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Madoka “Will Be Cancelled!”


Magical puella detractors are becoming rather excited that their efforts to get Madoka canned for being filled with scenes of magical girl abuse may finally pay off.

Japan’s TV censorship watchdog previously received complaints about the content of the anime, and will likely be “deliberating” on the content of the anime.

However, online detractors are taking this as a sign the show will be taken off the air, their enthusiastic hatred buoyed by a mass media article touching upon head-biting complaints:

“It looks like they’re considering taking it off air! Next week we’ll know what they think.”

“Yes, they seem to have received a flood of complaints! So now there’s a chance it’ll be canned.”

“They have received lots of complaints. The situation is quite serious.”

“It’s possible the disc release will be cancelled. Even the manga could be pulled voluntarily by stores.”

“It’s too late. They are already considering its cancellation. It’s that serious.”

“It’s not made up. It’s a real issue now. It’s possible it will be taken off air completely! Of course, I hope it all blows over…”

Sadly for detractors, the BPO is run by the broadcasters and very rarely if ever does anything about the crazy complaints it receives.

It is also not unlikely that most of the “complaints” the organisation received came from the denizens of this same thread…

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