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Marriage: “Ugly Rich Man or Hot Poor Man?”


Japanese women asked whether they would sooner marry an really ugly rich man or a poor yet handsome stud give a rather one-sided response…

No less than 79% of the women responding opted for the ugly rich man, and a mere 21% for the poor Adonis.

An unrepresentative smattering of their responses:

“You can’t eat on love alone!”

“A hot guy with no cash isn’t trying hard enough!”

“Without any cash the strain of life soon erodes any romance.”

“Their sense of values is more important than either.”

“I’m an ugly so I’ll take whatever I can get!”

“Poverty is crushing.”

“I don’t really feel a hot guy to be that much of a catch anyway.”

“Put next to a really hot guy I’d be worried about what people would say about me…”

“Get a rich guy and you can use his money to call over a hot stud while he’s at work all day – problem solved.”

These results are of course far from unprecedented

2ch, reputed to be both ugly and poor, is especially put out by all this pragmatism at their expense:

“So cash is all that matters, you filthy sows!”

“So they’ll just marry a rich guy and have an affair with a hot one then?”

“That’s marriage for you.”

“The opinions all sound like those of 30+ hags…”

“What women are calling ‘ugly’ here is what everyone else would call ‘average’ though.”

“Well, they are right. A man’s looks fade through the years…”

“For anyone who marries a really ugly guy, rich or not, adultery is the norm.”

“Marriage for love is dead then?”

“With sufficient funds you can pretty much fix most cases of not being cool though…”

“Ask the same of men: 1% = totally ugly but loaded, 99% = gorgeous but poor as a church mouse.”

“What fools these women are – they think they become wealthy by marrying a wealthy man.”

“Why can’t these women get rich themselves and then support their own really hot poor guy?”

“You can always marry a rich ugly, divorce him, take half his money and then marry a hot guy.”

“You guys are not different. They pick based on money, you pick based on sex appeal. Or would you all marry an ugly fat girl with a nice personality?”

“What a bitch – ‘You can’t eat on love alone!’ – they have no intention of earning a living do they?”

“I think in actuality a lot of rich ugly guys have trouble getting married whilst almost all the hot guys are spoken for.”

“Play around with nice guys until you’re 25, then find some ugly loser with no experience of love but a fat purse and bilk him into marrying you – it’s the right choice.”

“You can’t live off your face after all.”

“Can’t be helped. A man’s worth is money, a woman’s is youth.”

“Something like this:

$120k+ salary = 18-year-old girl

$100k+ salary = 20-year-old woman

$80k+ salary = 25-year-oldwoman

$50k+ salary = 30-year-oldwoman

$25k+ salary = 35-year-old woman

Unemployed = 40-year-old woman”

“Having money is proof of your vitality so it’s only natural it would be the major criterion for marriage.”

“Try posing the same question with a photograph and I think the answer will differ…”

“So the husband is just an ATM…”

“You guys are lucky – you’ve a new motivation to work!”

“You keep on about equality and independence but when it comes down to it you want to be supported. Just come out and say you want to parasitise someone…”

“What a crude bunch, only interested in money. These are the women who are going to get discarded when they age…”

“All you ugly paupers sure are weeping right now, eh?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    “You can always marry a rich ugly, divorce him, take half his money and then marry a hot guy.”

    And then the hot guy will divorce you and take half of your money.

    What you give is what you get. Karma will always find its way back.

    BUT! However, there’s only 500 votes in total. (If you click on the 79%) A survey that’s done on less than 1% of the population is absolutely useless. We should never judge an entire Nationality with such a limited amount of data.

  • Anonymous says:

    There was no “right” answer.
    If you choose ugly rich man, you’re marrying for money.
    If you choose hot poor man, you’re marrying for looks.
    Both are frowned upon.

    It was a trick question, designed to upset people, either side that came out the leader would have upset people. If the other side won, guys here would say “Oh, women only care for looks”.

    A better question would be, a poor man who you love more than anything or a rich man who you truly can’t stand at all. At least that way there is a right answer.

  • To let you all on some information I am an example of an alpha. I can date most women and I am not even employed.

    It is honestly disgusting what I have to do. 90% of the time I make sure the woman pays for everything on her part not mine on her own. Meaning she has to pay for her own movie ticket.

    I hate doing this but the best way to do this is to act like you are very alpha and feel like she is lucky to have you. Make her aware you have tons of options open for women. In short make her feel like shit and that she should consider herself lucky to be around you.

    Women are fucking retarded and fall for this every time, but you have to make it believable.

    Another secret which is fucking pathetic with most men. About every women I been with have never came during sex with a guy. And this is honestly a huge problem on why you will always be dumped you idiots. USE YOUR FUCKING HANDS! For fuck sake most of you during sex is at the most touch her hair or feel her hips. Touch her clit,finger in the ass, grope her tits, go for these areas.

    You pathetic sacks need to stop blaming women for your problems and do the harder thing by not pointing fingers at someone else. Point fingers at yourself and think of how to improve yourself instead of blaming the world. My god the people that come here are fucking pathetic.

