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Top 10 Male Flaws of Late


Japanese women asked what areas they find their menfolk deficient in lately offer up what may be a depressingly familiar set of complaints.

The ranking:

1. They’re not reliable enough (100%)

2. They aren’t forceful enough (94%)

3. They aren’t assertive when it comes to making advances (71%)

4. They don’t confess their love properly (70%)

5. They aren’t exciting enough (53%)

6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking (42%)

7. They aren’t physically strong enough (42%)

8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first” (40%)

9. Their romantic performances are lacking (38%)

10. Their communication skills are lacking (37%)

In summary – “Japanese men aren’t manly enough!”

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  • Oh boy, not another 1 of these damn list, meh…

    [b]1. They’re not reliable enough[/b]
    “This is nothing but opinion & is to be taken to offense as this is just what women think that don’t know WTF they are talking about in regards to anything”…

    [b]2. They aren’t forceful enough[/b]
    “Tell them to be or GTFA, enough said”…

    [b]3. They aren’t assertive when it comes to making advances[/b]
    “They can’t when women make it so impossible for 1 to do so as women are so very random so of course we are hesitate to advance, you could be aggressive & doing so could result in something happening we can’t legally defend ourselves against properly so quit bitching & just deal with it, it’s your own damn fault anyway”…

    [b]4. They don’t confess their love properly[/b]
    “They can’t when women make it so impossible for 1 to do so with the risk/reward system that is currently in place in regards to doing so, women are random, we don’t know how you want us to go about doing it so of course it will turn out wrong, quit bitching & be happy with what you get, end of statement”…

    [b]5. They aren’t exciting enough[/b]
    “Hard to be when they are expected to do specific things in like EVERY country of the world, they can’t be exciting doing something they probably don’t even want to do & they are usually always doing something of the such, this isn’t BK, you can’t always have it your way, end of story”…

    [b]6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking[/b]
    “Okay, so then encourage them, nothing is free or ever has been, not even the traits you would like to see from your other or better half, end of story”…

    [b]7. They aren’t physically strong enough[/b]
    “This is just…so what, find 1 that is or make 1 that isn’t, become as such or GTFA, bitch”…

    [b]8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first”[/b]
    “So fucking what, quit bitching or be alone, nobody cares. If you want gender equality, then you need to ditch this completely, end of fucking story”…

    [b]9. Their romantic performances are lacking[/b]
    “Okay, so inspire them to be more romantic, women are suppose to be more romantic anyway so it is expected, even by their logic”…

    [b]10. Their communication skills are lacking[/b]
    “Okay, so help them out then, we just don’t have it like that in most men’s cases”…

    In short, women should probably just stop complaining about it & do something about it as it’s not like they wouldn’t be able to I mean really, stop being lazy complainers that we don’t get already, it’s annoying…

  • At first I was making a big speech about societal evolution, generation caps and social pressure. After giving it some thought, I’ll just say that the Japanese women are stuck somewhere in the feodal age. Having fantasies is ok and all, but men aren’t stereotypical beings like that.

  • People are confusing the issue here. A lot of girls like men who have the metrosexual look. That’s not going away so don’t question it. This type of look continues to exist in some form for every decade and girls never fail to go for it. The problem is that these men are also pansies. Gackt is androgynous but he’ll always be popular with women because he’s assertive, confident, a black belt, athletic, doesn’t take shit from anyone, and has a strong, dominant personality. Then we have the Johnny’s Entertainment boys with their pop bands. They will always be eye candy for women but no one actually respects these guys because the vast majority of them are little pansy ass punks who have everything handed to them (and not much talent but that’s another issue). The majority of women from ANYWHERE will tell you that regardless of what looks they prefer, dominant personalities are preferred.

  • I’m a woman, and I am SO glad I do not live in Japan.

    It’s like a distorted 1950s world, where all women do is try to land the richest husband as a means to support themselves, and the men expect their wives to quit any career and become a housewife (especially if there are kids). Women’s worth rests solely in their looks, for which they desperately cling to, and men’s worth is just what they can earn.

    The western world went through it, and realised it’s hell for both men AND women.

    I am SO glad I have a career, hobbies and individual dreams. When you give those up, and put your entire happiness into somebody elses, you end up dissapearing. You end up depressed and resentful. And if a marriage fails, even with the best intentions of the parties, what exactly are you left with? How horror like is to end in a divorce, and then have no marketable skills whatsoever. Then have to live out on alimony, which your ex would resent, and you would feel embarrased about.

    And if the man you chose turns out to be a bad person, how do you feel about coming out of an relationship with nothing to show for yourself, as a PERSON. Raising your kids is a priviledge, but what kind of role model you are to your kids, when all you do is sit at home, clean and cook. I’d rather be the kind of person my kids would look up to. Beauty fades, how harsh is it to be valued as a piece of meat. I’d rather they be proud of who I am.

