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LOL. Did it ever came to mind that you were just getting old and your vision is not young as it used to be? Getting poor vision has more to do with genetics and poor diet than watching 3D images.

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  • Quake Death Toll “Will Be Measured in Tens of Thousands”:
    Pearl Harbor was a military installation. Most of the people who died there were enlisted military personnel. Guess how many civilians actually perished during the invasion? I think there were less than a hundred. And how many civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I don’t even know now what our lives would have been if Filipinos were never freed from our Japanese-Korean captors. I also can’t imagine if HAARP technology was actually used on Japan to fast-track bringing down their economy. …

  • 3DS “Only” Sells 370,000:
    Back in the 90’s all a system needs is to sell over 100,000 units for it to be called profitable. When the PSP launched at nearly the same price of 25,000 yen it only manage to sell 200,000 units

  • Nintendo: “All Your Save Data Are Belong To Us”:
    Game save sharing wasn’t an issue with the Dreamcast because it was an intended feature using the web browser and the VMU.

  • NGP Official Trailer Quite Impressive:
    The hands at some points look like pre-rendered graphics.

  • NGP vs 3DS Sexy Comparison:
    PS3 like graphics < PS3 graphics. I don't want to be stuck with a portable gaming system that I can't even replace/upgrade its batteries on my own.


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