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Neptunia: “Disturbingly Sexualized Young Girls” “30%”


Western reviews of ero-RPG Hyper Dimension Neptunia have seen the game denounced for its “disturbingly sexualized caricatures of young girls” and “depressing stereotypes of vapid, sexy cuteness,” a promising condemnation if ever there were one.

The game is definite niche title even in Japan, and by no means a masterpiece, but has generally received average reviews in Japan and amongst western JRPG fans – however top US reviewer-for-hire site GameSpot considers it a virtual abomination:


This hypersexualized role-playing game degrades the console war with questionable gameplay mechanics, choppy animation, and some truly awful music.

The Good:

* Building combos can be rewarding.

The Bad:

* Characters are disturbingly sexualized caricatures of young girls
* Visuals are choppy and poorly animated
* Music is so repetitive that it verges on painful
* Story does little to build on promising premise
* Random healing system is irritating and poorly executed.

Hyperdimension Neptunia begins with a promising premise: It personifies each of the major systems in the so-called “console wars,” lending each its own personality and powers.

But if you’re expecting an amusing deconstruction of the video game industry, prepare to be disappointed. Instead, Neptunia’s premise is a thin excuse for a role-playing game that revolves around hypersexualized young girls.

Thus, key characters amount to little more than disturbing dolls wielding such weapons as a giant syringe.

Characters like IF (short for Idea Factory) and Compa (Compile Heart) have their own look, but otherwise, they’re almost completely devoid of personality, existing only as depressing stereotypes of vapid, sexy cuteness.

With no marketing bribes forthcoming and a (female) reviewer who evidently hates both anime girls and JRPGs, let alone niche ecchi RPGs, such a rating is perhaps none too surprising.

Those interested in depressing stereotypes of vapid, sexy cuteness and disturbingly sexualised caricatures of young girls will find the game to be readily available.

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  • ok… by my opinion the game hasn’t got the best graphics in the world and some people may not like the music or perfectly fluid battle system. but. its not suppose to look realistic and if you hate the music then it can be turned off and then you can play your own background music. and i know it doesn’t have a fast battle system but if you play fast games all the time then its good if you want to relax a little. and i haven’t completed the game yet but so far iv enjoyed the lack of seriousness in the story and have laughed more than a few times. i can understand why some people dislike the game but if you think about it. if all games were the same we would all get bored. overall i found this game excellent if your in the mood for something funny (if your into adult humor anyway). oh and one more thing… everyone is entitled to there own opinion but when opinions clash… you get some entertaining reading material. so please… keep on yelling at eachother. Captain Walrus (not real psn/whatever name) over and out.

  • Anonymous says:

    This game promotes sex crime and you all know it. Get your morals straight and thumb this down! Let us all promote only family friendly games like Halo Reach and Grand Theft Auto. Rating: 1/10

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you people even know what feminism is? It’s not misandry, people; it’s about bringing women to an equal level of societal status as men because let’s face it, there is a more disproportionate amount of derogatory stereotypes and views toward women than toward men; women still get paid less than men for the same job (but that’s changing); and various other factors. We may like to think otherwise, but a lot of double standards exist in favor of men.

    Honestly, the “feminazis” you people speak of are more accurately called “misandrists”.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be fair to the review, though, the game is pretty bad. I can deal with shoddy graphics, music and well… OK, I can tolerate the kiddy story. But the lack of the ability to heal manually really breaks the game. The combo system is typical, and innovates on nothing – nor does it really add to the experience, except for more L2 pressing to skip the annoying, time-wasting animations. If I’ve enjoyed anything from the game so far, it’s probably the opening animation. Can’t say anything positive about the gameplay, though.

  • Anonymous says:

    So far its a 6 out of five in my book….

    5 stars for rarity
    (people would mod and sub these types of games after about 3 to 10 years after it release and still japan only tile)

    5 stars for character design and being a awkward collectible game (not as Awkward as Aragast war…)

    it got an extra star for to see this type of game on the us soil…?

  • Anonymous says:

    Gamespot is run by ignorant feminists. I remember their Oneechanbara R review. They slammed the game as hard as they could and went out of their way to demonize it both on their website and on television, just because the main character wears a bikini as part of their outfit. It didn’t even sound like they had the game or played it, they just made up shit about it.

