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Dragon Ball Re-Rape Due – “Not Again”


Dragon Ball fans have firmly buried their collective faces in their palms with the realisation that 2012 may well be the end, for their precious manga if nothing else – a second Dragon Ball movie adaptation is apparently in the works.

Known only as “Untitled Dragon Ball Reboot” so far, information is thankfully scant – protagonist Son Goku will supposedly be played by Jon Foo, known for roles in a number of mid-profile action and martial arts movies.

Direction is by Takashi Yamazaki, a director with a number of Japanese movies to his name, under the auspices of Paramount Pictures for an estimated 2012 release.

The much reviled Hollywood adaptation was itself supposed to have a sequel in the planning stages, so just where this leaves each project is not clear; however, with not one but two potential new Hollywood adaptations things are not looking up for fans of the franchise.

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