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Japanese Cowardice Reaches New Lows


Japanese gamers are aghast at the decision to rob upcoming shooter Homefront of all its references to North Korea in the name of kowtowing to censors and North Korea’s substantial fifth column within Japan.

“Homefront” depicts the America of 2027, finally invaded by the evil yellow races – in this case the faintly ridiculous scenario of North Korea invading Japan and its other Asian neighbours and then occupying a moribund USA.

The enemy was originally supposed to be China, but the American publisher apparently proved rather yellow themselves – they changed it to North Korea out of fear of China throwing another fit.

Surprisingly, the game was announced as having a Japanese language release, which greatly excited many Japanese Internet denizens, for whom hatred of all things Korean is an even more major pastime than rubbishing China.

However, some time after the release was announced, translator Spike conceded that they would remove all references to Korea from the game and instead adopt the pathetic ruse of having all the dialogue refer to “A Certain Northern Country.”

The game’s references to Korean dictator Kim Jong-il have also been deleted from the game and are replaced with “The Leader of the North” and his homeland’s name with “a country in the north.”

Needless to say, the response to these changes from the game’s primary audience has been caustic – Spike has been derided for ruining yet another Japanese localisation (such games are frequently butchered), and for displaying unusually pronounced cowardice even for a Japanese company, as well as for removing the game’s only selling point.

Spike claims the reason is that Japan’s “voluntary” CERO game censorship regime’s regulations on “prohibited expression” forbid the use of existing countries and peoples – CERO regulations do in fact seem to presume even adult gamers must be protected like small children, and ban games from featuring any edgy political, violent or sexual content.

However, the existence of plenty of games featuring the USA and other nations as cruel opponents rather suggests they are simply too spineless to endure a few complaints from North Koreans in Japan, a shady and influential bunch.

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  • I´m just gonna start out and say that this game´s concept is RETARDED AS FUCK.

  • HA!! I WAS WONDERING when you would report on this!

    1: How do you know that it was China first??? This was in NONE of even the earliest reports on Homefront.

    2: Lol, we’re getting invaded by Canada now.

  • So when do we have a game which a campaign which involves the Asians uniting together against the White oppressors? That makes an interesting game.
    It could be America with it’s high technology and (somewhat) numbers invades Asia, but the protagonist is a leader of the Resistance, and your mission is to take out the American leadership. That makes a good game.

  • Without reading any other post, I can’t accept North Korea as having the tech they showed in the clip. You can say that the jump in technology comes from the invasion of Japan and other Asian nations but… there are too many things I’d have to accept to believe the story enough to enjoy it.

  • Eh well figures. Japan is within nuking distance from North Korea. And that the game went from China to North Korea shows the original game makers are just the same, except they aren’t within nuking distance from North Korea. And you never know when a rabid dog might bite

  • Spike claims the reason is that Japan’s “voluntary” CERO game censorship regime’s regulations on “prohibited expression” forbid the use of existing countries and peoples – CERO regulations do in fact seem to presume even adult gamers must be protected like small children, and ban games from featuring any edgy political, violent or sexual content.

    really? what about those hentai anime’s and manga’s?

  • “The enemy was originally supposed to be China, but the American publisher apparently proved rather yellow themselves – they changed it to North Korea out of fear of China throwing another fit.”
    The developers already stated that they were thinking of China, but threw the idea out because it’s been done a million times before, and because EVERYONE WE OWN IS MADE IN CHINA, so the thought of them going to war with us doesn’t sound very scary.

    You should work for fucking Fox News, with the amount of bullshitting you do, Artefact.

  • >>the American publisher apparently proved rather yellow themselves – they changed it to North Korea out of fear of China throwing another fit.

    It amazes me that Westerners cower and simper for fear of offending those sadistic bloodthirsty communist maggots, yet they can (tacitly) insult western heads of state at a state dinner. Why do we put up with this shit?

    Doug Macarthur had it right 60 years ago.. we should have turned China into glass in the 1950s when we had the chance. The Cginese have no morals, no compunctions and no reservations about insulting or demeaning us, poisoning our pets, our food, our children’s toys.. Hitler had the right method, just the wrong group. Why kill 6 million Jews where there are a BILLION Chinese to make soap from?

