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3DS “Only” Sells 370,000


Japanese sales of Nintendo’s newly released 3DS in the two days since its release came to 371,326, underwhelming many who for some reason had much higher expectations of the console.

Enterbrain statistics put sales at exactly 371,326, with the top selling 3DS software being Professor Layton with 117,589 units sold.

The healthy if unspectacular sales figures lend weight to the general impression that the supposed scarcity of inventory (Nintendo is thought to have shipped at least 400,000 units to retail channels) owes more to canny marketing on Nintendo’s part than to overall demand actually outstripping supply.

Reuters reports that Nintendo’s stock slumped in response to the unspectacular launch, with investors left sceptical of the company’s immediate prospects in the face of this and other other challenges.

In other news Nintendo’s apparent lack of interest in breaking DS-era cracks has been revealed to be a cunning trap of sorts.

Reportedly, the 3DS’s application history irrevocably records the usage of cracks, allowing Nintendo to potentially phone home with the incriminating data at a future time, or at the very least refuse to honour the warranty if the tainted unit is returned – at least until this mechanism too is cracked.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m still buying it

    I find it amazing that you make all of these comments about its a gimmick and its for anti piracy. Yet no one knows anything about the inner works of nintendo.

    “It’s a gimmick”
    “It’s cheap and not worth buying”
    “I rather the NGP”

    If you don’t like it then dont buy it. knowing the shitty workings of a would be gamer you’ll buy it then complain about it then like it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sneaky Reverse Crack Someone Cracks it they release a patch any remaining crack data on the device is stored
    Evil but smart for now till we crack it

    Still think they would do good in Europe 😛

    Playstation banned in Europe
    Time for the Xbox to Win Mwhahahahahah

    Btw its totally worth a post lol relates to Japan mentions the Koreans and the background is Europe total Sankaku stuff just saying haha

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Artefact did you forget the DS sold 400k in its first WEEK. id say nearly 400k in the first few days is pretty damn good especially at that price how could you have forgotten this i mean YOU DID tell us. >_>

    • Anonymous says:

      you forget it connects to the internet by itself and updates periodically lol as far as i know you cant stop it because it searches out wifi spots unless your a redneck with no wifi in a 3 mile radius lolol

      • You fail to understand how wifi works most hotspots need a WEP or WPA key and free hotspots you must say yes I want to connect to this router.
        You need this feature so you actually connect to the right router vs some random one.
        Until you connect to a wifi hotspot no TCP packets can be sent.
        Really your post has the be the stupidest I ever seen.

    • Or just block the site it calls back to.
      In the US such phoning home with details could be an illegal action on Nintendo’s part.

      They can’t legally do anything but void the warranty.

      Really it’s an amazingly stupid move as call back shit scares customers away and technically it is not exactly 100% legal to do in the US.
      It’s a very gray area even more so then mod chips themselves.

      Now the accidental release of personal data due to such a feature is a criminal act.

      One reason I expect Sony to get sued over the PS3 rootkit soon.
      If some low level company lacky can do anything remotely then so can a blackhat hacker and soon every script kiddie on the block.

      I’ll be delaying my purchase until farther details of this nefarious feature along with exploits are clear.

      If you wish to treat me like a criminal before I even did anything wrong then you don’t deserve my business.

  • Anonymous says:

    clearly the numbers would be much, much higher if they had waited until all those cool games we were shown at E3 were ready to be released, personally, I won’t buy one until OoT3D, kid icarus and mario kart 3ds come out.

  • I think I’ll just stick with the DS Lite I won.

    I don’t really care for this whole 3D crap that everyone’s so damn fascinated with…

    I just hope Square Enix doesn’t remake FFV and FFVI for 3DS only…

  • I wont buy that shitcrap until new frachises come up and Nintendo stops acting like a scared little child,I’m sick of the same thing evrey single console, Mario game,then Zelda game(in which i still haven’t gotten enough)then a metroid game….and the whole scheme keeps looping on! come on! Nintendo can come up with something better than captain olimar,

    • Anonymous says:

      Your statement pretty much applies to every game console out there.

      MS has rehashes of Project Gotham Racing, Halo and Gears of War.

      Sony has rehashes of Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance, Jak & Daxter, Gran Turismo, God of War, etc.

      Are you saying that you won’t buy anything from MS & Sony as well until they start an entirely new franchise?

      Technically Wii Sports is considered a new franchise for Nintendo, along with Wii Fit and Wii Music. Everyone knows how much of a gamble Wii Music was, but Nintendo went along and released it anyways. So your claim that Nintendo’s scared of trying out new franchises is completely baseless.