    Another tip is to dress nicely and different from your average joe. And of course be at the least not a lard ass.

  • Both answers would be stupid; it’s about what’s inside! You’re supposed to marry who you love. Poor couples can be happy too. Rich couples tend to not actually love each other. Since they are rich, they probably haven’t built enough character to even be ABLE to love.

    Bottom line, marry who you love. If it’s about money, these disgraceful whores need to get THEIR OWN job!

  • If I ever found a hot guy I loved and found out that he was poor, then it’s my responsibility to help him with finances along the way! What’s the point of marrying someone if you’re not going to be helpful and faithful to each other?

    But I suppose that the modern definition of marriage turns out to be the opposite nowadays. Kind of sad, really…

  • Love tempered in the fires of adversity will never break! But unfortunately this it real life and ugly and rich is just more practical. Though whether or not a great majority of the 79% also think so I highly doubt.

  • Well, my dad was pretty poor (he lived on a farm/mountain forest thing in China or something), but according to my mom “He was the best looking guy in highschool, and the smartest.” He used to be a state governor, but left the place coz China was crap =P

    Fucking hot poor guys pl0x. But money won’t hurt :3

  • All women are like this japanese women are just hoped up on pride and optimism so that they’re blinded to the way of the world that you will never get a 100 top notch guy and you’re gonna be old and alone If you keep that attitude …fuckin asian pride man ….makes you kinda wonder is it really such a bad thing women like that are declining because of birthrate ?

  • /Without any cash the strain of life soon erodes any romance
    /the strain of life erodes any romance
    /strain of life
    /in Japan
    /parse error

    “A hot guy with no cash isn’t trying hard enough!”
    Untrue. Specially in Japan where the system is organized to never let a 30 year old earn more than a 50 year old barring those with positions earned through heritage or by way of having the right contacts.

    “Their sense of values is more important than either.”

    “Having money is proof of your vitality so it’s only natural it would be the major criterion for marriage.”
    You will not think the same once you become sexually unsatisfied after having all that vitality sucked out of him by spending 12 hours a day bowing to his ‘flawless’ superiors.

  • so basically Japanese woman want men to work and work and make a lot of money while they use their husbands money and enjoy life and to cheat on them…i want these bitches to be played by a rich fellow then tossed away.

  • why do japanese polls always focus on money and beauty?

    why don’t the ever make (or publish here) a poll about mental or non-material desirable qualities of a spouse?


    since the word “love” isn’t specific enough, pick one characteristic you find most important.
    the living conditions for your marriage may be considered modest. you’re not on the street, but you’re not bathing in money either.

    so, pick one
    – understanding person
    – suportative
    – backs me up
    – i can talk to him/her and really trust him/her.
    – s/he’ll put her/his hand in flames for me.

    let’s face it, these polls do more damage than good! they’re just populist and, well, shallow! don’t know how else to call it!
    and i thought japanese had more intelligent polls, but it seems journalists are the same everywhere…

  • No one seems to realize that why the fuck should looks matter anyway? If someone asked me HEY WANT AN UGLY RICH MAN OR A HOT POOR MAN, that doesnt tell me jack. Ugly Rich Man might have a heart of gold, Hot Poor Man might be a total douchenugget, or vice versa.
    I just want whatever guy has a great personality and matches my hobbies, not what he looks like or how much money he has :/

  • hahaha! This is all too funny and yet sadly true. My ex left me, because I do not have enough money to make her happy. Her loss not mine. She we broke up, she said she would have a bf in two weeks. It has been over two months and still no guy is interested in her. She goes after the ones that will take care of her financially. They look well to do, but they are as poor as me.

  • I wish American women were more like Japanese women. As a guy with more money than looks, it’s very hard to get a girl’s attention if you’re not hot.

    I eventually found a girl, but she refuses to give up her minimal wage job to become a housewife. My income is enough for both of us, so her time would be more valuable making dinner and cleaning than working for peanuts.

  • Well here’s the proof that humans are nothing more than animals.
    With the animals females are very capricious in picking the strongest and finest – with humans when that doesn’t matter anymore it’s money because it’s solid and secure.

  • Great, another one of these.

    “I don’t really feel a hot guy to be that much of a catch anyway.”

    Ha ha, that’s how I feel, though I don’t think women should settle for less in terms of looks. It’s sad how Japanese women have to feel like the only way they can make a living is to leech off another person. My mother always told me to get a good education in order to be independent, even if men drop out of my life. Maybe I’m just being too idealistic because I don’t have to worry about making a living on my own just yet. It’s hard times though.

  • I think it’s sad that people would marry only for money. Sure, you can have a big house, lots of stuff, vacations, etc…but won’t you always feel like something is missing?

    There are still some women out there who will marry for love instead of money, though. I always knew my husband would never be rich, but I never really cared. I’m happy to have love, companionship and someone who really understands me, and money would never be an acceptable substitute. We may be poor, but we have each other.

  • Well, this is what happens when you are given two extremes. While usually those with money also tend to be better-looking, handsome men also tend to gain higher salaries. That is not reflected in the survey.