  • It’s not entirely impossible numbers-wise. The English had colonies set up everywhere and governed them despite never having had a large population. The Sun never sets on the British Empire was what they once said.

    But that was a different time, and I really don’t see North Korea being able to do that in modern times without some sort of technology that no one else had or could use as efficiently.

  • 3 nukes on north korea and its gg – .- where the fk would they work up the courage to go out and try to fuck up the world with out a revival of the soviet russia or the backing of china? and beside invading armies usually lose as their ships would be detected and defenses would be mobilized and once they land on the beaches its spray and pray from their on in 🙂

  • You’re whining about japan pussing out over the same thing america pussed out over?

    We pussed out instead of calling out china because of it’s political connections to america…now japans pussing out for the korean population…

    So how is japan the bigger coward when they’re equal?

  • The media of all sorts have played on war scenarios between conflicting nations for decades. War games constructed by the military both sides often choose the other as the adversary in exercise. So why can’t this game be untainted? Japan has seriously become more submissive than any dog.

    Battlefield 2 already displayed China as an adversary in a non-nuclear WWIII scenario. Though to avoid backlash from any particular country of the middle east, they renamed another faction the Middle East Coalition.

    I think the game’s creator could have succeeded in avoiding such tension by just naming the adversary the East Asian Coalition.

  • Forgive my ignorance, but…

    …I didn’t know Japanese people played FPS. From all the Xbox bashing & western barbarian “gaijin” name calling, I thought they weren’t really into this kind of games.

  • The story surprising makes alot of sense.

    A reunified Korea full of warmongers which doesn’t have to be a crappy communist state any more. 20 years in the future and they invade the new failed state: USA which has no more effective army.

    The story does make sense, you just have to ignore the fact it pissed the fan-boys off that America could ever be invaded.

    • The story goes:

      1. North Korea occupies South Korea and Japan. It suddenly become powerful in economy, military, and technology in the world.
      2. North Korea invades China and then South East Asia.
      3. North Korea invades USA that has a collapsed government and society.

      The story really makes sense.

  • Hm sounds like fun, and damn I hate controversy we have all these games that show Americans killing each other but noooo if we put some other race in it they take it as an offense and start hating on it. Its freaking fiction its not like they will ever actually take control. *sigh*

  • Funny how no one complained when the whole Fallout series put China as the main enemy.

    I mean you get a bloody 20 metre tall robot, throwing nukes like footballs and spouting anti-communist propaganda and promoting the idea of eradicating the “red” Chinese off of American soil. The game even has Chinese modders working on it.So what’s the deal with this sudden political correctness faggotry? -.-

  • if gaming companies want to make a fortune on the world-wide market, let them make a game where the player is to “bring democracy” to america, festively blowing it up into tiny little pieces along the way. I’d buy 3 copies and a console just to play that.

  • I don’t think its cowardice, but rather being sensible. There’s no reason to antagonize the DPRK like this when relations are dicy at it is. As mentioned before, the probability of the DPRK being able to occupy the US is extremely slim, and the prereqs the backstory mentions are even slimmer. It would have been better to just make it a generic country, for both believability and to avoid expensive embarassments like this.

  • Oh ffffss, the only selling point of this game was the way an unlikely invasion would happen under a prediction that relies on Americas’ economic decline being an advantage even for North Korea. timeline within the game and the perspective of America being invaded. The timeline is as follows:
    2010: The South Korean corvette ROKS Cheonan was sunk by North Korea.
    2011: North Korea faces another UN sanction over its latest nuclear test.
    2012: Kim Jong-il passes away, succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un.
    2013: Kim Jong-un is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and featured on the cover of Time magazine for his accomplishment of Korean reunification.
    2014: American military withdraws from the Korean Peninsula. A major US auto maker declares bankrupty for the second time.
    2015: The effects of peak oil are felt as gas prices reach up to 20 dollars a gallon. Survivalist literature becomes best seller. China’s influences diminishes.
    2016: America withdraws its military from Japan and overseas, focusing on its instability back home. Texas separatism begins, border bloodshed takes place as refugees from other states attempt to enter the southern state.
    2017: Martial law is declared in the United States as its infrastructure crumbles due financial difficulties.
    2018: Korea occupies Japan. The UN is powerless to act.
    2019: The UN is defunct.
    2020: Canada closes its borders to Americans.
    2021: Korean forces succeeded in annexing the countries of Malaysia, Brunei,Burma, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. A new pandemic known as the Knoxville Cough begins to spread in the United States.
    2022: Mexico closes its borders to Americans.
    2023: The new flu ravages the American public. The Korean People’s Army reaches 20 million.
    2024: The Greater Korean Republic starts launching their own satellites, claiming to replace the collapsing GPS system originally launched by America.
    2025: A Korean satellite decimates the American power grid through the use of EMP. This is followed by the Korean seizure of Hawaii and landings in San Francisco.
    2026: The United States is split into two as Korean occupiers irradiate the entire Mississippi River and occupies the Western side.
    2027: Homefront takes place.

