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That’s true, but it’s much more like I-Spy type technology where your eyes enter a strange focal point in order to register the two images. Then again there are various forms.

The glasses are one of many methods, but all of them are… well… not being tested right now. And pain doesn’t lie.

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  • Doctor: “3DS Makes Children Cross-Eyed!”:
    This is what I was afraid of. I’ve had a bad sense about 3D since I heard about it. I couldn’t handle 3D movies initially, my eyes hurt too much. These doctors are right, and only an idiot would truly turn it into some kind of fanboy thing. I know you were joking, Yoshii-kun, but there are seriously some people who would believe it. I sincerely think the 3D craze is going to have some issues in the not-so-distant future. Much like how everyone in Vietnam who used the giant portable phones died …

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  • Top 20 Funniest Manga:
    Grand Blue is rapidly approaching a deserving place on this list

  • Virgin Road “Exercise Your Right of First Night”:
    The nun sequence made me laugh pretty hard. “…pouring desire sewage into the throat of the sister.” *Cum covered still shot* *Awkward silent moment between the two with shit-eating grin* Although now I need to find out how precisely one ‘pierces the secretary of a woman’ because I believe that is an ancient chinese medicinal technique for curing a cold.

  • Top 10 Most Heart-Pounding Superhero Anime:
    Oh my god… Tekkaman Blade… Watch it in English and hear the excellent techno music and corny 80s plot with surprisingly good voice acting for the time. Watch it in Japanese for some FUCKING DARK AS FUCK STORY! Seriously, they are nothing alike and both are great

  • Top 10 Female Seiyuu Whose Voice You Fell For:
    It’s a joy to see Aya recognized again. I truly did love Haruhi because of her, and the writing of course, but her confident execution while maintaining her femininity is difficulty to do. She deservedly earned her name off that, and nothing about what happened with her band is worth a damn compared to her loss as a voice actress, and to that franchise as a whole. That said, yes, there are others who also belong on this list. Belldandy still makes my chest tight with how hard I fell for her. …

  • Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei “Where’s the H!?”:
    I am the bone of my crotch. Ready is my body, and pumping is my blood. I have watched over a thousand hentai. Unknown to satiation, nor known to satisfaction. Have withstood boredom to create many erections. Yet, those hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray…Unlimited Blue Balls.


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