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Top 10 Anime Schools You Wish You Could Attend


Anime fans quizzed on which anime school they would most like to attend yield up a ranking with an interesting mixture of old favourites and new arrivals

The ranking:

1. Sakuragaoka Girls High (K-ON!)

2. Kita High (Haruhi)

3. Tokiwadai Middle (To Aru)

4. Ashford Academy (Code Geass)

5. Fumizuki Academy (Baka to Test)

6. IS Academy (Infinite Stratos)

7. Naoetsu Private High (Bakemonogatari)

8. Ryouou Academy (Lucky Star)

9. Minamijuji Academy (Star Driver)

10. Otogi Academy (Okami-san)

How the (presumably overwhelmingly male) respondents propose to attend all the various girls-only schools listed is best not enquired to deeply of.

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