    The whole point is to see which trait is more important given a choice of only one. And the society of Japan feels income-making ability is more important for marriage.

    As the role between man and woman is more distinct in Japan than in America or even many Western countries, the wife tends to be particularly reliant on the man for financial support.

    Futhermore, infrastructure designed to help working mothers is not nearly as developed as other nations. In fact, a female employee is somewhat expected to quit once she has a baby.

    So, are Japanese women always going to marry rich guys? No, but they realize that the ability to put food on the table is the practical choice when determining priorities in their culture.

    • And don’t forget

      Since a better-looking, handsome men tend to gain higher salaries more salary with much less effort than average man, not to mention ugly man.., they’re usually lazier than uglier bunch.

      In order to cover it, the ugly one usually have more perseverance, effort and endurance to gaining the success ladder to their more-handsome counterpart men.

      btw, usually in Western Countries, more and more independent women are emerging though.., in Eastern Countries, the trend is spreading.

      For a female employee to have baby, I guess that depends on the company she works for ( i.e : Google has a facility for the mother and her baby ), and I see more and more unmarried women who’s still working and without child until age 30/35 and even 40.

  • The outlook on “love” these Japanese women have is really sad in my opinion. I have been in a happy relationship for three years. My boyfriend is almost finished with college and he’s getting his degree in graphic design. I’m in college and getting my degree in English. Let’s be honest here – we’re gonna be dirt poor. But that doesn’t matter to me. We love each other and are happy together. So long as we can have a roof over our heads and pay the bills, I don’t care how much money we make. Love should matter more than money.

  • Sounds like a perfectly natural decision to me.
    Why would any man or woman want a partner that is not able to provide for them or themselves?
    It’s the way life on Earth works.

    Being both ugly and poor I may not like the fact that no hot women are falling all over me, but I understand that that’s the way the world works.

  • Face it, it is pretty obvious that they want money AND an easy-going lifestyle. If the girl’s a working woman, in other words she earns her own money, you’ll get a completely different set of answers.

    Ask yourself what kind of woman you’d want. A girl that just roams around the house all day and waits for you pay-check? A working woman? A mixture of both?

    Who cares? Nowadays, chances are good that the relationship won’t last that long anyway.

    • actually that’s what my great-grandfather did!

      he was a single son of a rich family, and while serving in the army, they once went out and had fun. there he spotted a girl and she also spotted him. he asked her if she’d run away with him, but saying he’s poor. she said ok, she loved him. and they ran throught the snow in the winter, and in two days reached his estate.
      when asked why he lied, he said he wanted to see if she wanted to marry him or his money.

      they had a fine marriage since they both were hard workers and obviously, loved each other.

      this took place in eastern europe..

      some people DO get lucky!

  • Wake up Japanese ladies!!! They men aint gonna feed u anymore, go an find a job that pays well instead of depending on them!!! Ur prince charming is just a delusion. Men rather pay for sex than have a money eating sow. The housewife trend is fading, if u wan someone to really keep ur house clean and tidy, go hire a maid damnit!!! A Filipino one will do.

  • All in all, you can simply agree that both hot women and rich men are sad people. The best they can attain from a relationship is sex.

    And on a side note, poor people usually feel robbed of their wealth, and wealthy people usually feel robbed of their life. (unless their rich uncles passed away and left them a fortune to inherit)

    So IMO working towards wealth should be a shared effort. People should marry for the sake of securing their ‘other half’ rather than a human ATM or a sex toy.

  • Seems kind of like gold diggers but it makes sense. The ugly and hot part didn’t even really play a factor. Dating a poor person is one thing but marrying them is another.

    One of the top factors women consider in marriage is financial stability. How can you buy a house or raise kids if your husband only has good looks and you’re the only one bringing home a paycheck.

  • You can grow to love an ugly person.

    I have yet to meet a person who can grow to love proverty. Proverty is a curse. People are trapped in hopelessness because they are unable to better their way of life. They turn to abusing themselves with alcohol or drug addiction, anything to numb the despair. Their neighborhood is riddled with crime. Their lifespans are shorter because they cannot afford medical services. Their children cannot receive higher education because it’s too expensive and everyone needs to chip in.

    The choice is a no brainer.

  • Since they’re so fucking shallow to begin with why don’t THEY get a good paying job and then marry the hot guy just because he’s hot.

    I know this is Japan, not the US, but this shit pisses me off every time I see it. Japanese women are nothing but gold diggers. God, no fucking wonder half of Japan is in love with their DS girls.

    Also, American women aren’t much better, but at least with them it’s only a matter of being alpha or at least faking it.

  • >> “So they’ll just marry a rich guy and have an affair with a hot one then?”
    When your biological clock is ticking, shame that beta provider into marriage for the money (then later alimony and child support) while taking one last ride through the alpha cock carousel? Sounds like your average skank there.

  • In reality, one of the guys got it spot on. They’d marry the rich one and they’d never have sex. That happens with the hot one.

    Fact of life is what Japanese people say is all for the exterior.