    As for men – how can a person be judged so harshly, a job, his earning keep does not make a person. There are true qualities which are more important – loyalty, thoughtfulness, love. Instead, in 1950s hell, you lose your job, your wife leaves you. And how horrible to go through life working like a dog, and then wake up one day and realise your kids are strangers, you took no active role in raising them.

    tldr – effed up society breeds monsters

  • >not forceful enough

    No, they meant not forceful enough *for* them.

    I should clarify: As in, being forceful with an amusement park because they’re sold out, or forceful with a movie theater because the ushers closed the doors ten minutes ago. Sure, I’ll gladly be the rude jerk for your sake. Fsking 3D.

  • “They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first””

    This concept doesn’t fit in our modern world because it’s designed with the mind set that women are helpless and are not equals to men.

    In otherwords chivalry is inversely proportionate to gender equality.

    It’s one or the other ladies.

  • I’m not Japanese but I try to be chivalrous when I’m out on dates eg. paying for food, movie tixs and even sending her home in a cab. But I still get left in the dust after a few dates.
    It’s like the ladies nowadays tries to milk a guy out for all his worth and proceeds to leave him after they drank their fill. Maybe I’m crazy but I still pay for stuff on dates.

    • ur doing it wrong

      if you don’t want to be a walking wallet, don’t be one

      seems you are attracted to hoes. stop dating them. befriend women first, and see what they’re like. get to know them. i’m not saying date uggos, but aim for the intelligent, mature, shy women who take pride in what they do, and don’t need a man to pay for their drink FIRST.

      if they’re also drop dead gorgeous great, but smart and cute and wanting to please you >>>>> hot b@$@es who think their farts smell of rainbows

      *sick and tired of getting lumped up with gold digging b@#$@s just because she has a vagina in common with them*

  • You know there’s only one principal that actually really might work for japanese women…They need a good dicking and not oh I,m gonna hit you one night kinda dicking I,m talkin about a singular kangoku senkan I think I,m about to get addicted to your dick kinda dicking ..wo that’s dick….5 times in a paragraph it ain’t a record but its the most times I,ve ever typed it simultaneously

  • 1.Like they were reliable themselves
    2.Forceful like getting Raped?
    4.Love makes you shy
    5.I’m only excited when i’m in bed
    6.You’re performance “is” lacking
    8.You go first into the haunted house
    9.You only want our money
    10.Well guess what nearly everyone has a lack in communication skills

  • forcefull……..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmnow that i think about it i dont know what kind of forcefull they meant becasue when youyare are being forcefull they say you are abusive but……….i dunno


  • Funny list actually I wonder, would unzipping and offering her your hard on with a very definite statement of ‘suck me off woman’, suffice to cover for #s 2, 3, 6 and 10?

    If you did this regularly, would that cover #1?
    If you told her how much you loved her for being so willing to see to your needs, would that at least be close to #4

  • Why isnt the number 1 male flaw on this list? That would be “They have a completely skewed view of what women are like thanks to reading sites like Sankaku Complex, and bitch and moan about how 2D is superior because they’re too pussy to handle the real world.”

    • Both sides have unrealistic expectations of the other. The survey shows the female side while the comments show the male side. Both sides have their flaws and merits, but neither the survey nor these comments show any of them. You and us would be well advised to take both with a grain of salt. Anyone that takes them as the only truth is showing their naivety.

      In any case, since this mostly concerns only the Japanese population, none of us has enough ground to justify feeling offended.

      TL;DR Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and slap some sense into our own side instead.

      • Not that there aren’t some good people on this site. I have fun here and I’ve met some pretty nice people. I just get tired of the same old ‘all women are x’ ‘all women are y”because this random thing on sankaku said so’ attitude that prevails here. Kudos to the people that can realize that women (and men!) are all separate people with separate personalities/interests/wants/pros/cons.
        (also I just think it’s damn hypocritical of otaku to complain about imperfections in 3D women when they themselves are hardly the pinnacle of perfection)

      • Back in college, about 1 out of 3 girls in my faculty are physically well endowed.

        8 out of 10 said girls have attitudes so disgusting that you can’t see their true worth other than being your dicksocks. They must have at least two or more of these.

        1. finish assignments by flirting the stupider nerds
        2. have pussies that have tasted semen from at least 12 different men
        3. have too much sense of entitlement.
        4. that sense of entitlement disappears once they realize that they can shave shit off that rich fuck.

        The nicer remaining 2 on the other hand are most likely already taken.

