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“Help! My Husband’s a Precure Fan, I Married a Dirty Lolicon!”


A wife disgusted after finding out her husband is a creepy Precure fan begs random strangers for help in coming to grips with the fact she is stuck with a horrible lolicon for a husband.

The initial query made by a concerned wife on Yahoo! Japan’s “Knowledge Bag” (Yahoo! Answers):

“My husband is secretly recording Precure in his room… it’s so gross I’m in my room crying!

He doesn’t seem to realise I know yet and still tells me he loves me, but I can’t help but think he prefers little girls to me and is some kind of lolicon! How can I recover from this…

About him: he’s 26 and admits to liking Kamen Rider and American comics. I’m really shocked, I thought he had no hobbies.”

The “best answer”:

“What does it matter what interest your husband has if it isn’t causing bother to you?

My friend’s husband is in his late forties and is a huge Kamen rider fan – he spent $500 on a henshin belt. We all found that pretty cute!

Another friend’s husband is a huge Pokemon fan and still buys Pokemon games and goods.

I know another who is a shoujo manga otaku – it seems Precure has lots of cute girls and is popular with anime otaku.

He’s probably not even a lolicon, he probably just loves 2D girls in a pure sort of way.

However old they are, men are still boys at heart. That’s just how they are, although of course there are those who aren’t, but let’s forgive them their hobbies!

Would you rather a husband obsessed with fishing who went off with his pals each and every weekend to catch fish? He’d live for fishing, not for you.

If it’s not getting in the way of family life, you should leave it at that.

By the way, I’m a “Harlequin” [a popular publisher of romance novels] otaku myself, and at first I hid that from my husband, but now I just read them openly.

It doesn’t bother anyone and I’ve no intention of giving it up.”

For once, it seems a happy ending may be in the offing – the original complainant responds:

“Everyone, thanks for your answers!

I watched Heart Catch with my husband, and I’m hooked…

Erika is cute!”

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