  • CERO didn’t keep Metal Wolf Chaos from depicting the Vice-President of the United States as a crazy dictator type that overthrew the president, forcing him to use an awesome mech to demolish the US military forces…

  • do they even care? sure i get there hatred towards North Korea, but does that mean it will sell anyhow? I highly doubt it. The publishers made a huge mistake by selling it in Japan. It’s one thing to have Gears of War become a surprise hit, but those surprise hits are few and far in between. Honestly, even if they did leave in the North Korean themes in the game, it would probably sell poor as with Mass Effect 2.

  • Why would North Koreans care about this game? The ones who aren’t in North Korea know that its one of the worst places to live in the world and the ones who still are in NK aren’t going to have a chance to play games any time soon.

  • North Korea invade US story is ridiculous. At least give the invaders a fighting chance. It won’t be an interesting story if the invaders get wiped out, at sea on their way to America. The only way they could make this story interesting is either to simply rename both countries into fictional names or to give North Korea a technological boost far beyond that of the USA

    • I believe on the games website, there’s a trailer about how that NK acquired an EMP and detonated it above the US. Combined with America in an economic recession and loss of communication it allowed NK to invade.

      • Which is still ridiculous. Unless they pull something out of their ass like Americans are so fat they couldn’t fit inside their tanks/aircraft/fit their fingers inside the trigger guards, even the most American hating Al Qaeda terrorist would just laugh at the idea.

  • WTF?! China is the real Invader, although North Korea is just a Bully I don’t think they have the guts to rule the world. China is one who claiming almost all the sea faring region in the china sea filled with oil and land including Hongkong, Tibet and Taiwan.

    • Knee jerk reaction much? You act as if China is the only one trying to invade/take over other countries…

      Talking of invasion, Artefact are you going to do an article on Russia trying to “claim back” some islands from Japan that they apparently owned during the war? Though I guess you probably won’t since nobody here gives a fuck unless it was either China or Korea instead. Ignorance sure is fun.

    • Considering that all this ‘molehill-into-a-mountain’ politicking is over a game with absolutely no basis in reality (except by names of countries), not a single fuck is given on my part over this matter.

      The only beef I have is with what those mealy-mouthed fucks did in the name of political correctness.

      And yes, I realize I’m contradicting myself.

      • welcome to Sankaku the king of sensationalism

        the whole premise of the game is halrious to begin with, an invasion on conteantial US is ridiculous it worked in the 80’s because the USSR was a falsifiable military force who had real experience in war, China is not im sorry but China would be decimeated by uncle sam and theres no doubt that good ol Nippon would join in on the fun as would the Russians, historicly China sucks China has always sucked they’v always been an economic whore this paronoria is just stupid not to mention that the American people are armed to the teeth and American military might has yet to wane

        good luck faggots


        • yea uh no u know nothin of warfare so why dont you just stfu and go jerk off at hentai or sumthing.

          Its funny theres still ppl believe in warfare being decided by experiences of soldiers…which in reality plays big role in a battle but not in a war.

    • The battle could have been set on a fictitious island in the pacific.
      China may be a bully but they are not stupid enough to attack the continental US with an invasion force.

      There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass and the supply lines would be impossible to maintain.
      They would have nothing gain but everything to loose.
      Victory would be remote at best and the attack would reunify the factions in the US and likely the rest of the countries in the Americas against a common enemy.
      Casualties for the Chinese would pretty much be 100%.
      The only ones who’d survive would be those who desert and go to Mexico to hide.