        Every other girls would give everything they have to a willing guy, because they themselves felt that they need to compensate with their lack of beauty.

        TL;DR: All you women are the same. You’re all whores, but only with different trade methods. The prostitutes in red light districts are just being honest with themselves and everyone else: YOU PAY, YOU GET LAID.

  • Well, what can you expect? There will always be room for complaint when it comes to the opposite sex. They are two different groups with ideas of the shortcomings of each other.

    Japanese women are great in my opinion.
    1) They appreciate it when you treat them like a lady.
    2) They don’t want to be treated like an equal: they want to be treated like a woman.
    3) If you try to help them with house chores, they say “No, it’s my job.”
    4) A lot of them have an appreciation for manga and anime.
    5) A lot them wear really nice feminine clothing and take really good care of their skin.
    6) International sex is amazing.

  • 1. Look, its not my fault Marvel vs Capcom 3 comes out the same day as your girly event.

    2. You want me to rape you or something? cuz I can dig that :3

    3. Oh c’mon, “does this napkin smell like chloroform to you?” is an awesome pick up line.

    4. What? “I love you” isn’t good enough anymore? Do I have to strip while I tell you how much I love you?

    5. Look, if anal sex isn’t doing it for you, there’s always other places my weenie can go into, just tell me where you want it…

    6. If its about that one time I hit on your mom, we can talk it over…with your mom :3

    7. Do I have to be the fucking terminator now?

    8. Its not my fault I’m premature >_>

    9. Well EXCUUUUUUUUUUSSSSEEE MEEEEEEE princess if I can’t afford 200,000 yen stuff…

    10. That’s your fault for texting me every 5 seconds and getting me used to it…

    • When you hold the door open for a lady in Japan, you need to pull the damn thing off it’s hinges with your right hand, and shove her through the entryway with your left. Best if you shout something forceful like, “GET IN THA BILDIN YA RETARDED SLUT HOLE”

      Believe me, after she picks her self up off the floor she’ll thank you for it. After all, how can a man let a lady push open a heavy thing like a door and walk half a meter all by her lonesome? ‘Tis a crime against nature is what it is.

  • All the traits mentioned above are the supposed desirable traits of a man. Strong, confident and assertive.

    But sadly, Japanese society and culture don’t seems to foster such traits. The conformist attitude of Japanese society makes it hard for Japanese men to display such traits other than whom the conformist attitude is done to.

    I can understand why 90% of men find sex so unappealing. A male have to do so much just to appease the opposite sex. This is on top of the fact that Japanese young people have a bleak outlook on their future nowadays due to their stagnant economy.

    Western commenters have pointed out if the women in general deny men sex, there is really nothing much men can do.

    • I’ve heard somewhere before that it is “just human nature to want things they don’t have”.

      Also I’m still not sure what they mean by “reliable” in the first statement where 100% of them voted for it ._. it covers almost everything you can do… that reminds me of an article ages ago which talked about how a large group of women expected that a guy:

      1. Plans the date.
      2. Decide where to eat.
      3. Drives her to said destinations.
      4. Pays for everything.
      5. Escort her back home.

      Source here:

      Maybe they just want someone who’s reliable in the sense that they’re worse than butlers or even slaves (as they not only don’t get paid/”rewarded”, they pay out instead). *Shrugs*

  • Hm, I’d have to say this is mostly true from the Japanese guys I’ve run into. Maybe it’s prejudiced of me to say this, but perhaps this is the result of pop culture glorifying traps and rock stars that look very much like women instead of more “manly” men. Hey, if the women were fine with it it wouldn’t be an issue, but they’re clearly not.

  • #8.

    “My needs first before yours. Let me get all the crap I want to buy before you do. You can buy whatever you want with the left over money if I don’t need anything else. If it’s not enough, then you should know that you have a shit salary. How about doing what you can to increase that salary of yours so next time this won’t happen? Geez. You’re useless. Hmph!”

  • Did You knew?
    “Sh*t stinks same way everywhere”

    And I don’t mean only guys. Females over here are overly-picky and moody too.
    Turn into a fierce male following their suggestions, and still it won’t be good for them.

    -Because you’re rough mannered
    -Because you’re not sensitive enough
    -Because you’re trying to get into her pants
    -Because most likely you’re still a poser

    tl;dr No matter what guy you are, if you’re not a legendary prince from book, that owns a castle. Then’re no good.

    And that’s why guys turn their attention onto 2D ideals 😮
    At which our dear not-at-all-spoiled girls rant too anyway.

