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One Piece Readers “90% Adults”


Statistics reveal only a small minority of One Piece readers are actually the children Shonen Jump is normally considered as targeted at – instead, almost 90% are adults, with the manga boasting more elderly than juvenile readers.

The readership statistics:

1-18: 12%

19-29: 43%

30-49: 32%

50+: 13%

The popularity of Japan’s most top-selling manga would appear to be almost entirely due to its broad adult readership.





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  • Anonymous says:

    Whoever bitching about OP should prove how their favorite anime/manga has the potential to surpass OP. If you can’t, then you’re just plain TROLL… (lol)

    Me, I’ll still like OP though IMO it’s plot is rather slow in post timeskip. Whoever don’t agree with me, state your reason and shows your facts. You can’t!? You’re just plain TROLL (lol)

  • I am not to surprise.

    OP started 13 years ago.

    I doubt a 5 year old can read it.
    nothing about maturity its probably that japan is poor so kids can’t get teh volume eh :/

    To me its the most childish out of the big three.

    No diss.

  • One Piece is the best manga ever! 200,000,000 sales just clarify that.
    But I’m curious about second pic Did they separate Nico Robin because she’s an adult? or did most adults like her best? I like Robin the most out of all character myself. So maybe Robin play a huge role on attracting adult reader.

  • Nice to know.
    But of course, the haters will always hate.
    Finding lulzy reasons to counter the fact that One Piece is actually a decent manga to read.

    If there is any manga that I am just latching onto to ONLY see it end is Naruto & Bleach.

    Any other manga dealing with moeshit and those new generation mangas are just distasteful. I am having a hard time finding any good manga to read nowadays.

  • I’m 25 years old and still read One Piece.I read naruto too after volume 33 I stopped and for Bleach I stopped afer volume 20 when their back to earth.The long series I still read too is Detectif Conan so basically why One Piece is still read because the story never bored me and the readers keep loyal. I always read the manga on the web but I keep buy the original copyright on my country.I think many readers like me who keep read until now. Sorry with my bad english

  • actually it should say “90% of jump readers are adults”
    if you look at the stats 43% are 19-29 .here’s what i think is happening.

    probably more that half of that age bracket (19-29) are actually the people who follow jump’s big 3 in high school . that was us 5 years ago.

    more to the point, this is a clear sign that jump needs new artist and new manga to attract a new generation of readers. so get those creative minds thinking. if this isn’t a green light for new manga i don’t know what is

  • actually it should say “90% of jump readers are adults”
    if you look at the stats 43% are 19-29
    i think the reason for this is that in probably more that half of that age bracket are actually the people who follow jump’s big 3. that was us 5 years ago (im 21).

    more to the point, this is a clear sign that jump needs new artist and new manga to attract a new generation of readers

  • it’s as easy as this : We have superman and friends in the west that have been there for decades and their target audience’s age right now is mostly grown ups adult. Same thing for OP, it’s reaching that height w/c is a good record break for the east.

    to simplify it : Superman and batman – west/ teen to adults. One Piece – east/teen to adult too.

  • It’s not surprising. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate.
    I mean look at the Golden Age of Piracy from the 1650s to the 1720s. Were those pirates teenagers?
    Fuck no. They were manly men who set out to sail, plunder and drink rum. Wanting to be a pirate is a typical adult thing and One Piece is as close as it gets (unless you live in Somalia).

  • Yeah, they’re adults now, but they were hella younger when One Piece first started. They’re just dedicated readers, and after 600+ chapters in, I guess Japanese children are just too lazy to start reading OP and would rather read stupid shounen cliches like Blech and Narutard.

  • One Piece really has just been running for long enough for many of its original readers to become adults, growing up with it, surely.

    The much older readership having grown up with the likes of Dragonball and YYH/HxH and maybe pushing similar buttons with One Piece.

    I’d love to see a similar survey done with the rest of the Big 3.

  • Just what exactly do people think makes it “for teens” or whatever? Does anyone have a solid reason, or do a lot of people think in hard lines of “target demographic” and decide everyone of a certain demographic has to like only things used to appeal to their own “group?”

