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Court Bans Man from Having Sex – “He’s Too Stupid”


UK courts have banned a 41-year-old man from having sex as he is not deemed intelligent enough, with the judge claiming “it in his best interests” and local authorities ordered to actively prevent him from pursuing any further sexual relationships.

The 41-year-old man, described as “sociable” and well behaved, was accused by his local council of having a “vigorous sex drive” which was inappropriate given his IQ of 48.

He had been happily involved in a sexual relationship with a man he lived with, but the local council disapproved and moved to stop it on the grounds that he was too stupid to give informed consent. He has since been prevented from having any further sexual contact.

However, he requested he be allowed sex once more, telling the judge “it would make me feel happy” and “I want to kiss them again.”

His psychiatrist reported he had limited understanding of sex and that he “believed that babies were delivered by a stork or found under a bush”, and “sex could give you spots or measles.” He even tried to prevent him receiving sex education as it might leave him “confused.”

For reasons which are perhaps not difficult to surmise, he had apparently never had sexual relations with a woman, having only experience with wide variety of homosexual practices.

Further complicating the case was the fact that the man was suspecting of behaving inappropriately towards children on several occasions.

The judge ordered him not to be allowed to have sex any more:

“I therefore make a declaration that at the present time Alan does not have the capacity to consent to and engage in sexual relations.

In such circumstances it is agreed that the present regime for Alan’s supervision and for the prevention of future sexual activity is in his best interests.”

However, he did order that attempts be made to provide him with proper sex education so that he might gain the capacity to consent.

Those interested in the grisly details of the case can read the full judgement here.

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