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Schoolgirl Expelled for Teacher Sex


A school is in trouble for expelling a schoolgirl for having sex with her teacher, and refuses to reinstate her despite being ordered by a court to do so.

The incident began at a private Shizuoka prefecture high school where an 18-year-old schoolgirl enjoyed a sexual relationship with a male teacher at the school.

She was boarding at the school and was reportedly recognised for academic excellence and had received a scholarship.

When the relationship came to the attention of the school, they promptly dismissed the teacher for his conduct. As the girl is 18 and thus an adult, no crime has been committed.

The girl continued attending school, but was expelled soon after – the school displays the usual peculiar Japanese understanding of the term “voluntary”:

“She showed no remorse, and ignored our recommendation she drop out of school voluntarily, so we expelled her.”

They then offered a “compromise” of expelling her but recognising her graduation if she pursued a course of self-study, but she refused, saying “I want to see out the end of my high-school years together with my classmates.”

The girl had intended to continue on to a technical college, but with her graduation cancelled due to expulsion she was unable to proceed.

The local district court considered her expulsion excessive, pointing out that “[permanent] expulsion should only be used when the student shows no likelihood of reform” and provisionally ruled that as it was a first offence she should have been temporarily suspended for 2 months instead.

However, the school refused to obey the court ruling and let her attend, with the principal complaining “We can’t preserve discipline if our punishments are vague… if they come out with a final verdict, we’ll go along with it.”

The school was subsequently criticised for disobeying a court, with one educational critic pointing out that “If a school won’t obey the law, they are in danger of becoming dictatorial. They should obey the ruling no matter what they think about it.”

Her father comments that “I can’t say my daughter is blameless, but she is sorry and I would like to see her graduate with her friends.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Well I’m not familiar with the japanese juidicial system but where I live you do what the court says you “should do voluntarily” (voiced like the school did didn’t I xD) or they will damn well force you to; and after they forced you you’ll be pissed at for not obeying in the first place.
    Common sense would see the school sued by her in the next higher instance until they CAN’T say “No we don’t want to” like stupid spoiled kids.

  • Wait a second : the Court ordered the school to let the student attend classes, right ? A court ruling is pretty much final, unless they duke it in a higher court. So, did they do that ?
    If not, the girl can actually request law enforcements to help her get into the school.
    Chances are, if she was rejected at her planned university, she will lose one if not 2 years because some moron wanted to make a point…

  • GTO anime version DEJA-VU, didn’t read the chapters 1 up to 12, so no idea if it was added there. Anyway, the only reason I’m still a teacher is to get my student-wife (Of course, after she graduates.) Staying friends with your students is a good thing, that would lead to such relationship if you’re lucky.

  • “She showed no remorse, and ignored our recommendation she drop out of school voluntarily, so we expelled her.”

    you say she “voluntarily” drop out of school yet you expelled her instead?

    what the fuck is wrong in japan. i think the kind of punishment is too extreme especially for a school refusing to follow the court’s order. talk about saving the face of the school and not caring what the next generation should be.

  • So the girl wasn’t raped and wasn’t underaged so there really isn’t any issue besides a Teacher/Student kind of relationship which still isn’t a big deal given the first two things I said.

  • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

    The part that says the principal is a complete moron: “We can’t preserve discipline if our punishments are vague”? I dunno, 2 months temporary suspension sounds pretty solid and well-defined to me. Besides, since when does a principal have the power to ignore a court order? Sounds to me like he’s the one that should be losing his job…

    • jamesownsall says:

      I donno man.

      In a hindsight, I’m starting to think that she kinda deserved it, in a sense that she’s too stupid to keep her relationship concealed until she graduates, which isn’t so far away.

      This does remind me of GTO though. Onizuka enrolled as a teacher, mostly, because he dreamt of having a 14-year old wife when he’s 40. Fucking pedo he is, haha!

    • You know who else disobeyed the law? Gandhi.

      You know what else is a law? Ishihara’s Anime/Manga ban and you know who is disobeying it? Champion Red Comics.

      Are they giving out good examples?

      According to laws in some countries, victims of rape get stoned or lashed to death. Should those laws by obeyed? If people ignored that law, would that be a good example for others? After all, a law is a law.

      If it were a (hot) female teacher and male student, same ages, same situation, I doubt you’d give a fuck that the male got expelled. You’d probably make a joke/meme out of it.

