

    Another thing that seems to crop up now in comments more. HAARP? I mean Really?! Conspiracy theories are fun and all but trying to blame the US for the hell of it seems like a typical weeaboo move that or it’s for lulz. Ironic that some users and anons are angry at those who are being assholes about this event. Yet some of those very same users (no idea about anons obviously) have said the very same heartless things when in relation to China and US articles. Such as “Should of killed more” or I’ve seen in the past users or anons have even said “It’s Karma” etc. This site never fails to amuse me in the form of commenters.

    That aside, hope the Japanese gets through this with no more major incidence. Though I am curious. Are the Japanese really going to accept aid from foreign countries seeing how as of late they’ve done nothing but rage and hate against foreigners. Don’t know if China is offering aid, but I just can’t see the Japanese accepting any aid from China seeing how much hate there is for them in general. Especially after a certain fiasco. I can only hope that douchebag politicians died or suffered from this.

    • Typical that this got downvoted just because the truth struck a nerve. Funny thing is, users have quite rightly said that users don’t troll but the anons do. Yet it’s only the users who can vote on a comment. Shows a whole lot about the users here doesn’t it.

  • I am more worried about the damage nuclear plants…

    sad… rofl

    I hope more old people die. Less fucking leeching and more money to the youth. Above all else, less complaining about over population

    • Shippoyasha says:

      You do understand that sounds utterly ignorant in regard to the Japanese situation? Places like Sendai were in a very bad economic situation since the young people kept moving out into big cities and places like Sendai had a braindrain and a lack of young people and new workforce. Not to mention the extremely bad fertility rate of Japan..

      • So here’s the solution
        1. Get rid of HAARP
        2. Get Ishihara dead
        3. Get rid of Christian Fundamentalists
        4. Remove America’s “world power” status by force
        5. Remove China and N.Korea off the map by force
        6. Re-create Asean so that Asia becomes a super power union like EU
        7. “Asians” the ruling class of the world

        Any questions? None? Let’s get to it!

  • more people died in pearl harbour than this stupid earthquake and guess what this earthquake is NOT AMERICANS fault but PEARL HARBOUR WAS JAPANS FAULT

    Japanese people are idiots if they think we forgot they attack us

    you can deny all you want

  • This is a message from the lord, to those whose faith is shaken.

    If an earthquake of this magnitude won’t strengthen Japan’s beleive in the lord than they are well on their way to a much worse fate

    but what do I know, I’m just a single mum with an Xbox who takes a little interest in Japan