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14-Year-Old Girl Executed for Being Raped


A 14-year-old girl has reportedly been whipped to death as punishment for being raped, with the sentence being ordered by an Islamic court.

The 14-year-old girl lived in rural Bangladesh, where she was allegedly raped by her 40-year-old cousin and then accused of adultery.

After being beaten by the family of the man who raped her, she was then convicted by the village’s Sharia court system and sentenced to 100 lashes. Her father was also ordered to pay a fine for her misdeed.

After being subjected to 80 lashes she fell unconscious and was taken to hospital, where she later died.

Police are said to have arrested 4 people, including a local cleric, and to be investigating a further 14 people for having participated in the killing.

Bangladesh recently outlawed Sharia law, making the issuance of fatwas illegal, but the practice still continues, with a woman having died during a lashing under similar circumstances in December.

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  • Those fucking Muzzies…………

    How can anyone ask me to be tolerant towards a religion that well into the 21st century allows a child to be whipped to death on account of being raped!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

    Fuck them and the camel they rode in!

    God, how i hate going into troll mode…
    These situations irk to no end so i don’t even try to hold it in…

  • i have a member who study in Sharia law. regarding to this Bangladesh Cases according to Sharia Law:

    – SUPPOSED TO BE that MEN will be punished 100 lashes. otherwise, no punishment to that woman because she is a victim.
    – the order of fine must be implemented by that MEN.

    seems like people at that village is noob

    my member also telling me that the Sharia law also available in English like others Law books… this Bangladesh case like 9/11 cases where they make the law upside down. uhh stupid

  • wooo…Im suprise to read this…Im a moslem myself…but nvr heard & seen such unjustice..I think this is soo wrong…even in Islam, supposely the raper should be punish, not the girl who have been raped & she should be protected, or the raper should be responsible for what he did to the girl, & for most cases a raper will be forced to marry the girl he rapes…or the gov law will take care for it…still, OMG OAO how the world have gone wrong these days…

  • You people are fucking fools. People kill. Its what people do. Always have. Always will. Religion. Science. It doesnt matter. Humans dont need a reason for our innate evil. Its just humanity. Oh. And as for science taking us to the stars. I pray im dead when that happens. I really dont want to be here when you fools find what your going to find. Thats all. Down vote at will. I just felt inclined to say something. Just like all the atheist and science worshipers.

  • =.=; u guys never understand Islam a bit! this is not the true Syaria Law! This is bullshit! they do it based on their pride! This is not Islamic way! No wonder the Jews n American are successful in implementing Islamophobic towards u guys! Learn other religions before commenting on them! Even I can’t talk crap about other religion if I didn’t learn anything about them!

  • this story, as read by a gynophobic Islamic cleric:

    homewrecking teenage slut seduces respectable family man, then slanders his good name with outrageous lies and accusations when he is unable to fulfill her greedy demands. righteous family cleanses their honor with holy ceremony, but is deprived of their proper justice when the weak souled harlot fails in her penance. God hating fascists descend upon the scene, falsely imprisoning the followers of our perfect faith.

    SO, it’s a tragedy no matter what your perspective. 😉

  • What assholes.

    This is why the Islam is look down upon. Stupid crap like this. But such rules ALSO exist in the Christian Bible.

    Under Christian rules: You can rape a young girl, give her father some pieces of metal and marry her. She is ruined and cannot be married to anyone else anyway. You know, that whole virgin-bullshit thing.

  • Reading through this, first I thought it was messed up for a court to punish a girl for being raped then I thought why are police investiging and arresting people for this if the courts ordered it finally it all made sense when it said Sharia law is supposed to be outlawed

  • Yep… Kill a victim who unwillingly broke a law due to the even more heinous circumstances which put her there due to someone’s lack of morals and self control.

    Sounds perfectly logical.

    The entire court should be burned to the ground, with everyone responsible for the verdict inside.

  • I am angry right now.

    Some motherfucking moslems never use their motherfucking brain and faith to God.

    do they think this is proper? Do they think their God would give an OK to this? Don’t they have any pity?

    Motherfucking moslems, they should just die ASAP.

    NB: I said ‘some motherfucking moslems’, so I didn’t generalize all moslems. Only the fucking ones.

    • I appreciate your effort to distinguish the assholes from the ones who just want to live without trouble, but really, this shit in Bangladesh is just culture using religion as an excuse to justify themselves.

      Women’s rights(no, I’m no feminazi) are at an all time low around Pakistan, Bangladesh and just about any other countries in that region. Stuff like honor killings are still happening even though it’s never been explicitly described in Holy Quran that you can just kill your sister because she eloped with another man. None of the valid hadith ever tried to justify it either.