    I think a lot of recent “kids” movies are just plain good movies, but people think in “target demographics” so they assume they shouldn’t be liked by anyone old enough to handle more “mature” content.

  • I admit i wasn’t One Piece fan,but 1 day i gave it a shot and guess what ? It’s 100 times better then Naruto & Bleach in terms of Friendship + Storyline.

    Unlike Naruto which focus on the emo gay ass who wanted his revenge and etc etc wtf is wrong with him anyway.Screw up :/ and now they aren’t focusing on him anymore instead brought up all the zombie from the psat ninja

    Bleach is fine…. until now :/ wtf is wrong with this new arc ? aizen arc was better and epic…

  • Back in the 1930s in the country that used to be called the USA some magazines did “Demographics” to find out just WHO their readers were, grasping a market rather than general sales were far more important. The “Science Fiction/Pulp Fiction” market got their biggest shocker; Their readers were rather intelligent and educated people, not “Semi-Literate low-lifes”… It did good because, unlike the “Slicks” they stopped outright ordering their writers to “Dumb it Down” fearing some kind of “Common Man” would not be able to understand something or perhaps find something he didn’t like about this or that story and permanently leave… “Scientifiction” for example was VERY popular with REAL scientists who started “Helping” the writers, some even becoming writers themselves, A.C. Clarke, Asimov, etc. The main reason they liked it; “Well, the experiments always WORK. I mean, even if in RL you don’t get a radio-active monster that was formerly a flea and thermodynamics being violated, it’s a bit disappointing. I mean ‘NO’ is still knowledge in RL, but you want your experiment to work somehow…”

    Frankly, Japan could do very good with a “Pulp” revival…that is adopt early American pulp…read, do tributes to it, adapt it, make yer own…! Get (create!) some small publishers who are also modern and cool with new media. (digital downloads for sale, hidden serial # to trace piracy)

    Just as I’m part of a pulp revival project, Japan’s another country that could grasp the market. Depressed post boom economy. A lot of people between things looking for escape.

    A belief the world is unjust and a subconscious desire for heroes to do justice… That alone is a “Niche” you should jump into like an Anime character should (and F*ck why he doesn’t) jump into finding out he’s inherited a mansion staffed by young maids who are all accessable to him! In too much Anime/Manga the Villians are those with strong ideals who want to “Change the world” while the heroes are those that get caught in their crossfire…

    Time to END that…

    Imagine, for instance something like “The Spider; Master of Men”—

    A corrupt, depressed city. And the struggling people face numerous criminals, gangsters, crazed cults and foreigner invaders and an uncaring police only able to protect the property of the elites, those not on the take. In this dark world a fearsome vigilante appears, a shadowy monstrous figure who wears fanged teeth and a hunched back (that also holds extra guns, grenades) and a black and red Dracula cape…

    Late at night, a safecracker is opening another safe. The orphan’s homes might have OK safes for petty robbers and dishonest employees, but not to him. Third one this week, he’ll be set and the pigs won’t look for him ’cause they don’t care about someone this small… He opens the safe, silent but for the tiniest “Click”.

    It’s empty. Except for a note; “Thieves shall be ROBBED!!!” and if that wasn’t scary enough, the note is signed by the symbol of the SPIDER.

    The thief turns to flee, but as he turns a monstrous scream startles him.

    “Thieves shall be ROBBED!!!”

    The Spider! He was right behind him in this room, waiting for him to open the safe! His reddened eyes, his scary mouth of fanged teeth, and he’s holding a tape reinforced bat. He smashes the theif again and again and again with the bat, breaking his back against the safe and one at a time his arms, legs, crushing his feet and powder into bone, shattering his jaw into a bloody pulp of flesh and teeth.

