Nintendo Fanboys Suppress Doctor’s 3DS Warning


Nintendo fans have forced an ophthalmologist to remove material explaining the possible dangers the 3DS poses to small children through a campaign of harassment.

After the doctor published the article, 2ch-based Nintendo fans were infuriated at what they regarded as an attack on their favourite product.

Accusing him of slandering the 3DS, they proceeded to post the contact details of his clinic so their brethren could launch a campaign of harassment against him.

The doctor soon buckled and removed the article completely, giving the usual grovelling display of contrition the Japanese are so sickeningly fond of.

The doctor’s apology:

I have deleted the above blog entry.

[He explains at length how the entry was not intended as an attack on the 3DS but rather as a warning as to the potential dangers in light of Nintendo’s own advisory]

As regards Nintendo, Sony and anyone else involved in the development of 3D display products, I’m afraid I have greatly inconvenienced them, so I will delete this entry.

With the peddlers of 3D display technology paying for the creation of favourable studies on the one hand, and their cultish minions enforcing orthodoxy with intimidation on the other, it seems the safety of 3D devices is not in doubt – though the safety of their users is quite another matter.

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  • why can’t they just use that energy to fight against ishihara, teachers, rapest, murders, etc.

    geez, talk about double standards and misplaced priorities. japan will fall if they continue this.

    • Hey now, this isn’t the Japanese as a whole; This is a 2ch raid.
      You wouldn’t judge the whole of America based on the actions of some 4chan raid, would you?
      Because really, I’ve seen a lot of stupid 4chan raids the energy for which could’ve also been put to much better purpose than this.
      I don’t see how this has anything to do with Japan’s priorities as a nation…

    • I would certainly like to see that. Especially considering nintendo had already come out and said that children under the age of 6 shouldn’t use it. Kinda seems a bit retarded jumping onto info that someone said saying its an attack considering nintendo HAS said that children under the age of 6 shouldn’t use this with the 3d.!5719485/nintendos-3ds-warning-for-kids-under-six-years-old

      Link if anyone wants to look at that. Pretty sure that showed up on sankaku too but I was unable to locate it with a quick perusal.

      Kinda makes nintendo fanboys look even dumber then they usually are. No offense to the people who like nintendo and, you know, don’t overreact to rational statements.

  • The thing is the good doctor is trying to take away Japan’s virtual girlfriends, and that’s a no-no. Typical of 2ch’s mindless fanatics to get all butthurt over someone who’s actually trying to help them. They’re probably closet Virtual Boy fans.

    Japan is doomed anyway. Don’t worry 2ch, we Westerners will take good care of your women when you’re gone!!!

    • here is the thing though. this is a band new type of 3d for consumer market.

      this type of screen is actually better for you than passive glasses, and is possibly a benefit to children.

      didn’t a study recently, and not just a 3ds study, but a study on these types of screens say its possible to be beneficial to kids to watch them?

      now here is how i see this, and correct me if i am wrong.

      this is a doctor, who wants to have more business, so he says every negative thing associated with 3d in hopes to get more people to look at him. people seen it as an attack (i see it as more of him using the 3ds as a cheap marketing tool) and they bitched him out for it.

      now either he caved and decided the pressure wasnt worth the (im assuming) minimal gains he was getting so he recanted.

      but what if he was only telling the truth (as he saw it) with no thought as to this could increase business? the way i see it that would be irresponsible in the same way telling people that condoms protect against std’s, than recanting your statement.

      if he was telling the truth, he is a bad doctor, if he was lieing for publicity, he is a bad doctor.

        • i cant wait till they can give a 1 out of XXXX warning for these.

          you say it hurt after a while, however i think this is more of a normal people finally know how i feel kind of situation.

          ever sense 3d came out, ever new 3d engine has given my a headache until i got use to it.

          i anticipate at least a 20 hours of headaches for me until i get use to this.

          now finally, when ever you work out muscles they get sore… can same apply to eyes.

          and because there is contradictory reports on both sides, before the launch of the console, i’m still saying i’m right, that he just was in it for a marketing campaign preying on parents fears.

      • [quote]this type of screen is actually better for you than passive glasses, and is possibly a benefit to children. [/quote]
        [citation needed]

        [quote]didn’t a study recently, and not just a 3ds study, but a study on these types of screens say its possible to be beneficial to kids to watch them?[/quote]
        Right, and you want me to believe you have a study that basically says Nintendo products are perfectly safe and was not sponsored by Nintendo in the back room?