  • Hey I know a few Muslims at work and let me tell you this ISN’T typical behavior. Not one bit. Think of it as comparing regular moderate Christians and the crazy-ass southeners waaay down there in the hicks. From what they told me Bangladesh has a history of being very overbearing on their people, ie: contorted interpretation of the Koran.

    So don’t take your rage out on all Muslims is what I’m saying. That’s like blaming all Christians for child molesting Priests.

  • Wow, that’s messed up…

    But damn, what’s with all the Islamic hate? I mean they did mention it was outlawed by Sharia law. Sharia Law might be part of Islam, but it is not = to Islam.

    We never know, these guys might be using this “Sharia Law” to justify their laws. In which case, the “real” Sharia law might be good as far as we know we. Just sayin’

  • Savages…
    After the fact that that little girl was raped, she was also beaten by the family, the ones that should’ve supported her, and even being punished to 100 lashes for it…
    This is even worse than that girl who killed herself in japan last week after being raped for 3 hours.

  • Since all the judges and clerics are child molesters raping girls age 4 to 9 daily, why would they spoil their good thing? After all one of the ‘hoes’ they were using since she was 4 finally screamed stop and they twapped her to death so they can continue the barbarianism which is what they all revolve around. LOLI PUSSY they live it eat it and kill it every time it reaches the age of puberty. Then, they go take another 4 year old to molest.

  • These fucked up “traditions” of this “religion” just shows how physchotic Muhammad was when he spread the teachings of these bs religion. Many women suffer because of their many stupid fucked up laws, and unfortunately most women on this religion doesnt know their rights. SCREW YOU MUHAMMAD YOU RETARD!

  • Islam fanatic kill innocense civillian everyday in the southern part of my country.
    Kill other religion for not bring an islamist ( so that those area will be pure islam)
    Kill Islamist so that they can blame on soidier and government ( which those people believe in islam won’t kill each other )

    Man I have enough of this. I know that they are alway good and bad guy but this is to much..
    why can’t we take more direct method to deal with these fanatic?
    why we need the support from the local who won’t believe us anyway?

  • After years and years of research on the topic, I can only come to one conclusion. Religion is a stand-in for government. In the absence of government, religion serves as a template for the creation of a new one.

    It does this by inculcating a system of values in a particular “unit” of humanity, whether it be in an individual or a collective of individuals. Religion does the impossible. By utilizing a divine actor that is placed just beyond humanity’s reach, religion invests objective truth in an arbitrary set of values. It then uses those values to enslave a people’s hearts and minds.

    A church is just a different kind of parliament building. Therefore, god is a politician. If I told any of you what I think of politicians, I’d probably be on the shit lists of about a dozen different state-level, federal or even international agencies. Let’s just leave it at that.

    I fully condemn the misguided, cosmopolitan strands of thought that allowed Muslims to infest places like Sweden and the UK. If those dumb goat-fuckers want to partake of western culture’s success and high standards of living, they should learn to stop burning the flags of the countries they immigrate to, stop murdering their own daughters for becoming too “westernized” or offending their family’s so-called honor, and stop having their way with the locals because they think that they’re “sluts” who “deserve it” because they “don’t believe in Islam”.

    In fact, I’ll go a step further, and say that Abrahamic religion in general is a blight on this Earth. It’s bloodthirsty, psychotic, misogynistic and ill-conceived. It forces a very narrow view of humanity on people. It frames a world where mankind is born inherently-evil and must turn to an invisible, all-powerful god for redemption. How could anyone believe in something so incredibly warped? If god intended to create a world where a 14-year-old girl can potentially be raped and then whipped to death because of it, then that god is a fool at best and a craven, sadistic pig at worst.

    And don’t you give me that free will bullshit. If there is a god, then we’re in his own private little ant farm for his own amusement and pleasure. If this is what amuses him, then he must truly be a soulless god, unworthy of being worshiped by anyone.

    I’m not an atheist. I’m a misotheist. I hate gods. Damn them and their inscrutable ways. Their convoluted means of salvation. Their capricious and arbitrary behavior. Call it blasphemy. Call it whatever you want. Gods should be blasphemed. I always bring into question those who believe that they have full, unequivocal moral authority, be they men or gods. Should I trespass into such territory myself, I would have reason enough to bring even my own ideals into question.

    I look at gods and I see a mirror-image. God was made in man’s image, not the reverse. Therefore, we must redefine ourselves as a species. Mankind must take the reins of our own destiny rather than leaving it in the hands of the imaginary or the apathetic. We must destroy the gender roles and sociopolitical mores of the past and seek a perfect utopia for mankind granted by the power of scientific knowledge and altruistic ideals.

    Judaism is obsolete; secularized yet not truly secular. Christianity only exists because the Romans chose to tolerate it beside their own pantheon. Islam is simply one pot-headed pedophile’s re-interpretation of the above, no more socially-relevant or profound than graffiti on the fucking sidewalk.