    In the morning the director of the orphan’s home comes back to find the horrible and still living mess. The police come and scrape him up, some vomiting at the sight. He finds, put in a place that wouldn’t be found until the press was also there so the police wouldn’t just steal the loot, the money that was taken beforehand from the safe, along with a card bearing the Spider’s symbol. A few numbers for some good independent engineers who can improve safe locks at reasonable prices. Later, the two other orphan’s homes also receive a similar gift of almost all the money stolen returned, that not spent by the thief… The thief, wanted for other crimes, spends years in a cripple ward, barely able to move or talk but constantly waking up screaming about “The Spider” and many criminals quickly move out of the city once their sentences are up…

    Later, there’s a cult that’s abducting young women and sacrificing them to the Devil himself, literally for the HELL of it. They get their wish. As Walpursnacht (Halloween) rolls in, and they have a pretty and naked struggling blonde tied to an altar, the priest raises his dagger and invokes Satan’s name.

    “Blam” His head explodes from a gunshot! The high priest of Satan doesn’t need to wait for a ritual meant to jump start Revelation to meet his master!

    “Killers shall be KILLED!!!”

    And bursting in the room is the Spider, along with some masked friends of his, ones that are his devoted servants or whom he’s saved in the past-crazed sikhs, tough sailors, ex-boxers, all with guns and grenades and kirises…

    Now, wouldn’t that make an AWESOME manga!?

  • damn, a lot of narutard here. Go away you american narutard fanbase. One piece rules asia. Nobody give a damn about retarded emo angst ninja. Its not cool, its overrated. Deal with it. I bet my ass narutard fanbase is more from 1- 18 years old snotty brat kids.

  • I understand.

    I used to avoid “youth” stuff when I was a youth. I wanted to read and watch more “mature” stuff because it made me feel mature.

    Now that I’m older, I realize my maturity depends on what I do, not what I read. So, I’m no longer afraid to read youth stuff.

    • ZOMG how come the readers of naruto and bleach stay constant dumbass. BIG SHOCK THEY GROW OUT OF IT. target demographic stands for a specific age group.

      Companies such as SJ try and get as much of those age groups to read the series they are promoting. If they have a kids anime/manga they want to promote to kids you really think they will invest time and money in order to pull in readers outside of that range.

      The situation with the growing popularity of OP is more complicated when compared to other shounen titles.

      • “Growing out of it” is case specific and irrelevant for empiric research. If you have a medium that primarily targets a younger audience and you find yourself in a situation where there are more adult readers than younger ones, it’s pretty obvious that the original readers did NOT “grow out of it”.

        • there is the fact however that even though the manga is targeted at kids, if you combine the percentages of the 1-18 and 19-29 groups you get 55%, a little over half. if the first set of people who read one piece were say, between 12-18, they would be 22-28 now, in the second group. the fact that almost half the readership is 30 and above means that one piece DOES have a wide readership not just due to how long its been running.

  • 01-18 – 12% – “underage b&”
    19-29 – 43% – “d00ds”
    30-49 – 32% – “middle-aged d00ds”
    50-00 – 13% – “grumpy jii-san”

    The manga is being read by a whole bunch of d00ds and the variation of slightly older, balder, neckbeard-ier d00ds.

    01-18 isn’t such a big pool, you can’t expect toddlers who barely speak to be buying manga. I’ll bet a lot of the bracket was, in fact, the variation of slightly younger, not-yet-ripe d00ds. It’s not like you suddenly transform on your 19th birthday.

    Still, a little surprising to see such a small amount of sales for 01-18. Guess having a paycheck helps manga indulgence. “Anime? Drugs would be cheaper.”

    • Strong teenage and child characters are a major turn-off for me.

      1. I used to be a teenager, so I know how fucking dumb teens are in reality.
      2. Teenage anime/manga portray adventure and fun ending at the age of 20. I still want to fantasize about being adventurous at my age.
      3. Things that teenage characters make a big deal over (e.g. a crush on a girl) seem trivial to adults. I don’t care about half the drama that teenage characters do.

  • I think the reason why One Piece keeps gaining readers is because the people who once hated it started to read and enjoy it after they got bored of the seemingly lack of quality mangas. I hated One Piece art at first cause it felt stupid, but after I ran out of mangas and animes to watch, I read it and I instantly got addicted to it, I had a friend too who hated it at first even though I recommended it to him but ended up liking it by himself and forgetting that I told him so. Most people who speaks ill of One Piece are people who don’t even compare it properly with other series. Haters will be lovers of One Piece(maybe not all) while Lovers will continue to love this series.
    To all the haters
    The fact that One Piece is more than 10 yrs old and is currently the Most sold series speaks for itself on how good it is. Try to outnumber its fanbase first before criticizing on its quality.

