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Ishihara “May Run After All”


Tokyo’s ruling rape novelist Shinataro Ishihara has apparently changed his mind about running for re-election, and is saying he may run for a fourth term after all.

To the short-lived relief of detractors, the 78-year-old had previously indicated he would not be seeking office, but has supposedly changed his mind after his son (who happens to be the LDP’s chief secretary) kept nagging him about it.

If he does run, a formal announcement of his candidacy is expected shortly.

At this stage, just who else will be running is still very much up in the air – let alone who will actually win.

Of course, were the electorate of Tokyo to actually re-elect for the fourth time a far-right geriatric whose career is based in no small part on bullying minorities of all kinds, it would rather suggest they are utterly irredeemable and are perhaps getting the government they deserve, as frightful as that may be.

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