  • all I’m seeing is two sides oblivious to the needs of the other and an unwillingness to compromise. But that is the audacity of youth as it was once put by Saddler in RE4. Personally I care about personality more, I do have preferences in looks but that is your primal instinct talking there. Even animals have a preference in some kind of physical trait too, and its a fact humans are part of nature.

  • Eh, I’m pretty sure not ALL women in the world is so picky about choosing their husband. If it is, than the world would be full of virgins with women constantly searching for hot, rich man.

    Well, if the women are going to be that picky in future, than I have no choice but to stick with my 2D life.

  • wow the more of these poll’s i see the more weak and stupid princesses i see japanese girls. Honestly they need to get a grip. Hell I’d so much rather the hot guy anyday even if his poor, cause in the first place I don’t even like using other people’s money for things it’s their money they earned it it has nothing to do with me. A guy is not a dam wallet! Material things worth fades away after a time then all thats left if the shock of what the hell they’ve been doing all thier life!

  • seeing as the question was “looks or money” neither of which being a real gauge of what you should base a long term relationship on (actually being able to stand that person, and you know, love), it doesn’t really matter which they choose. When presented with two equally shallow answers, they picked the most logical shallow answer.

    We’d be having the same discussion if 89% said “all I wanna date is a hot guy, ugly fucks need not apply.”. Not to say that they aren’t shallow, but the only answers they could have given WERE shallow answers. there was no “good personality but moderately attractive” possibility.

    • such an option wasn’t included because neither of them would have picked it up anyway… (or only a small portion of them).

      this survey is like a mirror of today’s modern society. Looks and money are all that matters.
      if you don’t have either, then you’re “doomed”.

      not that I care anyway… I’m just gonna stick with my 2D girls.

  • Neither answer is about love. All this survey tells us is that they prefer one situation over the other. It doesn’t say they don’t care about mutual love, it just means they had limited ways they could respond. I don’t see why everyone is getting pissy or calling these girls gold-diggers when there were only two answers.

  • [i]“Well, they are right. A man’s looks fade through the years…”[/i]
    I’m sorry for being sexist and all, but I personally believe this applies more for women than for men, and…
    [i]“You can always marry a rich ugly, divorce him, take half his money and then marry a hot guy.”[/i]
    Get into the habit of setting up prenups when marrying if you’re wealthy I guess. Problem solved.

    • My thoughts exactly. But they didn’t seem to get such an option. Even if they did, it probably wouldn’t change much. Maybe if character traits were added, which are the most important imho, then the results would be different. At least I hope so.

    • Being “average” to them is like “meh.” But seeing that this is the Japanese women we’re talking about, I’d say you’d be considered “not satisfactory” to them.

      Of course, not all Japanese women are like this, but with all the polls we’ve seen so far, I have no doubt there’s plenty that are like that.

  • Kind of a no win question there; if they choose the rich guy, they’re accused of being greedy, and, if they choose the poor guy, they’re accused of being shallow.

    Really given the two choices, you’d have to be stone-cold retarded to choose looks over wealth.

  • “Something like this:
    $120k+ salary = 18-year-old girl
    $100k+ salary = 20-year-old woman
    $80k+ salary = 25-year-oldwoman
    $50k+ salary = 30-year-oldwoman
    $25k+ salary = 35-year-old woman
    Unemployed = 40-year-old woman”

    then if you have $200k + salary you can have a loli girl as your girlfriend… hmm…

  • As much I hate women like them, I have to face reality and see that love isn’t what it used to be.

    “A hot guy with no cash isn’t trying hard enough!”

    My sister married a poor musician who is perhaps the most awesome guy I’ve met and she’s happy with him. They’re not rolling in money, but they love each other.What I’ve noticed is that love to these women is no longer about two sides helping each other grow and to feel for one another. Love is now about supporting the other person and doing everything while they just sit back and do nothing. I want to live with someone I love, not be chained to another person’s wishes and no man should ever let a woman treat them like that, no woman should let a man treat them like that either. I would rather live and die unmarried then live in the torment of my own anguish, knowing that I’m only living a lie. That’s love these days people…a lie. Women like them are the reason falling in love is so hard in the first place…

    • Billions of people are together despite not having a lot of money. This may come as a shock to some, but most people are NOT rich… Blaming women on love not being what it used to be is plain stupid as men are just as a big a culprit (OMG men can be shallow, NO!)

      “Love” isn’t dead, love in the respect you surely must mean was never alive. There has never been only 1 reason to be together. Though love is the noble and surely the most common reason in western society now adays, it used to be a tie between families, combining wealth and so on. If anything love is MORE what is should be now than it “used to be”.

      Read your history. Moving on, why do so many of you feel hurt by this? Are you all handsome poor people?

      • Suzumiya-san said that “the feelings of love is like a temporary lapse in judgement… kinda like mental illness…Even I get in the mood for that stuff now and then. I am a healthy girl, my body has its urges. But I won’t let a momentary slip up leave me with a burden”

    • Love is but a spice in life for the bread that is sustenance (in most case, money). One certainly cannot live by eating spices alone, but i doubt someone who eats bland bread without spices every single day can be happy throughout their life.