  • The author of One Piece himself, Mr. Oda, has apoligized many times for making the series so long. He says he feels the story has gone beyond its optimum length and said he would like to finish the story soon. He apologizes to all those fans that have to read so many volumes to enjoy the story.
    – Jump Comics “SBS Lobby” A One Piece Commentary within the manga.

    However, every time he has made this statement he has had a deluge of letters from fans telling him they love the series and would be devastated if it were to end suddenly.

    Entire families have said they love this comic book. (Once again stated in SBS Lobby) So it is possible that a parent would buy the book, and the whole family would read it. So the demographics may represent this phenomenon.

    Personally, One Piece is probably the one manga you can talk to anyone in Japan and they will at least be familiar with it. It’s doesn’t have the same nerd stigmata associated with it with works like Naruto or Bleach.

    Finally, One Piece is a distinctly human story. It includes all the emotions that make us who we are, happiness, anger, sadness, triumph, depression, love, friendship, betrayal, and much more. The themes are quite universal, which is why it is easily accepted by all ages.

  • Another interesting thing is that the entire “current” One Piece’s cast is composed of either old guys or people that are 18+ while in most anime the cast are always High School kids or children. When One Piece started most of the cast were children though but now Luffy’s 19 and the rest of the crew are between 20 and 32 years old.

    Maybe that’s what draws the adult audience? I mean, this series is old as heck, they probably started reading it as a kid and you know the rest of the story. Why stop now? I was 11 when the first One Piece manga was published!

  • I have 25 years, I’m an engineer in computer science, IQ of 140, with girlfriend for 3 years, with social life, sportman and I see one piece.

    Curious that those who speak ill of one piece are the same who masturbate all seasons with plenty of generic ecchis series only limited to show boobs, series with no argument for it, really, that if it is to monkey brain, mature children.

  • Yeah yeah… 40% of people were kids, when OP started. But the same amount of people were 20-40+. And keeping people interesting for 13 years is actually quite a feat. It’s just simply amazing. Admit it.

    If you don’t like it-then don’t watch it and don’t flame it.

  • Well…when you consider that One Piece started over ten years ago, it makes sense. A lot of the people who started reading it as children are now adults (and the people who started reading it as young adults are now older adults).

  • You see, this is actually very interesting news. Allow me to explain.

    When a product is targeted at a specific demographic, it’s generally expected that people will move away from it as their profiles evolve, while other people will move in – therefore the average consumer profile remains more-or-less the same over time.

    This is what happens, for example, to comic books: Batman and Superman have been running for almost a century, yet it’s readership remains mostly teens. Children pick it up when they’re about 12, then when they’re about 20 they lose interest in the repetitive, bi-dimensional hero antics and move on to more sophisticated works (or stop reading altogether). Meanwhile, new children, for whom those over-and-over re-hashed stories are actually fresh, move in.

    In One Piece’s case, it would be expected that, as people grow up, they’d lose interest in the series – as it’s thought to be a children’s manga – and move on to other, more mature readings. At the same time, new children would pick it up as they grew into the target demographic. So the average readership age would hardly change, regardless of how long it went.

    That One Piece’s readership has not been renewed that way may mean one (or some) of a number of things:

    – New readers are not picking it up, either because they find it difficult / unpleasant to start reading the series after it has been going for so long, or because it simply doesn’t appeal to them;
    – Old readers are sticking to it well into adulthood, either because the story evolved along with the readership, or for some other reason;
    – If One Piece evolved over time, and isn’t a children’s manga anymore, then it may be attracting new readership even now, only it’s mostly adults, and not the children it originally targeted;
    – It could also be that the series grew old, has lost appeal in face of more recent series, and old readers keep to it only because it’s familiar.

