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Big Business: “Japan Needs To Be More Like Singapore”


Japan’s business elite are urging the government to let in more immigrants by making the country more like Singapore, so they can make more money.

In a recent address given to the international press, the head of the highly influential Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) spoke of his concern over the effect of the nation’s low birthrates on economic activity, and said promoting mass immigration was the best way to solve his problem.

The model case for this immigration should be Singapore, he said.

Historically, the Keidanren has been a vocal proponent of mass immigration, saying the nation needs many millions of new workers, as well as a subservient relationship to China, even going so far as to praise the government for its obedience to China in the recent Senkaku incident.

The 2ch reaction is sceptical to say the least, with both his proposed policy and his favourable opinion of Singapore coming in for criticism:

“We’re running low on slaves so import some more now!”

“Comparing Japan to a city state now?”

“In Singapore the government can freely deport whoever they like and the media can’t report it, they can do whatever they like. In Japan that’d be impossible.”

“The only place they have left to point at now is a city-state like Singapore. Everywhere else is restricting immigration after all! And Singapore is mostly just letting in Chinese, and is run by the Chinese anyway.”

“Singapore used to be part of Malaysia. The Chinese took it over and made it an independent Chinese city-state. Even today it is the most pro-Chinese place in South East Asia.”

“Wasn’t Singapore created out of racial tensions with all the preferential treatment Malays received in Malaysia, when the British cooped up all the Chinese in their colony there? Now it’s the economic heart of South East Asia…”

“They are just picking cases which support them, and promoting policies they think will serve their interests.”

“Japan’s politics of treason all spring from industry and the Keidanren, and their politics of promoting the profits of the post-war industrialists over all else.”

“What should we be learning from Singapore?

1. It’s a dictatorship with an all-powerful state

2. In practice its rulership is hereditary

3. In practice it is a one-party state

4. All the power is concentrated on the PM

5. It’s the world’s foremost country for discrimination

That’s why they can do it.

It’s just a dictatorship which prioritised economic growth over all else and got lucky. It’s utter folly for a democratic nation to aspire to be like them.”

“These old fools belong in a casket, not spouting this senile rubbish.”

“They want to make even more mongrels?”

“Japan’s managers have no culture or sense of patriotism left, all they see is profit – nobody should respect them.”

“Don’t they know Singapore is an extremely authoritarian state? It’s like a bright version of North Korea.”

“Let’s learn from Singapore!

Poor people can’t bring their families to live with them.

If poor women get pregnant they are immediately deported.

Only the wives of rich husbands can have children there.

Some useful lessons there alright.”

“Its main language is English so Japan is in no position to imitate it anyway.”

“Letting immigrants into Japan en masse will only further degrade Japan’s standing. The only people they’ll get are Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos and Brazilians – the country won’t get anything out of this sort of immigration. Even with tight controls you just end with people abusing the benefits system.”

“Unemployment is high and nobody can find work, and we have a labour shortage?”

“Why are they even saying we should use a third-world country as a model?”

“Singapore… or in other words we should give up and let the Chinese take over.”

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  • Importing immigrants is a good idea. It would solve the problem of low birth rates and the economic problems associated with it. Too bad Japanese politicians and and Japanese media will brain wash the populace into believe that all foreigners do is kill rape and steal things.

  • lawl immigration, look at the u.k, you’ll just get indians swimming over to japan, and the chinese wouldnt be stupid enough to go over to japan when china is right now the richest country, i mean everyone else is in debt.

  • Get a grip guys/gals, come on stop the arguments over how bad/good is singapore and stop the comparison to china too.

    Damn, most of us are juz complaining behind our computer screens and had never been to each other’s country before. One point to make to people who “HATE” Singapore, have u ever been here? I understand the really racist remarks if u dun have any Singaporean friends, but keep this in mind, there are really many people of different nationalities here without the fear of racism and street attacks.

    As a Singaporean i have visited countries(shall not name them here)and i got picked off the street, disturbed and bullied physically and verbally by people who are simply racist against nothing but ASIANS. Hey please, if u consider Singapore to be a place where many tourist can come and leave happily and safely as a third world country, what do you call those?

    Please be kind to Singapore, and display some grace online fellas, we all love Japan, their culture and anime, that puts us all on the same channel. Whether they wanna open up to more immigrants, that’s theire national issue. Singapore have been unnecessarily dragged into the topic for attack due to somebody’s comment. Hold your tongues as there’s no need for senseless quarrels at all.

  • “In a recent address given to the international press, the head of the highly influential Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) spoke of his concern over the effect of the nation’s low birthrates on economic activity, and said promoting mass immigration was the best way to solve his problem.”

    Want economic activity? Drag all those hikkikomori out from their basement and have them assimilated into the workforce. Oh wait…there’s a problem about employment. Get rid of old senile deadwoods in all those corporations first.

  • PRC Chinese and Overseas Chinese behave differently, dun lump them together because they are of the same race. Go and take a good look at Taiwan, Hong Kong or Malaysian Chinese 1st before making any Judgement. And no, overseas Chinese are not communist, they migrated because most of them either support democracy or went to find a better life.