    • you are fucking damn right!! nor wealth, nor looks are the key to a marriage to work, it’s the true and honest desire of both parts to help each other, to be there for and support each other, no matter what… when you find a person who cares about you and who you care about too, and both of you make their best for the relationship to improve each day, then and only then you can talk about love

      • I’ve heard of that one too: “The ability for two people to support each other through their trials on their paths towards their respective goals during the good and most definitely the bad.”

        If this is what love is then the definition has vastly changed in the minds of society since the average persons answer isn’t anywhere close to this sadly :'(

        Oh well, back to my 2D for now, I’ll give love another chance later 😛

  • “You guys are not different. They pick based on money, you pick based on sex appeal. Or would you all marry an ugly fat girl with a nice personality?”

    here is how i see it.

    if you ask me, marrage = retarded. why bring lawyers into love. but if i have to pick. ugly but awsome personality, hot but shit person… id take a middle ground.

    a relitivly attractive person (i can attain wood thinking of them nude) with a decent personality, but possibly flaws.

    • Even if we assume that men only care about beauty, isn’t that more noble that going after money?
      I don’t know about you but going after beauty seems a lot more pure than just going after cold harsh cash to me.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I don’t think marriage is a bad option if it gives you financial and governmental support in various ways. It is only troublesome if you’re a Casanova/Cougar and can’t land on a steady relationship.

      I kind of feel that a lot of Hollywood types and those who have the money to support a lifestyle without marriage are in a bit of an arrogant place to me. I don’t really think it makes a lot of sense for people to be unmarried and get rid of finding any financial support. To me, that can only happen if you have enough money to be comfortable making that choice. Any perceived and real relationship issues is another issue altogether, but I think it’s really beyond anyone’s assumption about a marriage as to whether it intrinsically works or not. Especially not from the likes of keyboard warriors like us.

    • “Get a rich guy and you can use his money to call over a hot stud while he’s at work all day – problem solved.”

      Amen…This form of marriage is very popular on America, and they even have a TV show about it~


    • Marriage (noun): a method of forcing a stable household for raising children. This would be the reason for bringing society into your relationship.

      But now it’s unnecessary, since single mothers have ability to support themselves and children without being married (read: child support from the ex and meaningful jobs), if they so choose. Of course, you can also argue that children today aren’t receiving enough attention from (either of) their parents, and the actual raising of children has been handed off to (semi-retarded) professionals.

      Under this pretext it makes perfect sense to marry the guy with money, rather than the guy you (want to fuck) care for. Hell, if I were a woman and I had no sense of morals/ethics I’d do the same thing! And give as much of it to me as child support or in settlement so it’s tax free (for me)! Wait, now I’m getting into Murkafag taxes, sorry guys.

    • Wow now I’m confident to marry a Japanese girl. XD

      I’m don’t look anything near Tom Cruise or have intelligence of Hawking, but if I work hard enough, I’ll marry a Japanese girl! Woot!

  • I don’t hold it against them. Looks are temporary and the physical attraction doesn’t last forever. Having financial security, however, takes out one of the chief sources of stress in a marriage. I’d say, if anything, the girls who answered ugly hot man are embarassingly short sighted for exactly that reason. Looks aren’t going to pay the bills unless he’s a model, in which case he’s probably not all that poor anyway.

  • The key to everything is balance. If I had to choose between an attractive debutante who’s a shallow, stuck-up bitch and the average-looking yet sweet girl next door, the latter wins out every time. Defective personalities and batshit insanity can’t be covered up with any amount of plastic surgery or makeup. 😛

  • I do agree actually and I’m a guy. I do believe in MOB and I really think that women should try to find someone who will they will financially secure with. having been in a tight spot before I know what it’s like being broke. But to call them sows is a bit extreme. Just like we like looks they like feeling secure, and security as a lot to do with finances…

    Sorry guys but when it come down to money is the root of all in this world.

    • I respectfully differ with you. Having “worries” is not the same than being “unhappy”. People that specifically look for financial security in their partner tend to leave that security mostly in the hands of the other. Though I do admit money is a playing factor, it’s not the determining factor.

      My greatest example about this are my own parents. I spent my childhood playing with sticks, stones, insects, dirt, empty cans of soda I found on the street and broken toys other kids didn’t want.

      Dad and Mom would take turns taking care of me and my little sisters as one would leave for work when the other got back home from his/her own work. My sisters and I had to help with the house chores.

      In winter, we all scooped close together under several blankets to keep ourselves warm and we had to boil water on the stove to take baths as we had no water boiler.

      It was quite a weird feeling. My sisters and I knew we were poor, and we had more obligations than other kids, but we weren’t unhappy about our situation and we never complained. It was just normal to us.

      We lived like that about 10 years. I can only imagine the stress my parents endured back then, but I don’t see it as a sad memory when I look back, quite the contrary. In all honesty I generally bitch more about stuff now that we have money.

      Of course this being my own experience, I do not expect everyone to see it the way I do. But at the very least, I’m one of those convinced that when two people love and support EACH OTHER, happiness and everything else they need comes to them on its own.