    We must all do our part to end the tyranny of god over man, man over woman, woman over child, and child over animal. Hierarchies must be disposed of. True equality of social and economic classes must be embraced and upheld. Only after we have accomplished this goal can we truly advance as a species.

  • Ahh the comments of ignorance. It’s amazing every time I see an Islam related article (be it crime or non-crime related) there’s always mindless bashing.

    Those people are just mindless idiots who don’t know the meaning of ‘civilized thinking’.

    Yes I am a Muslim and live in a country where Sharia law is enforced. Although I do not see any rape victims being lashed. Rapist, sure, a whole lot of lashing. Victims, no.

    Then again, it’s the internet. Only thing that does not get a bashing is picture with lot of nudity.

  • I wish more Muslims would condemn Sharia law. It seems like the only ones raging are people from the West. I seriously think they only give a shit if someone pisses on the Koran or something.

  • This is a rare article that covers something so horrible that I dread to read it. I want to just scroll past it each time I visit sankaku complex.

    It’s so frustrating to know that the monsters involved in this disgusting crime will probably never be caught, because their society is made up of those same monsters. It makes me feel like going over there and horribly murdering every single one of them, if I had the power.

  • Islam. The only religion that dogmatically condones the violent death of women.

    People. To fucking stupid to read the Quar’an and believe its the religion of peace.

    Greet Wildeers has my full and total support!

  • Actually whatever religion you give to them…
    They will always fuck up anyway…

    They believe that men is much superior to women and prefer to kill hunderd women to a man. Acusing them as devil servants.

    Islam is just unfortunate religion that happen to be theirs.

    Here is the deal… obviously in the islamic law the rapist should be beaten to death yet… they blame the girl for some kind weird reason.

    And it doesnt happen in other islamic countries except for the region that share same culture.

  • Seeing as how the people who did this have now been arrested and are being investigated for murder….. I think that the sane Muslims are getting tired of this crap as well coming from the looney fringe of their religion.

  • I’m not going to hear about this story in the UK am I?

    Because more than a few of these “pleasant people” live in our country and this wouldn’t go down well.

    Good thing anti-religious news is banned over here, unless it’s anti-Christian mind – that’s okay.

  • Personally, I say fornicators deserve a fate worse than death; Get ’em before a judge and have him say “I hear-by pronounce you man and wife and may God have Mercy on your eternal souls!”

    Note, from following the article to the BBC source it seems to have been a consensual relationship. F*ck the F*cking stupid “Statutory” laws, Confucious say; “Old enough tu Bleed is Old enough tu Breed!”…Actually I say that, hahaha!

    What I don’t get, and it’d be nice for these media sources to expand beyond bait for Hate Speech against Islam…, is why DID the man’s family beat the lady and obviously call the Mullah? Did he have more than 4 wives already? Was she from a class so much higher than them they’d be ruined by a “Bride Price”? See, from Muslim (and Christian/Jewish) law a man can “Capture” a woman and if they are Muslim they can be forced to pay a “Bride Price” but it’s “All’s fair” if she’s not, and he’s allowed up to 4 wives and as man slave girls as he can afford.

    -so I ask—
    Was she married already?

    Only that LAST part justifies the whipping and it’s actually a nicer thing (except for weaklings) than Stoning to death which if it was “Adultery” the law would be.

    • Just a month or two ago a guy and his brother tried to kill a doctor for trying to deliver his baby. He wanted a female doctor but none were available and he wouldn’t let the guy look at his wife’s crotch. Eventually worked out though.
      And, yes, he was a Muslim.

  • WOW!! so much biased comments on religion and muslims, what happened to “the action of a few doesn’t represent the majority.”

    NOW before you all down vote me(I know you will anyway) I would like to point out that, the want to outlaw or ban a religion or any religion is the same as those religious nutjobs that want to ban comics or music because its “the devil’s work”. Religion is another form of freedom and no one has the right to take it away, and blaming/hating an entire religion or country for the action of a few barbarians, is no better then someone hating on you for your beliefs and interests.

    Before anyone goes on with the “god doesn’t exist” theory, I would like to point out that has existence cannot be determent UNTIL someone dies and comes back, there is proof of has existence and there is proof that he does not exist however everyone has something they want to believe, it doesn’t make you superior for not believing nor does it make you superior for believing, just because your interest does not follow the interest of another does not make you a better person than them however dealing with a mature and reasonable way could.

    Now then on to this whole mess in another religion controlled place.
    “Do not hate the sinner, hate the sin.” comes to mind, so I’ll put it in this light, “do not hate the religion, hate the people who follow it stupidly.”
    Religion didn’t kill the girl, people did, human beings are irrational creatures when there ready and blindly follow there own believes and opinions without using a rational way of thinking, it just how we are and the life of [b]ANOTHER[/b]person ends because of it, no different from nutjobs who load guns up and runs thought crowds of people to kill them.