  • Sorry but f*ck Singapore! Japan for Japanese! Look what have happened in France with immigration, now there is no more french culture, there are only “Go Algeria!” during the World Cup, halal is invading the country, immigrants don’t respect the national events and prefer to mosques or temples…


    • I don’t know, maybe France deserves it? You know, for all the years they invaded countries and forced their culture down their new “subjects” throats?

      It’s karma. All the Europeans nations who were involved in colonisations are feeling it bite their asses now. And I reckon karma has long been overdue for the Japanese.

      So if you need someone to blame, I suppose blame the germans for starting the war and causing chronic labour shortage with all the killings that happen with war.

  • Erm…Singapore is more pro malay cos the malays don’t have to pay their school fees and every friday, lessons are cut short in the neighborhood schools for the the malay guys to have their friday prayers.

  • What they said are true, as a Singaporean i agree with 2ch netziens.

    And please, i am already very irritated by the amount of China people in my country. If Japan were to do this, i can imagine how irritated they are. And it’s a fact that they hate Chinese anyway, so that’s not the way to do things in Japan.

    Btw Singapore is not a 3rd world country, even though our government keeps saying Singapore is a 1st world country, it’s more like a 2nd world country.

    • What are you talking about? Singapore is already a 1st world country are you living in a cave? Japan is well known for being xenophobic and can you really blame them for that? Just look how irritated Singaporeans are with the current rise of foreign workers over here it’s a huge debate.

      I’d say Japan is alright the way it is now, but 50 years down the road? With their birth rate being so low, unless they start making more babies else it’s a choice between opening up to foreigners or slowly killing themselves.

      • hey idiot, listen carefully during rally speeches! Singapore is labeled with the term “1st class nation”, not 1st world country because we are lacking of the requirement of a 1st world country.

        • Nation can mean country or sovereign state and because this is a debate whether Singapore should be called a “1st class nation” or a “1st world country” right? righttt.

          It’s funny since you brought this subject up as Mr Shanmugam said “We are a city. We are not a country.” So you’re not right either way

  • What happened to the crapload of Brazilians they recruited last decade? Is the situation really that bad that they need even more or did all Brazilians left already?

    Also worth mentioning is that Pachinko parlors are generally run by North Korean immigrants that fuel money back to the deer leader.

  • who the heck just called singapore a 3rd world country?! most of us can actually at least speak 2 of these languages! (english/malay/chinese/hokkien/korean/japanese/cantonese)

    Though i have to say, even if we are prosperous and living a good life in singapore, our government does seem to favor authoritative rule of the country rather than our so called “democratic”. Heck, even attempting suicide gets you in jail! Plus the ban on chewing gums was really uncalled for =_=

    And living in singapore all my life, after seeing all those china immigrants coming to singapore, crime rates went up, the country was more dirty, and not to mention trains are packed full of them…
    thank god they fill up all the shitty jobs we dont wanna do, and leave the proper jobs to the singaporeans

  • Food are mostly halad in Singapore, Muslim rampages.
    Foreigners are mostly PRC, Myanmar, English, Americans, Pinoys.
    Japan can alter the world war 2 history on their education books as they like. Reality and life aren’t facts in Japan, virtual activities are.

  • “Letting immigrants into Japan en masse will only further degrade Japan’s standing. The only people they’ll get are Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos and Brazilians – the country won’t get anything out of this sort of immigration. Even with tight controls you just end with people abusing the benefits system.”

    What? As a Filipino living in Singapore, I’m offended.

  • Singapore is invaded by Chinese? Oh really? Someone clearly did not study history. Go check and see when japan invaded Singapore and make life miserable for all everyone else. Singapore is successful because of it’s people and a good government. We may lack in lands, natural resources. But, we certainly make it up in other areas. Our political parties is only this much. Naturally the talented people would want to join the best. Just like actors and actresses that wishes to get into Hollywood. and the last thing. Singapore woman can stay out late in the night without fearing of being rape. Not having to fend off perverts in trains that rub their penises around.

    • here is one retarded guy who refuses to look forward into the future and wanna stay in the past, please, don’t bring in ur porn fantasies of train raping into reality, if that is the case, why are there so many woman living happily in japan?

      if past wars are affecting ur views, then u should probably hate the UK for ‘colonizing’ us and hate the USA for invading iraq and vietnam..

      don’t be racist u stupid bitch

  • To all the people rooting this on hoping to get a chance at moving to Japan: you see all those xenophobic comments from the Japanese? Yeah, they’re not gonna change no matter what the law is. I know this is a site for Japanese culture, and as a result a lot of people are pro-Japan as a country, but do realize it’s also a culture that doesn’t like foreigners. Like, “if this were America they’d all be tried as super-racist” kind of xenophobia. Like, “I had a black friend in college and during the Japanese exchange trip when the gakusei came over remarked at how he talked at a normal level and wasn’t violent at all” xenophobia. Like, you’ll go there but you will never ever really fit in, and people will generally assume the worst about you.

  • Not possible, if women enters the country they’ll just rape them and their justice will just let go of it as just like a jail-walking offense. If the male enters the country and rape their women, the whole Japs will rage in futile extension just like Egypt now.

    So, it’s a – NO.

  • Can Jabanese, la. Get anoneh, cheng hu kang, happy days, be all dang heng one- oo lui, oo song, man, wai la.
    Dis one uncle arrow Jaban learn good Singlish, import talent, soon king Asia oreddy, hor.

