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Don’t forget about “in the name of cash-in” — Humor’s nice, but lets not neglect the “old man shakes cane at cloud” angle here, either.

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  • Doraemon’s US Disney Debut Unveiled:
    How in the name of god are they going to handle Shizuka? She ends up naked as a very infamous running gag. Although… didn’t they censor the hell out of Shizuka in the latest reboot? Edit: Wait… is this a parody or something? Disney is going to give it the 4kids treatment? Replacing any mention of Asian culture with American culture? renaming Shizuka as “Sue”? The hell?

  • AKB48 Rage at Rino: “If She Can Win, What’s The Point!?”:
    I think they’re more pissed off that they’ve spent their youth remaining as pure as possible to appease the autistic sperglords in the Japanese idol fan community… And it turns out they could have been going for a “super-carnivore” theme instead and been just as well off.

  • Not Again: Final Fantasy XV = “Action RPG”:
    It was originally PS3, but the current rumor is that Sony swooped in with some investment money to help pay back the FF13 disaster, and they both mutually agreed to move FFv13 to PS4. I hadn’t heard it was multiplatform, but since Japan isn’t getting the XBone until at least 2015, it really doesn’t matter.

  • Not Again: Final Fantasy XV = “Action RPG”:
    … We already knew that V13 was an ARPG. We’ve known that for years. As for hosts, well, Hosts look fashionable, and they went with a modern fashionable look for the characters. BFD. Remember, these are the same autistic 2ch sperglords that troll-rated DQ9 to 1 on Amazon because it “had visible monsters, and thus was ruined forever.” Screw them. FFXV looks really quite good. The boring as shit FF13 / 13-2 combat might be actually tolerable if you’re directly controlling all those crazy-ass …

  • Final Fantasy XIV “Marred By Total WTF UI”:
    That UI looks fine. The only way you might possibly not like it is if you’re used to Final Fantasy 11 or Dragon Quest X’s UI…. Oh. Ooooooh… (tl;dr: This is just 2ch having a sad again.)


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