    • Anonymous says:

      See “Nintendo plays it safe.”

      Now if only Nintendo would find something other than another Pokemon game to make for it and we got us a winner.

      Perhaps a game that takes more of an online role with the better internet capabilities.

      Just dont hope it requires a 3D screen to work.

      Not looking forward to the 2-3 hours of game play.

      Then again it is stated that its good to only play for 30 minutes at a time then take a 15 minute break. If Nintendo was really adamant about it they would have it made into the system.

      Might i suggest charging it for the 15 out of every 30 you play.

  • Anonymous says:

    So selling 92.5% of their initial stock in the first few days is bad? It is well know they planned on selling 400,000. This is the same number of Wiis and DS shipped day one. How does this equal poor sales?

  • Let’s see, they release the DS, then the DSi then the DSI XL, how many fucking hand helds do they think the world really needs?

    Short of your kid playing with it too rough and it getting broken (which I have noticed is commonplace), there is a limited amount of times they can expect to sell the same basic item in 5 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Micro, Gameboy SP, and about a million color variants between them all… I’m pretty sure it’s been twenty years of constant handheld updates from Nintendo, most of which met with massive success, actually.

      • Anonymous says:

        The reasoning for those have mostly been massive updates. from the original gray brick with its tan and green lcd screen (original brick) to a brick with color options for the case and a much improved screen contrast(game boy color) and an increase in battery life.

        Then it became the game boy pocket so it can actually fit in the pockets of the age group predominately selling it as well as again increasing battery life these came with color options for the case only.

        Then came the biggest advancement in gameboys. a color screen. the screen,s resolution sucked and the colors wern’t to vivid or have too many different colors or a back lit screen like competitors like the neo-geo pocket or the Sega game gear. What sold it was the gameboy name, massive backwards compatibility, and was cheap.

        After that was don’t the next big thing was the gameboy advance. Finally a screen that beat out its competition and 2 new shoulder buttons to accompany them. Sadly no back light yet.

        The next big advancement was shrinking it and giing it the systems first built in rechargeable battery and a back light. (sorry for those that went blind trying to play the old ones). again it shrunk.

        Then came about the gameboy advance mini. didn’t sell well because it was quickly dropped due to the success of the new DS.

        The original DS was big and carried over the clam shell from the advance. It featured a new dimension of play through the second screen. sadly for 90% of the games it was a gimmick or a menu screen and didnt add much. But it still sold due to its backward compatibility and next gen graphics for handhealds.

        The light was good because it was a manufacturing advancement (cheaper to produce) and offered a better screen and longr battery life and was smaller.

        Seeing a trend?

        The DSi was a bit of a side step from the DS. It offered more online features and a built in camera. And most profitable of all a higher price point and a profitable digital store.
        The DSi-XX/XL is a larger version with no real benefit. to me it was a bit of a backstep from the DSi. Guess it was to prep us for the size of the new 3DS.

      • I think the difference now is that we have a very healthy and rapidly growing mobile phone gaming market now. This might not matter as much to elementary students but middle/high school students nearly all have smartphones at this point (especially in Japan)that offer a lot of the same general gameplay styles found on the DS/3DS for a reduced priced.

        For the 3DS to succeed (and by that, I mean do as good or better than the DS), Nintendo is going to have to really convince people that 3D is worth a damn or take the Sony route and focus on complex games that simply wouldn’t work on a mobile phone.

        PS. Most people went from Gameboy -> Color -> Advanced -> DS. The others were just “Lite” versions of the original that only the hardcore would re-buy. Otherwise, they were just a replacement for the “big” version for new consumers.

    • Anonymous says:

      the trend is…
      gameboy advance –> sp —>micro
      ds —> ds lite —> dsi —dsi lite —dsi xl

      i wouldn’t be suprised if the people are only waiting for a 3ds lite or 3dsi… that’s what i’m planning to do…

      • I don’t know how can you wait for a 3DS>i< when you already have a camera on the original 3DS. Might as well say "not being an early adopter; waiting for the next hardware revision" and be done with it.

        But yeah, I do get your point… although I'm going to just not buy into the 3DS at all. So far, nothing has interested me enough to warrant the purchase.

  • “irrevocably records the usage of cracks”

    Why do i have the feeling that this little “trap” isn’t quite as “irrevocable” as they would have us think? In fact, i can think of a few ways that would make this feature a perfect tool of abuse.

    • It would be pretty easy to block just record what IP’s it calls back to and block them.
      It should even be possible to intercept these requests and redirect them to a fake server and then you could record everything about what it does.