  • The japs really mean to say , don’t follow Singapore because then we will lose our jobs to foreigners. Japs are pretty ignorant aren’t they? Most likely they never even been to Singapore but can still talk shit about them…

  • “In Singapore the government can freely deport whoever they like and the media can’t report it, they can do whatever they like. In Japan that’d be impossible.”


    Oh wait, that person is serious?

  • Discrimination? Seriously? Japan has got to be one of if not THE MOST xenophobic nations out there… Or should we start comparing Japan to Malaysia when it comes to discrimination? The only thing the Japanese lack is an active economic policy that favours the majority!

  • From Singapore here. Most of 2ch says about Singapore is untrue.

    Right now, immigration is a hot political issue here.

    Because of our liberal immigration policy, now over 40% of our population are not citizens. It cause a lot of resentment among locals, because the increase in immigrants have lead to overcrowding of public transport and depression of wages. Not even Canada and Australia which have a liberal immigration policy have so much non-citizens in their countries.

    I tell you if they keep increasing our population via immigration, we are gonna need train pushers like those in Japan.

    Majority of the immigrants here that become citizens are Malaysians Chinese but I can tell you that Singaporean tend to single out Chinese from PRC a lot because they shows the ugly side of immigrants and is not a wonder why.

    Chinese from PRC are arrogant, talk loudly in public places and don’t queue up at all. They have no manners of speech. PRC chinese are probably the most hated racial group among all immigrants.

  • Save a space for me, Japan. I’m going there soon :3

    “Its main language is English so Japan is in no position to imitate it anyway.”

    Dude, they have their signature Singlish while you guys have your Engrish.. Anyway, can someone tell me what the OP pic mascot has anything to do with this case, please?

  • /sigh

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Immigration does have benefits as some of the people here have pointed out.
    It’s it easier for businesses to run when they can get the people they need – this actually increases jobs in some situations, as business move/keep more operations into/in the country.

    That said there are downsides, the job situation will have to be kept an eye on.
    There will also be “culture” problems, newcomers might not integrate well due to different values, resulting in culture clashes with the locals.

    Immigration is probably a necessary evil due to the way the capitalist economic system works.
    But I believe it would be best to do it slowly and with care, over do it in a “too many too soon” fashion, people need time to adapt and get used to things, and you end up like Singapore where we locals feel like foreigners in their own country.

  • This would make sense, if it weren’t for the fact that Japanese people can’t get jobs out of college ALREADY because major companies are hiring Chinese and Koreans that can speak 2-3 languages compared to Japanese graduates.

    Japanese graduates lack language skills since their employment is based on job searching before graduating in their senior or junior year of college (the time when most other college students in other countries go to study abroad).

    They’re fucking themselves over if they’re going to leave Japanese recent college grads underemployed.

  • Typical ignorant Otakus. They can bash a country whom they know nothing about. Singapore? 3rd world? What the hell are they smoking?

    And they better get off their asses and start making babies soon. Cause it’s either that or seriously thinking about opening up for immigrations. Cause right now Japanese population in still in the negative growth. In 50 years China wouldn’t even need to fight them to take over. It’d just be a island with a few old asses left whom would probably want a socialist government that they can leech off anyway.

  • The Keidanren ain’t sayin’ nothin’ “big business” the world over hasn’t been sayin’ since the existence of “big business”: They want unfettered access to the largest possible pool of cheap labor possible. They might, however, want to rethink attaching their suction cups to the Chinese government’s cock. Everyone in that part of the world is looking to do to Japan what Japan did to many of them during WWII with interest. The Chinese government has no problem killing even the most innocent & helpless of its own population when it suits its purposes. Those businessmen ultimately wouldn’t get much more consideration.

  • It seems that 2ch hasn’t realized the point being made is:

    1. Japan has a really low birth rate.
    2. In order for the Japanese to keep being able to produce consumer goods and pay into their generous retirement system (read: Ponzi scheme) they’re going to need more workers.

    Since more Japanese men are becoming herbivorous and losing interest in procreating for the sake of their own country, someone has to do something to replenish the work force.

    If this keeps up, the Japanese people will be just as endangered as the giant panda.

  • Haha, reading the comments posted on 2chan and sankaku complexes shows how blatantly ignorant both parties are about Singapore. Look, try living in the country for a few years before posting such misguided comments, based almost entirely on prejudice and hearsay.

  • It should be fine. If you go to singapore, they already know how to speak japanese. Some of their signs are japanese. Also, their train system is nearly identical. Heck, i bet those singaporians wouldn’t even know they were in japan. I thought we were in japan again when i went to singapore for a visit.

    • Been to a number of places in S.E Asia.
      Must say I liked Singapore the most, and that’s with three horse lengths of a lead to boot.

      Place is clean, they care about hygiene. Folks actually speak English so I can communicate with them. Food is good. I had a blast during my holiday there.

  • Japan’s issues are actually being closely watched by China and Korea, both of which have a similar situation approaching their states at a later time.

    S. Korea was reported to have a lower birth rate in 2010 than Japan.

    China’s one child policy has also created the whole nightmare scenario where (I believe I found this article on SC) tens, if not hundreds of millions of Chinese men will not be able to find a woman to marry and mate with if they stay in their own country by 2050 or so.

