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I don’t see how this would be any different from a 3D movie.

Supposedly you’ll only have about a movie length of battery on the 3DS, so yea…

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  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    Some say it’s even maybe beneficial, only time will tell… They still don’t know for sure if your cellphone is safe to use or not for example.!5725770/doctors-say-the-3ds-is-safe-potentially-beneficial-to-children

  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    I like video games too much to care about their health effects.

  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    3D potentially being unsafe for kids has been known in the movie industry for a long time now. You get the same warning for 3D movies, Nintendo already knew this when they made this thing, and they have been nothing be transparent about it. By the way, some optometrist suggests that 3D might actually be GOOD for the kids. Go figure. In the end, it’s parent’s responsibility to take care of their kids, not Nintendo’s or anyone else’s.

  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    Why does your video have japanese subs? It’s in Japanese TT__TT;

  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    I’m glad I still have my original DS, at least there’s (almost) no risk…

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