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Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru


Fans of mahou shoujo anime Houkago no Pleiades are buying Subaru automobiles in droves (if 4 cars constitutes a drove).

2ch has seen at least 4 fans of the show posting up the receipts for cars they bought out of a sense of mahou shoujo appreciation, for models ranging in price from $15,000 to over $35,000:


The anime’s production was bankrolled by Subaru, and each character in fact owes subtle aspects of their design to Subaru models.

The direct proceeds from the sales of 4 cars are of course unlikely to fund the production of an anime, but the effect on brand awareness and perception amongst the car-shy youth of Japan may well make it a worthwhile investment as an advertising campaign, and certainly make Subaru the premier maker for anime fans (or those willing to make a $30,000 purchase on the basis of a cartoon at any rate).


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