    If I recall correctly, the same Gamespot women that bashed Oneechanbara and preached feminity were also known to frequently post nude pictures of themselves on the internet. Extremely unsurprising.

    I stopped going to their site after that.

    • That game was pretty decent if i remember correctly, gameplay wise anyway, this game however isn’t, at all.

      The writing and story is the thing that bothers me the most, it’s just so goddamn uninspired that i can’t help myself turning it off and play some B-spec GT5, even that is more interesting to watch than annoying characters bitch about minor issues for ages instead of progressing the story.

      As for the review, I’d agree it’s a bit too harsh but they are all valid points.

      I’m not really defending Gamespot but it really is a really bad game, unless you’re the kind to gobble up anything anime no matter how shitty it is, in that case, don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it soon enough, and then you’ll realize how bad this game really is.

  • Anonymous says:

    Neptuna just looks like a mediocre JRPG, so I’m not that interested in it. I think I have grown too old to deal with games like that. The Fallout series has pretty much ruined my expectation of the JRPG series as I want more adult and mature themes.

    But i can see why people got at Gamespot for picking the wrong reviewer [clearly they got the wrong reviewer who just dislikes JRPGs].

  • Anonymous says:

    The writing in this game is absolute shit, i couldn’t even stand sticking around for the story and just started skipping it all.

    They’re just bitching about irrelevant shit, it gets old after literally a minute, and it just goes on and on and on, there’s no fucking end to their bitching.

  • It currently sits with a metascore of 50. The general consensus of all of the reviews is, aside from the anime-styled character art, there is nothing really noteworthy or remarkable with the game. Kinda solidifies the concept that the JRPG is a dying genre.

  • Sandalphon says:

    G-spot lol. I particularly like how besides the 3.0 score, the user score is 7.6, showing how THAT niche market is receiving the game, barring the trolls that roll around downrating everything.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Depressing stereotypes of vapid, sexy cuteness” are only considered wrong when they aren’t perpetrated by feminists (when feminists do it they’re “empowering” themselves and “taking control of their sexuality”).

  • I can imagine the raging look on the face of the reviewer as she looked at the game. Looking at the characters, looking cute and heck, sexy in some cases. The pathetic explosion of rage that led her to make this review. Its a obvious biased review but I have to give her credit for turning this into a hilarious mockery of the reviewing system itself. Seriously, this is so hilarious although it is indeed pathetic at the same time.

    Ah… If she’s indeed a feminist… All she can do is rant about the game and rage about it. Yet, she can’t do anything about it but make a stupid review which won’t stop people from buying the game and it won’t stop people from making more games such as these or heck, hentai related medias.

    Still, it sucks for the companies that they have to deal a fool like this. Kind of stink that it can influence some gamers as well but I guess that’s what reviews are for but I think people should make up their own mind instead.

    Anyway, that review is just yet another proof that most “professional” sites cannot be taken seriously. Still, the look on her face. It was surely a delicious thing to see.

  • “Characters are disturbingly sexualized caricatures of young girls”
    “Thus, key characters amount to little more than disturbing dolls wielding such weapons as a giant syringe.”

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. If this is not your cup of tea, then STFU don’t drink it.

  • Anonymous says:

    so i live in the usa andi have this game and i think it is the most fucking epic game ever, although extreamly confusing durring combat some of the time. i havent beatin it yet but its taking some time trying to figure out how to progress threw the game since it dont give you a linear “go here and do this” story line. over all i would give this game a nice 8/10 and a worthy game for my collection.

  • Anonymous says:

    i am a male that plays eroge, and let me tell you, this game actually does suck. i agree that having a woman review a game intended for man is difficult, but she is actually correct. the game is really bad.

  • bad review is bad.

    there are just some games that only a target niche market will appreciate, such as this one.

    i’m playing through it right now and i’d have to say, it’s certainly a lot better than their other NIS/GUST collaboration games, such as fucking cross edge.

    cross edge is 99% griding and wandering around stupidly on the world map searching for shit.

    if you compare neptunia to that, then ya it’s a damn near masterpiece. while it has flaws, i’d say neptunia is still pretty enjoyable.

    having this title reviewed by a women that doesn’t like anime is basically giving the game a death sentence just by looking at the box.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never judge a game by what reviewers and “professinal critics” say…cause they usually give crap games high rates (like FFXII)

    Im buying this game anyway…it looks pretty darn fun.