    These last two points are critical to the series success. If it’s still attracting new readers, then it can carry on for a long while yet. Otherwise, it has lost the battle for the future – it’s readership will only get smaller, with sales gradatively withering away.

    So, is One Piece growing up or growing old?

    • Except you just used and america comic analogy and interest model to explain in an american cultural tendency against a extremely different cultural phenomenon in regards to this form of print media. One Peice’s old collections are still sold and still do fairly well. The manga’s tone also hasn’t changed other than the action growing with the story. Hence, really, the target market that picked it up is more than likely consistent with what is there now.

      One peice is neither growing, nor getting old. As jump’s entire demographic for battle manga is changing as well. Its becoming a more adult thing, and has been for years. The newer generations want moeblobs.

      While many of your assumptions are correct in this matter as to what is going on. You were wrong in one key point. New readers actually ARE picking it up because One Piece is GROWING in fanbase and those who purchase it. In fact thats what many mangakka were lamenting. It was all moe blobs…and…One Piece and Naruto. Of which One Piece grows like a great piratey monster.

    • lol i dunno if u know much about the sales but they have been going up madly. The latest volume 61 just sold 2 million coppies in three days. The numbers are going up currently after ten years I doubt they are going to wither away. There’s always new people who read it to. I only started reading last year, and about 5 of my friends who used to hate it also started reading it.

    • Then explain why every new Volume of this manga break sales records?

      It’s just that the fanbase have became to grow with te manga, making a habit of read it… Some kind of “National Hobby”…

      And the story just has a slow yet fun pace that doesn’t let you drop the series…

      One Piece is just diferent… may be a perfect example of a succesful manga…

      Other problem is low birthrate in japan these days…

    • Both I’d say. I’m one of those people that started reading it as a young teen and kept following with it despite being an adult now (and not watching anime/reading manga nearly as much as i did as a kid)

      At the same time i could see how its difficult for the younger generation to get into the series since its been running so long, and to start from the beginning now would be pretty time consuming.

      The comparison to American comics is a bit unfair though, because American comic series often reboot/switch to alternate universes constantly, so they are able to create fresh and new series with the same characters constantly (this makes it friendly for new people to start reading but also kills the continuity). You almost never see this in Manga.

      • You’re foregetting that doesn’t mean there are no new readers. The article doesn’t show numbers, only proportions. For all we know, OP can have the same number of readers in the 1-18 interval as Naruto. In fact, since it sold 32 million volumes last year, against 7 million from Naruto, the 2nd most sold, it’s very likely that One Piece manages to not loose readers as they get older AND get new readers at the same time. The constant new records are also evidence of this.

        Also, remember that JUMP is targeted for males above 11, so more than half of the first interval (1-18) is outside the target readership…

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers were similar for damned near any manga.

    Kids have no money, adults do.

    Kids likely prefer to download, and downloads mean no statistics. I doubt they have any idea how many people read manga.

  • I think lots of people here would agree that it’s got a certain quality to it that makes it enjoyable. It’s fun, is filled with constant humor, has lots of “epic” moments, and yet, still likes to tug on the heart strings of its audience.
    Despite being a shounen series to the core (shouting technique names, going from one bad guy to the next, staying on a one-track mind until something crazy happens, etc.), it actually sorta picks on the tropes it uses. Especially when the humor throws down what we typically consider a serious moment, using a totally unexpected line (and not just flat humor).

    Complain about it all you want–One Piece sells really well and still doesn’t get the same hate that Naruto and BLEACH tend to stir up.

    I won’t say it’s “good” or “bad.” But it’s very enjoyable for me and after reading through it all, I can understand why many consider it a step up from the typical shounen series.
    But take from it what you will. It’s not going to please EVERYONE.

  • lol people who say one piece sucks are just jelly that their favorite manga doesnt have a strong fan base
    facts are facts, even when people grow up they still like one piece, if you dont like it dont read it, saying it sucks means youre either trolling of flamebaiting

  • It’s kind of obvious, 10 years of One Piece after all.

    It doesn’t matter if the anime is good or not. I just don’t get it why those people have to tell to the whole world they don’t like it.

