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BBC Cancels Japan Trip Over Japanese Whining


The BBC is cancelling some of its filming in Japan in response to the complaints of the Japanese embassy about a comedy programme which called a man who survived two atomic bomb blasts “unlucky.”

The comedy programme, hosted by well known UK comedian Stephen Fry, had the temerity to suggest Tsutomu Yamaguchi, a man who survived two atomic bombings only to die of natural causes aged 93, was extremely unlucky.

The circumstances surrounding the broadcast are covered in more depth in the preceding article, and the broadcast can be viewed there or below:

The Japanese Embassy apparently had nothing better than make a fuss about the programme, saying it was “inappropriate and insensitive.”

The BBC offered a less than grovelling apology, but evidently this display of moderate contrition was not deemed strong enough – the BBC also subsequently cancelled parts of a language documentary hosted by Fry and due to be filmed in Japan due to the “strength of feeling.”

It would appear Japan has some influence left after all, if only to secure the cancellation of part of a programme with nothing to do with the original broadcast, hosted by a man most Japanese have never heard of, to be filmed in Japan and promote better understanding of the Japanese language…

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