      Could be worth a nice fat law suit if it’s found to contain personal information like logins to third party sites or CC numbers.
      It also would be almost as easy to abuse to cause mass banning of 3DS’s.

      As for them trying to take you to court over a so called crack I doubt it would float in any court in the west.

      Apple for example can’t do shit about me jail breaking my IOS devices and they have better lawyers.

  • I won’t be getting mine until at least next year. For an improved version or whatever. All the 3DS games I’m looking forward to won’t be here for a while.

    Of course Professor Layton would’ve sold the most.

  • Don’t worry. The people who bought these will lend them to their friends and by the time everyone has turned cross-eyed, they will see an optical Buy 1 Free 1 “offer” illusion everytime they see a 3DS displayed on stores thus tricking them to buy more. It’s just a part of Nintendo’s plan.

  • The relatively low sales response is mostly likely caused by the poor launch titles and the general public being skeptic of the 3D.

    The original DS also saw a poor launch, so reckon the 3DS will follow the same trend and only start picking up once better titles are released or a revision is made.

  • with the shit games for day 1, no wonder.

    i didn’t get a ds until there was some must have game, in my case, 10.

    i wont pick this up for anything less than zelda oot, and mega man legends 3

    though there is the possibility of me picking it up if something extraordinarily comes out of left field.

    but at the same time, i believe the first revision of this hardware will have a second 3d screen in the touch area

    • “but at the same time, i believe the first revision of this hardware will have a second 3d screen in the touch area”

      Holy crap, if you really think that you must be an idiot of the highest order. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve read all week.

      • realy, look at may of the ds games we currently have… go on, look.

        most of them take place almost exclusively n the touch screen.

        is it that hard to see a bottom screen 3d screen?

        and as for compatibility, people with out the hardware rv2, they will just see a flat image.

    • Gee whiz, this scenario reminds me of the DS launch. and the Wii launch.
      A bunch of lacklustre launch titles with promising stuff to come later, somewhat disappointing sales figures to begin with, and then honest surprise when it’s sales start to skyrocket later.
      History is cyclical I guess.

    • “but at the same time, i believe the first revision of this hardware will have a second 3d screen in the touch area”

      Dream on.

      If they did this, this “1st revision” would cost 150% (if not more) of it’s current price (which is already too high for a handheld) due to the cost of the 3d screen AND reinforcing it, so that the fragile layer things that generate 3D effect don’t get damaged in the process of touching the screen.

      • Anonymous

        not exactly, you are assumeing that the price will stay the same, and that it costs alot, and that the screen will be the same as on the top.

        this is from the iphone

        “The priciest part of the iPhone 4 is the new, higher-resolution LCD screen, which iSuppli estimates carries a cost of $28.50”

        iphone 4 screen = 960×640
        3ds screen = 400×240 which is effectively, 800×240 and 320×240 which would effectively be 640×240

        now the tech and the manufacturing process for everything in the 3ds is new. and they are still making profit off it.

        realistically, when the first revision comes around, the price to produce everything will be reduced by enough to make the bottom screen a realistic addition, and for possibly less than the 3ds is currently.

        and get that fucking idea out of your head that a handheld is cheap. smartphones killed that idea, with the iphone costing 800+ off contract, many phones in the 600+ range, and on contract, sure its only 50-200$, but contract will make sure you pay 3500+ over a 2 year period. smartphones are what they are competing with, so get that must be sub 200$ idea out of your fucking head, shit changed.

      • The 3d works by making each eye see a different image. If you put a stylus against it, you will see two styluses or two separate screens. Its the same as if you hold your finger in front of your face and look at a distant object. You can focus on the finger or the object, but you always see one of the two as double.

        • i have to have this in my hand to verify, but i dont think that thats the way this 3d works. you are right to some extent. but here, there was a 3d movie disney when i was a kid, you could put your hand out to try to grap the object, and it didn’t distort at all, at least any different than if the object was actually coming at me.

          when i think of what you are discribeing, im thinking of crossing my eyes to see a stereoscopic image, and i dont see that to be the case here, though im not 100% sure.

          also see an above post where i describe and easy work around.

        • no, i want you to imagine a game like cooking mama. that game could go 3d, and than on the software side, go 2d, as in show the same picture to 2 eyes, not 1 picture to either eye.

          and when ever gameplay required a touch input you could have the game in software go 2d

    • Well, Super Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS is promising. The game runs now with a solid 60 frames/sec in 3D mode (instead of the 30 fps)! But I guess Nintendo should have include a free game just like back in the day when the Gameboy came with a free Tetris game, it was the ultimate combo!