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Behold Ishihara’s Dogs: K-ON!, Merry, Amagami Support TAF


Such popular anime titles as K-ON!, Amagami and Yumekui Merry are sullying their names by supporting anime-hating pro-censorship Tokyo governor Ishihara’s Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011.

Confirmed as appearing at the event so far are K-ON!, Yumekui Merry and Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru. Amagami SS was previously listed but seems to have disappeared from the line-up.

The appearance of service and schoolgirl romance-laden titles at Ishihara’s own event is of course rank hypocrisy on the part of both publishers and the Tokyo government.

Their inclusion is thanks to the efforts of Tokyo station TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television), who are operating a booth on the event’s business-oriented days:


They claim their booth is solely set up with the intent of introducing the titles to “foreign buyers,” although several of the titles are already licensed and it would certainly be hoped that no international distributors would be so unwise as to directly support the destruction of their own industry by the outrageous antics of Ishihara and company.

Several other major anime-related companies, including the likes of Bandai, Bones, Ghibli, Gonzo, Good Smile, Sunrise, Toei, ufotable and Xebec are still participating in the event in various capacities.

Even US events such as Otakon have shamefully thrown their lot in with TAF and failed to withdraw their participation.

A full list of the wretched companies still attending the event is available in English on their site.

Japanese fans have already proclaimed their outrage, with many vowing to cease their disc purchases as a direct result of the producers allowing their titles to appear at the event through the sly backdoor tactic of allowing a TV station to do their dirty work for them.

Certainly, it would be utterly reprehensible for publishers and creators to oppose an Ishihara-sponsored event only to allow their wares to go on display under the auspices of other companies – hopefully they will yet heed the outrage of their customers and prevent their products from appearing at the event.

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