  • Though I know some of these women have a fetish for cash, there’s no use to marrying just a “poor yet handsome stud.” Without more information of the survey, it can also be inferred that 21% of respondents only care about how sexy her partner is, jerk or not.
    It would of course be a different story if said binbou-bishonen was also a loving and hard worker (which discounts the majority of 2ch I’d assume).

    • In most cases, it’s fair to say that a poor yet handsome stud just isn’t trying hard enough. It is a demonstrated fact that executive level people tend to be more charismatic than the average schmuck. And charisma is highly influenced by such things as height (I plead with my fellow short men to not wear cuffed pants and do wear narrow lapels) and grooming. If you’re rich in spite of all appearances, you either inherited it or you’re just damn good.

      • Wow, FlyingCake, your aproach to this subject is really interesting; in fact, if you can prove yell0w women have a fetish for money, then it’s not their faul; they aren’t greedy, indeed, they have a sexual disfunction and they need support and understanding 😉

        I like more and more how it sounds: I’m not greedy I have a fetich for money 😉

    • Hm, I don’t know. This is a rather unfair survey this time. NO matter how I look at it, it looks bad.

      If you choose the money path, you look like a greedy bitch.
      If you choose the hot path, it looks like you don’t care for shit how incompetent the guy is.

      And as far as I know, today’s society, people look down on both sides. :V

      Except for the men’s part. We all go for hotness.

      • Indeed. As a guy who changed quite a few jobs in different European nations and looked at quite a few job adds i realized that except rare high paying jobs with specific strict criteria of what experience and studies you must have(usually you don’t start most jobs with a high position), all the other jobs always prefer young women. Hell even just women are better for them than hiring a male.
        If you are a young male and you lose your job, even if you are willing to do anything you will still not find a job immediately while a young woman can find a relatively decent job the next day.
        So here is my request to women, if you want us to support you and use us like ATM then get the fuck out of the employment circle so our life can get easier on making money.
        Seriously their demands are ridiculous in our days considering we have to fight them also when trying to find a good job. They wanted equality. Well we want it too.

        • @Sylar

          I don’t know what terrible bizarro realm you live in, but everything Rena said about young women and mothers not being favored in job hiring is true where I live as well. I’ve spoken with business owners who happened to be part time teachers and they say the same thing- they don’t want to hire them because the children may make her miss work, or she could very well get pregnant if she’s recently married and viola- tons of paid time off AND the company has to hire someone to take her spot while she’s out.

          So clearly, you must be blind. Or just looking at the wrong place for jobs.

        • @Sylar

          Of course, I agree with that. I don’t approve of women taking men as wallets, even less when they earn their own money already.

          “Reality” you’re talking about applies on your country and few others, not for the whole world. For example, where I live this works different.
          Here, when you could get pregnant or you have kids as a woman, you’re unwanted material – thus my young women employment argument. I couldn’t imagine for it to be different in other countries so, my bad. Here, in some work fields, women are still paid less than men for the same job.
          There were also no women rushing to work aggressively in my country in the past. Not so long ago, we were a communist country and everybody had to work, no matter what sex you were, otherwise you were arrested. The economic was driven by state. If I remember correctly, there were also no such things like equality or feministic movements. Women just learned to take care of themselves and to be independent. It’s not very common to see such things as housewives here.
          Here, only spoiled brats wait what their husbands/boyfriends give them and want to be taken care of.
          Of course I know I can’t apply this on every state. Especially because we’re such a weird country with weird past.
          So yeah, I agree that each woman should choose if she wants to sit home and being taken care of or work and being independent, not try to be both at the same time.

          Of course, if the economy works that way where you live, then it really doesn’t help the whole situation.
          The fact that government is doing everything except for supporting families is somewhat common knowledge these days. Here it isn’t much better, everything is damn expensive, supporting your family alone is unthinkable. However, I don’t think you can stop increasing prices in any way, with women in workforce or without them. But I’m not really interested in economy that much to be able to tell, I admit.

        • I don’t think you got my point Rena. If women weren’t in the workforce i will gladly accept that i have to share my money with her, but from the moment she was to be viewed as equal in the employment market as well, she should stop searching for me(or any man) taking care of her.

          And since you are a woman i have to tell you that women made no favors to themselves by entering so aggressively in the employment market. At first it looked ideal even for their husbands, they worked got money and the husbands didn’t had to give as much at every thing their wifes wanted since they could buy staff for themselves. For women it worked even better. They didn’t have to ask their husband and they felt more free and their money worked like extra cash since the man payed for the family expenses and they mostly used their money for personal purchases. It also gave them more freedom to live alone.
          Unfortunately for wifes and husbands world over the governments and corporations saw a golden opportunity to make more money out of the money women started earning and they even started to push the idea of women in the workforce but for anything else than their love of equal rights and freedom to women.