    The people on 2ch could at least try to offer alternative solutions. A good one would be to reconfigure their economy for better innovation, since it and the US have been riding the wave of past innovations for decades now.

    Just as armies of today are no longer requiring mass amounts of manpower (save China), they are requiring higher skilled better trained workers.

    Since there is a lower group of population to support the older generations, why not empower the younger generations rather than having them end up ranting and raving on 2ch as hikkikomoris, NEETs, or Freeters?

  • Does the Japanese Business elite understand that the Singapore model/system works only because the immigrants who go to Singapore are mostly rich and are willing to invest in Singapore by pumping money into the country. These immigrants are mostly rich businessmen from Hong Kong and other parts of South-East Asia. So letting everyone into Japan won’t make Japan richer/won’t let Japan earn more money!

  • lol after reading other comments I have to agree they’re not in shortage of workers but in shortage of slaves instead, the people of 2chan complain about unemployment(they are probably unemployed) but they don’t want to become slaves so they try to create some false nationalism in other to protect themselves from reality/the truth

  • Will immigration could defiantly increase the birthrate and bring in cheaper labour however the destruction of culture is what you have to look for remember with immigrants comes there culture and ways, the japanese would need to teach the the population culture, then again the japanese would also be more accepting in their beliefs as well which i don’t see happening.

  • “Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos and Brazilians” ?! WTF?! That’s prejudice associating brazilians with those countries! Not all brazilians are like the politicians nor people from nordeste/slums! In fact most aren’t like them! And then they don’t want people to joke about their sizes ashuhuashaushusahha

  • While SG has its good points, JP would not stand to benefit from imitating it wholesale.

    The model of close authoritarian control and deprivation of civil liberties works well in SG because of its small size and no natural resources. Allowing politicians to play the paranoia card repeatedly and easily rounding up dissenters.

    While variations of this have been attempted to varying degrees of success in other countries (like the US with Guatemala Bay and Wikileaks), the potential for civil unrest is must higher and the cost of such a failed unpopular policy could be devastating.

    As for the immigration policy, its an old trick to import large numbers of dependent immigrants, naturalize them to give them voting rights while keeping them vulnerable to deportation. This will dilute the voting base with a surge of new voters loyal to the incumbent. This increases popularity at the ballot and also increases the workforce.

    That might actually work for JP, if they can get past the civil unrest for letting large number of barbaric gaijin into JP.

  • immigration won’t be a long term solution to what japan is having problems with… it is sad that most people associate immigration with racial undertones, thinking that with these outsiders in japan, they will ruin the identity and culture such country like japan. Countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea are among many countries that have robust economies but have a low birthrate because the people push themselves more than normal workaholics. You can’t remove that from them,that is how they are….degrading Japan’s standing because of influx of immigrants from Countries such as the Philippines, Brazil, are such uneducated thinking from people who only think of themselves who don’t gets out of their houses….

    what they should be doing first is to prioritize and inject more attention to their economies, they just keep on closing or getting bankrupt…that way, not only you will encourage immigrants but also new businesses for the economy to grow…

    please leave your racial undertones to yourselves, this is not the old ages..

  • I’m Singaporean and sad to say, most of the above points are true. Also, mass immigration creates a shit ton of problems for the locals. From what I see, keep Japan’s immigration policy as it is, don’t fuck it up more.

  • no duh birth rates would go up in japan if more immigrants are allowed. Have you seen there women. xD So many hot women. … So many immigrants with an asian and more specific Japanese fetish. mmmmm yep I think I got one of them for the most part.

  • It’s quite regrettable that some 2ch comments are xenophonbic at best. But no, mass immigration is a BAD idea.

    Although being said to be a mostly chinese state, we have problems dealing with the pure-blood chinese immigrants. We can seriously do without their-Money-Above-Anything-Else behaviour.

    @ 08:42 04/02/2011 but our great Senior Minister said that we are not a nation yet but only a mass-Work-In-Progress.

  • Japan ought to focus on facilitating job creation for their own people, the Japanese — not foreigners.

    The economic stagnation there is bad enough now, but any attempt to open the floodgates of massive immigration will only exacerbate the problem. Look at the West and especially at my nation, the United States. What has cheap labor, corporate exploitation, and an ignorant consumption-driven public done for us?

    Nothing. That’s what.

    Many of us may be loath to admit this, but multiculturalism doesn’t work within the borders of a single nation. Human beings are naturally tribal; we care for our own. Further, the differences between cultures and ethnic groups matter. We should celebrate these differences and respect them (this doesn’t mean you should approve of any and all practices in cultures alien to your own, but that you at least honor the universal right of all societies to do things their own way).

    Shoehorning various groups together into one country so we can all sing Kumbaya in the name of “diversity” only contributes to estrangement between neighbors and leads to the loss of national identity. It gets worse when an economy collapses, because the shortage of opportunities and resources pushes everyone into all-out interracial conflict and ethnic strife.

    Europe is not having an easy time of it with their Muslim populations, and our own problems here with Mexico are just as bad, especially in the southwestern States. Of course, the Western World is usually subjected to a double standard in this regard. “India for the Indians” is okay, but “France for the French” is somehow evil. What nonsense.