    • But this happened because of Islamic teachings. I’m not saying all Muslims are like this, I’m just saying Islam is like this.
      There are some good Muslims other there. Plenty. They’re doing their religion wrong, though.

    • It’s not that they don’t represent you, it’s that most muslim don’t represent islam. But they do. Yes they do.

      By the way, most secularists (all, by definition) don’t want a ban on religion, that would be thought legislation. We do try our hardest, however, to discourage intellectual imbecility and encourage embrace of reality. And again, those “barbarians” are the relatively pious ones.

      The next paragraph gave me cancer. No-one is trying to prove that a god doesn’t exist, we merely point out your failure at the opposite task. See burden of proof.

      “Do not hate the sinner, hate the sin” is the mindset with which I dismiss islam as a religion of relentless hate, sparing the implication that I might just hate people who happen to follow it, in complete opposite to your (already reversed) suggestion. People killed this girl with minds polluted with useless garbage beliefs, paranoid superstitions and baseless bigotries, all traceable to a doctrine of unspeakable malevolence.

      • Am certain that not [b]ALL[/b] the muslims are like this, and this may present itself as they all do however don’t forget that each human being has a individual personality and these action are the representation of those who obviously are brainwashed sheep believing these acts are righteous.

        That paragraph was aimmed at the commenters who feel that religion is not needed and needs to be banned, I was just pointing out that religion also follows under freedom of speech and freedom of expression and getting rid of it was no better then banning a violent video game or anime.

        Sorry when religious arguments pop up, its a automatic message for me.

        Tokeijikaku like I said it wasn’t the “belief” that killed the girl it was the people who followed it blindly, all religion has blood in its history, I for one know one or two individuals that would be disgusted to hear people from their religion is doing this kind of thing in another country, its sad but this is what happens when the “sheep” of society do not try to separate from the herd.
        In order for the middle east (most atleast) to stop being this bias,sexist,barbaric they would need to first realize what there doing is wrong and as the saying goes, “religious nutjobs don’t see past their nose”, if there government system was controlled more on liberty and freedom, maybe then they won’t have this kind of insult and filth going on however that appears it will never happen in this life time.

        • It may well not be all Muslims that act like this, but it seems far more than act like this in any other religion, at this particular point in time.

          Though I have heard some of the island Asian nations are heavily Islamic and you don’t hear about this kind of shit there.

          It seems when you add Islam and Arabs you get problems.

          I a have assed theory that it’s the shit desert wastelands in which Arab Muslims live that living in such a shithole makes you more inclined to this kind of insanity.

  • ISLAMOPHOBIC! this is just another example of female race degradation, i got a friend who just recently covert to islam, he said the clerics told him that female are just a tool to breed (in a more humane way) and that they’re (female) hair are like pubic hair so it has to be not shown (thats why they wear that… that thing in they’re hair), he stopped coming to the mosque and now an atheist…
    BUT, some of my other islam friend are very good and dont care about any of those “stupid laws”, i guess it came back to who teaches them ?

    • but that’s real. Women aren’t allowed touch a Qur’an if menstruating. Women receive half inheritance from their parents (by default), in court their evidence is worth half that of man’s and the punishment for murdering one (blood money to the victim’s family) is half that of a man’s. That’s literally what Islam is. It depends on the honesty of the cleric.

  • Would be nice if all members of all religions were executed like this.

    There’s no such a thing as a pacifist religion member, they’ll always support some kind of stupid rule in name of their stupid god.
    Every single follower of any god should be exterminated.

  • well its less of a religious issue and more of social culture issue.

    people are not educated in rural area and laws or common sense which is normal and natural to us, don’t make sense to them.

    there is a good chance the family killed the girl just to save face in the society.

    nothing to do with religion but if the girl of a family is raped the whole village will avoid the family like infection.
    and village elders will say its nonreligious to get raped and so on, so everyone will follow it blindly.

    Uneducated people have more blind faith in religion then you and me. they don’t use common sense.

    and the law in rural area are well non existing so no victim support or what so ever.

    not enough has been done to protect poor peoples over there and the population density is super crazy high.

  • It was her fault she tempted me to rape her! *Angry mob looks at girl and comforts the distraught rapist*. Men are innocent without temptation YEAH right. Imagine being accused of being a whore for getting raped and then executed like that. Humans can’t seem to get it right it’s the rapists fault in other countries and here it’s reversed.

  • I won’t really blame the whole country blindly, at least the police do have some sense now arresting the fucked up family…

    ..Unless this eventually ended with a headline;

    Rapist family released by the court without any punishment; “It is legal to execute rape victims according to the religion”.