  • Morgadeth says:

    Really, Gamespot? As a player I’m surprised at how ignorant they are to the concept of ‘moe’, as a fellow game critic I’m appalled they would let their ignorance get in the way of fair criticism. This is just ludicrous.

    Oh I got it, they’re the fox news of gaming sites.

  • Anonymous says:

    The ramblings of a woman reviewer who is clearing pmsing.

    First off, based on gameplay alone the game should probably have gotten around a 5 or a 6, just as most critics gave it. Based on the “sexualized young girls” most fans upped it to a 7 or an 8. Exactly where this game belongs.

    She was so offended by the fanservice in this game that she dropped the score to a 3. Not even close to professional.

    I played through this game and while its not the best jrpg ever, I don’t regret even a second of what I put into it. It was an enjoyable experience and something the ps3 needed.

    And while I do usually prefer original voice acting I had nothing to complain about here as the perkiness of the voice actors were played out pretty well in my opinion.

  • Anonymous says:

    For me, the thing that killed my enthusiasm for Hyperdimension Neptunia is the BS item usage system, lack of a need to create combos, and the repetitive dungeons. I’m so glad they actually let you push L2 during battles to skip battle animations since they just take too long and the audio gets old very quickly.

  • it’s really a bad thing to even considear the opinion of the majority of game reviewers. Why? I will give a example:
    sfIV is lauched. Capcom says it was maked for beginers. 99% of the reviewers or haven’t even played the game or really don’t know almost anything about fighting game, but gladly repeated what capcom have said (). When people actually play the game, they discover that the combo system is FULL of crazy links of 2 frames (you have to hit in the exact 1/30 of a second for it to conect). For fighting games entusiasts, it was wonderfull because it’s rewarding to play it, but that don’t chage the fact that capcom have lyed and that the majority of the “reviwers” have just repeated it because capcom is big. So, i think that the inverse hapens too: just because the company is small, they talk bad about the game. Sorry for my english.

    • Also another reason is that this game is probably aimed at otakus, not gamers and gamespot reviews games for gameplay, nu-gen graphics, and anything else that is found in top games today.
      Many of the negative users reviews say that HDN is good only if you’re into anime girls. Still going for it, as much as I am a hardcore gamer that views games like gamespot, my love for anime out balances it

  • Anonymous says:

    Feminist trashing our JRPGs? No way. When was the last time we men and women criticized them for liking their Twilight or Hetalia? Seems to me like there are tons of double standards here.

    So let me get this straight, the feminist don’t want us to sexualize girls but they are fine with excessively sexualizing us guys in novels, tv shows, and the like? Seems to me like inequality.

    This is why I hate feminists of today. They don’t stand for the same values they upheld back in the 70’s. Yes everyone Sankaku supports equality. But we don’t support double standards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, typical doublestandart for a whiny guy who can’t handle feminists.

      Newsflash: Feminists wouldn’t like Twilight, and complain about Twilight a lot. Twilight is as anti-feminist as it gets.

      Also, men routinely mock women for liking Twilight. So, a woman mocking men for liking Neptuna is fair.

      “sexualize girls but they are fine with excessively sexualizing us guys in novels, tv shows, and the like? ”

      Sexualizing girls as half naked weaklings is different than sexualizing guys as half naked tough guys. Nice try, though. Try thinking about this before posting next time.

      And I LIKE this game and even bought it. I think RED-Chan is AWESOME. But if you defend it, try not to use idiocy to do so. Thx.

    • Anonymous says:

      When was it ever stated that she was a feminist? I don’t understand why so many people are jumping on the reviewer immediately to call her a feminist and feminazi– then also accuse her of making assumptions too quickly.

  • Anonymous says:

    The irony in all this is that it’s on the top 10 list of messageboards on their sister site Gamefaqs and most users there are hailing it as ‘a gem you need to pick up asap’

      • Yeah. It would seem that actual gamers enjoy this game more than the reviewers. That being said, check out the ratings on G4 or GameStop. I, myself, greatly enjoyed this game. Just got the second one. It is really entertaining and funny.

    • Anonymous says:

      I downloaded the game and tried it out and I completely agree with the review. I was looking forward to the game but I found it painful to play. Everything was terrible about it. Poor script, poor voice acting (JP track, didn’t listen to english), vapid characters, constant slowdown, etc. Granted I only played through the first dungeon but it was not the slightest bit enjoyable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fun stuff to click on “Reply to Fapping Time”.

