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TBS Loses All Its Anime After Fan Outrage


Ishihara’s anti-anime anime event has been rapidly denuded of top titles like K-ON! and Amagami after TBS was outed as attempting to hawk them at the event in defiance of publisher (and most probably creator) wishes – now TBS lists no anime at all for its booth at TAF.

The booth in question previously listed K-ON!, Amagami, Yumekui Merry, etc, but now lists nothing and is careful to point out the general public is not welcome at its booth:


“We will only be discussing sales with overseas buyers on the business days. There is no display for the general public.”

Overseas buyers should of course still know better, and instead attend the publisher-supported Anime Contents Expo being held “purely coincidentally” at the same time.

There are still however plenty of disgraceful companies still supporting the event, although it now appears heartening to note that almost none of them will have the ability to exhibit any popular titles, for most of the copyrights are held by the big publishers…

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