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Exploding Otaku Room


China’s economy may have finally surpassed that of Japan, but Japan is clearly fighting back and showing that it too can still make things which explode unexpectedly, as in the case of this otaku room.

The room in question is a Kyoto area one-room apartment, with the explosion occurring as the occupant slept with his gas heater engaged. The occupant, a 35-year-old man, escaped with light burns.

Investigators suspect the 5 gas cylinders fuelling his stove and heater sprung a leak and then ignited. There is no word on where the gas cylinders in question were manufactured.

The impressive level of destruction and rather neat hole is probably a result of the extremely poor standards of construction used in cheaper Japanese housing – thin, prefabricated concrete walls are de rigeur, and the room’s furnishings and lack of fixed gas line certainly suggest low quality housing of a level almost fit to compete with that of China.

However, his choice of budget accommodation may have worked in his favour – better the huge blast blow the wall off the apartment than be concentrated on the sleeping occupant.

Closer inspection reveals the occupant to have been the proud owner of a limited edition Love Hina box set:



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