5pb CEO Apologises for Miku Concert Fiasco



The CEO of the company responsible for the live Miku concert fans have condemned as “pathetic” has issued an apology, but fans remain unimpressed.

For some reason deciding to awkwardly deliver a long and tedious series of explanations by way of Twitter, organiser 5pb’s CEO Chiyomaru Shikura attempted to extinguish the flames of Mikumaniac outrage:

“Regarding our inability to satisfy the expectations of some of you, I must apologise. It was inexcusable.”

However, when it comes to addressing the major complaint about the event – that 5pb didn’t even bother using a transparent screen as in previous performances – he expresses surprise that it was omitted, but as a reason only lamely offers “this was the result of the choice that was made,” even after checking with stage staff.

In earlier exchanges he had stated rather oddly claimed he could not apologise, as it would be on behalf of the other parties involved as well as 5pb – this buck-passing only further incited angry Miku fans however, and he soon recanted:

“It’s not that ‘I can’t apologise,’ it is more that ‘I can’t just apologise on my own without consulting everyone involved,’ and this delayed the apology.”

Fans seem less concerned about “what went wrong?” than they are with “why did you think you could get away with this?”, so it seems unlikely this level of contrition will really appease them.

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