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Japanese Earthquake Journalists “Total Scum”


The behaviour of a swarm of Japanese journalists who descended upon the scene of New Zealand’s recent earthquakes has disgusted and outraged the Japanese thanks to its illegal and grossly insensitive character, with journalists breaking into hospitals to interview victims and taking an almost pornographic interest in interviewing a soccer captain who had just lost his leg.

The first incident actually ended in 2 Japanese journalists being arrested for breaking into a hospital in order to interview injured earthquake victims.

After the New Zealand city of Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake which killed at least 145 people, a pair of Japanese journalists resolved they would secure a scoop by interviewing some of the injured victims – the only problem being they were inconveniently situated in a local hospital undergoing treatment.

The enterprising pair resolved simply to break into the hospital at night, but were subsequently reported by staff and arrested by local police for trespassing.

They were apparently later released without charge; the Japanese embassy expressed “surprise” at their behaviour, saying “it doesn’t seem they understood the meaning of ‘disaster area’ at all.”

The names of the journalists and who they work for have not been reported, strangely enough.

2ch is disgusted by their conduct:

“A national disgrace.”

“Good job NZ police!”

“Publish the name of their company!”

“The Japanese rescue teams were struggling to save people and they were doing this…”

“NZ police, don’t hold back on these people!”

“Just give them a blade so they can commit seppuku.”

“Which disgraceful company was this?”


‘When we pointed a camera at the ruins, police agitatedly warned us that there might still be people under the rubble and warned us we’d be arrested if we kept at it.’

Japan’s despicable mass media have no common sense whatsoever.”

“This was probably Asahi or Yomiuri – both have been in trouble at the scene of the earthquake.”

“If they are that interested in exposing the truth they should be in Libya…”

“These guys are only interested in Japanese victims, it’s shameful.”

“Wasting police time at a time like this is outrageous.”

“Why is Japan’s mass media such a pack of scumbags?”

The wisdom of keeping Japanese journalists away from the wounded was soon demonstrated.

Fuji TV had its journalists interview a 19-year-old Japanese man who had just had his right leg amputated below the knee after being crushed under a building, taking particular interest in how he felt about the effect of losing his leg on his life as a sportsman, and his interest in soccer:

“How did it feel to hear your right leg had been amputated?”

“Were you prepared to lose your leg?”

“You used to play a lot of sports, but now you can’t, how does it feel?”


The video for those interested:

The tasteless and insensitive nature of these questions aroused even more disgust:

“‘You can’t play sports any more can you?’ – what an idiot the interviewer is.”

“Asking ‘It hurt a lot didn’t it?’ is just…”

“This is insane…”

“Our mass media are total scum.”

“Below the knee? I have a friend like that, he has no trouble playing basket ball.”

“Asahi had him making peace signs from his bed like some toy.”

“What happened to our media? What is the purpose of interviewing people like this?”

“I didn’t think they’d get this bad to be honest.”

“It’s like interviewing someone who just lost their eyes and asking them ‘you can’t read books any more, can you?'”

“I cannot believe they actually did this.”

“Rubbing salt into the wound, as expected of Fuji.”

christchurch-earthquake-media-3“TBS actually told rescued students 10 people from their school were still missing and then zoomed in on them as they broke into tears…”

“They are brutes.”

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