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3DS “Already Cracked” “400,000 Sold”


Nintendo’s newly launched 3DS has reportedly already been cracked to run pirated software, amidst sales said to have reached 400,000.

Videos purport to show the 3DS running copied DS games without much issue:

3DS software has yet to be cracked, although with Nintendo apparently not even bothering to break ubiquitous piracy methods from the DS-era consoles, it does not seem a crack will be long in coming.

The evident lack of effort put into protecting the console has already prompted speculation that Nintendo is quietly using mass piracy as a means of increasing market penetration.

Nintendo reportedly shipped (as opposed to sold) at least 400,000 units on the first day, which have supposedly sold out in most stores – although such reports appear to be based largely on the less than reliable observations of journalists attracted to product launch stories involving long queues.

By comparison, the DS sold 441,485 in its first week, although the 3DS costs approximately $100 more than DS did at its launch.

Nintendo is also suspected of deliberately restricting supply of many of its new products to create an impression of strong sales and scant stocks, so it may be wiser to wait for official sales figures before judging its initial reception – although it appears undeniable the 3DS is off to a reasonable start.

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