      It’s all about perspective. You think Champion Red is making a good example of ignoring the ban because you like anime. Likewise, you think the school shouldn’t ignore the law because it’s a girl and girls are meant to be protected like princesses. In both, it depends on your bias and viewpoints. What if a picture of the girl was released and she was ugly? Would your stance still hold?

      Hence contradictions and hypocrisy is born.

      • Yeah, except for the bit that School Rules aren’t superior to the actual Law.

        And in this case, suspensions would’ve been more appropriate, considering the ages and the consensual nature of the relationship.

        Contrast this with the teacher who was suspended without pay for 2 months for beating up a student, while this guy had relations with a girl old enough for him to marry.

        You also have to consider the whole good vs bad law, with the whole Anime/Manga ban being a good example of bad law, considering it’s overly vague, does nothing about actual kiddy porn (material about it was taken from the law) the supposed reason to implement it, has loopholes the size of an aircraft carrier (books and films aren’t subjected to the same rules), and has no effect on the actual stuff that should be kept out of the hands of minors (the 18+ material).

        In this case the school has overreached itself, especially in light of their handling of this case thus far. The subsequent ignoring of the court order and how the subject is being addressed also doesn’t speak in their favour. Even if their aim is to keep it tied up in court until after graduation, some more humility towards the the authority of the court would’ve been in order.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. If the school wants the girl to accept their judgement regardless of what she thinks, the school should also accept the judgement of the court regardless of what they think.

      This makes no sense.

      • It makes sense. They expect a “mere” student to obey their “suggestions” as law. Because of course they -know- what’s best fo her. Even when it basically equates to trying to make an example of her, regardless of how that effects her future. And of course, if society, or the courts disagree with them, they also, know no better.

      • Actually your argument doesn’t make any sense.

        If the school accepted the court’s judgement regardless of what they think, they’ve accepted the girl’s (court) judgement. That is, to finish high school and graduate.

        The only way the school can make the girl accept THEIR judgement is by ignoring the court’s judgement.

        It’s freaking impossible for school to make the girl accept their judgement regardless of what they think while also accepting the court’s judgement regardless of what the school thinks.

        This is School vs Girl and the court is just the middle man who happens to support the girl.

    • There is another side to that coin though.

      Nowadays schools are required to not only teach academic knowledge to its students but also to “teach” moral values, to make up for dysfunctional families and other such arguments.

      Therefore, how can a school teach its students the responsibility to own up to their decisions if they are never faced with the consequences of their decisions?

      Letting her remain in school would certainly mean, for her, there are no consequences to her wrongdoings. Now, if she was forced into that relationship it’d be a different matter.

      Granted, expelling her was not the only way to make her face consequences of her decision either.

      • Please tell me a single bad thing about having a consenting relationship with a teacher? She’s a woman, he’s a man. To interfere with them is to violate the most basic law of nature, and that is far above the laws of man.

        If it is immoral, then please, by all means, explain me, rationally and logically, what is bad in THAT kind of immorality?

        • Let me start by saying this is not my personal opinion, and although I recognize there are valid points to forbid Teacher-Student relationships, I’ll be merely citing general objections to it.

          1. “Please tell me a single bad thing about having a consenting relationship with a teacher?”

          I believe we had a very interesting discussion about this on a previous article some time ago, and if memory serves me well, the agreed main objection to these relationships seems to be the “conflict of interests” it generates.

          The teacher might grade that student arbitrarily. That student might expect the teacher to do so. Others might think the teacher grades arbitrarily and attempt to get the same treatment. There are many other polemic situations but I think these illustrate where the conflict of interests lie.

          2. “If it is immoral…”

          It depends on the society in which the situation occurs to decide whether it is immoral or not.

          However, it seems to me that the main point of argument is that a teacher exerts much too influence on the mental development of the students, so there is always fear that the teacher might have “deceived” that student into a romantic relationship.

      • If you think a two-month suspension for a technically legal activity (assuming it was a consenting relationship), that is just a violation of school rules is ‘no consequence’, then what -is- one. Is expulsion the only consequence you deem appropiate? I suppose all people that dye their hair blonde should be expelled outright as well?

        The teacher being dismissed is already consequence enough for her, again, assuming it’s a consenting relationship.

        Basically ruining her life, or at least making it immensely more difficult, by expelling her and thus ruining her career plans entirely is way too much.

        “Yeah, let’s teach our students morals by fucking up their lives beyond repair with our judgements. Booyah.”

