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Top 10 Things You’d Be Surprised a Female Could Know


Japanese asked what topics they would be surprised a mere female could possibly know about supply what, for some at least, is likely to be a very depressing list.

The ranking, which asked both men and women “what things would would make you go ‘oh’ if a girl knew about them?”:

1. Cars & bikes

2. PCs

3. Stocks & investments

4. How to connect to a wireless LAN

5. Baseball

6. Politics

7. Jets/tanks/battleships, etc.

8. Internet jargon

9. iPhone/Android apps

10. The outdoors

Whilst a certain lack of familiarity with the tedious technical minutiae of cars and computers might reasonably be expected anywhere, that 58% of Japanese questioned regarded it as surprising for a woman to display any familiarity with politics is a slightly disquieting attitude.

However, this is perhaps not as disquieting as the prospect of half Japan’s electorate being no more informed about the workings of their government than they are the workings of an AEGIS cruiser…

There is however some hope – languishing at the very bottom of the list, alongside the likes of “western music,” “booze” and “Shinto,” was “shonen manga.”

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