      At least Fallout had them attack Alaska which is harder to defend,has a small population and is resource rich.

        • Anonymous says:

          no dumbass the US cannot “just nuke” them because, one, the US are not China, or N.Korea, they’re democrats, which means there are alot alot of regulations and laws about nuclear use, plus they have to be concern about what the public think, to complicate the matter further, They cannot just go around nuking whenever they please. Two, N.Korea have just as much nukes as the US, nuking them while they taking over china (another country that possess nuke) will risk a nuclear war that would threaten to destroy the world for good and three, the US aint exactly friend with china, as you know, and they still own china some 895.6 billion dollars so in many case they might just be happy about it, much less help.

          oh, and in regard to how much of a threat N.Korea actually is, they’re the country that “estimated” to be possess the third largest nuclear weaponry in the world (real number believe to be much larger, according to the number of nuclear tests they had been doing recently), their army is the fourth-largest, at an estimated 1.21 million armed personnel, they also has violated and withdraw from the NNPT(Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)a treaty to limit the spread (proliferation) of nuclear weapons, of which US, Russia and China belong to; what is means is that they can use nuke whenever they fucking wanted.
          The only thing that keep them from taking over the world is that their leader is an idiot selfish greedy prick who only care about his own well being, now if that was to change, say his son takeover the command and turn out to be a pure communist leader who wanted “Glories for the homeland” (which is pretty much the setting for the game) and start to seriously invest in warfare technologies and give his soldiers proper military training……we’re pretty much screw. So yeah, they’re potentially very fucking dangerous.
          Thinking that just because your country has nuke, you’re invincible is just pure stupidity

        • True the B2s would be all over the place and Russia would get involved no matter what went down.

          I also don’t see any invasion of the CONUS even being remotely successful without some sorta wonder weapon as a plot device.
          All I seen in the video was canned meat driving around as that’s what they’d be in those type of tanks,APCs, and helicopters.

          I call them canned meat because that’s what they’ll be when the can opener comes.

    • Censorship (99.9% of the time) runs everything…

      Be it anime, manga, games, movies, or even shows on regular channels…

      The reasons make for said bans make me lose faith to the rest of humanity who adhere to them because of a bunch of high-ranking, insecure, paranoid, and fossil-faced individuals who made them…

      • Considering what Germany accomplished with they relatively small population in comparison to all that they conquered in WW2, this is very much a believable plot if it’s handled well, and if I remember correctly, it’s written by a published author, popular in this type of genre.

        And I love how people are all like ‘the plot’s all this game has.’ It warms my heart to hear people finally admitting that games like this are the same game over and over if they don’t have an engrossing plot. Maybe more people will catch on and realize that good plot and writing is the salvation of games. They should have caught on back when everyone kept saying “This feels like unreal” to every game built on that engine.

        • a few points:
          1st germany wasnt superior in technology (at least in the begining, and later they exteded only in some fields, and ws more of the impresion they cause that an actual difference in the war), they had better commanders and adopted the principle of independent tank division which allow for better movility of it (france instead give tanks to infantry division), france somua or british matilda tanks where actually better than german tanks, and mark III where few and far between (a good example of this read about african campaing before the american weight of production and men took effect (meaning before el alamein)).

          Great britain AA guns where at the same level as the germans 88, the difference they never use as an anti tank weapon.

          also the maginot line was attacked and breached in a few ours, it was obsole by the time of the war.

          to the anon above me, please dont sound like an ignorant and read some books.

        • Germany did have far more advanced weapons then the countries they managed to overpower many such as the USSR were not ready.
          France simply made an incorrect prediction of the future of war and assumed it was going to be like WWI.
          The Germans went around the Maginot line.

          The weapons used by the NK forces in this game look exactly like the junk Saddam had and we all know how that went down.

        • @10:26
          According to the trailers, the US economy collapses near the end of the 2010s. All US military forces in east Asia are withdrawn. Japan (which has no standing army and are cowards anyway according to this article) gives up in fear of an actual armed confrontation. United Korea then proceeds to take over most of east Asia, most-likely through fear. By 2027, Korea has enough military technology and conscripts to launch an invasion against the US.