    Some like it and some not… live with it.

    • As you mention it. It´s more than 10 years of one Piece. It launched 1997, that was 14 years ago.

      From my point of view the statistics make sense, since most people who started reading it from beginning are now definitely not in their teenage years anymore.

      For why the number of 1-18 y.o. is even smaller than the 50+ people beats me, maybe they´re just too lazy to catch up with the 60 tanks of story set before the chapters they can read in the Shonen Jump.

    • I find the anime to be pretty good actually. Just because it has failed to truly take off in the west doesn’t really mean a whole lot of the actual product.

      Also, I support magical girl anime well into adulthood as well. I guess I also kind of chalk that up to being a fan of it during childhood.

      • I remember the exact moment I realized how incredible One Piece was. There was something in it that I couldn’t put my finger on that made it something more than most of the others out there, books included. And that something was almost in contrast to its style, and the true oddity was the contrast helped it even more.

        The moment was on the snow island when they were climbing the mountain and they came past a giant creature with a cane I believe it was. It just walked by them nonchalantly, and while the others were freaking out, the native who was escorting them treated it like the most natural thing in the world. Somehow that moment made it all click that this story was far beyond just an epic. It had managed to surreptitiously develop an entire world, and ecosystems that not only worked individually in each island/continent, but were consistent across the planet, regardless of how different they all were.

        That takes levels of awareness and ability that is beyond most peoples abilities. There are dozens of other reasons it’s special in and of itself as a series, but that moment above all others was where I understood that the guy really is a genius, regardless of if people like the series or not.

        • i don’t watch anime based on jump comics anymore because they get into the hundreds of episodes range.. i was into all of them before the episode count skyrocketed with all the fillers. ((couldn’t they have pulled an index and just cram some good plot in a season or two?))

          but i do agree that one piece now is epic. naruto and bleach don’t compare any more. the only other manga that gets my blood running now is fairy tail, which surprisingly isn’t altogether that different from one piece.

          Oda is just damn good.

  • What a stupid poll. If it was a best selling manga that had been running for up to 5 years then it would be something. However One Piece the manga has been running since 1997. So ofcourse it’s main readers are going to be 19 and above. The majority of us One Piece fans stuck with the series!

  • One Piece has been running for so long that the adults who reads it were kids when the thing started.

    Also, Naruto has been out more then 10 years as well. I am sure Bleach is nearing that as well.

  • Well, One piece did start at 1997, so all those kids that got into it since the beginning are like 18+ right now… also, one piece is pretty good, so it still attracts people.
    And considering the quality of newer mangas… One Piece is epic

  • It’s been running for 10 years. Rather, I would find it a testament of how good it actually is. Few works can boast having such a dedicated and strong fanbase over the years, and keep them interested still.

    • and I’m reading it since 1998, when I was still 8y/o.

      Even until now(I’m 21 this year), I’m a loyal fan of One Piece.

      so to all those who wants to start flaming here, GTFO
      Dont you see, its obvious that most of the reader of the manga still sticks to it even after they move on to the next stagee of their life

      • Um kids who read naruto when they were 10 stopped reading it when they were 18…

        Im just saiyan,not super saiyan that unlike the rest of long shounen series (5 yrs+)ppl actually get tired of it aka they grow out of it.

        I mean 32 mil copies last year the other mangas that ranked top 5 still did not beat OP COMBINED

  • I find it hard to belive that 90% of OP readers are “adults” as a large majority of it’s fans have the brain capacity of a monkey…

    That said, One piece is epic, the OPtards, worst fags ever.
    And most comments in here just proves my point, im glad most true OP fans aren’t sucking on Oda’s cock accepting everything he writes as gold on paper.

  • umm it is an issue there is no child market cause the new series are not fulfilling what One piece had before it was mora than 10 years ago since One piece and naruto started,KIDS NEED FRESH(and no, no teen loli titans cause that appeals to adults too, shame on you)

  • I find it hard to belive that 90% of OP readers are “adults” as a large majority of it’s fans have the brain capacity of a monkey…

    That said, One piece is epic, the OPtards, worst fags ever.