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Aya Hirano: “Stop Making Up Things About Me!”


Aya Hirano is complaining that what remains of her legion of creepy stalkers is harassing her on Twitter, by distributing a supposed collection of her more problematic statements.

She complains of persistent harassment:

“The person I keep having to block keeps coming back with his ‘Aya Hirano problematic statements’ – where on earth did he get that stuff? It looks nothing like anything I have any recollection of saying. I wonder if it has any basis at all…”


“It’s like playing whack-a-mole! Thanks to everyone who taught me about spam countermeasures!”

The person thought to be responsible has been circulating some rather fanciful quotes, along with his at times strained interpretations of them:

“This is the only time I come to Akihabara” < She hates otaku

“There’s definitely no such thing as a tsundere in real life. They’re only popular because they exist only in anime, aren’t they?” < She hates anime and games

“My boyfriend’s not an otaku!” < She has a boyfriend and hates otaku

“I’d never go out with a guy who said he liked otaku” < She hates otaku

[He has made dozens of similar Tweets highlighting her supposed statements, almost all of which appear to products of his imagination]

You blocked me again!!! Making these accounts is not easy you know!!!!


Whilst few could deny the sheer creepiness of her more obsessive detractors, they do at times raise valid points.

Relatively sympathetic observers point to this analysis of Hirano’s 2007 Christmas blog entires, in which she is caught posting photographs taken several days before, the implication being that she is off having sex with her boyfriend on Christmas rather than fingering her rosary as she should be:


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