      I understand the “it’s a gamespot review” part, they’ve always been one of the gaming sites with the worst reviewers.

      Just for the fun of it I went and red her review.. it looks like something a pre-adolescent kid could come up with as far as writing reviews go, GameSpot will never cease to amaze me with how bad their reviewers can be.

  • Anonymous says:

    …Did you even read this article? It says point blank the reviewer is FEMALE. If she was homosexual, wouldn’t she look more favourably on it?

    How foolish of me to think people actually read past the headlines here.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gamespot’s review of the is a load of BS. I picked up the game not realizing it came out on the 25th of Febuary. I was unaware it came out 10 days prior to it. The intention I thought was I planned to pick up the game when it came out here NA release. Positively enough, I found out the game vai this site which was originally posted sometime mid through close to the end of January. (Or perhaps Jan 22-27 take your pick.) So far so good I’m enjoying the game and (haters gonna hate me on this) in the english dubbing. I will be eventually replaying this as a new start or game+ mode in subtittle. Got the limited edition and have never regretted of purchasing this product. Its a nice change from the mainstream Final Fantasy series. My recommendation. Get it while you still can as this will become one of those rare gems. Almost like imo Arc the Lad, Vangaurd Bandits, Growlancer, Shadow Hearts and Golden Sun.

  • starsplash says:

    When it comes to westerners reviewing Japanese games, you just have to ignore it since they are going to be bias to the bone. Games has always been about the sexualization of humanity. The hypersexualization of females is a cliche and repetitive at best. Its like Gamespot is new to the concept.

    Pay the review no heed. Im sure no one pays attention to it. To be honest, it seems that they are purposely trying to destroy the game.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m all for equality, but… having a woman review what is essentially an eroge makes about as much sense as having a man review feminine hygiene products.

    “I tried sticking this tampon up my ass. It felt weird, and not at all comfortable. One out of five stars.”

    See? It makes no sense at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reviews from customers on Amazon do not reflect what GameStop wrote about the girls. I am thinking this is another white person that thanks all asains are gross because we look under age. Getting carded at the gas station when your 38 because I look like a kid by some 20 year old that smokes and now looks 50 is way past getting old.

  • Wow I never thought that being sexy would be a bad thing in a video game o3o;;

    Oh wait this review was from a girl, who not only hates anime girls but JRPG’s as well. So…I don’t know about everyone else but I’m going to completely ignore her rating >.>;;

    I like anime girls and JRPG’s and I intend on getting this game >.<

  • Just another feminist with an axe to grind. Eye candy sells for both sexes whether she likes it not.
    I guess she’d be happy if they were grannies in Mao suits.
    Review the game play and tell me it sucks but don’t trash it because you personally find the character design offensive. That’s not a review, its an agenda.

  • Anonymous says:

    The gameplay is terrible. The review is not even wrong on that one. There are wayyy better JRPGs out there you can play. People are only clinging to this one because it has “omg so kawaii cool art design pretty lolis!!!!”

    Stop encouraging Japan to make and release such shitty games.

  • Anonymous says:

    “* Characters are disturbingly sexualized caricatures of young girls”

    “key characters amount to little more than disturbing dolls wielding such weapons as a giant syringe.”

    i dont see anything wrong or bad with this, in what hole does this people live?

  • Anonymous says:

    I played it, and honestly, its quite enjoyable. Sure, its not the most compelling masterpiece ever, bu the artwork and the dialogues are interesting and funny enoug. I don’t regret buying it, especially with the artbook.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be honest, the game just isn’t much fun. It’s a flawed battle system and trite story with mediocre 3D graphics and repetitive music.

    But the premise and character designs are both awesome, and the 2D artwork very pretty. It’s a damn shame there’s no unique character CG in the game, but what’s there is certainly good for its target audience.

    Don’t go into it expecting an awesome experience, but if you start playing expecting some eye-candy, generic cute-speak, and a bit of monotonous battle diversion, then you’ll get exactly what you’re after.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m into ecchi and loli and even I found playing it super painful. (And I’ve played FFX-2, Ar Tonelico, Persona 3 & 4, Criminal Girls and enjoyed myself with each of them)

      The silly music is ANNOYIIIIIIING. The battle system is rather bland (and animations are poor at best, with visual quality none too far from that either) and the dialogue absolutely sucks, leaving no pauses between comedic points and parts of the story we’re supposed to be perhaps taking seriously.