          The prices risen and taxes risen to a level that a family to get by, has to use both salaries. Do you honestly think that if women weren’t part of the workforce the price of life would be the same?
          I assure that it wouldn’t, everything will have been priced under the assumption than a family has one and single income.
          Anyway, today for the couple not needing money from both parties, one of the two must have a very high paying job. This resolds in women asking for rare men with very high paying jobs because a normal salary is not good anymore in supporting more that one person.

          Don’t get me wrong i don’t think women shouldn’t have the right of employment and we should go back at men ruling all income. I just think it was badly and terribly executed. Our disgusting capitalistic system destroyed the dream of nice equality completely. The way it is now, it works against women and men and especially against families as a whole.

          As about young women employment. I don’t know what you are talking about. Ether you don’t know what you talk about or i am blind, because i have todays city newspaper in-frond of me and only a look at the first page of employment adds i found 15 jobs asking for strictly young women and only 2 jobs for a man or woman. You logic about pregnancy is nice and all but it means shit when the reality is right here in my hand and seems different.

        • I know this from the other side. They don’t want young women because they could get pregnant and stay home. They don’t want mothers with children because children could get sick and a mother could stay home with them because of it.
          The world of work is unfair, deal with it. It’s difficult for everyone.
          Moreover, on one hand, you guys rant that women are gold-diggers. On the other, you’re telling them to get out of their jobs. So choose already or stop complaining.
          And yes, some people have ridiculous demands but those aren’t stupid women, those are stupid people.

        • well, technically EVERYBODY, not just women, are easily manipulated. Businesses do it in several different ways people don’t even notice! Governments of all variety deploy tons of little details from little “catch” words they use (the tax cut is one of the better known ones)to laws that their creators can claim do things they don’t. Honestly though, I believe that relationships based on manipulation and deceit aren’t long lasting ones, or if they are, they aren’t “happy” long lasting relationships.

        • That actually makes perfect sense.

          In a mate, men look for replication value. Looks.
          Women look for survivability value. In past times, this was strength, these days its status and income.

          With women entering the work force the balance is completely thrown off.

          Without money, us men have nothing. With women taking a massive chunk out of the new world economy, that’s now harder for us to obtain.

          I should be thankful I am handsome as hell. If I were to earn money, I would be ONE of the men out of every 100,000 that meets a woman’s criteria.

          With bullshit statistics working against men like this, its a wonderful thing that women are so foolish and easily manipulated…

    • All women (and men) love money.
      The Sankaku surveys are more explicitly about women in Japan wanting money from their husbands while they dick around at home.

      “Housework is hard too!”


  • “Well, they are right. A man’s looks fade through the years…”

    that isnt true… men when they age can look better than when they were young, can a woman say the same? women peak at about mid 20’s looks wise, some peaking at 15 and others at 30 but most fall at mid 20’s.

    men on the other hand, look good at 20, 30, 40 and some even into their 50’s

    and even than some men still look relitivly good into their 70’s

    they may not have the well defined muscle they may have had in youth, but they still have non sagging everywhere skin… for the most part.

      • we can dye our hair, women do that shit all the time.

        genetically, i wont go bald till im in my 70’s at earliest, and by than, w probably wont be fucking.

        as for sagging, not nearly as bad as women, who can sag as early as their late 20’s, but again genetically, i wont sag till mid 50’s if i stay relitivly in shape.

        now, men can look good bald, can women? yea, but thats a fuck ton harder to pull off.

        • Anonymous

          im guessing you are a woman, or stupid, but here, lets say this undeniable one

          Johnny Depp

          i only have one, because i dont fucking care about celebrities, and this is the only one that i can think of off the top of my head as being old, but getting better with age, anyone else, i cant remember their name, but there are allot more.

        • Fuck that. When I worked at a steak-house, one of the regular customers was a freakin’ awesome-looking grandpa…full head of silver hair tied in a short pony tail. At first, he just looked cool…then I figured out he did three things at that restaurant…eat, solve cross-word puzzles, and read anime/game magazines…that’s when he became awesome in my eyes…and he looked awesome doing it…

        • Still doesn’t change the fact that young men are so much better than older men. Men always go on and on about how or why men look better as they age. Women don’t say that stuff about men because it’s not true. Men just want to believe it is so they keep passing around the lie. Women prefer more youthful looks. Men fall apart and look gross just as early as women do, they just lie to themselves. That’s what happens when men learn what “women want” from other men. You get nonsense.

      • not necessarily.

        women also want money, and to do as little as needed (not being sarcastic. at my school, not a only 2 women of 400 i knew wanted to be something when they graduated, 70% + of the men wanted to be something) young and attractive, or mid 30’s early 40’s and still attractive. remember not everyone goes bald, not everyone gets fat and lazy as they age.

      • @ Mikejacobs14

        It ultimately depends on your genes. No matter what medication take, or food you eat, your “sexiness* depends on whether your parents/grandparents were or not.

        And even if you had the looks, don’t bet on having a sustainable relationship for very long. Expect a divorce in within 5-10 years max and you’ll take it from there. It happened to a lot of my uncles/cousin’s families. Its currently happening with my mother and father. And its about to happen to me as too(financial hardships, huge dept, and my girlfriend was actually a closeted lesbian, who earlier claimed she was a “bisexual”).