  • Doesn’t some country have a spare bomb we can drop on this shit hole village? The poor girl was beaten by the rapist scums family then whipped. I say level the village and erdicate all of that human cancer. Note: I said the villiage not all of Islam, To me religion is neutral it’s what humans do with it that is good or evil.

  • Yokel villagers do these things all over the world, and its always under the flimsy guise of religion. This is no different than backward villagers forcing kids to marry plants or animals to remove astrological curses in india, or backward villagers in america latching onto far right politics of fear and hate.

    rural life is backwards, its just the way humanity is.

    • Quite true. Religion is the bottom line blunt cause of stuff like this. It’s very easy for an evil person to say “GOD WANTS YOU TO DO THIS!” (even though ‘god’ doesn’t exist except in the deluded minds of people who believe in him) and be convincing to the religious.

  • Religion leads to stuff like this, based on misguided ideas of “purity” and subjugation of women and anyone who’s not the majority male class. It’s just that simple. Unfortunately, it continues to persist and stuff like this happens, and in other places (including in the US, for people who think this is proof Christianity is awesome) homosexuals are beaten to death just for being homosexuals. There’s no doubt that this girl’s death wouldn’t have happened without Shar’ia law, but to single out Islam is just ignoring the facts.

    • you just blamed 300 religions for the deeds of 2 religions. Just in case you didn’t notice.
      It kind of bothers me when people act like all religions are the same as those two, but I understand so I don’t get angry about it, just a little annoying (as in I get annoying.. by correcting people)

    • You’re an idiot. Religion doesn’t lead to stuff like this. Individuals who hide behind religion and use it to disguise their prejudices lead to stuff like this. Not all people who believe in a religion agree with this sort of fanatical behavior. You’re claim is about as stupid as saying we should outlaw loli because child rapists exist.

      • Religion is about ‘faith’…. faith distorts reality and allows people to be snookered into doing things like this because ‘god’ told someone else who they trust that they should be doing this.

        Religion should disappear from this planet, we would be much better off without it.

    • Religion is more of a framework then a rulebook. However, incorporating religion at framework level demands thought process and time from consumers.

      As result, people elaborate that what religion says at rulebook level… Which in turn leads to stupid things.

      • It’s satisfying, isn’t it? To look at another person, all the while thinking “I’m superior”.

        Give me some of that bliss without making me as enormously ignorant as yourself. I don’t see any cows flying out there, so I guess that won’t happen, though.

      • not really.

        whoever raped her has better social standing then her family.

        so lashes to the victim.

        religious cleric covers this with religion becoz against uneducated ppl faith is very strong control mechanism.

        why I know this bcoz I’m one of those two-legged animal you are referring to.

        • Unfortunately, you are right about religion and uneducated people. Frankly, educated people who are encouraged to think for themselves about things usually turn against religion by 5 or 6.

          Those who are told with threats of violence or ‘hell’ if they do not cowtow to the religion don’t turn against it until much later, if at all.

          Religion is a form of brainwashing, just as bad as any other kind of brainwashing.

    • (BackEpsilon)

      I’m not exactly sure where homosexuals are being beaten to death but lately they’ve been driven to suicide. By douchebags. On the internet. It’s not only religion’s doing, although it does serve as an excuse.

      Either way I’m with you. Religion sucks. There are some nice ones and then there are the old ones.

    • It’s not ignoring, it’s focusing on this specific islamic related incident. Islamic religion/law is a threat to a moraly humane and civilized society, it has no place in current humanity but as a mentaly insane, vile belief that should remain as a stain in human history, and this 100% avoidable incident like many, many others are one more reason to not give any excuse to islamic sharia “law”.

      • no place in civilized society? all I can say is research, Islamic Spain (711-1492)

        Islamic Spain was a multi-cultural mix of the people of three great monotheistic religions: Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

        Although Christians and Jews lived under restrictions, for much of the time the three groups managed to get along together, and to some extent, to benefit from the presence of each other.

        It brought a degree of civilisation to Europe that matched the heights of the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance.

        • Hey anon 09:03, do you know why the Islamic world was better than Europe back then? It’s because it was far more secular, whereas Europe was fundamentalist.

          That has changed now. As Europe became more secular it flourished and created the greatest civilisation ever seen. At the same time, the Middle East started to become more and more religious and stagnated, eventually going backwards. Today, it is back to its Dark Age starting point; a religion of war and nothing else.

          When the Muslims have their Enlightenment, Islam will have its place in the civilised world (as a tolerated superstition like Christianity and Judaism). Until then, in the words is Churchill, it will continue to be the case that “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world”.

        • not really. no, not at all. That period is incredibly over exaggerated. Islam itself has no place because Islam doesn’t work with non-theocracies. Only anti-ruling religions like Buddhism and Taoism work in civilised society fully, while others may adapt.