      It’s near impossible to get engaged within the story due to this and I’ll agree with the japanese reviewers easily, it’s an average to rather below average game that might be worth glancing over but not worth making a big deal about. With the western reviewers? I can totally see what they thought was annoying about it.

      Interesting idea, very VERY poor execution.

      By the way, just because some people don’t like your favorite JRPG of the month does not mean they like FPSs. So find another way to insult em people.

  • Anonymous says:

    I recall hearing a podcast that discussed this topic (related to Other M).

    Editorial/Journalistic discussion about videogames should be left out of reviews. It’s unfair to slap a single game reviewed for the cliches/tropes of an entire medium.

    The reviewer in this case is offended by portrayals of females but that may not reflect the majority of the game’s target audience.

    The problem arises when then choosing the reviewer (such as for Barbie games, etc); wouldn’t it make more sense for a female reviewer (given the intended audience, aside from complaints that it would be sexist). What about a sports game? does that mean you’d need someone who played sports to have a valid opinion?

    The end result seems to be that it would make the most logical sense that the best review would be a fair/unbiased one, so someone who doesn’t like JRPGs or Anime/Moe anthropomorphization should not review this, unless it was intentional to create controversy and get hits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait… wtf? Are you honestly comparing a bunch of angst crybabies to a well organized war machine of death? The only similarities between feminazi and nazi is that both movements have seriously incompetent leadership.

      Nazis knew what they were doing and were not afraid to pluck a few feathers if it gets them what they want. They were brutal, efficient, organized and united. The complete opposite of modern feminism which has more branches than mathematics and can’t get their shit together for anything involving more than yapping their mouths for hours and hours. It seems that the overall feminist strategy is to keep whining until they get what they want.

      Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any cool feminists with actually meaningful/non-supremacist ideas out there, but the movement at large isn’t about anyone’s rights anymore and they are too pussy (bad pun, I know) to admit it.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Megidola

      Cuz at least those games have decent “gameplay” fitting for a “game”? Now go back “fapping” to your game instead of “playing” it, kind sir. Oh wai-… Maybe that’s the kind of “play” you think games are made for…

        • @20:27: no, lolicon isn’t pedophilia, but most americans would think it is due to not being exposed to it. and i know that since we are used to anime and stuff we don’t see the girls on the cover and think they’re underage, but to most people they do look underaged. big eyes, big head, small body= childlike. and, yes, dog-fucking is repulsive to most, but so are sexualized underaged girls, which, as i stated before, most americans would see these as. and they ARE sexualized — just look at them! and my point is that they chose someone who was biased to do the review. it’s a niche title, yes, therefore someone of the niche should review it. not her.

        • Anonymous says:

          [quote]of course it isn’t playing a video game. why would it be playing a video game?[/quote]
          It’s called “sarcasm”. I’m sure the big dictionary you pulled out earlier will have it well defined.
          Note: 2x Combo

          [quote]pedophilia is finding prepubescent children sexually appealing. this game is full of young girls you’re supposed to be finding sexy. if you aren’t into that kind of thing, like most americans aren’t, you aren’t going to find it appealing and therefore won’t enjoy the game. [/quote]
          That’s very presumptuous of you.

          For the record, the characters in this game are the total opposite of prepubescent children, and everybody who gets out at least once in a while could tell the difference.

          There has never been any link between loli lovers and child fiddlers. Don’t make up facts as you go.

          [quote]it’d be like if they released a game about dog-fucking to the general public.[/quote]
          Poor analogy. Dog fucking is ugly and repulsive to most. Overly cutified girly characters who act immature is in poor taste at worst. Nobody ever said you had to find the characters sexually attractive. In fact, I find it very unusual that you’d go from this perspective from the start.

          [quote]it might appeal to some people but it doesn’t appeal to most, so if someone who wasn’t into that fetish was the one to review the game, they obviously wouldn’t enjoy it.[/quote]
          Yes, we all know that the game is niche by now. That’s not the point.

          [quote]i’m using simple logic here.[/quote]
          Logic can be fallacious and does not imply rationality, reason or critical thinking.

          Your claims are founded completely on social norm and common knowledge, both of which may and frequently are wrong (ie earth is flat argument).