  • You want forceful men, go get raped by one then. You wonder why they have so many hentai about this? It’s because of post like this. >.> I for one would be happy for one of the feminine men. Most of the time, those are the ones that treat you right. “Real men” if you want to call ’em that, are usually jocks. And nerds, don’t even count as a man, they just count as money makers. Which is hilarious to me. Cuz that’s where all the gold diggers flock to.

  • 8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first” (40%)

    Wow, are these the same lot who’d complain about sexism? Scary…

    Personally I’d do the honor of that principle but not if a girl explicitly told me she EXPECTS a guy to give higher priorities to a girl… but out of principle…sure, why not?

    • Call me old-fashioned but I am always courteous toward women. I grew up on stories of King Arthur, Sir Galahad, and stories of valor and chivalry.

      I hold the door for ladies, offer help with carrying things, hold the hands of old ladies when they go down a flight of stairs, etc.

      I think it’s a common feature of any gentleman and do it as a reflex. It’s part of being a MAN. A shame that more people don’t do it as a matter of fact.

      • How about this… hold the door for anyone who is right behind you.

        Then that is giving everyone a basic level of respect. The terms “respect is earned” is a bit false. There are levels of respect. You can’t give someone complete respect you don’t know – but it doesn’t mean a person should be an ass, until respect is earned.

      • but that’s saying that you’re better than them since you’re a MAN.
        kinda sexist don’t you think?

        or you just don’t see women as equal?
        if you don’t then what you said is pretty much right.

        • I’m sorry that some women take my courtesy as a statement of sexism. Most of my co-workers are women, and my boss is a woman.

          I treat them with respect, and that means being a gentleman. I feel horrible if I don’t.

          If I thought I were better than them, I wouldn’t give such courtesy.

          My belief is that there are inherent responsibilities for each sex, not that one is better than the other. Being a gentleman is one of the traits of a true man to me.

        • Chivalry is not anymore “fit” in this modern age. Yet for some reason some women still expects men to do it. Yet at the same women time makes men feel bad for being sexist… make up your damn minds…

    • 1. They’re not reliable enough
      For holding thing you buy when shopping

      2. They aren’t forceful enough
      Same as above

      3. They aren’t assertive when it comes to making advances

      4. They don’t confess their love properly
      That’s for themselves, I know

      5. They aren’t exciting enough

      6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking
      Like ladies first?

      7. They aren’t physically strong enough
      Same as (1)

      8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first”
      Include “Die first”,”Take a risk first”…?

      9. Their romantic performances are lacking
      The bad effect of those dramas,novels…

      10. Their communication skills are lacking
      Then please don’t say “your choice” when you already have one

    • But you have to understand that things are different in Japan. Right now it’s commonplace for a woman to walk onto a train with kids in tow, with arms full of bags, and hell she could have a broken arm… but a man still wouldn’t bother to give up his seat for her. It’s not so much as just ladies first as women are considered inferior and never (even in a dating situation) given these courtesies. To a man in the US this would just be unthinkable regardless of his thoughts about chivalry, but in Japan even women they are fond of aren’t worth the trouble. I remember watching a TV program that aimed to see if Japanese men would help a woman in trouble and most of them ran like little bitches.

      • Maybe that’s because they’re not sniveling white males who worship the ground women walk on even as they cheat on them with another guy. Only white people idolize women like some delicate creatures who are greater than anyone else. I can’t think of any other race that does this.

        The “ladies first” concept comes entirely from the west. If a Japanese girl is annoyed that a guy doesn’t subscribe to it, it’s best just to slap her in the face and walk away. She’s lost forever to her own arrogant pomposity.

      • actually history has to be considered as well… japanese had no thing as courtesy to women, it was just not usual, or more like the other way round… woman opens door, woman brings tea, woman lays futon…women used to work real hard, it was their formal duty to look over all house, and even administrate money. i remember it was in a novel that this guy from the west was in japan and well, tried being polite but the women got angry with him…

        • It is true, but keep in mind the difference in culture. She got angry at him because it was also her job and duty. Duty means something completely different to us in the west in regards to it’s something we tend to be forced into doing, while there is the mindset that exists that if you are forced to do something, you do it to the best of your ability. You make it your own. Once you make it your own, you gain power over it. Women back then had more power and recognition than is usually shown due to their presence as a stabilizing force in the mens’ lives. The issue was that showing emotion was also showing weakness, most especially for men. It’s not just as simple as women being considered lesser beings, that can technically be said across the board in multiple cultures across the world, but it’s also not the full truth.

          What’s happening nowadays is that balance is swinging the other way, and unfortunately, that will not work. The balance of equality needs to be stabilized otherwise on a long enough time line, men will stop pretending that what’s happening now is ‘equality’ and regain the spirit they were basically told they needed to give up.