          The plot is somewhat plausible except the glaring plot hole in the form of China sitting in the middle of the room. A united Korea would get as far as threatening Japan before China puts a stop to it. Then probably invade both countries themselves if the US had pulled out all military forces.

          I’m not even going to get into the EMP shooting satellite.

        • It’s unrealistic in the sense that the United states was fully occupied by an enemy nation. Something I find very hard to believe would happen without the complete nuclear destruction of the U.S. in which case the opposing enemies home country would also probably be smoldering ruins. Or possibly some sort of new civil war where an outside force to advantage of the situation.

          Not to say I’m not looking forward to playing this game though.

        • No, just no. North & South Korea are not at all comparable to Germany. First of all, China would never allow it, and I assure you China is not run by Neville Chamberlains.

          This plot is completely ridiculous. Then again, that’s what you have to expect from the CoD crowd. Japan would be better served with more Stalker games.

  • It’s a clusterfuck of cowardice all around.

    ‘China invades US’ would have made a interesting game, using NK as a placeholder is absurd, and disrespectful to both the original writers and the US military.

    Japan is just gilding the lily on this one.

    • They should have did America invading the world and you are one of the Resistance battling the invaders. Later, you could be detained as a war criminal, but then you break out Wolfenstein style and wage war once more.

        • How very tea party of you to think that anyone against the American imperialist hegemony is “a liberal”. There is more to the world and to politics than the US and its silly political parties.

          Also the British Empire lay in ruins, so no point talking to them.

        • awww whats that you dont like how uncle sam opperates booooo hooooo…..please give me a break you dont know jack shit about imperialism go talk to the Britts

          bad guys my ass…we’re not perfect far from it but bad guys? i think not

          pretentious liberal hipster fuck

    • It kinda is believable. Hitler proved it. Took over a country while he was in jail, then took over damn near all of Europe. Jong-il could do so too kinda not really. Only hitler can do that, cause it’s Hitler.

      • and because, deutschland had better technology, industrial strength, a good population of 60M (given time), allies, weak/no opposition, nice cool looking uniforms and quality weapons. neither north-korea or china have all of that

    • They also completely forgot about the EU and India.
      India actually has a fairly capable navy which in someways is better equipped to project power then the PLA Navy.
      The North Koreans would have to fight the Indian Navy to conquer Malaysia and Indonesia.
      Of course the EU would get involved as well.
      The EU collectively may be as powerful as the present US in conventional warfare.

      Even with China they may never leave the region.

    • You would have to watch the “World of Homefront” trailer on the main site to see how they get to that point. It would explain how this situation would be more plausible. It’s a more “What if North Korea unified with South Korea which gave them the economic and advanced military power” situation.

      • lets see… NK has crap economy and in total war with china or south would be completely annihilated in zerg vs more zergs scenario.
        the SK is somewhat significant economically because of US support and money all those decades, it could win NK but against China or without US support, not a slightest chance.
        lets also consider the fact the korea has no military history, isolated people that lived like aborigines until japanese occupation in the XX century…

      • ~”and to This Day” has not yet recovered! Because of the lack of spending %20 percent of their GDP on Military needs, they like all of eurotrash-land have poured it all into their socialism fantasy land AND NOW are suffering economic Melt Downs. UK – frency – spain – etc. are bleeding RED INK without stopping.

        • Economic Melt Downs, caused by a certain nation’s lack of faith in proper Oversight of their businesses.

          Because bless the Holy Market and the Suits who are the Apostles for they will bring forth wealth and prosperity. Course, they then forget to tell folks the small print, namely: only for themselves.

          You Yanks are silly like that, you distrust your own government more than you distrust Big Business who’d like nothing more than to have the lot of you working as indentured servants again.

          The song Sixteen Tons (to name but one example) wasn’t just fantasy, it was the way of life for a lot of folks, until those Pinko Commie Unions helped put a stop to it.

          But you just wave your little flag, and hate on others and console yourself with the idea that this makes you so superior. There will come a time when Karoshi becomes as standard in the US as it’s in Japan, but whereas in Japan it’s an issue of misused feelings of loyalty.

          In the US it’ll simply be an issue of trying to survive, paying for the roof over your head and putting food on the table and that being the only way to do so.

          Not sure who to feel more sorry for, to be honest. The one betrayed, or the one who has chosen blind ignorance as his way of life.

