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Gonzo Supports Ishihara, Announces New Last Exile


Beleaguered anime producer Gonzo has by way of its participation at the Tokyo Anime Fair announced its support for Ishihara’s policies of anime censorship, and has also announced a continuation to its hit anime Last Exile in the form of a new series.

Also announced was Nyanpire, a Hello Kitty-esque neko anime, which seems likely to either fail without trace or become a huge hit (presumably the former).


Last Exile’s conclusion left no obvious route for a continuation, so what form the anime will take is a mystery (it will however have a new cast) – it seems likely Gonzo is grasping at straws by returning to its few successful original anime properties, particularly with the embarrassingly complete failure of such titles as Shangri-la (now not even left with a website).


The announcement itself was quickly overshadowed by a barrage of criticism from anime fans unhappily noting that Gonzo has not withdrawn its participation from Ishihara’s Tokyo Anime Fair in favour of the pro-freedom of speech Anime Contents Expo.


Coming from the company responsible for animating the first season of Strike Witches, a show well in Ishihara’s crosshairs, the decision to attend the event when most responsible publishers have withdrawn their support in protest seems particularly questionable.

With TAF on the verge of being cancelled and likely to have its attendance figures eviscerated, the decision to support the event is also as questionable in terms of business acumen as it is ethically – although Gonzo has already been driven into bankruptcy once, so it is hardly surprising to see it lacks either.

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