        • @Shoganaicunt

          Churchill was a moslem-hater. And he wasn’t the great man so many thought he was, why do you think he was outed from office so quickly after the war ended? this is the cunt who wanted to start a war with RUSSIA after WW2. A stupid fuck whose opinion should matter as much as a certain mustachio’d little man from nazi germany.

          And the crusades fucked muslim countries and their scientifical advancement, EU and christian nations would still be shitholes if they didn’t STEAL from the muslims.

      • Lately Muslims seem to think reporting a crime committed by a Muslim is an anti-Islamic hate crime for portraying Islam in a bad light.
        If we ignored them for that, that would be bias. What’s happening now is normal.
        Besides, there’s “8 honour killings” every week which are rarely reported, we must already be biased.

        • DING! DING! DING! We have a winner. The problem was that Jewish manipulation skills were overcome by their greed….. that is why World War II’s Jewish massacre happened, to an extent.

          Yes, Jews were scapegoated for ills….. but speaking as someone who doesn’t have a problem with Jews in general, they did do things that lead to them being easy scapegoats.

        • Well, I guess their greed overtook their manipulation skills… 😉

          If someone gave me a loan and kept raising the interest to ludicrous amounts I’d sooner or later get my pitchfork and torch too.

          And judging by the crap they do to the palestines they still haven’t learned their lesson.

        • @6:44 That Muslim’s aided maths is a coincidence. Mathematics would have been aided if they existed or not. They just happened to conquer areas of scientific advancement.
          They conquered Bagdad and there was a golden age of Islam. Why? Because Bagdad happened to have great scientists at the time who were converted when Muslims took over. Same thing happened in Cordoba and Constantinople/Istanbul. Though the foundimentalist nature of Islam eventually dispersed any hope of advancement from those areas. Bid’ah (innovation) is a sin in Islam.

        • The same could be said of China, or the Spanish empire. The inability to do so is more because of their superiority and isolation which has a negative effect on motivation and continued innovation. Court intrigue and internal focus begins when you are safe from outside influence. China didn’t see much point in meeting barbarian nations. Japan didn’t want foreign cultures. Islamic world gained from antiquity Europeans but little from the contemporary Europeans. The Catholic Spanish empire military might made them unassailable. They all felt they’re safe from outside so they focused internally at their own pace which eventually led to internal strife.

        • Actually, with around 45 percent of muslims accepting evolution as a decent alternative, and more countries that ban the infamous veil than require it, I’d say they aren’t as far as you’d think. They just tend to have stupid corrupt governments. The likes of which the internet seems to be taking care of pretty well. With some good fortune and alot of hope, this could be a thing of the past in just a couple decades! ^_^

        • It was not long ago that Islamic nations were the technological and scientific innovators of their time. Math would be in a sorry state if it wasn’t for them. Saying they have no ability for it I think does not do them proper justice. They are falling behind the rapid development of other nations but it is doubtfully going to last forever.

          I can envision a time not long from now where all the civil unrest has forced regime changes in most of the nations, allow civil liberties to flourish and the beginning of a new golden age for the middle east begins. Or they could go nuclear and glass themselves. Who knows.

        • However, that problem lies with the lack of development and Ottoman Empire which lagged it’s ability of growth when the rest of the world was improving. Thus Islamic nations tend to be more reliant on religion due to it’s inability to cling onto proper technology and science.

    • Well, in the past they were awesome (before the inquisitions[stupid christians, always destroing everything]) and the Quran is nothing compared to the Bible (oh, I love gore stories). But now they’re passing he impression that we came back to the XII century.

      Religion, you’re so useless in the modern world.

      • Not in todays world, all religion does is insight violence. Plus religion is a tool used to control the weak minded. Kings have used it to crush peasants and others have used it to insight violence.

        Even Jesus, who was a descendant of a fallen ruler used it to insight change, by manipulating a preexisting religion.

        So yeah, religion is a huge steaming pile of shit and it’s pretty much always been.

      • I will have to reply that you are terribly wrong as well. Religion has set back humanity in the sciences by at least 1000 years. This alone accounts for millions of deaths due to lack of knowledge about diseases and the universe. Further, the many religious wars that has caused millions upon millions upon millions of deaths, not to mention this misguided actions of many religious people killing “heathens” outside of war time actions.
        Religion is a major cause of strife and suffering and is the perfect guise to take power and abuse your position which inevitable always happens.

        A world without religious interference on the governance of man would be a much much better world that we can only hope happens one day. When all religion becomes Myth man will be ready for the stars.

        I will say one thing on your side of the argument. Religion allows for a perspective in philosophy that is important. That is the only thing I can find useful about religion. Anything other benefit can be had without its presence.