      • Watched it and couldn’t stop LAUGHING! What happened when W & E Germany united? W got caught in the CRIPPLING Debt and Destroyed infrastructure of the E and to This Day~ We know how nk is now as well as china. They be both FUCKED because nk destroyed its economy and china is pissing off its population who’ve grown to know what its like outside now.

        • This fucked up scenario would have been plausible if had they build up the story of Homefront’s world as far back as WWI or WWII…

          Then, maybe they could have had a chance of Japan destroying much of China and the US defeating Japan still. That could set precedent to Korea being…

          Oh, I give up.. this is just some excuse to justify the creation of another shooter.

        • The concept of North Korea taking over much of the United States, Japan and other countries is completely absurd, even given the game’s suggestion that the US was already weakened by disease and internal instability.

          Them changing the aggressor to a vaguely defined “Northern Country” in the translation at least makes the scenario somewhat more believable. I’d rather they did something similar for the western release.

        • You know, I hate to point this out… But it’s a game. It’s like saying Final Fantasy/Monster Hunter/what-have-you is unrealistic. The point of the game is to make a scenario plausible. Even if it’s the most ridicules story you’ve heard.

        • How a unified Korea with 70 million people would overpower the neighbouring 1.5 billion people and then sail around the world to conquer a further 320 million gun crazed Americans instantly destroys the credibility of even the most generous “great general unifies the land” scenario.

          Really it just doesn’t work without China – had their feted author tried this with “Red Dawn” and “Apocalypse Now” I rather doubt his reputation would be intact…

    • with a moding community, china will be written back in, but to preserve all the voice data, korea will be a china alli and they will be the invading force, because lets be honest, china has more people, but america has far more tech, hell we are getting close to snipers that can aim themselves.

    • With those shit tanks and helicopters they could not even invade South Korea.
      Even with China the plot would not work like that.
      There’s holes in that plot you could fly a star destroyer through.
      For it to even be remotely plausible some sorta wonder weapon that could down ICBMs and a Chinese and Russian Alliance would be necessary.
      The EMP weapon would have only sealed the fate of the attackers as it would cause a full nuclear response from the US.
      Plus a single device in LEO would not do much damage and military systems tend to be hardened.
      Invasion of CONUS would be pretty much suicide and no one is that stupid so the setting would have to happen somewhere like Alaska or Hawaii.

      • i give some credit to china, they have people, who are brain washed.

        they have a competent enough military to stage an attack.

        an ak47, while may not be the best weapon, is a good all rounder for any given situation, and can be bought extremely cheap.

        you could probably get 1-150 paratrooper in a plain, get 10 of them and you have 1000-1500 people on ground almost, especially if its a non military area.

        and lets be honest, a rail gun is REALLY easy to build. however accuracy at a distance is what we go for, if they just want to hit america, they dont need accuracy.

        if china wanted to piss us off, they easily could put up a fight. they have numbers, we have tech. and tech can thin numbers fairly fast.

      • And America already DETONATED a low orbit NUCLEAR BOMB back in the ’70s! To see how it would effect the ships and land bases. People in Hawaii could even see the explosion! Guess what happened~ NOTHING! Facts are a bitch aint it?

    • I don’t know if the koreans should be delighted or butthurt about this.

      Yes, the game’s about killing Koreans, but meanwhile they’re the strongest empire on earth (referring to the game of course.)

  • Aside of the fact, that someone was bored at scenario scripts creation room, I don’t see anything wrong with that move from Japanese side.

    I mean, that’s pretty politically correct.
    Which is good, seeing how ‘some’ of the nations from Asia cultivate the sport of blantant meat throwing on everyone around that doesn’t wear same shirts.
    Sure it might not be the boldest and bravest move…but it doesn’t put them on same level with other socially introverted imbeciles that manage foreign relations on the block.

  • It’s bot like North Korea would have shit on the US anyway, even with the EMP attack supposedly in the plot. And no China? Oh well, I guess we’ll have to make do with Russians, Muslim terrorists and Nazis for our bad guys.

  • I don’t get why it couldn’t have been China – it’s not like it’s an unprecedented idea in gaming. Fallout’s universe has the war against the Chinese. It’s actually much more plausible than the beleaguered North Korea anyway…