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Miku Fans Outraged at “Pathetic” Miku Concert Disaster



Hatsune Miku fans are disgusted with Miku’s latest live concert, bitterly complaining of brazen exploitation unworthy of the virtual diva’s formerly glorious live legacy.

The complaints centre on the lacklustre showing in the recent “Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 – 39’s Live in Tokyo” – Miku fans air their grievances:


“Somebody nobody’s heard of sung for the first 30 minutes. The display wasn’t transparent, just a normal TV. Miku left after 30 minutes, keeping us waiting for another 30…”

“Miku and Rin’s hearts weren’t in it at all. It was like they were just dubbing a song over a video. Last year was so good. What happened?”

“A 30 minute break – are they making fun of us?”

“What is this shit?”

“I appreciate a transparent screen costs money. Maybe it was an unavoidable compromise.

But why the half hour intermission? This is just character exploitation.”

“What is up with having some nobody on for 30 minutes? They just exploiting the chance for some exposure?”

“What’s the problem, exactly?”

“Miku Party last year: transparent screen, Sega’s game staff really gave it their all and it was a sensation.

Then they released the recording on BD/DVD, but Sega put no effort into it and fans were annoyed. Sega dropped involvement.

This year, it was handled by 5pb.

They had no transparent screen. The modelling was worse than last year. The camera work was bad, and in a 1 hour performance they had a 30 minute intermission of looping commercials. They squandered all the effort Sega put in last year.

The fans are enraged < we are here.”

“I see, they expected Sega quality and got some shoddy 5pb crap instead. Nice work exploiting those idiots.”

“Did all that tech belong to Sega then?”

“It seems if Sega isn’t handling it, it’s no good.”

“What 5pb did this year:

They raised the price.

Somebody nobody cares about sung for the first 30 minutes.

The transparent screen disappeared.

The camera work was no good.

They aired endless commercials during a 30 minute intermission.”

“A Sega employee tweeted this last Saturday:

‘There’s no love. If there’s no love it’s no good. If you’re not moved yourself, you can’t hope to move other people.

We’re not just making CG. I think we’re trying to put soul into CG, that’s what makes it moving. It doesn’t seem many of the people concerned appreciate this.’

This was probably a message to 5pb. Sega have my sympathies.”

“I want to cry.”

The event last year, which spawned a media sensation:

Footage of the most recent event (watched by 160,000 people on NicoNico Douga) is not yet easy to come by as online viewing was pay-per-view only and 5pb likely fancies it can hawk the recording on disc – shots of the rehearsals are however available:

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