    It’s even more idiotic when you realize that the Third World does not benefit in any fundamental way from wealthy nations taking in large numbers of their brightest and best. Once the promising foreign graduates and young workers get a taste of Western living standards, they usually don’t want to go back home so that their educations and skills can aid in lifting their native countries out of poverty.

    Japan will suffer under all of this if they pursue such a foolish idea. True diversity and harmony is achieved through homogeneous nations. If you really want to experience a different culture, book a plane ticket and travel the world. I don’t see anything wrong with that model.

    And if people in poorer nations are desperate for opportunity, then we should help them implement reforms that will create prosperity in their countries. They would get to keep all their talent, and everyone altogether may preserve their heritage and unique traditions. Nothing controversial here.

    I say:

    Japan for the Japanese.
    Britain for the British.
    Palestine for the Palestinians.
    America for the Americans.

  • cheese_cake says:

    i’d argue about the false claims about singapore as i was born there, but i find it too tiring as of now.

    tho i’ll provide a short answer. everything mentioned in the article is what’s observed to be true but is not explicitly true.

  • Japan does need to either start making more babies and/or letting more immigrants in. I know I’ll do my part if they let me in again, wink wink.

    They should not follow Singapore,which has loads of issues that can’t easily be discussed here, to do it though, nor should they bow down to China. They should let immigrants in while making sure they integrate into mainstream Japanese society. Japan (and most countries) isn’t like America where the culture is the sum of what immigrants bring with them, but rather a unique culture formed by the natives over hundreds of years. They should take care to preserve it while also avoiding discrimination and treating immigrants like second class citizens–a difficult job, of course, but still necessary.

    • Got my doubts if they can do that though. The Ainu are a good example for that, and they’re the actual true inhabitants of Japan (or at the least places like Hokkaidō, the Kuril Islands (formerly), and much of Sakhalin.)

      And it’s not as if their descendants get treated all that well either, that is, if they identify themselves as Ainu, as opposed to hiding away who they are.

  • This you should fight by ANY means necessary.

    Look at how America became AmeriKKKa…

    Really started in the Ray-Gun 80s when he slashed the Union’s power and gutted tariffs. Following presidents further widened the trade doors.

    Like a hole being punched in a dam so that some rich elite in a mansion on the hill by the artificial lake could get “Free” power for his mansion, even “Re-Sell” said power at an unfair profit. Taking 9 parts of energy from the real generator for every one part of energy made in the process.

    Along the way they expanded illegal immigration from controlled “Bracero” compromises into construction, low end labor, etc.

    And America has catastrophically crashed because of that. It’s just so much in debt to itself it doesn’t know it yet, not enough bills have gone critical faster than more loans can be made.

    But a tiny, TINY minority has gotten VERY rich for it…

  • “What should we be learning from Singapore?

    1. It’s a dictatorship with an all-powerful state

    2. In practice its rulership is hereditary

    3. In practice it is a one-party state

    4. All the power is concentrated on the PM

    5. It’s the world’s foremost country for discrimination

    That’s why they can do it.

    It’s just a dictatorship which prioritised economic growth over all else and got lucky. It’s utter folly for a democratic nation to aspire to be like them.”


    Sure, it’s a folly for a democracy to emulate it, but Japan would still do well, right?

    I mean, half of the criticisms he makes of Singapore could be levelled at Japan too.

  • Seeing how well immigration is doing in Europa, I can only pray with all my heart that Japan will be spared.
    Mass immigration won’t solve anything, it will only bring problems.
    Economics is just a bunch of shit.
    A country is more than just a big market.

  • Japan will have more foreigners in the future…there is no way around this. The question is will they wait until it’s too late to save their culture.

    The birthrate is too low and the population continues to decrease. Doing nothing isn’t an option.

  • Well, the way they treat non-japanese, this is so ideological. Living 10 Years there and you’re still the “foreiginer”. One of the few reasons why I don’t want to life there even tough I like the culture and the city.

  • 2ch: Only able to talk on the internet yet when it comes to defending freedom of speech they hide like bitches and don’t go against Ishihara. Everyone can be a internet toughguy but apparently not everyone can be a real toughguy when necessary. Maybe they can get off their asses sprouting whatever they want on the internet and actually do something. Like, I don’t know. Maybe bring their current government down and give chance to a more I don’t know maybe really freedom oriented government that isn’t full of old senile farts who only try to prolong their election. Srsly if you’re going to be wasting time at least waste it on something that’d be good not only for you but for the whole country in general. Not only criticize when you’re displeased. Or are they such gutless cowards when it comes to standing up against their old senile government farts. Srsly if those 2ch were to be with a bit more balls they’d be able to throw over the stupid ishihara over along with the damn ban. Protest you cowards. When you’re displeased protest don’t just go back to your damn hideout called the internet and bitch about it but take action. And if that still doesn’t help why not try to force a reelection and elect a I don’t know maybe a more creativity freedom or whatever oriented politician. Those guys are more than enough to throw ishihara over his seat and barrel roll him all the way to Agnes Chan wherever that cunt is.

    • There will be a labour shortage; thanks to low birth and death rates, there are far more people retiring than reaching working age. Japan will need a lot of immigrants to replace them.

      Nevertheless, it’s still true that the business leaders want people who’ll work for shitty wages. This is what happened in the US 100 years ago, and it actually turned out rather well.