      • Actually, you must keep in mind that that too is in part… in most part, the fault of Japanese women in many cases as well. In many cases, men who step up to assist apparently run quite a bit of risk for being accused of doing something immoral or trying something. So apparently all that’s left for the discerning Japanese male, whose honor is at stake, and said honor is his ability to function in society, it’s sadly become that most men would rather risk being a coward than a criminal. And unfortunately, that’s a wise thought process considering their culture.

        I’d bet that it’s not even that women are being considered inferior by the younger generations. They’re turning themselves into human traps of will. Many of them sadly are openly confessing their money-grubbing nature in public domain polls, and while guys can’t logically deny the validity that money leads to stability… they/we can’t honestly sit there and respect such, for lack of a better term, shallowness. It’s a self-fulfilling spiraling downward. In the end, men realize the only way to ‘win’ is to basically let them bask in their foolish fantasies with nothing to show for it, while men make up their own, and thus birthed the 2D revolution where guys jerk off to characters and keep their money for their own fun. Both sides are complicit in this downfall of course, but both also have to start making concessions in their egotistical perceptions or nothing will happen.

        Thankfully things haven’t gotten that bad here in the States just yet… I think we dodged that bullet a couple decades ago.

    • Yeah, these sorts of women piss me off.

      Though I know that in some places (I don’t know about Japan, but I know it happens where I live) where this shit is browbeaten into kids, and I’ve actually seen little boys at a day care be forced to let the girls on first, and are taught that girls ALWAYS go first, as a rule. (To make matters worse? The teacher enforcing this crap was a woman. Yeesh.)

      If you want to be polite, then fine. But once it becomes a requirement it no longer has the kindness and respect the gesture originally carried, so there’s no real point of doing it at all.

      Woman =/= special treatment. Sorry, (fellow) ladies.

      • Don’t apologise, you’re right.

        I mean, what do you express with eg. holding door for someone? As you said, politeness, kindness, respect. I do it for friends, for old people, for my parents etc. But to expect special treatment all the time just because they were born with a certain type of genitalia seems rude to me.
        Of course I like when men are courteous a little but I don’t want them to do that just because they think they have to.

      • im not entirely against it but neither should it be mandatory to do so. Although i myself realize that im sometimes unable to reject a request of a woman (if it was brought up properly and it does not matter if i would consider getting close to her a desirable goal) nothing outrageous but maybe cutting in queue or opening a door (ok i do that as well for men if they are trying to enter the same building short after myself). I consider it good manners but it is not really nice if one expects it of me or does not show proper manners her/himself (rendering the person unqualified of my respect or good will)

        • Opening a door is an interesting case on being polite, as if you arrive first, and you know someone else is coming, you just keep it open for that person to cross it (and it doesn’t matter at all if that person is a man or a woman!).
          You just keep it open as a way of acknowledging the existance of that person and you let him/her know that its a fact that matters to you (even if it’s just for a second and you are strangers never to be seen again).

      • you’re right.

        i was raised by a single mother, and i damn know to respect women, but it also comes to ask for (in those girls up there) can THEY be reliable, as a marriage partner? i mean, i think it’s OK to look for equality in a reationships…

    bitchy females and worthless males! all makes sense now! -facepalm-
    God dam, anime has fallen was because the male population have become this pathetic/worthless?

    • I agree, because of the same reason’s:

      1. They’re not reliable enough (100%) (The man has to do everything nowadays, not just pay the bills.)

      2. They aren’t forceful enough (94%) (Woman just complain but rarely lift a finger except to point at you as the absolute irrevocably guilty)

      3. They aren’t assertive when it comes to making advances (71%) (Indeed, all they do is walk around waiting for others to do her wishes, like asking her out.)

      4. They don’t confess their love properly (70%) (We’r humans not fantasy heroes with psychic mind-reading powers to know your preferable romance declaration, but whatever it might be, it bet majority involves a good chunk of money to reach a “properly” status)

      5. They aren’t exciting enough (53%) (Welcome to real life, i’d love to live in a fantasy world, would be allot more exciting no doubt.

      6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking (42%) (vague, in what? random non-routine activities or just in the intimate field? either way still very subjective)

      7. They aren’t physically strong enough (42%) (That’s contemporary life, there’s no need for exausting day to day physical activities just to eat/survive. And most woman aren’t physicly beautifull enough, we’r even :P)

      8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first” (40%) (Outdated principle, i thought woman wanted equality, not selfishness, allot of meaningless clichés can be done at the same time, without the need to resource to un-necessary pickyness to prove some sort of appraisal/love, again you wanted equality so this point is absolutly unacceptable. Whoever says otherwise is a manipulative hypocrite)

      9. Their romantic performances are lacking (38%) (You can help yourself out in these cases and take initiative, he will eventually return(or try to) the thoughtfull romantic event you came up with)

      10. Their communication skills are lacking (37%) (Vague, maybe they’r the nervous/shy type, if you realise it, then make things easier, although could be simply a case where neither of you have much in common, likely worthless persuing any romantic relation.

