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Top 10 Traits of a Cougar Woman


Japanese asked what traits they think the modern “cougar woman” (a woman who preys on the “herbivorous man”) possesses provide a relatively flattering portrait of what might in other countries merely be considered an independent woman.

For those left mystified as to what is meant by a “cougar woman,” it is the name given to the “carnivorous” woman who preys upon the so-called “herbivorous” man – that is to say, an independent woman who eschews marriage and pursues a career other than that of her prospective husband, normally younger.

A far less flattering portrait is of course that of a domineering woman more interested in sex than fidelity…

The ranking:

1. A stable income

2. Mental resilience

3. Self-reliance

4. Social status

5. Education

6. Looks

7. Lots of savings

8. Intelligence

9. Activity

10. Ambition

See also the related ranking of “carnivorous” female traits.

Whether there is any truth to the “carnivorous” and “herbivorous” stereotypes the fabrication-prone Japanese mass media continuously promotes is quite another matter.

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