  • Being Singaporean and having lived in Singapore my entire life, I have one thing to say:

    No, just no.

    ‘Foreign Talent’ is a major issue now in Singapore. Many locals are complaining that all these FTs are stealing jobs from them.

      • exactly.

        I may not live in Singapore, but I do live in New York City, so I know what it’s like living in a very desireable place that has a lot working Immigrants.

        It is very true that Immigrants do take up a lot of jobs, but more often than not they take Jobs the natives would never take in the 1st place. I don’t know if it’s this way in Singapore, but that’s definitely the way it is in NYC, and the rest of the US.

        Not to mention if the US didn’t have such an open Immigration policy, we would be having the same problem as Japan, because it’s mostly Immigrants who have children. Meaning a shrinking work force and an economy unable to support itself.

        Nothing is wholly bad or good. A closed door like Japan has ensures Jobs will be open for the Japanese people, but it also leads to shrinking birth rates as the people become more and more well off. Which leads to Job shortages anyway, because there is less people demanding jobs.

        On the other hand, an open door means that you will have greater amounts of work done, therefore promoting greater economic growth. But, it will mean less Job avalibility for natives (who don’t want to do the jobs in the 1st place anyway), but it could also lead to civil unrest.

        But the sad truth remains: Countries of any kind or place run on grunt-work (farming, manufacture, etc…) and it is the poor who do this grunt-work, meaning all Countries ultimately run on the backs of the poor. As a country grows and becomes more privaliged and wealthy, the native population becomes less and less willing to do this essential grunt-work, because it is underpayed and overworked. So from there you have 2 options, outsource or let in immigrants. If you take neither, you will surely face a slow decline.

        However, even though I avocate more open Immigration, I do believe that there should be a push for immigrants to learn and become part of the native culture. As a New Yorker and by extention an American, this is an unusual subject for me. America really has no culture of it’s own, it’s a “Sum of it’s parts” kind of deal. Even most things thought of as American are really British, German, Nordic, or Italian in origin, with many others playing part. As such, I have no real “attachment” to any real cultural values. If I grew up in a country with a more established and older culture, I’d probably care more about maintaining an established culture. So if Japan was to ever take on a more open policy on these matters, extensive language learning programs would have to be implemented in order to make the transition more palatable to the Japanese.

        However this idea that “Japan should be for the Japanese” is a very dangerous line of thinking. Where exactly do you draw the line? Not letting anyone in? What about those already in Japan who are not Japanese? Would it progress to Apartheid-like living situations? True, Immigrants should make an effort to learn the language and naturalize, and to actually be productive members of the Country in question, but “Country X should only be for people X” is an antequated idea that is not helpful to anyone in the long run.

        At the end of the day, Closed and Open Door policies both have their advantages and disadvantages. Neither way will leave you problem free. Should Japan be like Singapore? I don’t know. I don’t know enough about Singaporean politics and economy to say anything difinitive on that subject. But concerning Immigration, I think Japan should at least heavily consider it.

  • I want Japan to be Japan. Their culture, beliefs lifestyle is extremely unique. I feel it should stay just for the Japanese. Once you introduce to many additional factors things start to get weird. Look at America; too many hands in the pot, too many people to please, too many people thinking it’s only my way or hatting your way. Leave Japan to the Japanese I say.

  • Unemployment is high and nobody can find work, and we have a labour shortage?”

    Situation Everywhere. I feel this comment, though said often before, is profound.

    Also they should make a contract for immigrants. You wouldn’t want more N.Korean spies now, or have a lot of Islamic fundamentalist move in that will bring trouble later on, such as them proposing for sharia law.

    • You may say unemployment is high – depends on your perspective. As often most japanese prefer working white collar jobs than blue collar. White collar jobs are already full and japanese hate hard labor, So no wonder Japanese are buffle with unemployment rate. Maybe its high time those japanese to work with sweat and not in a/c room

    • Lets read between the lines… Japan has a labor shortage because we can’t get workers that we can pay a lot less like the Chinese; since no Japanese person would be stupid enough to be paid less than nothing, we need to import cheap labor so we can make big profits.

    • They could import Mexicans and some US states such as Arizona might even pay for their transport to Japan.

      They’re not terrorists or anything like that and are hard workers.
      The US just is over ran by them and there really just are not enough jobs here for them.

    • because no one wants to work in botem level factory where they will never make enough to support a family, they want a government job that basically promotes you based on how old you are.

      if i had a choice between a cussh government job, where i will recieve raises, adn promotions based on age, and recieve fucking awsome bennifits, with very little work, or a factory job where you may never rise above anyone esle, may never matter, and possibly be fired for old age (cant get as much shit done as someone younger) where do you think people would seek employment?

      the labor deffisit is due in two parts, easy jobs if you can get them, where you do little work and get allot for it. and secondly, the way most women work over there, only going for rich. no one ever made a million dollars by working minimum wage their whole life (i mean have 1mill, not cumulatively, that may or may not have been spent throughout their life)

    • Would you like to kiss Japanese arse? Remember what happened to Brazilians, it’s not worthy to work in Japan. If you want money go to SK, while they have smaller salaries costs of living are smaller too and you’d earn more.

    • 2ch does make some good points about this though. Singapore is the very last place I’d vote for emulation. And letting the Chinese control any more of Japanese politics could -only- be a bad thing. They’re the major assholes of the asian countries right now.