        In about a month or so, my GF is going to move out and we’ll still be good friends but it pretty much ends from there. =(

        Although I’m thankful she told me in advance, (otherwise we would had had kids), now a part of my heart is broken and I felt really horrible.

        To remedy this, I resorted back to my otaku ways including spending $1000+ Anime DVDs, Manga, figures, wall scrolls, and snacks. I will be resuming College this Summer(my current occupation deals with selling small cars, which isn’t doing so well).

        Now here’s a word of advice, stay clear of a relationship unless you have a sustainable income. Don’t forget to choose the right partner, and not some gal who’s marrying you for your income, out of pity, and/or insecurity.

        Otherwise, all you need is a good job, your friends, family, and 2D. Nothing more. =)

      • their are asian men that hold up well, but they are all the people who make relitivly little money.

        white, black, latin, indian (america) middle eastern, i think i got the majority of races there, they all can age well, and have pics to prove it. the asians who age well tend to be the ones who work hard for a living, not the androgynous actors, or business men who lose hair due to stress.

  • “2ch, reputed to be both ugly and poor, is especially put out by all this pragmatism at their expense:

    “So cash is all that matters, you filthy sows!” ”

    I nearly choked while laughing when I read this sentence. Jesus christ, thank you for putting that in this post. PRICELESS! xDDD

    But well, looks isn’t everything, so is money, everything can go away in an instant, those woman are really selfish and dumb. It’s sad that most of humanity is like that, and I’m beginning to regret that I like girls… can you believe that?

    • Well, they don’t have an option that wouldn’t make them look superficial or gold-digging with this survey.
      If you choose hot and poor man it’s bad because you care about looks.
      If you choose ugly and rich man it’s bad because you care about money.
      They couldn’t have “won” this.

      • I’m actually with you here. This survey only gives the two sides of the balance farthest apart from each other. Yet so far apart they’re almost the same.

        Rich guy = Materialistic woman.
        Hot guy = Superficial woman.

        They should give more options to actually see just how many dislike both extremes. Even one comment from the surveyed women shows this.

        “Their sense of values is more important than either.”

      • Indeed, but couples don’t endure it alone, they endure it together. If they don’t learn to support each other they become a drag for one another. Better off alone than in bad company.

        Shared pain is half pain
        Shared joy is double joy

    • No matter what they say, the reality is that, like men, women will go with what their hormones tell them to go with. And their hormones will tell them to go with whoever they perceive to be dominant enough to provide and support strong offspring, whether they want them or not. In today’s society, this means that women will mostly have a preference for men that have good earning potential or are already wealthy. American women would be well served to be so practical. I don’t care who you are. You can’t aspire to being a cashier and expect women to dig you in-spite of it.

  • Money always helps. It allows you to have a nice car, pay for drinks, go to places. Overall it sucks, and its the same here as it is there. Money talks.

    Thing is… most women aren’t worth as much as they think they are.

    But you don’t always need to have money. Age isn’t so much a factor as the HOT factor.

    A HOT 40yr old woman who is a 9 on the scale is WORTH more than a 18yr old 300lb ugly girl who is a 1 or 2.

    Young women, college years – money is not as much a factor since its STILL school. Once out of school and they are thinking more into the future, then the wallet becomes a factor.

    If its just sex, money doesn’t matter as much… ie: 1 night stand. If for boyfriend material, then we’re back to the wallet again.

    So yes, having $100,000 a year job will make a guy’s 3″ dick feel like 8 inches to the typical woman.

  • The Japanese DESERVE to die out due to lack of births with this sort of behaviour.

    Fucking stupid NEETS and equally useless gold diggers.

    My wife is dreadfully average, but I have a good son and the sex feels just fine in my life.

    I know what’s important, clearly the Japanese don’t.

  • The question is kinda stupid. I’d take a rich woman over a beautiful one too, if her personality is great. Poverty really sucks.

    Then again, I could take the hot one, and make some money myself. Wonder if these women have even considered working.

  • Love is overrated. I don’t think the women are wrong here. Animals all think the same, males looking for signs of fertility(beauty) and females looking for resources/good genes to nourish her offspring because her investment in the next generation is bigger and she can’t afford to screw up. Guys being pretty is not usually associated with good genes for survival. Being rich is. Because it indicates that the guy is able. So it provides both the resources AND the genes that enables the offspring to acquire such resources. That’s just how it works and 2ch fags will just have to deal with it.

    • Love is overrated. I don’t think the women are wrong here. Animals all think the same, males looking for signs of fertility(beauty) and females looking for resources/good genes to nourish her offspring because her investment in the next generation is bigger and she can’t afford to screw up. Guys being pretty is not usually associated with good genes for survival. Being rich is. Because it indicates that the guy is able. So it provides both the resources AND the genes that enables the offspring to acquire such resources. That’s just how it works and 2ch fags will just have to deal with it.

      …….. On the surface the above is correct, Now if Japanese women actually thought that way it might help, but as it goes they are generally self centered materialistic bitches when you look at the full picture.