      • Agreed and that goes for a lot of things.

        With so many “variables” especially with women of today it somehow boiled down to

        “Do you really want [insert quality here] (equality, money, manliness, caring, bad boy, nice guy) or not?!

        Men (particularly in japan) are stuck between a rock and a hard place and nobody is throwing them a bone nor cutting them some slack. And people wonder why men are either jaded or unwilling to be with women with news of gold diggers, “equality”, or the classic “the poor bastard had half of his stuff stolen LEGALLY by his cheating wife” divorce story

      • I have to agreee with Ms. Rena. A lot of women want a man that can create happiness for them.

        No girl wants a shy, passive, unmotivated man because they expect vitality out of their partner.

        Women want a man that can excite them, lead them, and actively build a happy life for them.

        Male love must be proactive to be successful.

        • You’re right. However, I think that both man and woman have to do something for their relationship to work. You can try as much as you want but if the other person doesn’t care, then it’s all useless. It is said that “love is like a flower,” if you don’t take care of it, it’ll die.

          With submission, it’s not the same with every woman though.
          Some are submissive, which means they’re often eager to please and serve but they need someone to feel safe with, someone who will “rule over” them a little.
          There can’t be two submissive people in a relationship because they both want to be led but no one really does it. As well as there can’t be two dominant people in a relationship because they would fight with each other, both wanting to rule over the other person. Then there are, of course, people in between.

          I pesonally lean more towards the submissive side and I have to say that “passive, unmotivated man,” as you said, really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t mind shy men, but I really want someone I could look up to for whatever reason.

  • “6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking”

    This made me think of Ayumu’s break dancing in Kore wa Zombie episode 2- with a spontaneous performance like that, it’s no wonder he’s got three cute girls living with him.

    Clearly, Japanese men need to learn from his example.

    • Have you ever actually been to Japan? Most of them are way behind us in terms of simple technological advancements in the home. Just because a few people make useless robots that don’t actually serve society as a whole doesn’t mean they are technologically advanced. Most tech advancements come out of the US.

    • This is an interesting statement as it only applies in the last 30 years of contemporary Japanese culture. It’s ironic that, in the 70-80s, the social sentiment was that Japanese women preferred effeminate men. This then instigated a large boom of feminine traits in fictional males in popular media from live action to animated to print.

      The crux of my observation is that we have women to blame for being indecisive in the first place.

    • Times change and so does behavior… nowadays its all about whats beyond panties’ boundaries that counts.
      You dont really need skills to take a girl out. All you need is a sharp tongue. It doesnt matter if you’re ugly, skinny or an alien… The tongue is your best tool to love hotel.

      So ofc ladies will whine about everything we read on this article.

      “4. They don’t confess their love properly (70%)”
      What did you expect? Men are straighforward creatures. They hate hitting around the bushes.

    • True, I hate to sound racist, but most of the Japanese guys I know are complete pansies who turn into groveling little girls as soon as they enter the presence of a female. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

        • @Artefact — it’s possible for “beta males” to make a decent living working as an office drone or in middle management, since those kind of positions don’t require much masculine aggression or ambition. I can’t see any of these types actually rising to the high position like CEO of a company for example – you have to be a true wolf to rise to the top.

          A lot of the guys I know who are mediocre, middle-class, sensitive guys do sometimes get married and find a wife who’s looking for some financial security and stability, but they’re often pussy-whipped like crazy and it’s not uncommon for the wife to cheat on the guy. And as we’re well aware, at least half of all marriages in america end in divorce.

          Of course there are also the metrosexual, homo types who can sometimes be very successful in art, fashion, etc, but they tend to be very aggressive – that is passive aggressive – in a feminine and catty way, which is completely different from the completely bashful girlish passivity that we’re talking about.

          Then again it’s not like I did research or anything – this is all just observation from a lonely anon so feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt. 😉

        • I’d be curious to know if male “girliness” correlates much to lower income and a less advanced social position.

          My suspicion is that it would (lack of assertiveness and drive are not positive career traits) – this would of course lead to the dichotomy of effete males being prized and encouraged for their tender qualities, but simultaneously being excluded from marriage and serious relationship consideration due to their less advantaged social and economic position.

        • Nope. That’s the kind of probelms EVERY guys tend to face in relationships. In fact, she’s not really in the “minority” anymore.
          Still, there is a ifference between a “girly man” and a queer.

