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Ishihara: “Schoolgirl Prostitutes Make $100,000s!”


In his latest work, Tokyo’s governor Shintaro Ishihara is complaining that as a consequence of the “Darkness of the Internet,” as well as too much emphasis on freedom and rights and not enough on duty and obligation Japan, has degraded into a nation where elementary school prostitutes amass hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

In the book “The Parents Don’t Know – The Children Sucked in by the Darkness of the Internet” (“親は知らない―ネットの闇に吸い込まれる子どもたち”), a compilation of anti-Internet pieces published by major newspaper house Yomiuri, he makes some very unusual claims.

Using their phones, he says, Japanese children amass tens of millions of yen in savings from prostituting themselves, hiding the cash in station coin lockers kept “bursting at the seams” – a state of affairs seen in no other nation.

With their phones, these children enjoy a huge increase in communication ability, but that is only virtual, he warns.

They only use this ability to distribute nude pictures of themselves and gather customers, squandering the proceeds on shopping; children whoring themselves for such shallow gratification, he claims, is something seen only in Japan’s degraded society.

Naturally, Ishihara’s mysterious insight into the details of schoolgirl prostitution has aroused much curiosity:

“Where can I buy one safely?”

“So show us one of these schoolgirls then?”

“Like you can buy an elementary schooler in Tokyo that easily…”

“How much a go?”

“Seriously? I’d like to visit the country this guy keeps talking about.”

“I’ve never heard of any of this. Where doe he get all this stuff…”

“Ishihara’s senile. He probably believes everything he hears.”

“You old fool, you’ll only discredit yourself putting out these kind of ridiculous examples.”

“There are limits to how far you will be believed, Ishihara.”

“This guy must believe everything he reads and have no media literacy at all.”

“He read too many erotic novels.”

“Where is he getting this stuff… he seriously cannot distinguish reality from fiction.”

“This sounds like something from the pages of Comic LO.”

“Any girl who made that much would spend it all on clothes. There’s no way their parents wouldn’t realise.”

“This guy is just an attention whore.”

“Scandalous. Someone tell me where I can confirm this is going on so I can report it.”

“This is what you’d call a ‘fictional minor,’ right?”

“Agnes is going to love this!”

[A user points to the Amazon listing for the book, which has an average rating of 1 star – in it one reviewer summarises the book as “a litany of tedious prejudices against the Internet, published by desperate Yomiuri old-media hacks – 1 star is too good for it, it is utterly shameful that a newspaper is trying to profit by publishing this drivel”]

“Can’t they ban rubbish like this, with prejudice masquerading as factual reporting? I fear it is harmful to the healthy development of young people. When old people read this stuff they get riled up and start attacking the young.”

“Somebody ban Yomiuri as harmful literature too please.”

“Anyone believing this is crazy… count how many times you’d have to do it to amass that much.”

“They wouldn’t have time to go to school.”

“I don’t know, I expect loli whores selling themselves to politicians and doctors and the like could make $1000s a go.”

“There is no way a child that age would be able to hang onto that amount of money.”

“Tokyo’s vice governor Naoki Inose [an Ishihara henchman, also a writer and known for making controversial remarks about manga] is tweeting that everything in the book is true!”

“What, 100% accurate!?”

“Seriously, these people are frightening.”

“Even if they did exist it would be like 2-3 in all of Japan.”

“At least make it easier to believe. Like they spent it all on hosts or something. Nobody is going to believe that coin locker rubbish.”

“I’m seriously interested in how they found all this weird stuff out.”

“Ishihara admitted in his book ‘Kokka Naru Gensou’ that he bought a little Vietnamese girl in the sixties. It said she was a ‘great delicacy’ and that he gave her a pair of his used underwear. Creepy stuff.”

“How many girls can there be who fit his story…”

“How about this:

1. Yomiuri make some stuff up about child prostitution because they hate the Internet

2. Ishihara puts his name to it to promote it

3. The foreign press lap it up and publish it as facts about Japan (source: the governor of Tokyo)”

“This is all a situation from one of his novels, isn’t it?”

“Ban coin lockers immediately!”

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