        • of course it isn’t playing a video game. why would it be playing a video game?

          pedophilia is finding prepubescent children sexually appealing. this game is full of young girls you’re supposed to be finding sexy. if you aren’t into that kind of thing, like most americans aren’t, you aren’t going to find it appealing and therefore won’t enjoy the game. it’d be like if they released a game about dog-fucking to the general public. it might appeal to some people but it doesn’t appeal to most, so if someone who wasn’t into that fetish was the one to review the game, they obviously wouldn’t enjoy it. i’m using simple logic here.

        • yes but the thing is since most people in america aren’t into the whole lolicon thing, she probably just wasn’t a fan of this/used to it. it’d be like having you play something you find disgusting and when you say “this is fucked up,” the only response you get is YEAH WELL IT’S NOT REALITY IT’S FANTASY SO ENJOY IT

          i think they probably should have chosen an unbiased reviewer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gamespot is owned by CNET, which is a subsidy of CBS Corporation. IGN is a subsidy of News Corp, which owns Fox News. Is anyone surprised?

      Most of these gaming “review” sites are geared towards promoting titles from established video game companies(which include Activision, Capcom, Sony Entertainment Software, Bioware, etc) and there is generally no room for smaller businesses(which include Atlus, NISA, Bandai, etc).

      Bias towards JRPG? Nothing surprising. We’ve seen it with the first North American launch of Monster Hunter Portable and how little it sold in the West compared to Japan. We’ve seen it with Atelier Rorona(a Gust/NISA title like Neptunia) and how it was trashed up by IGN. And now the same is happening with Hyperdimension Neptunia.

      My guess on why Hyperdimension Neptunia is currently trashed by these so called “critics”:

      1.Western fears towards Sexuality–
      While some folks in the West have become more open to topics on sexuality, sex is still rings an uncomfortable tone among the mainstream mindset. So naturally, anything having the slightest inch of sexuality is bound to be criticized. No need to look any further, just look at this review and you can easily tell it was judged by its cover.

      2.Feminism being misinterpreted–
      There was a time when Feminism was a real movement for equality. And time was the early 1920’s when Suffragist Genevieve Clark and Margaret Fuller lead the way to women eventually earning the right to vote. Most of today’s vocal “feminists” are either ultra-feminazis bent on degrading males or social conservatives.

      Females have historically been underrepresented in Western art and sexuality. Take Greece and Rome for example. Quite oftenly ancient sculptures and artwork are modeled after famous Greek/Roman males, often depicted nude while females were generally always clothed.

      The only feminists who can see the realities of this world are Sex-positive females, because they know how underrepresented/unappreciattive they truly are.

      3. Western/Eastern Cultural clash–

      Do I need to say anymore? Just look at 1/4 quarter of the 4Chan-style inflammatory remarks laid around here and its self-explanatory. The West has pretty much been resistant towards anything from the East. Spirited Away was the only Anime to receive the Emmy nomination, almost communicating a message to the Japanese as if their entertainment/culture is inferior to ours. Quite a sad display in cultural exchanges indeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        i dont agree with you. of course we must read a critical review like a opinion, sometimes i like what she or he doesnt like.
        gamespot has many good grade for nisa game, and sometimes they grade a overrated game with bad grade (Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days say hi)
        my opinion is: if the game has bad grade but you want to play, so what, rent the game or watch some youtube video to see the gameplay

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s silly to rely on one or two review sites to determine whether a game might be worth getting. There’s too much room for reviewer bias, and for big publishers to pay off sites via advertising for more favorable reviews. Sites like Metacritic and Gamerankings provide a better picture of reviewer opinions, since you can easily find both positive and negative reviews for a game to get a better idea of what it’s really like. They also provide a quasi-average score, which is often fairly useful, but in cases like this can get thrown off by weighting applied to certain sites. They aren’t perfect, and in many cases are owned by the same parent companies, but they’re certainly a better option than judging a game based on a single source.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a disturbing caricature of gaming journalism. It’s pretty obvious that the reviewer spent half an hour max on the game and just wanted to bash it for having anime girls. Disgusting.

  • Anonymous says:

    Uh, the game sucks balls.
    I liked the 8bit dungeon music but the characters are indeed as flat as the review says they are (pun not intended :p ).
    Frame rate drops below 30FPS all the time, while rendering a repetitive and bland dungeon with limited far sight.
    It’s a pathetic “game” and should be sold as a 5 dollar PSN title.

