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IdolMaster 2 Total Eroge


IdolMaster 2 has been released, with otaku cries of joy swiftly turning into wails of anguish with the revelation that it includes events involving the girls variously using their breasts to warm the producer’s food, having sex with the boss to advance their careers, and most shockingly of all, that Ami has a boyfriend.

The controversially recast Yukiho offers to warm her producer’s bento with her breasts in a spot of “perfect communication”:


Ami is revealed to have a boyfriend:


Takane is the subject of a series of events which unsubtly reveal she is advancing her career by offering sexual favours to the company head:


Although quite a leap from the tame events of the previous game (if groping young girls can be considered tame), the level of seediness is quite in tune with the other minor IdolMaster games released in the interim, and will be very familiar to fans of Dream C Club.

Whether any of this will actually affect the game’s almost inevitable popularity remains to be seen…

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