        • I have some major problems with this.
          You’re making it religion vs science, which it doesn’t have to be, but you are, so I’m continuing that thread.
          “religion has done more harm than good”
          many of the first medicines and in fact any other advancement in alchemy were by Taoists inspired and, according to Taoist accounts, aided by their religion.
          Taoists and Jains have no discrimination in their religions. Gender, race, orientation, even religion. One of the earliest dildos recovered by archaeologists is famous for being shared by two Taoist female preists who were lesbians.
          Science has invented every gun currently used and, significantly, every bomb and a-bomb. Science did hiroshima and nagasaki. Does that make science a bad thing? No, it just doesn’t.
          As much as you can say religion divides, religion has also prevented wars. Even in Christianity the papacy has prevented wars between it’s followers. Jainism teaches how all life, even that of plants and non-sentient animals is precious. Taoism’s main teaching is literally “do nothing, ever”, and that’s why all Taoists are as violent as a sleeping stoner.
          I’m not saying religions aren’t bad, I’m just arguing that they aren’t inherently bad.

        • Religion provides people with something called hope and protection, which are very much enough for them to live their simple lives. As many philosophers have said, ignorance is bliss. I’m not a fan of religion myself, but if it wouldn’t have been something so deeply linked to the human beings’ mindset it would have already perished a long time ago. People eventually forget massacres and actually don’t give a shit about science – they most want to achieve happiness.

        • Even a well-informed argument doesn’t hold a candle to the argument supporting religion’s redundancy in the modern world. Religion is based on superstition (regardless of which one). Generally speaking, they were all created by old men who lived in a time when even the best of them were sexist, racist, warlike, and irrational. As a result religions contain all or at least some of those tendencies. They MAY have helped shape modern morality and ethics, but they also created hate and lies. Modern society definitely does not require religion to be moral and ethical.

        • Law is a better instrument at keeping society together then religion is. In fact, religion is often what divides communities, societies, and nations. History, time after time shows that this is the case.

          The rest of my second rebuttal is above your reply for some strange reason.

        • We can’t make them believe in scientific truths? That is wrong just as religion itself. Science doesn’t need belief(s). It exists even without man to accept it. Of course religious people can say the same, with one basic flaw. Known science can be demonstrated and tested, and the one that is still un-demonstrated and tested is due to constrains of several fields from engineering and limitations from our natural surroundings to and including actual religion(i like to call it psycological disorder, or violence sometimes). For example, stem-cell research. A recent religion vs science problem that is overcomed by science, or as i like to say, sanity overcoming insanity.

        • Condemn, no. Criticize and state that they have done more harm then good, yes.

          I don’t subscribe to August Comte nor his beleifs. His hierarchy of thought has so many holes in it and plenty of concrete evidence discounting it that at best it can be used as a general hypothesis on the evolution of modern thought.

          It is your automatic discounting of peoples ability to accept scientific thought and structure and the truths it find is strange. There is a reason why sharia law has been banned in India, because it is based on wrongful beliefs (like all religion) and leads to amazingly gross injustices like the killing of a 14 year old rape victim.

          Let us bring all parts of the world into a just society, and put to proper justice those who hold onto archaic beliefs that keep on killing poor innocents every day. Your clinging onto humanities need for religion is an outdated mode of thought, it is time for humanity to evolve past the needs of religion before it brings us all to an end. The last thing we need is a religious/jihadist nation with nuclear capabilities.

        • First of all we can’t condemn all religions they are too different even to compare.
          Second thing, religion as an instrument which helps to control society and stick people together(In western world it’s customs and traditions which still exist as shadow of former religion).
          And the third: according to Auguste Comte each of our leading conceptions, each branch of our knowledge, passes through three different theoretical conditions: the Theological, or fictitious; the Metaphysical, or abstract; and the Scientific, or positive. So one part of the world already lives in Scientific era other part still lives in theological. And we just can’t make them believe in Scientific truths because it would only lead to more violence and misunderstandings.

        • I can’t agree with You more about united (utopian indeed) world, but I don’t think the other part of the the world feels the same way. There is only one way for the western civilisation to create the world You’ve been talking about. We should use raw power against them till we have the advantage, but Westerners have become too phlegmatic to do anything, especially for WWIII. So western civilisation is doomed. ^_^

      • SOTER has a point. Look at the unbearable comments that flood in whenever religion is talked about on the net. They always look someways biased for or against a belief or unbelief.

        A well the bait has been set. Let the carnage begin.

  • 99.99% of the people who does this doesn’t even know how to read the Quran, and they claimed that “the Quran says so”. IMHO it’s the difficulty to read the religious text of Islam that causes these Neanderthals to exist. Jihad =/= “to nuke oneself in the name of Islam”, it’s the idiot’s bad interpretation of their own religious text.

    Before I forget, here’s something a Muslim dude said :
    “The ones who are making Islam to look so bad are the Muslim themselves, they should stop QQing and start acting better”.

    Yes, there are those who QQ “why does everyone else in this world hate Islam”.

