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Xperia Play = “$900”


Sony Ericsson’s newly unveiled smartphone-cum-PSP the “Xperia Play” (otherwise known as the “PSPhone”) has been revealed to have a nearly $900 price-tag.

The uniqueness of the Xperia Play stems solely from its PSP Go style slide-out controller pad; much like the PSP Go it also has no disc drive and is apparently dependent on downloading games.

The actual phone is a completely standard Android 2.3 offering, which, like all modern Android smartphones, is also soon to be capable of playing PS1 and PSP games sold over Sony’s new Android-centric “PlayStation Suite.”

The up-front cost of the device has so far only been confirmed as €650, or about $900; monthly plans using the phone have already been announced, but not priced.

That it is to be 3 times the cost of superior handhelds such as the 3DS or NGP, and outclassed as a phone by any recent iPhone or Android offering has served to put more than a slight damper on any enthusiasm remaining for it after it turned out to be so ugly

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