  • The review is typical of the more judgemental sections of the Western gaming mentality. It’s filled with pretentious attempts to sound mature, enlightened and well-educated, but just shows that the reviewer refuses to accept or understand any culture other than her own. There’s an overwhelming aroma of sex-negative feminism in there, too.

    No doubt gamespot and the critics would have given the game a higher rating if the game had been filled with men in tight spandex with their buttocks jiggling about. At least this reviewer has the excuse that she’s female.

    However, it is nice to see such a high user score for such a niche game.

    • For the purposes of a game review, the concept of a review itself being a whole debate in the industry and medium on its own, I would agree that the evaluation given should not be coloured by personal or cultural biases.

      Outside of that and in a general sense, however, I don’t think anyone should be expected to approve of or accept foreign cultures (or aspects of them).

      Culture decides history, so I just look at the facts and make honest critiques where they apply.

  • i don’t care how bad the game is. at my local Fry’s Electronics, they have the game with the art book included no extra charge. i’m buying it because of the art book. whether i play it will be another thing

  • 3.0 is tooo low..

    i mean it isn´t a milestone, but the game makes fun and i like the setting.
    i´m playing it for 2-3 weeks and it still makes fun to play it.

    and the random heal system… lol you can configurate it with the PP points in the games and it´s NOT random!!

    it´´s a really good game for jrpg and anime/otaku fans ^^ (well the game is like a combi of visual novel + rpg)

  • Anim3Fr33K says:

    Already pre ordered it with a full down payment. Cant wait to get my hands on it. I really wish they would get people to review games that dont have an obvious bias against the game. Put a guy who likes JRPGs to review it and it would get at-least a 5, not some crazy woman who hates it because it has scantly clad female leads. Its a ero-jrpg what did they expect? Clearly a niche title yet they reviewed it as if it was aimed at main stream audiences, the title knows what it wants to be and isnt ashamed of it.

    Do like that the average user score (as in the people the game is aimed at) is 7.5, 75% is a much more respectable score for such a game.

    • Anonymous says:

      F*ck game reviews…That first sentence in the “The Bad” list shows that the reviewer was a close-minded bigot…

      Rea search anime and MOE~ before reviewing an anime RPG with “Characters are disturbingly sexualized caricatures of young girls”, idiot…

      You should know what makes it sell…I enjoyed that game very much, and the cute characters making awesome videogame references and parodying others in cutscenes and events (Gears of War, Resident Evil, Halo, Mario, Kill Zone) made me laugh my ass off…

      Not to mention they break the 4th Wall 95% of the time in every event including the storyline by making said videogame references and insulting the (shady) NPC’s~

      You fail to mention those points…

      Such an incomplete and ignorant review…

      I was actually expecting this from IGN, but it seems GameSpot has ‘them’ too…


      That said, I already have and finished playing this…

      The Premium Edition I bought straight off NIS had a deck of playing cards with the characters in them as well as a hard-cover 50-page artbook and custom game box (the artbook had the uncensored oppai cover)…

      It was around 59.99 + S&H, but totally worth it…

      Now I can play poker while looking at Neptune and Gust’s smiling face~

      -Azure Xuchilbara
      (account suspended)

      • You know how a lot of Caucasians think Asians look 5-10 years younger than they are? I’ve also noticed that you could have a 6-foot tall amazon with an hourglass figure and GG cups, but if she has big eyes, many would say there’s no way she’s more than 12 years old.

        With all the lolicon pandering these days, I can see how that kind of thing would become the assumption, but many are still so set in this you have to wonder if they’re blind or something.

      • Anonymous says:

        “My gender is being hypersexualized again and I don’t like it. This game sucks.”

        Yeah well lady, deal with it. It’s not as if us guys don’t have to deal with every male protagonist looking like hollywood superstars or steroid abusing bodybuilders or overtly effeminated over sentimental or stereotypically hot bloodedly idiotic…

        Oh wait…

  • Anonymous says:

    A girl reviewed this? WHY THE FUCK WOULD A GIRL’S OPINION MATTER ON A GAME TARGETED AT MEN? Might as well take off points from a Hamtaro game because it’s “too childish”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did OP actually read the review? Or bother to look up the editor? She plays almost all rpg’s, western and eastern alike. SHE THE MAIN FRIKKIN ROLPAYING GAME reviewer. You might wanna tuck that in Sankaku-ites, your otaku bias is showing.

