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Nintendo Fanboys Suppress Doctor’s 3DS Warning


Nintendo fans have forced an ophthalmologist to remove material explaining the possible dangers the 3DS poses to small children through a campaign of harassment.

After the doctor published the article, 2ch-based Nintendo fans were infuriated at what they regarded as an attack on their favourite product.

Accusing him of slandering the 3DS, they proceeded to post the contact details of his clinic so their brethren could launch a campaign of harassment against him.

The doctor soon buckled and removed the article completely, giving the usual grovelling display of contrition the Japanese are so sickeningly fond of.

The doctor’s apology:

I have deleted the above blog entry.

[He explains at length how the entry was not intended as an attack on the 3DS but rather as a warning as to the potential dangers in light of Nintendo’s own advisory]

As regards Nintendo, Sony and anyone else involved in the development of 3D display products, I’m afraid I have greatly inconvenienced them, so I will delete this entry.

With the peddlers of 3D display technology paying for the creation of favourable studies on the one hand, and their cultish minions enforcing orthodoxy with intimidation on the other, it seems the safety of 3D devices is not in doubt – though the safety of their users is quite another matter.

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