        [quote]now here is how i see this, and correct me if i am wrong. [/quote]
        Well, if you insist…

        [quote]this is a doctor, who wants to have more business, so he says every negative thing associated with 3d in hopes to get more people to look at him.[/quote]
        Right, because somehow stands to gain money from people who read a random article of his on his free blog, instead of people turning their eyes in pancakes and needing his professional overpriced services? When was the last time you read an article by a certain medical professional and went out of your way just to go to their clinic?

        [quote]the way i see it that would be irresponsible in the same way telling people that condoms protect against std’s, than recanting your statement. [/quote]
        Your analogy is bogus, because it misses the fact that the doctor was forced to retract his blog post. A better analogy would be of a journalist who writes a story on a corrupt politician, only to write an apology letter later on, after receiving threatening phone calls and pictures of his children with red X marks over their faces.

        [quote]if he was telling the truth, he is a bad doctor, if he was lieing for publicity, he is a bad doctor.[/quote]
        And you are a sham. This is a logical fallacy known as a false dilemma, because you assume only two possibilities, both disadvantageous to the party you oppose, while there are many others.
        He was clearly forced to retract the statement against his will. You cannot conclude that he is a bad doctor just because he values his own safety above a mere blog post, and you cannot conclude he was lying because he may have made a honest mistake.

        • Alidan’s questionable logic aside, Nintendo themselves are notable for going in for the “medical claims” style of marketing for the Wii (fitness) and DS (anti-dementia), which usually involves dubious research ethics.

          With a history of commissioning medical research designed to show their products in a favourable light, their statements deserve intense scrutiny.

          That they have already started to tout supposed health benefits to their display should be a major red flag for any sceptical observer.

          Distorting technological developments with dubious medical claims is one thing, but actually encouraging and discouraging research (as would inevitably happen if the direction of research started to indicate that, for example, no children should be using such displays) is quite another.

  • Didn’t nintendo themselves already say that it’s not a good idea for kids <6 to play the 3DS with 3d on?

    You'd think that maybe they'd implement a parental lock that completely disables 3D regardless of slider position so the kiddies can still have their 3DS.

  • Thats weird it’s like people who smoke forcing tobacco companies to remove the warning lables from there products.
    These are the kind of people where you could pile a mountain of evidence contrary to their beliefs and it wouldn’t budge them a inch

  • Millions of people smoke, but we knew for decades tabaco is deadly. No one knows if 3D is dangerous, so where is the problem?

    If you keep going this way, we won’t be going anywhere. “It’s new = it’s dangerous”

    Pleeeeeeease! Use your brain for a change!

    If someone said when the first color TVs were released, that colored pictures can give you anus cancer, we still would be watching black and white know.

  • Nothing more sickening than extreme console fanboyism that goes so far as to say genuine opinions and concerns regarding a console are fake or a virulent lie or what have you.

    Honestly, you don’t need doctors. Many game editors in 3DS events have openly said they got eye strain with the 3D effect. And children shouldn’t be steeped in 3D with 3DTVs to begin with for the sake of eye development.

  • What the fuck is this shit? The people on 2ch are all man-children anyways. They can play their Pokemon 3DS and Love Plus 3DS just fine. They don’t need to threaten doctors trying to help people with facts.

    The truth is children’s eyes ARE still developing, and using Stereoscopic 3D will harm the natural and healthy development of their eyes.

    • Maybe these were actually anti-nintendo fanboys who’re planning the destruction of Nintendo products by allowing children the world over get long term permanent damage so that their hated company would have to deal with the controversy that could’ve been avoided by doctors being out and open with the matter at hand.

      Naaah. It’s just a bunch of stupid fanboys who don’t know jack shit.

  • LOL He should make a warning to all 3D games not only nintendo but the entire gaming console then when all practicing doctor can’t perform surgery well because lack of video game training then he will be called upon because he’s the only doctor who play video games although he’s the one who post the warning.

  • Experiment: wear anaglyph (red-blue) 3D glasses for one hour or more, then remove the glasses. Close one eye, look at a sheet of paper, now switch eyes, look at the sheet again.

    Results: the color range on each eye has changed, adapted to the filter in the glasses. While a lot of modern 3D display tech doesn’t rely on the horrid anaglyph effect, it does rely on the exact same concept (opposing filters for each eye).