      • Australians were once deported US criminals. And the ancestors of the whites in the US were once Europeans.

        They were all the same people once. But now all of them are different.

        Its the same shit for us, and the Taiwanese. Unlike a certain country which bashes Christmas because it “destroys” their culture, we believe in the point of knowing one another. In the end, we are all humans.

        But obviously, i don’t deny some of the facts that 2ch spoke, especially this particular one.

        1. It’s a dictatorship with an all-powerful state

        2. In practice its rulership is hereditary

        3. In practice it is a one-party state

        4. All the power is concentrated on the PM

        5. It’s the world’s foremost country for discrimination

        Its not entirely true, but Singapore lacks freedom in quite a lot of areas. And the PM has quite a lot of say in things because of a certain respected old guy who propelled the state from chaos to this economic prosperity we have now. And that’s also why its pretty much a one-party state all the way too.

        • ‘Australians were once deported US criminals.’

          That was back when the U.S. founded a colony called Britain. George Washington invaded the island in 1066, and the U.S. territory of Britain started deporting its purse-snatchers to Australia around 1600, when Cecil Rhodes was crowned Lord Protector. But then the U.S. lost control of Britain when Michael Collins led the revolt of 1776, and the British Isles renamed themselves the U.K.

  • Immigration is beneficial to society as a whole, mostly due to political instability that causes the wealthy elite in those countries to pull up stakes and load the family horse drawn cart with all their wealth and belongings and flee to areas that are more politically stable. It is very similar to the way countries try to attract foreign investment.

    Also note that the head offices of 2ch are located in Singapore.

    • You’re wrong.

      After 10 years : Yeah! The country is healthy!

      After 50 years : Civil war between different ethnies / loss of the national culture / unemployement / more punks

      If you want an exemple, there is France. Live there and you’ll see what immigration brought. And don’t trust your TV, they say nonsense about the country just to get more tourists

  • Mass immigration works if you restrict the people and cultures you let it. This may sound heartless and racist but unfortunately the facts of Europe’s downfall back up this point.

    They let in too many Muslims (from all around the world) and Non-Muslim Arabs. The “Multiculturalism” (All cultures and religions are equal to one another) that has allowed this to happen is one, if not the most important factor in Europe’s loss of economic standing and individual culture.

    There used to be validity when a European complained about Americans saying it was one big country, not anymore. Its now one giant morass of “Multicultural” crap.

    If Japan limits immigration to specific cultures that do not share its values they will see the same effects as Europe if they allow mass immigration.

    • Shut up!, speak with arguments not only with stupid racist comments.

      It’s obviously the immigration won’t solve their problems.

      But we live in a globalized world, i like the idea of a japan more open up for foreigners.

      • And more open to dirty rageheaded muslims and brazillians, o the irony.

        Globalized world? Heck I don’t want every place to be surrounded with those rageheaded muslims hanging around making the streets unsafe.

        It’s not racism – it’s a common fact. Myself am from The Netherlands, and it seems at other places, muslims are one of the big troubles nowadays. It doesn’t depend on the country, it’s just those muslims that refuse to “change a little bit” and acting so selfishly. Fact, not racism.

    • They are talking about Japan adopting a pro immigration policy, possibly like Singapore… not talks about if Japan or Singapore is better…

      Stop being such a idiotic Japanophile; issue isn’t about who is better.

  • I’m from singapore too…and i would hardly say that we are a ‘third’ world country. the only reason we are still a third world country is becuz of our size and lack of variety of political parties. I admit i dun really care abt politics and stuff but i believe we are at least on par with a lot of the first world countries out there. For internet…we have got “free” wi-fi nearly all over the island-country and high-speed internet that is at least on par with the rest of the world at affordable prices. I hear that we also have the best prices for authentic electronic goods. (not sure if it is even better japan but if anything, when comparing prices we are abt the same if not better…unless it’s their own products)

    Oh yea, even our airport is best in the world and our seaport has also been among the top two for the past few years…if a ‘third’ world country has been beating first world ones…is there really any reason to doubt their business model? though i believe part of the success is due to our small size.

    please do not simply group us with china…and while english is widely spoken, so is chinese and a lot of dialects. a lot of us do learn foreign languages but this language barrier thing affects a lot of countries where english isn’t the main language. outside tokyo and the heart of major cities in japan, a lot of my relatives and friends have problems getting ard japan due to the lack of english there…yet it is no reason to bash japan (as a whole). It should be up to the traveller to learn enough of the language of the place of visit to get ard, rather than expecting the country to cater for every possible language.

    Oh…and our government isn’t anti-otaku!!!!!!!

      • 2ch always have rubbish and wise words mingled together. On the general note, I like how they think.

        Well too bad high unemployment and labour shortage are not exactly the cure for the other. You can have labour shortage if all of the unemployed people do not either have the proper degree or certification, or do not have the proper attitude for the job. “You can have two dozen of keys but if they don’t fit the keyhole, you can’t even know if they’ll open the door.”