        • “just a violation of school rules”

          Like I said, since schools are required to teach moral values, they must also uphold those values in practice. Teacher-student relationships always entail a moral shitstorm of varying intensity depending on the particulars of the society. So the violation also includes “breach of moral values”, vague as it may seem.

          “Is expulsion the only consequence you deem appropiate?…”

          Certainly not. Personally I think there were better options.

          “Basically ruining her life”

          Firstly, I’ll admit I don’t know the specifics about these kind of situations in Japan, but I don’t think expelled students are forbidden to join another school and continue coursing the same school year they were in before being expelled. I’ll have to get back to you on that though.

          Of course this is Japan, and sheer society disapproval could make other schools deny her entry to avoid involvement with a previously expelled student.

          Somehow, I think if a schoolgirl were to appear on TV shedding a few tears society would bend their knees anyhow. She’d probably be allowed to join any school she wanted too.

  • So… she did well academically but she’s planning only to attend vocational school after she finishes high school?

    shit… i had close to shitty grades in high school but now I can say with confidence that I have 3.77 gpa in university (accounting major)

    the point is, high school is NOT the end-all (at least in the US)

  • Just to make sure everyone has the right facts:
    The marriage age for girls is 16 in Japan.

    However, an adult is anyone of 20 years or older, not 18. She is therefore considered a minor in Japanese courts.

    Thus, if she had sex with her teacher it could be considered statutory rape.

    Many companies and schools also have contracts that specifically forbid teacher-student relationships.

    Personally, a think it’s a shame. A loving,consensual relationship between a teacher and a student is actually a beautiful thing. She obiviously had a love of learning from her academic performance, that blossomed into love for her teacher. A shame that these pure feelings have to be vilified by society.

      • This is where the lawyers make their cases.

        The age of consent is set at 13 for both boys and girls in Japanese criminal law article 176.

        However, the Child Welfare Act sets the age at 18 or above.

        In contrast to this, according to Japanese Civil Law Article 4, an adult is those of 20 years or older.

        Ah, the contradictions of the law. A beautiful thing, isn’t it?

    • Then again, it all comes down to what’s right and whats wrong. Morally, I think the school did what was best and moreover, being very lenient to actually accept her graduation if she self studies. Most western schools with good reputations would instantly remove the teacher and expel the student with out any compromise.And most students that get expelled are likely to have no future because most schools won’t take them in. She should feel lucky she even got a chance to get a compromise

      However, the school is also in the wrong to disobey a court order. But it is inevitable. Seriously think about it. Say you’re the person in charge of the school. You give a Scholarship to a student and then suddenly, she goes sleeps with a teacher. How would that make you look? Ridiculous. I mean, the girl just screwed you over. What would you’re reputation be like? a total mess. That’s what the school is trying to do. They just seriously got pwned by this situation and are the victims. Why should a girl who was given extra privileges to only abuse it and then make the school look bad even allowed to be related to the school after the incident. She didn’t even feel any remorse for goodness sakes.

      ” want to see out the end of my high-school years together with my classmates” yeah right, because she should have thought about that the moment she slept with the teacher considering she is 18 and not a girl who can’t think for herself.

  • “She showed no remorse and ignored our recommendation to drop out of school voluntarily, so we expelled her” I guess remorse would have been cutting her pinky off or ritual sepuku!

    The teacher is the one who’s ultimately responsible.
    He’s the authority figure and the one who crossed the line. Even if he got canned she’s paying a heavier price by not graduating. I dont know if they have equivalency diplomas in Japan but I’m pretty sure it’s going to make harder for her get into a college or find a decent job.

    The principal is just acting like a typical hack covering his own ass and that of the school.
    “Shigata ga nai” my ass!

    • jamesownsall says:

      I need to know why you think that sex between the two individuals, who obviously consented and is legally entitled to do so, is wrong and illegal before I stop assuming that you’re just trying to incite butthurt in here.


      • Exactly, this makes 0 sense in any culture.
        Who the fuck cares if they are having sex? They are 2 consenting adults. Their actions do no harm to anyone including themselves. Only how people react to what they do.

        It’s completely stupid and ass-backwards.

        • One problem is if he’s her teacher, since evaluation objectivity goes into question… but it’s not a crime, and if he’s not her teacher then there it shouldn’t matter.

          The other problem would be if they have sex AT the school, though extremely hot (who wouldn’t given the chance?) it’s still illegal (indecent exposure.)