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys are so blinded by standing by your loli otaku standards that you’re acting like idiots and defending an absolute piece of shit. It IS a horrible game. Like, REALLY horrible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yer all a buncha JRPG fanboys n fangirls this game is crap none of you know what a good game is it seems.
    Crappy story with characters that we’ve seen a trillion times already there is nothing original about this game at all. Im sorry but girls that look like they’re 13 years old in skimpy mecha outfits does not make a game good by default.

    I blows my mind anyone would say this is a good game, its like anime has robbed you of any sense of what a good game is.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not really into these kind of games, but even if the gameplay, plot and character depth is abysmal, the fact that IGN even published a tested a game that apparently is made for pedophiles is of a positive nature. Remember, before acceptance comes denial, anger, bargaining and depression. If something is ignored(denied), it can’t progress.
    Of course, the better the game is, the smaller the opportunities for bashing and slandering the game are.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wants to go rape female reviewer if hot lol Kat Bailey hmm google is suspiciously showing me some interesting pics

    Anyways she totally bashed it because she can;t put her personal opinions aside when gaming

    Random healing system is irritating and poorly executed.

    I get a “I don’t know how to use it, therefore it sucks” feel from this.

    Ah Gamespot Shares my Irritation

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the reviewer, be it a man or a woman, disliking the vapid, characterization-less, charisma-less, boring moe sexualization aimed at sorry hikikomoris and weeaboos who feel uncomfortable when they are around real life girls, just like stuff like Dragon Age: Origins looks like a bland, soulless refuge for D&D basement-dwelling nerds. Let alone all the other criticisms, which do address the game’s shortcomings in the technical and mechanical fields.

    Welcome to the universe, people! During your visit you may find people who don’t agree with your twisted, inferior tastes on various stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s right in a way, the art and LOLSTORY are the charms of the game. Take that away and it’d be a… Bioware game!

      You know, a game with DEEP MORAL CHOICES and COMPLEX GAMEPLAY?


    • Anonymous says:

      Hyperdimension Neptunia Reviews

      IGN ** 6 / 10
      PSX Extreme ** 6.8 / 10
      Worth Playing ** 5 / 10
      Digital Chumps ** 6.2 / 10
      Gaming Nexus ** C+
      RPGFan ** 74 / 100
      PlayStation LifeStyle ** 5 / 10
      gamrReview ** 6.4 / 10
      Playstation Official Magazine UK ** 4 / 10
      GamePro ** 2.5 / 5
      Play UK ** 21 / 100

      • Anonymous says:

        Culture Clash is a Train Wreck when it comes to things like these…

        Ah well, only those of us who love anime (and it’s many fetishes and niche genres) and enjoy everything it has to offer would truly understand…

        The rest of the world can just fade away into obscurity…

        -Azure Xuchilbara
        (account suspended)

      • Anonymous says:

        gee, sites that are paid off in their reviews by the industrial circle jerk. thanks for proving that you don’t have an opinion of what you like and you just buy what the big ol companies and your brainwashed as well friends tell you to buy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I find /B/tards really hilarious. Its even more laughable when they intimidate us we their same retired over-saturated remarks such as “weeaboo.” Hell they almost sound like Pokemon when they repeat their same catch phrases.

        Must the /B/CO/V/ fags be reminded that their great idol of fetish, MOOT, is an otaku himself(or “weeaboo”, “Wapanese” according to their terms)?

        4chan itself started out as small but intelligible community of otakus before it went viral with full of /B/itches.

        The 4chan clover itself was inspired by Yotsuba Manga and you get 404s with Yotsuba whenever a thread dies, even in /CO/.

        And not to mention, the guy still hosts 4chan at Otakon, a North American anime convention stationed in Maryland and makes personal visits at the convention site EVERY YEAR.

        In conclusion, 4Chan trolls aren’t as “lulzy” as they use to be(if they were ever to begin with).

    • Anonymous says:

      We all know that those weaboos will undoubtedly change their protective tone for this shit if the moe shit characters + T&A were to be taken off. They don’t PLAY games, they FAP to games!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m with gamespot 100%…for the first time in my life O.O

    this game “is shit” literally. There are cute girls on it, but that doesn’t make it any better this time. It’s still not worth it.