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Exploding Chinese Sewage Thieves Cause Biohazard


A Chinese neighbourhood was contaminated with human waste after an explosion caused by sewage-stealing thieves.

The incident began early one morning in China’s Guandong province, when a narrow alleyway in a residential neighbourhood was turned into a river of raw sewage – it transpired that a septic tank truck had arrived to illegally siphon off the neighbourhood’s sewage.

However, the truck’s hose exploded, flinging sewage all over the street. The driver of the truck reportedly fled the scene of the explosion as soon as he could, leaving only his ruined hose and a street full of sewage behind.

Sewage is a valuable commodity in China – not only can it be used as manure and to produce methane, it also has a wide variety of other industrial uses.

Even the garbage collectors were annoyed – one who witnessed the event whilst he was picking up rubbish angrily remarked “All the trash I just collected – ruined! It’s all covered in filth. I had picked up some electronics too, but I can’t sell them now.”

The local fire department was summoned to deal with the mess, and apart from a foul stench it was soon contained.

At this stage, many will doubtless be wondering what it is with China, sewage and things which explode

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