    • Anonymous says:

      remenber the inquisitions, and the witch hunts, or the crusades, religious texts have been misinterpreted since the dawn of time and atrocities have and will continue to happen until all religions are banned from or dissapear from existence

    • Yes, holy texts tend to change in meaning every time their contradictions become too painfully obvious even for hard headed fundamentalists.

      It’s like playing a Phoenix Wright game, except that the prosecution is allowed to make up evidence on the spot.

    • Or 99.99% of the current muslims who’re taking advantage of the Quran for their own agenda.

      So tell me, where the muslims act like that some 100, 200 or even 500 years ago?

      I’m just asking because somewhere in history, I’m sure some village idiots should’ve never breed. Now look at the results.

      • I love muslim law, it forces women to be virtuous; instead in turning into revolting spoiled wh0res like the ones in the west 😉

        You don’t have to be a genuious to know the devil lives between women legs.

        • every single day there is an “honour killing” of a Muslim woman by her family member BECAUSE Islam taught that man that sex or conversion from Islam was a sin.

          Remember those girls that burned down along with their school because their teachers wouldn’t let them leave unless they wore Abaya? that was Islam’s fault too.

          Do you remember Muzzalim Hassan? He killed his wife because of Islam.

          Once every week a man thinks a girl who’s normal is turning into a “spoiled western whore” and people like you kill that girl for it. Every week.

          And, unlike you, I care about the lives of women just as much as the lives of men so I wont get over this huge injustice being taught by a fraudulent religion.


        • Why does the shape of one’s genitalia matter? If I were coming from a woman’s perspective, I could easily perceive the penis as being a thing of a highly questionable nature. A bit of meat that becomes inflated with blood and spurts icky goo all over the place? Surely it must be the work of some devil or another!

          Fuck’s sake. Pull your head out of your ass.

        • wow, you’re such a brainwashed cunt.
          there’s nothing wrong with sex or women so climb out of your cave and read a fucking newspaper and see how muslim men have been throwing acid on girls for not dressing properly, get angry and help be part of the solution.
          Then, and only then, will you not be the huge prick you are now.

        • @21:43

          Read a newspaper about how WHITE, CHRISTIAN MEN are either raping, killing, murdering their own everyday.

          Nothing to do with the fact that they are WHITE or CHRISTIAN or that they are MEN (silly feminist). People do bad things because of stupidity and mob mentality.

          Get over it.

  • Reading this just makes me RAGE. God if I had the power, I would wipe out all those bastards without a second thought. And it wouldn’t be pretty either.

    I would do the same to ALL who condone this practice.

    • The last one didn’t reach the damm country!
      It was up to the coastal region of India but Bangladesh is a little bit more inside.
      Oh and for wondering ppl how much desnly the country populated is: The capital is considered MEGA city (with 20,000,000+ living) without the infrastructure to support population.
      and last count show 140,000,000 official (Unofficial another 10 mil on top).

        • Tsar Bomba also was too massive at 27,000kg to be delivered by anything at the time except the the Tu-95 which likely would not survive an incursion deep into US or NATO air defenses.

          The SS6 Sapwood the largest soviet ICBM could only lift a 6,000kg warhead.
          Even reentry systems at the time could not deal with such a massive object.

          The test even though it lacked the Uranium tamper which would have boosted yield to 100MT almost destroyed the bomber that dropped it.
          It really was a terribly impractical weapon.

          Though it is scary to think of what kind of monster could be possible with modern technology.
          The Delta IV that launched from Vandenberg last January likely could lift a modern Tsar Bomaba sized device complete with reentry systems on a sub orbital trajectory
          Though it still would be impractical.

          Modern anti ballistic missile defense systems likely would be able to easily shoot down such a massive warhead.

        • Tsar Bomba only weighed 27MT.
          Why not make it even bigger and size it for NASA’s new SLS HLV.
          It’s not as big as Ares V but it should still put 140MT into orbit.
          With the last stage installed you could have a 1 Gigaton + nuke.

  • Oh man, …I was about to say the most spoken generic words ever, and what I really wanted to say that their way of doing justice is entirely wrong over there. Honestly is anyone getting sick of hearing this mess?

    • I know, it’s fucked up. But not a week goes by where this doesn’t happen somewhere.
      Extramarital sex is heavily forbidden in Islam so unless the woman can prove she was raped she is beaten or killed. Proving rape is a little difficult because you need 2 male witnesses or 4 female witnesses 1 man = 2 women in most of Islamic law. (Evidence, inheritance and in even the cost of the penalty for taking a life (the diyeh or “blood money” paid to the victim’s family after murder for a woman is half that of a man’s))
      So she needs 2-4 witnesses to prove she was raped or she can be lashed/killed. Not nice, right?
      Some women are stoned to death, ot