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Dragon Ball Re-Rape Reprieve – “It’s Nonsense!”


Dragon Ball seems to have been granted a temporary reprieve from further violations, for the new project has been denied in totality by its supposed scriptwriter.

In between ranting about the evils of the mass media of which he is a part, scriptwriter Kazuaki Kiriya denies the reports about a new movie in no uncertain terms:

As to Dragon Ball, I deny it! The stuff posted on IMDB is total nonsense! As if I’d do that! I’m asking them to correct it.


Erroneous reports about the Dragon Ball movie won’t stop! I keep getting emails about it… it’s a total nuisance. It’s interfering with my other projects so I hope you’ll help by spreading this. I’m trying to get them to fix the entry.

Judging by the fact that IMDB’s entry is completely unchanged a day after his request, it seems likely his inbox will be bursting for some time to come.

The celebration of Dragon Ball fans may however be premature – all this only means Justin Chatwin will in all likelihood return

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