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K-ON! Fans “Will Run Amok If Girls Get Boyfriends at Uni”


The girls of K-ON! will be at university in weeks, but not all fans are happy – in fact, the creepiest amongst them seem to be in danger of creating some potentially entertaining drama.

The concern naturally stems from the outlandish notion that a moeblob can have a boyfriend, or that a woman can be appealing out of a school uniform:

“They are going to go nuts when the girls start going on group dates and even getting boyfriends…”

“Who cares about university students anyway – their uniforms must have been a big factor in their popularity.”

“They could have just wrapped it up at school and left things concluded nicely like that.”

“I don’t know what it’ll be like at university, but the K-ON! we know and love is finished.”

On the other hand, asking an actual female university student (K-ON! has a significant following amongst young women) yields quite a different response:

“I’m really excited about the continuation! It’s a given you’ll get a boyfriend, so it’s no surprise. I’m more interested in when they get to play the Budokan.”

2ch is of course generally considered to be closer to the former school of thought, but even so there is much recognition of the presumed inevitability of the girls developing normal human relationships rather than turning into bitter misanthropes or crazed girl-school lesbians:

“It’s be too unnatural for them to go to uni and not get boyfriends.”

“Otaku are so gross.”

“None of them are going to be virgins for much longer then!”

“I’m looking forward to seeing how they lose it.”

“They could have them all go to a women’s college…”

“Can’t they make this into a yuri manga?”

“Have it end with all of them having to marry after getting pregnant…”

“They could have done a middle school setting.”

“It would be really weird if they didn’t get into relationships…”

“You guys just go crazy every time a 2D girls gets into a relationship.”

“If they did not get boyfriends, it would prove that the moe-2D filter is the only reason they look so appealing, and in fact they are all ugly fatties after all.”

“It would be horrible if they all ended up spinsters. I hope a few get hitched with guys they love.”

“It is impossible for four female university students to all remain single.”

“If Mugi gets a boyfriend I will cry as I onanise over it…”

“With the loss of Azunyan they will need a new guitarist – perhaps it will be a new guy?”

“The important thing is how KyoAni adapts it – nobody reads the manga anyway.”

“I hope they all end up with boyfriends so we can watch the otaku go crazy – it’s the best form of entertainment.”

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