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Top 10 Qualities Essential for Love


Japanese asked what they consider to be the indispensable prerequisites for love supply a suitably soppy ranking.

The ranking, with votes cast for each:

1. Empathy (7605)

2. A first encounter (3608)

3. Money (2852)

4. Excitement [“tokimeki”] (2793)

5. An open and honest heart (2106)

6. Fidelity (1507)

7. A spirit of compromise (1449)

8. Perseverance (1280)

9. At least some attractiveness (1143)

10. Fate (789)

Those wondering about the relatively romantic (or, perhaps, deficiently pragmatic) nature of the ranking should note the wording – “love” of course does not carry quite the same implication as “relationship” or even “marriage” – previous rankings seem to bear this out.

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