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Wonfes PSP Thief Makes Seiyuu Cry


A thief has made off with the precious PSP of seiyuu Haruna Ikezawa, making her cry.

Haruna Ikezawa (“Nana-chan”), known for a variety of singing and acting as well as her role as Momoka in Keroro Gunsou, attended the recent Winter 2011 Wonder Festival.


On the way home, she stopped in at a bar with her friends, and later realised she forgot her PSP there, but could not find it when she returned.

As ever, Twitter offers a blow-by-blow account of her world falling apart, as do a long series of blog updates detailing the tragedy:

“I seem to have lost my PSP whilst having dinner. But the shop says they haven’t seen it. I definitely lost it in there, it’s not in my bag. I have no choice but to give up… The shop had individual stalls, and there were no other customers in the shop when I went back.”


“It was in a pouch around my waist. I took off the pouch in the shop. We were the last customers. But it isn’t there. I looked through my bags again when I went back but it wasn’t there. I feel a bit dejected and am on the verge of tears…”

[…the next day…]

“I got home. My PSP (>д:  Uuuuuuuuu… The bar I went in on the way back from Wonfes, I forgot my PSP… my PSP in there!!! It was in my pouch. When I called back they said it wasn’t there!

*It was a stall
*Nobody was there when I got back
*I remember taking it off there
*It was 1 minute from the station. I called back as soon I realised, on the platform. It was probably only 10 minutes later.

PSP… Monster Hunter… 70 hours of Monster Hunter data… Other saves (including hundreds of hours of MHPG2nd play)… The special pouch I was given by Reine Hibiki [Mari-mite illustrator]…

I’m so depressed! I’ll try to go out.”


“Please! Anyone who found a red PSP in a black pouch near the Keiyo line after the 2/6 Wonfes, get in touch! I’m going to cry.”


“My PSP hasn’t returned (/_;): The PSP didn’t come back. I checked so many times at the bar. I even asked at their head office. I reported it to police as a lost item. I asked at the station. I tried asking at the Makuhari Messe cafe aI was at before.”

[She goes on to discuss various theories as to how it went missing, for several pages, concluding that it may have been stolen, at which point she writes a page-long curse on the thief, requesting dark forces guide his every step into dog excrement, drain all his pens of ink, cause all his fizzy drinks to froth up in his face, etc. etc.]

“When I’m on the train now, every time I see people playing their DS I get depressed… My data, all lost! After I played with so many people…”

Her PSP remains lost. She had no backups.


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