    It’s very simple, if you do not give your eyes enough reason to be ready for the full range of light, they will adapt to ignore the ranges your filtering out. An interesting thing happens when you repeatedly force an adaptation onto yourself, it last longer each time until at some point it becomes permanent. I’d wager this all makes sense to the fanboys that threatened the doctor, fear is usually the driving factor for threats, and what better source of fear than hearing the game unit they spend so much time playing will damage their eyes with such extreme usage.

  • what

    But Nintendo themselves said that younger children shouldn’t play the 3DS! It doesn’t say anything about adults and teens! This makes so little sense I cannot even fathom just how retarded this is.

  • Lets see… Nintendo warned there could be issues.

    A doctor who works with children says there could be issues.

    These fan boys need to get a life. What the doctors say will not really effect the success or failure of the 3DS product. There is a difference between a developed teenager or adult eyes and those of very young children. Uh they are KIDS, they are growing, duh.

    • Not only that, but the warning applied to kids, not teens or adults. It shouldn’t matter to them, unless all the people on 2ch are 6 year olds. (to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me)

      And well, we know 2ch, they harass people all the time and politicians are the only people they can’t harass.

  • Yet another example of Nintendo Fanboys showing themselves to be little more than children. When an authority figure casts doubt on their new toy, they shout and scream and abuse and threaten until he goes away.

    Because their insane ideas on brand loyalty are worth more to them than their health.

  • wasn’t the doctors article only concerning young childen under the age og 6 or so?
    so who the hell cares???
    the real fanboys are those of you who troll with “haha then these nintendo nerds will all be blind”…

  • Fucking retards.

    I say let the dumb cunts have their eye killing toys if they must. Pity for any kids with uninformed parents though.
    2011 as far as I am concerned is not going to be the year of the 3DS, but rather the year of the Tablet PC.

    Looking forward to choosing myself a nice item for next holiday shopping season in fall 2011 (assuming I stop raping the shit out of my damned Visa card).

    • you’re wrong : it’s more like mobile phone operators and manufacturers saying microwaves are harmless , and studies stating “different results”.
      in 3DS case, effects can be observed far faster than for mobile phones

  • Everyones perspective of 3D is going to be different… Active Shutter lenses 3D have Glasses that refresh 60 times a second alternating in each lens. If a person doesn’t have Equal vision in both eyes they are going to experience headaches when viewing 3D. I myself have bad eye site and tried 3D which I started to get headaches in within a view minutes. So that is why I won’t be getting a 3D TV anytime soon. Though even without the glasses it could still be harmful to your eye site. The doctor speaks the truth and the fanboy’s are in denial.

  • Ugh, they’re absolutely worse than 4chan, and I thought they were just fools. 2ch just needs to keep their yaps shut. I hope the 3DS actually does give them eye problems, just because they couldn’t handle a simple health warning.

  • Seriously?!

    Fanboys have become so stupid that even Medical doctors aren’t safe now?!

    The man was mentioning legitimate medical facts; it wasn’t insulting your precious 3DS. If you want to go and subject kids’ eyesight to this crap, then be my guest. Just don’t go crying to me when things get fucked up.


      • Of course yes, you can judge with 1 month with the hardware (or more realistically, 1 hour.).
        And most people here are indeed 6 years old.
        Being tiring for the eyes doesn’t mean AT ALL that it will make you blind, cross-eyed or anything, but most people seem to forget this. For a lot of people, more than two hours of normal TV hurt like hell. It doesn’t mean that it WILL make you blind, or that everyone WILL have glasses because of it. Especially if you are not stupid and know when to stop.

        Well, as always, someone complain and say one thing, everyone follow whithout trying to understand. Quite normal. But funny.

        • “And most people here are indeed 6 years old.”

          Your sarcasm there shows that you either believe that only SanCon readers will be buying a 3DS, or you failed to understand the issue yourself.

          The “it will make you cross-eyed” warning is not towards the general gaming community, but only to children under 6. Which if you didn’t realize, children until that age are STILL developing their eyesight, and Nintendo itself placed a warning that the 3DS screen CAN have negative effects on them. As someone with an eyesight problem that started when I was 4 (and to which I was told that “it’s too late to fix it now because I’m past the development stages”), I should know that there’s some truth to those warnings.

  • wasn’t that story kinda BS to begin with.

    If I remember, other eye specialists were wondering what the hell Nintendo was warning against. . . until Nintendo just came out and said; it’s so no crazy soccer mom sues us for their stupid child.

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