        That’s where foreign labour would help. Some people with high education could end up there, and providing exactly what the companies need. Or even, just a person that thinks differently; that is enough to spark innovation. “Who would have known there was colors if they lived their life in a black and white world?” One very simple example I can pull is… has anyone noticed how so much young japanese male sound the same? Their voice (somehow mostly all very similar) and their way of talking, their accent…

        On the other note, I do like Japan because it isn’t a mix of so much nationality. The types ideas they pull out do not end up as broad as elsewhere that is multiethnical, but their ideas are by no means unoriginal. Rather than “importing” workforce, I think they should just have a more hands-on research on the ideals and needs and preferences of other people/countries. Joint projects with foreign companies would help, for instance.

        Maybe offer Japan-quality products overseas may help too (such as how the exact same model TV in NA are so much crappier than the ones in Japan, or even better, Made in Japan).

        • another singaporean here, we do learn in this strange thing called “social studies” (lol) that sg’s birth rates are comparable to Japan which is y we need this high intake of foreigners. Some have compared SG to NYC in terms of how busy a city it is. Our airport is best in the world with our seaport among the top 2…

          We’re ranked as 3rd world while having numerous things superior to that of first world countries…we’ve got island wide free wi-fi internet access (for what it’s worth) and have got one of the cheapest authentic electronic goods market. I hear some foreigners come to SG’s electronic fairs just to buy electronics to bring back and sell…

          Our government at least isn’t anti-otaku…

        • I am a Singaporean, but instead of rebutting or discussing 2ch’s views i’ll offer my own and let you guys decide.

          Politically, we have been ruled by one party since our independence since 1965. Autocratic by rule,and unlikely to be democratic.The opposition? i’ve attended a few of their rallies at the last election- though i wasnt old enough to vote – and it left me feeling underwhelmed.

          The pro-immigration policy? It was much needed during the post-colonial and communal years, in the forms of foreign investments and in turn, foreign talent. There were almost no natural resources, and whatever was available was just one thing: people.Yet right now this policy has riled many locals, as you would see on those websites given by earlier posters.

          when i was nine, there were two chinese students who were two years older but in our grade. It was my first taste of local vs foreign “talents” competing. They went on to prestigious schools later on, and though i didnt begrudge them, it made me realise, even as a kid: ” those two spots could have been taken by two bright local kids instead” This experience would be oft repeated and in increasing frequency.

          We call the chinese “Ah Tiongs” though i have no idea where this label comes from. many of my own peers do not like the chinese nationals because of the increased competition they give. there are already limited jobs, and now they come here to steal our rice bowls?! and our idiotic government is actually encouraging it?! etc etc, are the usual lines of complaints, and they arent invalid points of contention.

          I am not xenophobic.This is happening everywhere, or at least in countries where foreigners are very much embraced. The only reason why many locals have a sore spot with this is partly, and i stress, partly, because of its geographical limit and size,thus intensifying this is also happening in many parts of Europe, as well as some states in the USA, though the origins of their concerns differ.

          Is our country first-class, or a backwater third world? frankly, i am bemused & amused that such a term coined by the West should be used by 2ch given where they stand but alright.

          Our train system is pretty efficient. Clean and fast, it is also a source of complain for being overly crowded.It travels to almost all parts of the country, and the average waiting time during peak hours is about 2-4 minutes.

          our education system is rated world class by people, and since bilingualism is advocated and applauded, many foreigners put their kids in our schools. personally? Its under the guise of the paper chase. education’s essence in itself dies when most of us are just studying for a better future. though, who isnt?

          The crime rate is, for a lack of of a better term, happily pathetic. It is generally very safe, unless of course when its being used as a convenient excuse of a nag by my mum ” dont take short cuts! what if those foreign workers mug you!?”

          Politcally, we are very immature.

          Culturally, we are somewhat struggling. a lot.

          Socially, we are very immature.

          Regliously, we are secular.

          Anime/ Manga/Cosplay? i leave it for you to find out.

          It is highly amusing when my fellow countrymen complain of singlish and its ugliness when they themselves do not realise when they open their mouths to speak english the singaporean accent is amazing grating on the ears.

          then again, like what ami says in toradora, “stupidity is contagious.”

          my fellow countrymen desire freedom and the likes of democracy. some even base it as standard we MUST achieve.and why not? compelling ideals in form and thought. Is it the right way for us though? can a western blueprint be imposed on our nation though?

          One thing is telling though. After decades, much like our ancestors who are immigrants (oh the abject irony)themselves leaving their home counties for a better life,we are still struggling to define ourselves as a nation, as an identity.We still ask ourselves daily; ” what does it mean to be a singaporean?”

        • erm…not a nation does not mean third world…

          we are not a nation because of geographical issues and other technical stuffs… we are largely considered city state…

          but currently we are a 1st world country…

          you can find examples of other city state…

          anyway discerning individuals with knowledge of the world would know that this is half true and half crap…LOL…SG is actually a nice place…

        • From what I read, it’s a common misconception that Singapore is a first world country, mainly due to factors that we suck at; like *coughfreedomcough*, but we are certainly no third world country.

        • well… i personally think that singapore is a better place than japan in every aspect cept that we dun have an anime industry and we dun have good food (almost everything in our country is imported) =( well…. i love japan though. it’d be nice if japan become just a lil bit like singapore just to improve their whatever but remain the same for their traditions and bla bla bla. Ah and also, i think singapore is a first world country. is it not? just like how america japan taiwan and bla bla bla is.