        • Hmm, considering how many “girl problems” the Japanese guys, and similarly effeminate “men” I know happen to have, I’d say that you’re in the minority.

          Even if you do date one of these guys, you’re likely to cheat on him when he can’t deliver in the bedroom, and then leave in revulsion when he cries like a woman because you don’t “love” him like he thought you did.

          At least, these are the kinds of problems these guys tend to face in relationships, when they’re lucky enough to even find girlfriends. And they’re not even fat, ugly, greasy otaku, but normal looking Japanese guys.

        • @ Ivan M. I’d rather fight wars, get beaten up or die than be treated as somebody’s property, be denied studies or a job, be married against my will, get raped and be permanently exposed to the risk of getting pregnant (these are old times we talkin’ about).
          men can get their body broken but can still have their pride. women could usually have neither unless really rich.

        • Respect is earned, not really something to hand out like propaganda leaflets. What hath the lady done that deem her of such respect? Does the lady not expect the gentleman treat her as his equal? Surely a gentleman does not expect to be served nor pampered first, why should the lady expect of such things? And if the lady does not expect such things, are those expecting really ladies? There is a theory. A theory that seems to be proven in more than one occasions. A theory about many common fish wives who think of themselves as ladies. These fish wives are loud, uneducated, and crude; without proper class, elegance, nor upbringing. They demand the gentleman to treat them as ladies, yet lacking ladylike qualities themselves. So when the gentleman refuses their unreasonable advances, they band together, and tarnish the gentleman’s good name. A most unladylike behavior and as such cannot be tolerated. Thus, it is a gentleman’s sacred duty, to uphold his honor, and expose these fish wives as the filthy creatures they are.

        • @TNinja:

          Assuming you’re talking about an actual LADY, then yes, I would call it a principle. However, if you’re dealing with a woman who is NOT a lady (i.e. the vast majority of Western females these days), I call it what it is: Prostitution.

          But this:

          “I can most likely concider this as a ‘Making up for how men treated women before today.’ Even though I weren’t involved during that time.”

          That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard.

          Feminism’s claim that women were “oppressed” throughout history is purely fictitious. Women have always been the most privileged class of people in the entire history of our species.

          Unlike men, they were hardly ever forced to work in order to support themselves. Unlike men, they were usually exempted from military service. Unlike men, women (and children) were generally deemed non-targets in warfare. Unlike men, women typically could not be obligated to fight each other in combat for the sake of entertainment. Unlike men, the safety of women and children was supreme priority in the wake of disaster or, again, war. Unlike men, it was considered distasteful and despicable to physically strike a woman … ESPECIALLY YOUR WIFE.

          Even the lives of female slaves were frequently spared by their masters simply because of their ability to birth more slaves. By contrast, male slaves were regularly killed, by the thousands, with impunity.

          And don’t give me this nonsense that because women were largely (but not always) disallowed from property ownership or political activity that they held no power. Bullshit. Women governed the family, and the family is the fundamental unit of society, serving as the building block for everything else: Economy, Government, Religion, Science, etc.

          This power over the family alone gave them enormous influence over everything. Not to mention the fact that women and their comforts always served as primary motivating factors for both the achievements and ill deeds of men.

          Men tend to oppress OTHER MEN, not women.

        • I mean it’s something I can live with. It’s fine to show your respect to a lady I guess, but the ladies should not exspect it on a daily basis.

          I can most likely concider this as a “Making up for how men treated women before today”. Even though I weren’t involved during that time.

          Either way, I don’t hate the principle.

        • Very much agreed, TNinja.

          At a night out at the movies, it’s enough I pay for the tickets and snacks. But holding the door open for them to enter… That’s BS when expected of me. The line must be drawn somewhere.

  • After WWII manhood disappeared with Imperialism. All the honour, chivalry are gone. Into the 21st century emerging equality has made many countries into pansies especially Japan where their pride has faded. In other words don’t be a pansy “Just do it” since “Impossible is nothing”

    • “emerging equality has made many countries into pansies especially Japan where their pride has faded.”

      Going by your argument of pride/nationalism then the current Chinese are perhaps the manliest people around since they still retain their pride- evident in their regular outbursts of anger towards neighboring countries over various issues.

      Same goes for any other “prideful” group, say perhaps Islamic fundamentalists?

    • … sorry? Pride?
      We don’t have more pride than japan at all. we just are loudmouth. A lot.
      (And I’m usually bashing Japan for everything. But here you’re overestimating your/our countries.)

      Also, it was not better better. 95% of people have always been pussies. The main difference is that in modern society, people like pussies.

    • So, your solution is… a return to monarchy, oligarchy, and dictatorial regimes? Screw free speech, freedom of expression, and go back to the nobility practically owning the magistrates?

