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Mother Who Wanted Grandchild Has Man Rape Daughter


A mother has been arrested for arranging for a man to rape her own daughter so she might have a grandchild.

The 51-year-old woman, a resident of South Africa, wanted a grandchild, and so plotted to have her 24-year-old daughter raped so she could have one.

She found a local 33-year-old man willing to commit the crime, and ordered him not to use a condom so as to increase the likelihood of conception.

Investigators have not yet established whether she offered any monetary compensation to the man.

Local police describe the circumstances surrounding the crime:

“This young woman was raped and it appears her attacker had been set up to commit the crime by her own mother.

She was desperate to be a grandmother but her daughter was not showing any signs of wanting a baby.

That is when she decided to arrange for a man to make her pregnant against her wishes.

The attack happened on Sunday. The mother and the rapist were arrested the same day.”

It is not yet established whether the victim was made pregnant by the attack.

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