      Yeah, real great idea. You realize, of course, that all those advances in “emerging equality” makes it possible for people like you to spew brainless, near-sighted crap like this without having to worry about a death van parking outside your home.

    • lol, you got downvoted for speaking the truth. Apparently the winners not only write the history books but also chop off the testicles of the defeated, since German men were systematically castrated after WWII (figuratively speaking of course… for the most part o_O)

    • I guess it really didn’t help that the entire idea of Bushido and the national code of morality was something so hideously bastardized, it disenfranchised almost everyone regarding the justice of the older chivalry. Even if it is not fair to do so since the WW1-WW2 era Bushido code was something extremely twisted and bastardized from the source.

      It’s like modern politicians in any other nation (including the United States) who twists the original meaning and circumstances of the original constitutions and laws of morality and turns it into an entirely another thing altogether.

  • Thus 2ch will make something like: Top 10 Female Flaws of late

    1) They are money sucking /b/s
    2) They love money
    3) They don’t give us money equally.
    4) They are otaku hating women
    5) They lack morals.
    6) They are not loyal to us husbands
    7) They are not tsundere enough.
    8) They are not like us otakus
    9) They poop.
    10) They divorce.

  • Hah, forget listening to that crap.
    The one and only truth there ever was about females:

    New age women are too spoiled and fussy.
    Changing their “ideal guy” image on daily basis, like we change socks (some of us at least)

    Aside of their complains on guys that still seek a lovable, caring ects girl. Saying that such guys should give up and accept real girls as they are.
    Of course, frankly enough fact that same girls are ever on a lookout for their rich prince from a book, is oddly passed with silence.

    And no, I’m not fat greasy/ugly otaku troll.
    Passed the deal with whole that bonding nonsense and experienced the crap first-hand lol

    Also, just for lols. What happens when You’ll behave opposite to each complain provided on the list in article:

    1. They want to be in charge too much.
    2. They are too rough-mannered.
    3. They are too persistent.
    4. They are too intense.
    5. They are too hyped up.
    6. They are showing off too much.
    7. They are lacking ‘femininity’
    8. They don’t treat us equally.
    9. They think too much about sex.
    10. They talk too much.

  • *start at 10 and work your way up

    1. They’re not reliable enough (100%)
    well, the economy is bad, of coarse they aren’t, if all you see them for is an atm.

    2. They aren’t forceful enough (94%)
    ok this one i can only read as rape me.

    3. They aren’t assertive when it comes to making advances (71%)
    you want to be raped… i mean thats what i read at first…

    lets do this again. a guy in a subway who is accused, not convicted, accused of touching, not raping, just touching, and he loses at least his job at the very least, unless he is a teacher. and you expect that kind of society to be assertive… GET YOU EXPECTATIONS STRAIGHT

    4. They don’t confess their love properly (70%)
    well, lets see here, i have to imagine many relationships in japan have an understanding, i fuck you for your money. i cant see how i could find love their, unless he makes next to noting and a perfect 10 is still going out with him.

    5. They aren’t exciting enough (53%)
    explain, you got the guy with a big check, the guy who is a pencil pusher for an insurance firm, or a government office, and you expected the guy who can put up with that shit to be exciting?

    6. Their spontaneous performances are lacking (42%)
    well their soul has been sucked out of them from work, and their wallets cash by you… i wouldnt be in the mood to come home in a funny costume either at that point.

    7. They aren’t physically strong enough (42%)
    ok lets me get this straight… you wont go out with a guy working construction because he doesnt make enough, but you want the sap who just pulled a 14 hour shift to also find time to work out at a gym… FUCK YOU YOU SELF ABSORBED CUNT

    8. They don’t appreciate the principle of “ladies first” (40%)
    well this shit happens when you generaly see men as a walking atm, and step on them at every fucking chance you get. of coarse they arent going ladies first. if i pay a woman to have sex, and the builfing is burning and falling down, FUCK HER im all for my at this point, but if it was free mutual sex, than its possible that i would try to help her quite a bit more.

    9. Their romantic performances are lacking (38%)
    lets see here… define romantic. personally i would rather play an mmo, kill off a high end character, and sit and watch the corpse desolve, than deal with an expensive restraunt.

    10. Their communication skills are lacking (37%)
    i want this elaborated on… i can go on for hours about a hobby of mine, easily. what do women in japan expect? them to give a fuck about a chick flick and talk about that?

  • To me they’re all just jealous because they can NEVER be a tenth of the perfection of the 2d girls. lol Now it makes even more sense why japanese man more and more want to marry 2d girls they’re perfect, eternally young and never will change their minds uashuashuashuash